What are Mahabharata unknown secrets

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The Great Mahabharata is written by Sri Veda Vyasa Ji (He is an avatar of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu).

Veda Vyasa means, he is someone who separates the divine Vedas, so that the Kali Yuga people can understand in the much better way, as the Kali Yuga people are the least intelligent. Here Veda = Divine Vedas, Vyasa = Someone who separates (who makes more and more simpler).

Mahabharata is full of deep and unknown secrets. Starting from the birth of Pandavas, Bhagavan Sri Krishna until the end of the great epic Mahabharata is full of divine secrets.

Only a person who has the blessings of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu / Krishna can understand more easily. Let us now start.

There are unlimited number of deep secrets about the Great Granta “Mahabharata”.

Let us know few of them:

1. Sri Krishna’s birth: Sri Krishna didn’t took birth from the womb of Sri Devaki Devi. The baby which was growing inside the womb of Sri Devaki Devi was someone else. 

During the procreate time, Sri Hari comes near the Sri Vasudeva and Sri Devaki Devi and takes the form of small baby and sits aside Sri Devaki Devi. 

Because of the Maya, both Sri Vasudeva and Sri Devaki Devi would forget this. We should always remember that, Sri Hari / Sri Rama / Sri Krishna never takes birth and never has the end. 

As per our Great Grantas, only fools think that Sri Hari takes birth as the ordinary humans. But this is completely false. 

Sri Hari never takes birth from anybody’s womb. He is called “sarva svatantra”, means he is not at all dependent on anybody or anything. He is completely independent.

All others are completely dependent on Sri Hari starting from Sri Mahalakshmi Devi, Sri Brahma Deva, Sri Mukhya Praana Deva (next Sri Brahma Deva), Sri Sarasvati Devi, Sri Bharati Devi (next Sri Sarasvati Devi), Sri Rudra Deva, Sri Tulasi Devi, Sri Parvati Devi etc etc etc.

2. Draupadi Devi: Draupadi Devi is not a single woman, but rather she is the amalgamation of five Great Devis. That is,

a. Bharati Devi: Originally she is the consort of the Sri Mukhya Praana Deva / Sri Vaayu Deva (Sri Bhima).

b. Parvati Devi: Originally she is the consort of the Sri Rudra Deva / Sri Shiva.

c. Sachi Devi: Originally she is the consort of the Sri Indra Deva (Sri Arjuna).

d. Shyamala Devi: Originally she is the consort of the Sri Yama Deva (Sri Yudhisthira).

e. Usha Devi: Originally she is the consort of the Sri Ashivini Kumaras (Sri Nakula Deva and Sri Saha Deva).

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3. Vidura: He is an avatara of Sri Yama Deva along with Sri Yudhishira. Always remember, during the Great Mahabharata period all the Devatagan / Demigods also take birth. They are not ordinary people like us. 

All the Devatagan can take more then one avatara at a given single time.

4. Ashvattama: He is an avatara of Sri Rudra Deva / Sri Shiva. Also, Sri Rudra had taken the avatara as Sri Durvasa Muni.

Again Sri Rudra Deva was also present on this earth in two forms, that is, firstly it was Sri Durvas Muni and also as Sri Ashvattama.

5. Sri Veda Vyasa Ji: Sri Veda Vyasa Ji is also an avatara of Bhagavan Sri Hari, just like Sri Krishna or Sri Rama.

Veda Vyasa means, he is the one who separates the Vedas and other grantas, so that it will be easy for ordinary people to understand.

Veda Vyasa = Veda + Vyasa = Vedas & other grantas + separator.

6. Sri Bhima: He is an avatara of Sri Vaayu Deva (or also called as Sri Mukhya Praana Deva). We should remember that Sri Bhima Deva and Sri Hanuman are one and the same.

Sri Vaayu Deva took an avatara of Sri Hanuman in the Treta Yuga to do seva (serve) of Sri Rama Chandira Prabhu. 

Sri Vaayu Deva took an avatara of Sri Bhima in the Dvapara Yuga to do seva (serve) of Sri Krishna Paramatma.

Also one should note that Sri Vaayu Deva took an avatara of Sri Madhvacharya Ji in the Kali Yuga to do seva (serve) of Sri Veda Vyasa Ji (also an avatara of Sri Hari).

