Who killed whom in Mahabharata

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Mahabharata is the greatest epic that the mankind has ever heard and witnessed. Mahabharata says millions of people were killed in this great ‘dharma yuddha’ (Dharma war).

Starting from Duryodhana, Shakuni, Dusshasana, Karna, Jayadrata, etc etc etc all were slayed down only because of their ‘adharma karya’ (Adharma works).

Mahabharata teaches great lesson, that whatever we sow, same we will get as the fruits. If we do good Karma, we will get good fruits. If we do bad Karma, we will get fruits as per our bad Karmas.

In Hindi there is a saying, “Jaise karni, waise bharni”, means, the fruits we get depends on our type of works / Karmas (good or bad).

Let us know, who killed who in Mahabharata. Let us consider during the Mahabharata war and also during other situation during the Mahabharata period.

Ø    Putana – She was killed by Sri Krishna. She is same as the Taataka of the Ramayana period.

Ø    Shakatasura – He was the cart demon killed by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Trunavarta – A tornado demo who was killed by Sri Krishna. The Sanskrit word Trunavarta is the original name of the English word Tornado.

Ø    Vatsasura – He was killed by Sri Krishna. This demon comes in the form of a calf.

Ø    Bakasura – This demon comes in the form of the monstrous bird and this was killed by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Aghasura – This was a monstrous snake who was killed by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Arishtasura – This demon came in the form of a huge bull and was killed by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Dhenukasura – A donkey by name Dhenukasura was killed by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Kaliya (Kalinga sarpa) – This monstrous snake was causing huge problems to the local people and Sri Krishna gave the required punishment to this snake and made it to leave the local place immediately along with it’s whole family.

Ø    Forest Fire – The whole forest fire was extinguished by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Pralambasura – This asura was killed by Sri Balarama.

Ø    Sankhachooda –

Ø    Keshi asura – This demon was killed by Sri Krishna and thus Sri Krishna is known as Sri Keshava. Also, since Sri Krishna has long and think hairs, Sri Krishna is known as Sri Keshava.

Ø    Vyomasura – A bat type of demon killed by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Kuvalayapeeda – A monstrous elephant tried to cause problems to Sri Krishna and Sri Balarama, and thus this elephant was killed by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Chanura – He was the bodyguard of the King Kamsa and eventually killed by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Kamsa – Even though been the Maama of Sri Krishna, Kamsa was causing huge problems to the parents of Sri Krishna, that is, to Sri Devaki Devi and Sri Vasudeva and also to many people in Mathura. Thus Sri Krishna killed Kamsa without any kindness.

Ø    Kalayavana – He was from king of Yemana Desha (country). He was killed with the fire emanating from the Muchukunda Maharaja. This was planned by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Narakasura (Bhaumasura) – He had captured 16,100 ladies and had kept in his kingdom. Sri Krishna killed this asura and freed all these ladies and also married all these ladies with the request of all these ladies. After killing this demon, Sri Krishna came to be known as Sri Narakari.

Ø    Banasura – He had 1000 hands and he was proud of this and also he was causing huge problems to others. Sri Krishna cuts off 998 hands of this asura and doesn’t kill this demon as he was come in the family of the Great Maharajas like Sri Prahalaada Maharaja and Sri Bali Chakravarti, as Sri Hari had given abhaya (one type of blessings) to Sri Prahalaada Maharaja, that Sri Hari won’t kill any of his family members.

Ø    Paundarika – He was a foolish king, who himself taught to be svayam Sri Krishna and also was causing huge problems to the bhaktas / devotees of real Sri Krishna. Thus Sri Krishna killed this Paundarika.

Ø    King of Kashi – Killed by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Dvivida – He as a Gorilla, who was causing huge problems to the people. Sri Balarama kills this demon Gorilla.

Ø    Jarasandha – Even though Sri Krishna had teached this person lessons multiple times, but was not in favour of listening to Sri Krishna. Finally Sri Krishna through Sri Bhima, kills this Jarasandha who had captured around 21,000 noble kings. After killing Jarasandha, all these noble kings were freed and these were the noble kings who supported Pandavas in the Kurukshetra battle.

Ø    Shishupala – Even though he was the cousin of Sri Krishna, Shishupala was always against Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna kills this Shishupala with the Sri Sudarshana Chakra. He was same as Hinranyakashipu and Ravana in his earlier lives.

