Ruru, a demon story

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Just before moving towards to know about “Ruru, a demon story“, let us know few basic information.

There was a demon who wanted to marry Sri Parvati Devi.

His name was Ruru. Ruru happened to see Sri Parvati Devi and decided that this was the woman who would be his wife.

Ruru began to perform tapasya / penance, so that his desire might be satisfied. 

Sri Brahma Deva appeared before him and asked, “Ruru, why are you performing such difficult tapasya?”

Ruru said: “I want to marry Parvati.” Sri Brahma Deva replied: “That boon, not even I can grant you.” Sri Brahma Deva departed and Ruru continued with his meditation.

This meditation was going on in a mountain named Malaya. And such was the power of Ruru’s meditation that the mountain started to burn.

The fires were so strong that even Lord Shiva and Sri Parvati Devi had to run away from the mountain.

“Lord, why are we running away?” asked Sri Parvati Devi. “Why don’t you do something about the fire?”

“I can’t”, answered Lord Shiva. “This fire is on account of Ruru’s tapasya and he is performing this tapasya so as to marry you. It is up to you to do something about Ruru.”

Sri Parvati Devi decided that she would. While they were conversing, they saw a lion fighting with an elephant.

Sri Parvati Devi slew the lion and skinned it. She wore the lion’s pelt as clothing. Sri Parvati Devi’s hair became smeared with the lion’s blood. Her appearance became terrible.

With a thunderous roar, Sri Parvati Devi went to where Ruru was.

“Ruru”, Sri Parvati Devi said. “I have come. I am Parvati. I am the one you have been praying for. Now stop meditating.

“Rubbish”, replied the demon.

“Parvati is beautiful. Her face is like the moon, her hue is golden, and her arms are like lotus stems. Just look at yourself.”

“Your looks are terrible. You can’t be Parvati. You are lying. Go away, I don’t want you.”

Saying this, Ruru struck Sri Parvati Devi with a mace. Sri Parvati Devi was angry at this and she hit Ruru with her fits.

Two fought, with Ruru flinging boulders and trees at the goddess. Sri Parvati Devi used her nails and her teeth to get at the demon.

Ruru created several other asuras from his body. In retaliation, Sri Parvati Devi created many goddesses known as shaktis from her body.

The shaktis began to eat up the demons. Ruru fled. But Sri Parvati Devi pursued him to the ends of the earth. Ruru fled to heaven.

Sri Parvati Devi followed him there. Ruru fled to the underworld, but Sri Parvati Devi pursued him there as well. 

Finally, Ruru could flee no more.

Sri Parvati Devi caught hold of him and tore off his head with her nails. Sri Parvati Devi then drank the demon’s blood.

Sri Parvati Devi also skinned the demon. Thus that Ruru was killed.

On her return to Lord Shiva, Sri Parvati Devi gave him the lion’s pelt that she had so far been wearing and Lord Shiva donned it.

For her own clothing, Sri Parvati Devi put on Ruru’s skin.

PS: That is the power of the Shakti Devi.

Here Lord Shiva wanted to show to the world that his consort Sri Parvati Devi is highly powerful.

Thus, Lord Shiva told Sri Parvati Devi to manage Ruru by on her own.

And off course, Sri Parvati Devi is highly powerful and one among the three Devis.

Sri Parvati Devi very easily destroyed the demon Ruru.

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  • D Murugan Acharya

    this version is depicting the supreme lord and supreme mother in the wrong position. so stupid.

    • Vijay Kumar S Khatokar Bharatiya

      dear friend. there are different ways of understanding the tatva. kindly note that every jeevAtma starting from sri chaturmuKha bramadeva. everybody have there own duties to perform. jEvAtma can do only the karma and the phala cannot be expected, as the said by sri krishna in bhagavaD gEta. everybody have limitations. all have to do there karma expect sri hari. it is not said by me. it is in our shAstra. more over sri rudhra deva and sri pArvati devi are not the supreme. again you shouldn't mistaken me. it is in our shAstra. sri hari is the supreme and nobody else. all have to follow sri krishna / sri rAma. tatva / true is always not easily digestible.

      sri gurubhyo namaha.
      om sri krishnAya namaha.

