Lakshmana didn’t sleep for 14 years in forest (As per Ramayana)

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Just before going to “Lakshmana didn’t sleep for 14 years in forest (As per Ramayana)“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Dasharatha had three wives. There names were Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi.

Dasharatha and Kausalya had Bhagavan Sri Rama as the son.

Bhagavan Sri Rama is the first son of Dasharatha. Bhagavan Sri Rama is the 7th avatar of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu.

Bhagavan Sri Rama comes to earth to clean this earth from the ‘Adharmis’ (some who are against Dharma).

Dasharatha and Sumitra had two sons, namely Lakshmana and Shatrughna.

Lakshmana was an avatar of Sri Aadi Shesha Naga. Shatrughna was an avatar of Sudarshana chakra.

Dasharatha and Kaikeyi had one son and his name was Bharata.

Bharata was an avatar of Panchajanya Shankha which Bhagavan Sri Vishnu holds in his hand.

Now, let us move to the “Story of Lakshman not sleeping for 14 years in forest”:

As soon as Sri Lakshmana  was born he started to cry very loudly, until he was kept aside Bhagavan Sri Rama Chandra.

This is just similar to the Sri Aadi Shesha Naga being always with the Bhagavan Srimann Narayana.

That was the bhakthi of Sri Lakshmana towards Bhavagan Sri Rama Chandra, just like the bhakthi of Sri Aadi Sheshe Naga towards Bhagavan Srimann Narayana.

(We should know that Sri Lakshmana is the amsha / reincarnation / avatar of Sri Aadi Shesha Naga.)

(Sri Lakshmana always wanted to be with his brother, Bhagavan Sri Rama Chandra).

Later when Bhagavan Sri Rama Chandra along wife his wife Maata Sri Sita Devi decided that –

They will go into Aranyavaasa (forest exile), Sri Lakshmana was not able to tolerate this.

Thus Sri Lakshmana requested to fight with his own father Dasharatha and his own brother Bharatha for Bhagavan Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu and win the crown of Ayodhya.

But who would stop the Bhavagan Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu.

Later even Sri Lakshmana also decided to join the Bhagavan along with Maata Sri Sita Devi.

Such was the Bhakthi of Sri Lakshmana towards the Bhagavan.

In the first day of Aranyavaasa (forest exile), when Sri Lakshmana was guarding his brother and sister-in-law, the Goddess of sleep, Nidra Devi (Sleep provider Goddess) came to him.

But Sri Lakshmana requested the Nidra Devi (Sleep provider Goddess) not to come near to him for next 14 years.

But Nidra Devi (Sleep provider Goddess) informed Sri Lakshmana that it is her duty to come into every living being in the night.

But Sri Lakshmana was adamant and again requested the Nidra Devi (Sleep provider Goddess) not to come near him.

Later Nidra Devi (Sleep provider Goddess) became very surprised.

And told Sri Lakshmana that She can go away from him, but His sleep has to be taken by some one else.

Then Sri Lakshmana informed Nidra Devi (Sleep provider Goddess) to go to his wife Sri Urmila Devi.

Nidra Devi (Sleep provider Goddess) went to Sri Urmila Devi and told all the story of the Sri Lakshmana.

Sri Urmila Devi was very much happy to hear about her husband.

And Sri Urmila Devi immediately accepted the Nidra (sleep) for next 14 years, such was the Bhakthi of the Bharatiya Nari (Indian woman).

(In TV serials we have seen Sri Urmila Devi been awaken like any other human being)

(But this is not true. She sleeps for next 14 years, all day and night without getting any sleep and this is been supported by all other family members).

This boon become the curse for the Meghanath (son of Lanka King Ravana).

Since Meghanath (Indrajeeta) had got the aashirvaada (blessings) from the Devatas that –

only a person who is a Brahmachari (A person away from the lust) and who doesn’t sleep for many-many years would be the person who will be able to kill Meghanath.

Then later when Sri Lakshmana along with his brother Bhagavan Sri Rama Chandra and Vanara Sena (Monkey army) after reaching Lanka kills Meghanatha.

PS: For Bhagavan Sri Rama, only pure Bhakthi is required and nothing else.

Bhagavan Sri Rama never asks for any riches, food, gold, diamond, jewels, etc.

Here it is not only the Bhakthi of Sri Lakshmana is shown, but also the Bhakthi of Sri Urmila Devi is also important.

Only with the help and support of the wife can a husband would be able to fight anything in his life.

In Bharatiya Samskruti, there is a saying that “behind every victory of a man there is a woman”.

Especially it is always either wife or the mother or both are important.

This story may look illogical to few people.

They may think that, how can a human be awaken for 14 whole years?

They may tell, this looks stupid, illogical, rubbish etc.

But we should remember that Sri Lakshma is not an ordinary human like us.

He is an avatar of Sri Aadi Shesha Naga.

Devatas / Demigods are very powerful and learnt Devas compared to ordinary humans like us.

Our Shastras say that Sri Aadi Shesha Naga is holding the multiverses on one of his head.

Those multiverses just look like a single mustard seed on the head of the Sri Aadi Shesha Naga.

This is the greatness of our Sri Aadi Shesha Naga.

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