Ø    Shalva – He was killed by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Dantavakra – He was the same as Hinanyaksha and Kumbhakarana in his earlier two lives. He was killed by Sri Krishna.

Ø    Vidhuratha –

Ø    Romaharshana – He was killed by Sri Balarama.

Ø    Balvala – He was killed by Sri Balarama.

Ø    Karna – He was killed by Arjuna.

Ø    Bhishma – Although he had the boon from his father Santanu, Bhisma was killed by Arjuna in the Mahabharata battle.

Ø    Dronacharya – He was killed by Dhrishtadyumna, the son of Drupada Maharaja and the brother of Sri Draupadi Devi.

Ø    Kripacharya – He is a Chiranjeevi, means someone who is having a very very long life and is believed to be living even today.

Ø    Duryodhana – He was killed by Sri Bhima. Duryodhan is nothing the avatar of Kaliyuga’s Kali.

Ø    Shakuni – Sahadeva killed Shakuni. This Shakuni is the avatar of the Dvapara Yuga.

Ø    Kauravas – All the 100 Kauravas was killed by Sri Bhima. (To know the names of all the Kauravas, you can visit the below link):

       100 Kauravas and five Pandavas names

Ø Rukmi – He was the brother of Sri Rukmini Devi. He was killed by Sri Balarama.

Ø Pandu – Pandu died due to the curse of the Rushi / Sage Kindama.

Ø Madari – She was the second wife of the Maharaja Pandu. She died along with her husband Pandu.

Ø Ashvattama – He is one among the Chiranjeevis and is still living in the Himalayas. He is the avatar of Sri Rudra Deva / Sri  Shiva.

Ø Santanu (Bhishma’s father) – He died a normal death.

Ø Dhrishtadyumna – Ashvattama killed Dhrishtadyumna.

Ø Abhimanyu – He was very much inhumanly killed by multiple people like Duryodhana, Shakuni, Karana, Dushasana, Ashvattama, Durmasena, Dronacharya, Shalya, Vrishasena, Banasena, Kritavarma, etc.

Ø Bhagadatta – He was killed by Arjuna. He was the king of Pragjyotisha and also the king of all the Yavanas and Mlecchas.

Ø Brihadbala – He belongs to the family of Sri Rama and had fought with Kauravas and against Pandavas. He was killed by Abhimanyu.

Ø Uttara – Shalya killed Uttara. Eldest son of Virata Maharaja. Virata Maharaja had four children (3 sons and 1 daughter). Eldest was Uttara (or Uttara Kumara), second was the daughter Uttara Kumari, third child was called as Shveta and fourth child was known as Shankha.

Ø Shveta – Bhishma killed Shveta.

Ø Sakradeva – He was killed by Bhima. He was the son of the Kalinga king Srutayusha.

Ø Ketumata – He was slained by Bhima. He was the son of the Nishada king Manimata.

Ø Srutayusha – A Kalinga king was killed by Bhima.

Ø Satyadeva – A Kalinga warrior, killed by Bhima.

Ø Satya – A Kalinga warrior, killed by Bhima.

Ø Samyamani’s son – Slained by Dhrishtadhyumna.

Ø Balhika Maharaja – He was killed by Bhima. Sri Raghavendra Svami’s earlier avatar was of Balhika Maharaja. Firstly he was as Shanku Karana in Brahma Loka. Secondly he was born as Prahalaada Maharaja. Thirdly he was born as Balhika Maharaja. Fourthly he was born as Sri Vyasa Teertha Ji and finally as Sri Raghavendra Svami Ji. Balhika Maharaja was the elder brother of Santanu Maharaja. Balhika Maharaja’s son was Somadatta and grandson was Bhurishrava.

Ø Ten sons of Satyaki – Ten sons of Satyaki were killed by Bhurishrava.

Ø Bhurishrava – He was killed by Satyaki.

Ø Shankha – He was the youngest son of Virata Maharaja. Shankha was killed by Dronacharya.

Ø Five brothers of Shakuni – Iravana was the son of Arjuna and his wife Ulupi (also called as Uluchi). Iravana killed five brothers of Shakuni. Shakuni and his brothers were in total of 100 numbers just like his nephews. Shakuni was the 100th son and 101st child was Gandhari.

Ø Iravana – Alambusha as also known as Shalakantaka. He used to be a monster rakshasa who killed Iravana.

Ø Alambusha – He was eventually killed by the Bhima’s son Ghatotkacha.

