Godavari river (Gautami Ganga) history (origin) (information) (facts) | How Ganga became Gautami Ganga | Maharishi Gautama and Lord Ganesha story

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Just before going to “Godavari river (Gautami Ganga) history (origin) (information) (facts) | How Ganga became Gautami Ganga | Maharishi Gautama and Lord Ganesha story“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

The water of the Ganga Devi from Lord Shiva’s hair was brought down to bhoomi (earth) by Bhagiratha.

But, the water that was stuck on Lord Shiva’s hair was brought down by the sage Maharshi Gautama.

But how and why??? Let us all know that now.

Goddess Sri Parvati Devi was married to Lord Shiva.

At the time, there was a terrible baragaalam (drought) on bhoomi (earth) which went on for fourteen years. 

The only pradesham (place) that was not affected by the baragaalam (drought) was the Maharshi Gautama’s ashramam (hermitage).

Other then Maharshi Gautama’s praja (people), even outside praja (people) also gathered in the ashramam to save themselves from the baragaalam (drought).

And Maharshi Gautama made swagatam (welcomed) of them all.

Lord Ganesha thought that he might be able to devise a way to free Ganga Devi.

He went and began to live in Maharshi Gautama’s ashramam.

Lord Ganesha cultivated the snehitam (friendship) of the other sages and became quite friendly with them.

One of Parvati Devi’s companions were Jaya.

Lord Ganesha told Jaya that she has to adopt the form of a Go (cow) and eat the dhaanyam (cereals) in Maharshi Gautama’s kshatram (place).

And the samayam (time) she was struck, she was to lie down on the bhoomi (land) and do naatyam (act) as a mrityu shariram (dead body).

Maharshi Gautama noticed that a Go (cow) was having his dhanyam (eating cereals) as bhojanam (food).

He tried to drive away the Go by striking with a very small blade of grass.

As soon as he did this, the Go uttered a shrill below and fell down on the bhoomi (land).

Lord Ganesha and the other munis (monks) came running to see what had happened.

They discovered that, to all intents and purposes, a Go had been struck down dead by Maharshi Gautama.

They therefore refused to stay in an ashramam where such a paapam (sin) had been committed.

Maharshi Gautama tried to restrain them. Please do not go away and don’t do tyagam (leaving) of me, he said.

Tell me how I may perform tapasya for the same and to get out of this paristiti (situation).

You will have to bring down Ganga Devi from Shiva’s jatha (hair), replied Lord Ganesha.

When that jalam (water) touches the mruta deham (dead body) of the Go, your paapam (sin) will be forgiven.

Lord Ganesha was so friendly with the other rushis that they all accepted his solution.

Maharshi Gautama also agreed to do the avashya karyam (needful work).

Accordingly, Maharshi Gautama went to Kailasa Parvatam and began to do prarthana (prayer) to Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva was pleased at Maharshi Gautama’s tapasya and offered to grant an aashirvaadam (blessing).

Maharshi Gautama naturally wanted the aashirvaadam (blessing) that Ganga Devi might be brought down to earth again.

Lord Shiva agreed. It was thus that Ganga Devi was brought down to earth by the Maharshi Gautama.

Ganga Devi has four upanadi (tributary) in swargam, seven on bhoomi (earth) and four in the paataalam (under world).

Since it was the Great Maharshi Gautama who brought Ganga Devi down to bhoomi again (first it was Bhagiratha),

the river is also known as Gautami Ganga or since Maharshi Gautama had killed a Go it is also called Godaavari.

It should be noted that Ganga Devi take birth from the ‘paada’ (lotus feet) of Sri Hari,

then later Ganga Devi goes to the ‘kamandala’ of Sri Brahma Deva and than Ganga Devi goes to the ‘jata’ (head) of Sri Shiva.

Ultimately it is Bhagavan Sri Hari who is doing anything and everything.

Without his wishes nothing can happen. Thus it should be noted that the birth place of Ganga Devi is Sri Hari’s ‘paada’ (lotus feet).

We should always thank our Bhagavan Sri Hari and all the other Devatas (Demigods) and all the Great Rishis who have always bestowed blessings on us.

They have always provided us all the material things for us to live a happy life on this Bhoomandalam (earth).

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  • Unknown

    First thing , as we saw in every sketches of lord Shiva Ganga descending from their jata (large hair).
    It is wrong.
    It is written in puranas that gangaji descended from above lokas of Vishnu and Brahma and comes to jata kundali of shiva lok on the kailash mountain.
    Actually jata kundali is a huge pond like structure situated in top most point of earth on kailash mountain.
    Jata kundali is name of pond.
    It takes almost 6 months to fill it completely.
    Artist can't understand what was jata kundali.
    They find word jata only and made skatch by their own understanding.

    • Vijay Kumar S Khatokar Bharatiya

      What you are telling is correct.

      Ganga Devi take birth from the 'paada' of Sri Hari, then later Ganga Devi goes to kamandala of Sri Brahma Deva and later to the 'jata' of Sri Shiva.

      Here the story of Goutama Maharshi is about the Ganga Devi's water coming to 'bhoomi' (earth) on the request of Maharshi Goutama from Sri Shiva.

      But Ganga Devi's birth place is indeed Sri Hari's 'paada'.

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