    • Vijay Kumar S Khatokar Bharatiya

      even the modern day great scholars, starting from sri shankarAcharya, sri ramAnujAchArya, sri madAnandatErtabhagavaDpAdAchArya (sri madhvAcharya) all have said the samething. sri govinda is the supreme and all are there followers.
      there is no stupidity here. only thing is that, we should know the tatva / truth in the correct way which is not easy for all in this kaliyuga.

      sri gurubhyo namaha
      om sri rAmAya namaha

    • D Murugan Acharya

      the same shastras declare that lord Rudra is the supreme lord of all perishable and imperishable. who said sri Hari has no job to do? in fact, he has the biggest job to do. he is responsible for the preservation of all creation. Hari is the form which supreme Paramasiva assumes to do stiti(preservation). the same supreme lord assumes the form of Kalagni Rudra to annihilate. he himself is Chaturmukha Brahma. i am not the one who is stating this. these can be found in the shastras. if you can show the pancharatras then i can show the Saiva Agamas. i can show you evidence from the vedas and upanishads but my friend's blog will be the best answer to all your queries. :

      Rudra and Devi Parvati is not supreme?????
      hahaha. the entire cosmos is Parvati Parameshwar alone. from the supreme lord Paramasiva and his energy Parasakthi, lord Vishnu, the indwelling personality of creation has emanated. from his navel the creator has emanated. from the creator, again, Siva himself has emanated as Kalagni Rudra. What else to say? all these plays of srishti, stiti, samhara, trodhana and anugraha are of Parvati Parameshwara alone.

      i am not denying sri Hari's supremacy but Hari is the same person who is called as Hara and vice versa. the same supreme brahman exists as Hari Hara. being a vaishnava, i know you cannot accept this fact. yet, being a true atman who is in the process of realizing paramatman in myself, i know this. your evidences are from puranas and mine are from veda upanishads and agamas.

      modern day scholars???
      Adi Shankaracharya was an advaitin, not a complete Vaishnava( as he condemned the bhagavathas), nor a complete Shaiva(as he also commented about the Pashupatas). he was a very revered scholar who only focused himself on the welfare of the world. thus, he has given many sects to worship the same one supreme parabrahman. he worshipped Vishnu as the supreme Protector (Bhajagovindham), Shiva as the highest state of salvation(Sivananda Lahari) and Tripurasundari as the supreme Mother of the universe.(Soundarya Lahari). He adored all three as he knows all three are none other than the same supreme Brahman. Hari is stula brahmam, Devi is sukshma brahmam and Sivam is kaarana brahmam.

      if you can point out madhvacharya, ramanuja,……..
      i can point out sri ramakrishna, sri vivekananda, sri kanchi mahaperiyaval, sri arunagiri, sri kribananda variyar, sri appaiya dikshidhar, Umapati Sivam, sri abinavagupta, thirumoolar, ……….never ending…….

      conclusion: everything, including Sri Hari Vishnu himself, is none other than NAMASIVAYA.


    • Vijay Kumar S Khatokar Bharatiya

      Thanks for your kind information. This type of differences were there, is there and will be there between a Shaiva and a Vaishnava.

      For your information, by birth I was a Shaiva. But I didn't get many many many answers in the Shaiva shastra as mentioned by you. But, I have been getting complete and correct answers through Moola Ramayana, Moola Mahabharata, Veda (You said Veda are telling Sri Rudra Deva as supreme. But I don't think so. All the Veda having being telling Sri Hari is the supreme and ultimate. Yes it also says, Sri Mahalakshmi Devi is supreme, Sri Brahmadeva / Sri Mukhyapranadeva is supreme, Sri Sarasvati Devi / Sri Bharati Devi is supreme, Sri Rudra Deva is supreme, Sri Parvati Devi is supreme, Sri Indra Deva is supreme, Sri Agni Deva is supreme etc etc etc. But at the end it also says, all the above and others are supreme only in their own constituencies and completely dependent on the Sri Krishna himself as he is the one and only who is the shruTi, stiti, laya etc daayaka) etc etc etc.

      You yourself is telling that Sri Vishnu as himself, Sri Brahmadeva as Sri Vishnu and Sri Rudra Deva as Sri Vishnu. THIS IS THE CONFUSION. FOR THIS REASON, I HAVE BEEN NOT GETTING CORRECT ANSWERS IN SHAIVA OR ANY OTHERS LIKE GAANAPATYA, SKANDA, SURYA, SHAKTI ETC ETC ETC. But I am getting the purest and most adorable answers in Sri Vaishnava and especially in Sri Madaanandateerthabhagavadpaadaacharya Ji's teachings. In all others there exists confusion, but in Sri Madaacharya Ji's commentary, there is no confusion. Everything is straight and crystal clear.

      Yes, as said by you in pAshupatAgamana it is stated that Sri Rudra Deva is the supreme. But I don't want to comment on this as our shastragan is full of secrets and yes pAshupatAgamana was written by swayam Sri Rudra Deva and definitely I don't want to laugh as I respect Sri Rudra Deva and Sri Parvati Devi very very much.