Ø Vegavata, Maharudra, Vidyujihva and Pramathina – All these four were huge monsters and were killed by Duryodhana.

Ø Sahtanika – He was the brother of Virata Maharaja and was killed by Bhishma.

Ø Kumara – He was the protector of the Yudhistira’s chariot. He was killed by Dronacharya.

Ø Vyagradatta and Singhasena – Both of these warriors were killed by Dronacharya.

Ø Vrika, Satyajita (Panchala’s Prince), King Kshema, Vasudeva; Satanika (another brother of Virata) – All were killed by Dronacharya.

Ø Bhutakarman – He was killed by Satanika (he was Nakula’s son).

Ø Salva – He was killed by Bhimaratha (he was brother of Duryodhana).

Ø Manimata Maharaja – He was killed by Somadatta’s son.

Ø King of Dasarnasa, Ruchiparvana – Both of these people were killed by Bhagadatta.

Ø Bhagadatta (Ruler of Pragjyotisha), 2 brothers of Shakuni; 3 brothers of Karana – All these people are killed by Arjuna.

Ø King Neela (ruler of Mahismati) – He was killed by Ashvattama.

Ø Charmavarmana, Vrihatkshatra (ruler of Naishadhas) – Both of these people were killed by Dhristadhyumna.

Ø Kshatradeva (Shikhandi’s son), son of the ruler of Amvashtha – These people were killed by Lakshmana (Duryodhan’s son).

Ø Vastiya, King Vtihadvala (ruler of Kosala), Rukmaratha (Shalya’s son), Asvaketu (son of the ruler of Magadhas), Lakshmana (Duryodhan’s son), King Jayatsena (ruler of Magadh), Kalikeya (Shakuni’s son), 6 councellors of Karana, Satrunjaya, Chandraketu, Suryabhasha, Mahamegba, Suvarchas (five foremost warriors) – All these people are killed by Abhimanyu.

Ø Srutayudha (rebound of his celestial gada / mace by Sri Krishna) – Let us understand a small story behind the killing of this Srutayudha. Srutayudha had received a gada / mace from Sri Varuna Deva as boon. Sri Varuna Deva has already instructed Srutayudha, that if he uses this gada / mace against an unarmed person, it will boomerang against him and kill himself. Thus when Srutayudha hurled his gada / mace against the unarmed Sri Krishna, the gada / mace killed Srutayudha himself.

Ø Kshemadurti (Kekeya Prince fought with Kaurava) – He was killed by Vrihatkshatra (Kekeya King fought with Pandava).

Ø Niramitra (son of Susharman) – He was killed by Sahadeva.

Ø Son of Somadatta – He was killed by Srutakarmana (Sehadeva’s son)

Ø Jalasandha, Sudarsana, Bhurisravas (Son of Somadatta) – All these people were killed Satyaki.

Ø Viraketu, Chitraketu, Sudhavana, Chitravarmana, Chitraratha (princes of Panchals); Purujit and Kuntibhoja (both brothers of Kunti and rulers of Kuntibhoja), King Vrihatkshatra (ruler of Kekeya kingdom), King Dhrishtaketu (Son of Shishupala and ruler of Chedi), Sehadeva (son of Jarasandha(Magadha)), Kshatradharmana (Dhristadyumn’s son) – All these people were killed by Dronacharya.

Ø Sudakshina (son of the ruler of Kamvojas), Srutayusa and Achyutayusa (both foremost warriors) by Sakrastra, Niyatayusa and Dheerghayusa (sons of above 2 resp.), Srutayusa (ruler of Amvashthas); Vinda & Anuvinda (both Kings of Avanti Kingdom); Jayadrata (ruler of Sindhu) – All these people were killed by Arjuna.

Ø Karana – Satyaki had spared the life of Karana, as Arjuna had vowed to kill Karana.

Ø Brothers of Duryodhana including Dushasana – Many brothers were spared by Satyaki as Bhima had vowed to kill Duryodhan and his brothers. All 100 were killed by Bhima.

Ø King Shivi (Ruler of Kashi) – He was killed by Dronacharya.

Ø Alambusha (the monster), Alayudha (the monster) and 1 Akshauhini sainya – Ghatatkacha killed all these people.

Ø Anjanaparvana (Ghatotkacha’s son), 1 Akshauhini of rakshasas; Suratha and Satrunjaya (Drupada’s sons), Jaya, Jayanika, Valanika, Chandrasena, Prishadhara (all five Panchala Princes), 10 sons of Kuntibhoja, etc – All were killed by Ashvattama.