7. Sri Krishna marries 16,108 Devis: Sri Krishna marries 16,108 Devis during the Mahabharata / Dvapara Yuga period. The first 8 wives are called “ashtta bharya”.

The remaining 16,100 Devis, who were kidnapped by the rakshasa Narakasura was freed by Sri Krishna. Later upon the request of these 16,100 Devis, Sri Krishna marries all the 16,100 Devis.

We should remember that all these Devis had done lots and lots of tapasya in their past lives, so that they can marry Sri Hari. Sri Hari had given promise to all these Devis, that in the Dvapara Yuga, he would take the avatara of Sri Krishna and will fulfill the wishes of all Devis.

Please remember that these 16,100 + 8 wives were different and the Gopikas of the Vrindavan are different. People often get confused with these two group of Devis.

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8. Dronacharya: He was an avatara of the Great Deva Guru Bhrihaspati (he is the Guru of the Devatagan / Demigods of the Svargaloka). His father was called as Sri Bharadvaja. 

Very fascinating thing here to be noted is that, Sri Bharadvaja’s father was Sri Bhrihaspati. Again Sri Bhrihaspati gets born as the son of his own son. 

That is first Sri Bhrihaspati —> son —> Sri Bharadvaja —> son —> Sri Dronacharya (an avatara of Sri Bhrihaspati).

Dronacharya gets born as the son of Sri Bharadvaja from a ‘drona’, means a kind of bowl (in Samskruta / Sanskrit ‘drona’ means a bowl). Thus his name came into existence as “Drona” and since he was an “Acharya” / Guru, he is known as “Dronacharya”.

9. Draupadi Devi at Indraprasta: During the stay at the Indraprasta, Sri Draupadi Devi used to cook food for nearly 1 lakh people everyday along with few other cooks.

She was a really Great Devi and she deserves lots and lots and lots of respects.

10. Duryodhana an avatara of Kali of Kali Yuga: Duryodhana is an avatara Kali (of Kali Yuga). He is the same who is ruling the present day Kali Yuga. He is considered as one of the worst personalities ever born.

Nobody was giving him respect. He was called as “neecha / neech” (evil, wicked, villainous, ill conditioned, highbinder, vile etc) in the Great Mahabharata Granta.

In this Kali Yuga wherever there is unwanted amount of money means, Kali / Duryodhana is present.

So don’t give too much importance to unwanted money (here unwanted money includes jewellery, land, extra martial affair etc etc etc).

Also do remember that Kali Yuga’s Kali’s wife is known as “alakshmi”. She is exactly the opposite of Sri Mahalakshmi Devi. 

Hard earned money will give you satisfaction, sound sleep, health, wealth, honour, all good things etc. If you have hard earned money means Sri Mahalakshmi Devi is present. 

If you have unwanted money (money earned in the easy ways including thefts, bribe, corruption or in any bad ways) means alakshmi is present. This money will give you dissatisfaction, no or too less sleep, ill health, dearth, dishonour, all bad things etc.

You choose, who you want.

11. Sri Bhima’s power: Sri Bhima was so powerful, that after the ‘laaksha gruha’ incident, he alone carries Sri Kunti Devi, Sri Yudhisthira, Sri Arjuna, Sri Nakula and Sri Sahadeva. Such was the real power of the Great Sri Bhima Sena.

But again, don’t limit his power to this much only.

We must know that, he is the next Sri Brahma Deva. Remember he is same as Sri Hanuman and also an avatara of Sri Vaayu Deva / Sri Mukhya Praana Deva.

12. Birth of Pandavas including Karna: Many many fools and stupid people think ill about the Sri Kunti Devi.

But that is completely incorrect. Sri Kunti Devi got all the six children (including Karna) by the aashirvada / blessings of the Devatagan (Demigods) without any “sambhoga” / copulation. 

Always remember, Sri Kunti and her six children were not ordinary humans. 

They were svayam / direct Devatagan / Demigods, that is Sri Surya Deva (Karna), Sri Yama Deva (Yudhisthira), Sri Vaayu Deva (Bhima), Sri Indra Deva (Arjuna), and Ashvini Kumaras (both Nakula and Sahadeva). 

They don’t need to make sambhoga / copulation to get children. They are special and not ordinary humans. 

Just thinking (off course with the aashivaada / blessings of Sri Hari), they can easily get anything including children. 

That’s the different between ordinary humans and Devatagan / Demigods.


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