List of Lord Ganesha (dwadasha) (dwadash) (12) names with meaning | What are the 12 names of Lord Ganesha mantra?

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Just before going to “List of Lord Ganesha (dwadasha) (dwadash) (12) names with meaning | What are the 12 names of Lord Ganesha mantra?“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Ganesha (Ganesh) Dwadasha (Dwadash) names is also pronounced as ‘Ganesh Dwadash naam’ in Hindi.

Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Sri Parvati Devi. Lord Ganesha (Ganesh) is having younger brother named Lord Kartikeya. Lord Ganesha is the head of all the Ganas of the Kailash (Kailasha) and that’s why Lord Ganesha got the his name.

Ganesha = Gana + Isha = All the Ganas of Kailash + Head (King).

Similarly, Lord Ganesha’s brother Lord Kartikeya is head for all the Snakes. Lord Kartikeya is also known with different names like Shanmukha (6 Faces), Subramanya, Murugan, Skanda, Kumara, etc.

Lord Ganesha’s is having 2 consorts (Divine wives) and their names are: Siddhi and Buddhi (Some call her Riddhi, but it’s incorrect way of pronouncing).

Now, let us all go to know about “List of Lord Ganesha Dwadasha (12) names (Ganesh Dwadash naam) with meaning“:

First twelve (12) important names of Lord Sri Ganesha are as below:

List of Lord Ganesh (dwadasha / 12) names are as given below:

1. Sumukha (सुमुख) (sumukha) | 2. Ekadanta (एकदन्त) (ēkadanta) | 3. Kapila (कपिल) (kapila) | 4. Gajakarnaka (गजकर्णक) (gajakarṇaka) | 5. Lambodara (लम्बोदर) (lambōdara) | 6. Vikata (विकट) (vikaṭa) |

7. VighNanashaka (विघ्ननाशक) (vighnanāśaka) | 8. VinAyaka (विनायक) (vināyaka) | 9. DhumravarNa (धूम्रवर्ण) (dhūmravarṇa) | 10. GajAdhyeksha (गजाधेक्ष) (gajādhyēkṣa) | 11. BAlachandra (बालचन्द्र) (bālacandra) | 12. GajAnana (गजानन) (gajānana) |

The meaning of the above dwadasha names (12) of Lord Ganesha is as given below:

1. Sumukha (सुमुख) (sumukha) : Sri Ganesha is called as Sri Sumukha, as he is so beautiful even Lord Chandra is nothing in front of him. Sumukha = Su = Beautiful, very beautiful / mukha = face, body.

2. Ekadanta (एकदन्त) (ēkadanta) : Since Lord Sri Ganesha has only one tooth, he is known as Lord Sri Ekadanta. To write the great Epic Mahabharata, Lord (Sage) Sri Vedavyasa Ji appoints our Lord Sri Ganesha. 

Just before starting to write, Lord Sri Ganesha would not be having the pen. For this reason, Lord Sri Ganesha plucks out his one tooth and uses it as the pen. Thus Lord Sri Ganesha is also known as Sri Ekadanta. Ekadanta = Eka / Ek = One (Single), danta = danta / tooth.

3. Kapila (कपिल) (kapila) : Lord Sri Ganesha is known as Sri Kapila. Sri Ganesha’s body colour is red. In Samskruta / Sanskrit, Kapila means red. Thus our Sri Ganesha got the name as Sri Kapila.

Also, since Sri Ganesha’s body colour is red, he is called as Sri Raktavarna. In Samskruta / Sanskrit, rakta means blood, which is red in colour and thus is the name.

4. Gajakarnaka (गजकर्णक) (gajakarṇaka) : Sri Ganesha’s another name is Sri Gajakarnaka.

Since our loving Sri Ganesha is having big ears like that of the elephant, He is known as Sri Gajakarnaka. Gajakarnaka = Gaja = Gaja / Gaj / Elephant, Karnaka = Karna = ear, ka = having.

5. Lambodara (लम्बोदर) (lambōdara) : Ours Sri Parvati and Lord Shiva’s son Sri Ganesha likes these:  Modaka / modak, chakkali, nippattu etc. very much. Thus his tummy is little bigger. 

For this reason, He is known as Sri Lambhdara. Lambodara = Lambo + udhara. Lambo = Big, udara = udara / udar / tummy.

6. Vikata (विकट) (vikaṭa) : Sri Ganesha likes to be happy always and he also wants his surroundings to be happy. The Ganas who stay with Him are always kept happy by Sri Ganesha.

Thus Sri Ganesha is known as Sri Vikata. Vikata means, he is someone who will always be happy and also keeps his surroundings to be happy.

7. VighNanashaka (विघ्ननाशक) (vighnanāśaka) : Sri Gowri son’s another name is called as Sri VighNanaashaka. 

With the blessings of Sri LakshmiNarayana (Lord Vishnu), all the obstacles are destroyed by our Sri Ganesha. Thus the name. VighNanashaka = VighNa + nashaka = VighNa = Obstacles, nashaka = destroyer.

8. VinAyaka (विनायक) (vināyaka) : Sri Skanda brother’s name is Sri Vinayaka. Our Sri Ganesha is very polite and whoever believes / follows Him, even that person will by made polite (and simple) by our Sri Ganesha.

Thus the name Sri Vinayaka for our Sri Ganesha. Vinayaka = Vinaya + nayaka, vinaya = politeness, nayaka = king / giver of politeness.

9. DhumravarNa (धूम्रवर्ण) (dhūmravarṇa) : Sri Ganesha likes the smoke that effulgence (spreads) during the pooja. And also his body colour is illuminated with smoke. 

Thus the name. DhumravarNa = Dhuma + varNa, Dhum = Dhum / Dhupa / Dhup, varNa = body colour. (Lord Sri Ganesha also has the name Sri Kapila). (Devatas / Demigods are not similar to humans as they can do anything with the blessings of Sri Hari / Vishnu).

10. GajAdhyeksha (गजाधेक्ष) (gajādhyēkṣa) : Sri Ganesha is known as Sri GjAdhyeksha. Our Sri Ganesha is king, leader of all the gaja (elephants) / gaj / gaNa (ganas of Kailash) / gaN. Thus the name. 

GajAdhyeksha = Gaja + adhyeksha, gaja = gaja / gaj / gaNa / gaN, adhyeksha = adhyeksha / adhyeksh / king / leader.

11. BAlachandra (बालचन्द्र) (bālacandra) : Our loving, Sri Ganesha is known as Sri BAlachandra. Sri Ganesha is very loving son of his father Lord Shiva and mother Sri Parvati Devi.

And similar to His father Sri Ganesha also wears the Lord Sri Chandra (Moon God) on his forehead. Thus the name Sri BAlachandra. BAlachandra = BAla + chandra, BAla = son, Sri Shiva and Sri Parvati’s son,

Chandra = He is similar to Lord Chandra Deva (Moon God) and also He wears the Lord Chandra on his forehead.

12. GajAnana (गजानन) (gajānana) : Lord Sri Ganesha’s another prominent name is Sri GajAnana. Sri Ganapati is having this name since his face is similar to gaja / gaj / elephant. 

GajAnana = Gaja + anana, gaja / gaj = elephant, anana = countenance / having face.

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