Ø Somadatta (cousin of Bhishma) and his son Bhuri – Was killed by Satyaki.

Ø Satanika (Brother of Virata) – He was killed by Shalya.

Ø Ghatotkacha – Using Vasavi Shakti Karana killed him.

Ø King Virata (ruler of Matsya kingdom), King Drupada (ruler of Panchala) and his 3 grandsons; Vasudana (Panchal warrior), etc – All these people were killed by Dronacharya.

Ø Dronacharya – He was killed by Drustadhyumna.

Ø Countless soldiers by Narayanastra; Sudarshana (Chief of Malavasa), Vrihatakshatra (Paurava Prince), a young Prince of Chedi, 1 Akshauhini of Pandavas by Aganeyastra – All these people were killed by Ashvattama.

Ø Vinda, Anuvinda (brothers of Kekeya) – Both were killed by Satyaki.

Ø Chitrasena (ruler of Abhirasa) – Killed by Srutakarmana (Sehadeva’s son)

Ø Chitra – Prativindhya (Yudhishthir’s son)

Ø Dandadhara (King of Magadha) and his brother Danda – Both were killed by Arjuna.

Ø King Malayadhwaja (ruler of Pandaya), 6 followers of Malayadhwaja – All were killed by Ashvattama.

Ø Senavindu, Bhanudeva, Tapana, Surasena, Chitrasena (all were Panchala warriors); Chandradeva and Dandadhara (King Yudhishthir rears both Panchals); Countless Panchals, Somakas, Chedis and Kekeyas by Bhargavastra; Jishnu, Jishnukarmana, Devapi, Chitra, Chitrayudha (Panchala foremost warriors); Visoka (Prince of Kekeya), Ugrakarmana (Commander of kekeya), Dhristadyumn’s son; etc – All these people were killed by Karana.

Ø Suketu (Panchala Prince) – He was killed by Kripacharya.

Ø Prasanna (Karana’s son) – He was killed by Satyaki.

Ø Chitrasena (Karna’s brother) – He was killed by Yudhamanyu.

Ø Countless Samsaptakas by Aindra Astra, Sudakshina (Chief of Kambojas); Vrishasena (Karana’s son), Sabhapati, Karana (ruler of Anga) by Anjalika Astra – All these people were killed by Arjuna.

Ø Shalya’s son – Killed by Sahadeva

Ø Chekitana (Yadava warrior) – Killed by Duryodhana.

Ø Suratha (Panchala warrior) – Killed Ashvattama

Ø Shalya (ruler of Madra) and his younger brother – Both were killed by Yudhisthira.

Ø King Salwa – Killed by Satyaki.

Ø Susharmana (ruler of Trigarta) and his 35 sons – All were killed by Arjuna.

Ø Shakuni (ruler of Gandhara) and his son Ulooka – Both were killed by Sahadeva.

Ø Dristadhyumna, Uttamamauja (both sons of Drupada were attacked while sleeping) – Killed by Asvattama.

Ø Yudhamanyu (son of Drupada), Prativindhya, Sutasoma, Satanika, Shrutkarma, Shrutasena (five sons of Draupadi and also called Upapandavas), Shikhandi (son of Drupada) – All were killed by Asvattama.

Ø Survivors of Kurukshetra War

1. Lord Krishna.

2. Arjuna.

3. Bhima.

4. Yudhishthir.

5. Nakula.

6. Sahadeva.

7. Satyaki.

8. Vrishakhetu (Karana’s son).

9. Yuyutsu (Dhritrashtra’s son from maid).

10. Ashvatthama.

11. Kritavarma.

12. Kripacharya.

13. Bhishma (was waiting to die on an auspicious day)

14. Sanjaya (Narrator & warrior also, spared by Satyaki and Dristadyumna at the behest of sage Vyasa).

Parikshita – He was killed by Takshaka sarpa / snake.

More names will be added. You can visit after some time.

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Who killed whom in Ramayana

The Mahabharata, an ancient and vast Sanskrit poem, is a remarkable collection of epics, legends, romances, theology, and ethical and metaphysical doctrine.

The core of this great work is the epic struggle between five heroic brothers, the Pandavas, and their one hundred contentious cousins for rule of the land.

The Mahabharata, Volume 1: Book 1: The Book of the Beginning.

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The Mahabharata

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The Mahabharata

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