List of wars between Gods and Demons | List of wars between Suras and Asuras

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In Hindu Sanatana Dharma wars are descriebed in different grantas (Hindu divine books). Usually wars are fought between Suras (Devatas / Demigods) and Asuras (Demons). 

Both Suras and Asuras are highly capable. Suras and Asuras both were very well equipped with different शस्त्र / आयुध) (śāstra / āyudha / weapons).

But the difference is about Dharma. Suras are usually with Dharma and Asuras are normally with Adharma.

The great Hindu Sanatana Dharma teachings prescribe war as the final choice to be applied only after all peaceful methods are depleted.

Participation in Dharmic yuddha (Righteous war) was said to be honourable and was a principal duty of the Kshatriyas (Warriors of Hinduism), and victory in such wars was regarded as a matter of great pride.

There were twelve major wars between the devas and the asuras:

The first of these was known as the Narasimha Yudh. This took place when Hiranyakashipu was the king of the asuras. Vishnu adopted the form of Narashimha and killed Hiranyakashipu. He then made Prahlada the king of the demons.

The second war was the Vamana Yudh and it took place when Vali was the king of the demons. Vishnu adopted the form of a dwarf (Vamana) to subjugate the demons.

The third war was the Varaha Yudh and this took place when Hiranyaksha was the king of the demons. Vishnu adopted the form of a wild boar (Varaha) and killed Hiranyaksha.

The fourth war was the Amritamanthana Yudh and this took place over the manthana (churning ) of the ocean for amrita (nectar).

The fifth war between the devas and the asuras took place over the abduction of Tara and this came to be known as the Tarakamaya Yudh.

The sixth war was known as the Ajivaka Yudh.

The seventh war took place when Tripura led the asuras and this was known as the Tripuraghatana Yudh. It was Shiva who killed the demons Tripura (Totally 3 demons) in this war.

The eighth war, the Andhaka Yudh, took place when Andhaka led the asuras. It was Vishnu who engineered that Andhaka be killed when Andhaka expressed a desire to abduct Shiva’s wife.

The ninth war was known as Vritrasambhara Yudh and took place when Vritra led the demons.

The tenth war was simply known as Jita Yudh. In this war, Vishnu killed Shalva and the other demons, and Parashurama killed the evil kshatriyas.

The eleventh war was known as Halahala Yudh. An asura named Halahala (poison) had invaded Shiva’s body and flooded it with poison. But Vishnu managed to destroy the demon.

In the twelfth war, known as Kolahala Yudh, Vishnu destroyed an asura named Kolahala (tumult).

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