Different ways of getting children in Vedic Hinduism

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Just before moving to “What are the different ways of getting children in Vedic Hinduism”, let us have small brief about Hinduism.

Hinduism is the oldest Dharma which is existing on this earth. Hinduism is one of the largest Dharma (Divine religion), with over 1.2 billion followers all over the world.

Hinduism is a diverse system of thought marked by a single philosophy, but in modern era because of many reasons people have buildup their own theories and have been practicing their own concepts.

India is the divine place where unlimited pilgrimage places are existing. In our Vedas, very clearly it is written that there is only one ‘Parabrahma’ and others are his followers.

Here Parabrahma means Bhagavan Sri Vishnu and whereas all others including Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi, Sri Brahma Deva, Sri Sarasvati Devi, Sri Rudra Deva, Sri Tulasi Devi, Sri Parvati Devi, Sri Indra Deva, Sri Surya Deva, Sri Chandra Deva etc etc etc are all Bhagavan Sri Vishnu’s divine servants and are always happy to follow the instructions of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu since unknown time.

Only in Hinduism we have the concept of moksha / mukti (Divine liberation). We get fruits as per our Karmas.

If divine Karmas are performed, we get divine fruits and if ‘Adharma’ Karmas are performed, we get fruits as per our own Karmas and nothing can stop it.

Hinduism has a cyclic way of birth and death. After every living or non-living being dies, we have to pass a multiple test either in upper planets or in lower planets.

Thus, again as per Karmas, we get either upper planets or lower planets.

In Hinduism there is nothing like Qayamat or Tribulation time. We believe in cyclic way of life. This means, after every Kalpa, a new Sri Brahma Deva is born from the ‘nabhi’ (Divine navel) of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu. Thus the new Sri Brahma Deva born will create a new Brahmanda (Universe).

This is going on and will go on until the ‘ananta kalam’ (Grand infinite period).

Our Hindu Sanatana Dharma is just amazing. 

We were so much forward in Shaastra (today’s Science) and Tantragnana (Technology) since ages. Today’s so called modernity is just a simple sample of our Great Sanatana Dharma.

In Vedic days there were many ways to get a child:

1) Kumbha (Drona) Shishu / Test tube babies – (“Pleased by the sacrifice and the praises, Mitra deva (Lord Sun) and Lord Varuna Deva effused into the Vasativara vessel the “Fluid of Birth” from which arose Agasthya and Vashishtha”.)

(The 100 Kauravas at the time of Mahabharata 5100 years back were all test tube babies, Virja / sperm… was preserved in 101 pots which gave birth to Durdhoyana & his 99 brothers and one sister.)

Dronacharya also took birth from a ‘drona’ (pot).

2) Sambhoga sambandha / Intimate relation in general – It’s the general and most common to get a child.

3) Datta / Adoption – Karna was adopted,  Kunti: a princess, adopted daughter of King Kuntibhoj.

*These 3 ways of birth are common even today.

4) Havana (fire sacrifice) – Draupadi Devi appeared from the fire after few Vedic hyms.

5) Aashirvaadam / Boons – Pandavas, Karna appeared by a boon given to maata Kunti Devi.

6) Fluid preserved or transferred by different modes / ways. Such incident happened with Lord Brahma whose Virja was transferred by Agni Deva who gave birth to 80 Sages. Many such incidents are mentioned in Vedic Scriptures.

7) Manthana / Churning – King Prithu (who got all types of food on planet – from King Prithu our planet was named as Prithvi), he came from Kings Vena’s Thigh. 

Earlier at the time of creation from Bhagavan Vishnu’s navel, Sri Brahmaji took birth, from Sri Brahma’s Agya chakra Lord Shiva took birth, from Sri Brahmajis nose Bhagavan Varaha took birth etc. 

There are many who are called as ‘Brahma maanas putra’, whom all were born from the ‘maanas’ of Lord Sri Brahma  Deva.

8) Tapas / Austerities – Bhagavan Kapiladeva, 49 Divine sons of Diti maata were all born by austerities.

9) Sankarshana (Surrogacy) -Transferring from one womb to another, like Sri Balarama was transferred from maata Devaki’s womb to maata Rohini’s womb.

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