      Thanks for accepting Sri Hari as the supreme. Here again I can see that the knowledge is not correct as you say Sri Hari is supreme at one time and Sri Hara as one time and also Sri Parvati Devi as supreme at one time. Here you are confused. I WOULD AGAIN LIKE TO INFORM YOU THAT, THIS IS THE REASON I CANNOT ACCEPT SHAIVA OR ANY OTHERS AS THE SUPREME AS IT IS HAVING LOTS LOTS LOTS……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. OF CONFUSION, BUT SAME IS NOT IN SRI MADAACHARYA JI'S TEACHINGS.

      Sri Adishankaracharya Ji was a Vaishnava, but again he was also in confusion and didn't had the correct and full knowledge. I am sorry to say so and off course, I shouldn't be telling this as I am a paamara of a paamara and have almost nullified knowledge.

      If everybody starts giving examples, than there are lakhs and crores of examples to be given. But I don't want to indulge in fighting as I am looking at "Tatva" and not arrogancy.

      This will be my last reply on this and don't want to reply as if we start giving examples than it would take infinite time to reach for the conclusion.

      You do your duties and I will follow my Guru parampare and Sri Rama.

      Sri Gurubhyo Namaha
      Om Sri KrishnAya Namaha

  • D Murugan Acharya

    Wow…..that have been too long for me to notice this reply….
    If you don’t know something, you cannot simply assume that it is useless. That is why you have left the precious gem of Saiva knowledge that easily. Talking about vedas???? Vedas clearly claim Purusha is the supreme consciousness the same vedas clearly say ‘Purusho vai Rudra’. The Rudra hridaya Upanishad clearly gives a valid explanation of the relation between Rudra and Hari.

    “The masculine gender is Lord Siva. The feminine gender is Sri Bhavani Devi. All the mobile and immobile creation of this universe, is filled up with Uma and Rudra. The Vyakta is Sri Uma, and the Avyakta is Lord Siva. The combination of Uma and Sankara is Vishnu. Hence everybody should prostrate to Sri Maha Vishnu with great devotion. He is the Atman. He is the Paramatman. He is the Antaratman. Brahma is the Antaratman. Siva is the Paramatman. Vishnu is the Eternal Atman of all this universe. This whole creation of Svarga, Martya and Patala Lokas is a big tree. Vishnu is the top portion (branches) of this tree. Brahma is the stem. The root is Lord Siva. The effect is Vishnu. The action is Brahma. The cause is Siva. For the benefit of the worlds. Rudra has taken these three forms. Rudra is Dharma. Vishnu is the world. Brahma is Knowledge. Therefore, do Kirtan of His name, ‘Rudra’, ‘Rudra’.” – Rudra Hridaya Upanishad.

    As a Sri Vidya upasaka, I can clearly understand the importance of Vishnu as the preserver of the universe. Being a Vaishnava, it shows that you have been taught to show hatred towards Saiva and Sakthas. You laughing at Saiva Agamas is not going to bear you any fruit. It is equivalent of a crab laughing at a tortoise for walking with a hump. Actually, I should laugh at you for telling Jagadguru Shankaracharya didin’t had the right knowledge. Hey brother…. Shankara is Sarvajna peetathipathi. Even when he was confused, Devi and Parameswara himself appeared to correct his mistake and guide him towards the right path of Iswara Brahmam, who are the supreme parents of the entire universe.

    The same Sri Hari has assumed his form of the imparter of supreme wisdom as Sri Bhagavan Hayagriva and imparted the great wisdom of Jaganmata Lalithambika to Agastya as the ultimate path towards salvation. One of the namas of Lalithambika, told by him, is ‘Gopthri Govinda rupini’, which says Devi herself assumes the form of Govinda during Stithi. How can I hate Sriman Narayana who is none other an aspect of my Mother? That is why I don't and cannot hate or humiliate Vishnu with false stories like yours.

    I am not replying to waste your time or even mine. My conclusion is, respect and avoid posting such irrelevant stories about Parameswara and Parasakthi. Instead, post wonderful stories about our Shriman Narayana from Bhagavatam and the real teachings of Vedanta by Sri Ramanujacharya, which does not refute or stand against Saiva and Saktha.


    • Vijay Kumar S Khatokar Bharatiya

      Don't divide our culture by differentiating into different facts. Without proper knowledge, it is better to be a zero knowledge person. I am not hear to fight with anybody. I am hear for the gain and spread of the correct knowledge. For me even Sri Shiva / Sri Rudradeva is highly respectable.

  • Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  • Kalinandini

    Parvati is not highly powerful….she us supremely powerful….adishakti Parambrahma mahakali is nirakar bhahma and she is parvati in her sakar form. She is mahamaya, adijanani….creator of tridev and all that exists….she stays with tridev in different forms of gouri, saraswati and laxmi as she herself is tridev and all that exists and doesn’t exist is but kali-tattva. All is but adishakti’s leela.

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