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How Sri Krishna rescued Brahman children

How Sri Krishna rescued Brahman children


Maya (the rakshasa’s Engineer) built a beautiful hall for Yudhishtira. 

Maya had collected the valuable gems and other material from the hall of king Vrishaparva built on Mainaka near Bindu sarovara. 

May had also brought the original gada of Sri Vayu Deva and gave it to Bhimasena (Bhimasena is an avatara of Sri Vayu Deva). 

On a day of sun eclipse, Bhagavan Sri Krishna went to Samanta panchaka for a bath with his wives and children. 

The five ponds at Kurukshetra constructed by Parasurama to offer Pitrutarpana after destroying demonic Kshatriya are known as Samanta panchaka. 

Nandagopa, Yashoda and Pandavas also went there. 

Vasudeva performed a sacrifice on this occasion. 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna performed Asvamedha Yagna at Dvaraka within one day itself. 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna himself was Dikshita for this sacrifice. 

On this occasion a Brahmana arrived with tears in his eyes. He toldthat his children die the very moment they are born.

Arjuna offers to rescue his children. 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna doubted his ability. 

Arjuna said if I am not able to rescue the children, I will jump into the fire. 

Arjuna encircled Brahmana’s house with his arrows at the time of her delivery. However, the child was taken away by some invisible spirit and only the cries of the child were heard. 

Arjuna went round the regions of Sri Yama Deva, Sri Indra Deva, Sri Agni Deva, Sri Soma Deva, Sri Vayu Deva, Sri Varuna Deva etc and did not find the child. 

Arujuna returned and offered to jump into the fire in the presence of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna took the Brahmana and Arjuna with him and moved in a big chariot towards north crossing the seven seas. 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna cut the deep darkness with his chakra across ghandodaka and went to his original place Anantasana.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna entered into his original form asking Brahmana and Arjuna to remain outside. 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna brought the children of Brahmana out. 

Nanda, Sunanda etc attendees of Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu used to be born as the children of the Brahmana.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna returned to Dvaraka and gave the children to Brahmana.

Sri Krishna killed Dhantavakra and his brother Viduratha meanwhile. 

Arjuna asked Bhagavan Sri Krishna to describe the worlds through which they went while moving towards Anantasana. 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna explained the same as given below: 

1. Jambudvipa 

2. Lavanasamudra

3. Plakshadvipa 

4. Iksusamudra

5. Shalmalidvipa 

6. Surasamudra 

7. Kushadvipa

8. Sarpisamudram

9. Kraunchadvipa

10. Dadhisamudra

11. Shakadvipa

12. Kshirasamudra

13. Pushkaradvipa, and 

14. Suddhodasamudra. 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna also gave the measurement of all of these. 

The total area is stated to be two crores fifty three and half lakh yojanas. 

The Look-alike is situated between Vajralepa and anatomies. 

On another occasion Narada described fourteen worlds to Yudhishtira as given below: 

1. Bhu 

2. Antariksha

3. Svarga, 

4. Maha 

5. Jana

6. Tapah and 

7. Satya seven above and 

1. Atala

2. Vitala

3. Sutala 

4. Talaatala

5. Mahaatala

6. Rasaatala 

7. Paataala seven below. 

Yudhishtira asked Narada why his father Pandu has no place in Indraloka while Harischandra has it?

Narada replied that Harischandra performed Rajasuya yaga. 

Your father has already expresses his desire that his son should perform this yagna. 

Yudhishtira thought of performing Rajasuya sacrifice. He consulted his brothers and also sent a messenger to Bhagavan Sri Krishna. 

At the same time the relatives of the sixteen thousand one hundred and eight wives of Bhagavan Sri Krishna also sent a messenger informing the disturbing news that Jarasandha is planning to kill and offer to Lord Shiva twenty two thousand and eight hundred kings. 

They all appealed to Bhagavan Sri Krishna to rescue these kings. 

On hearing this, Bhagavan Sri Krishna went to Indraprastha encouraged them to undertake Rajasuya yagna. 

Rajasuya yaga duly performed will enable the Rijuyogas to attain the status of Brahma. 

Those who are not eligible to this status will attain better position than his equals in the liberated state, that is to say, they will enjoy more ananda. 

King Pandu belongs to Maruta group. 

Among forty nine Marutas, seven are very important. 

Pandu though he belongs to Maruta group and originally he is one of the seven important Marutas

i.e., his name is Paravaha Maruta, he is not able to attain the higher status than Harischandra as he showed dis-respect to Sri Indra Deva and was cursed by him to be born as a man on earth. 

However, Sri Indra Deva told him that he will attain his die status by performing Rajasuya yagna. 

This is the reason why Pandu desires that his son should perform
Rajasuya yagna. 

Jarasandha Vadha 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna told Yudhishtira that Bhimasena is the most appropriate person to lead this Yagna. 

Jarasandha will oppose this yagna. He has to be first killed. Bhima should be departed to kill him. 

Bhima readily agrees to proceed in the matter. 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna proposed that he himself accompanied by Bhima and Arjuna will go to kill Jarasandha. 

Jarasandha will consider Arjuna as inferior to him, he is afraid of me (Bhagavan Sri Krishna), therefore he will choose to fight with Bhima only and will be killed by him (Bhima). 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna further told Yudhishtira that, he himself did not kill Jarasandha when he attacked Mathura only to provide an oppurtunity to a Vishnubhakta (in this case to Bhima) to fight against a Shivabhakta (in this case Jarasandha) and reveal the superiority of Vishnu-bhakta. 

This removed the fear in the mind of Yudhishtira.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna left for Magadha country. 

A group of five hills that is, 

1. Vaihara, 

2. Varaha, 

3. Vrishaba, 

4. Rishi and 

5. Chaityaka surrounded

Jarasandha used to be worship one of these hills i.e. Chaityaka, since it looked like Shivalinga. 

This was destroyed by Bhagavan Sri Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna. 

Then, they entered into the city of Jarasandha through the path made by breaking the prakara wall. This new way was made, since one is not expected to enter into enemy’s city through the main gate. 

They (Sri Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna) broke the drums, that is the sound of which represented the glory of Jarasandha. They snatched the flowers, sandal paste etc from the shops in the city and entered into Jarasandha palace by making a breakaway for them. 

They (Sri Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna) had dressed like Brahmanas. They refused the hospitality offered by Jarasandha. 

Jarasandha asked them as to who they were? 

Why they broke Sivalinga, broke the drum and snatched the flower etc? 

These acts do not befit the Brahmanas. On this Bhagavan Sri Krishna replied: 

“we are not Brahmanas. We are your enemies. You have undertaken a Bhairavayagna and propose to kill innocent kings and animals. We have come to punish you” 

Jarasandha said “I cannot stop my Bhairavayagna. You have to fight with me”. 

Jarasandha proposed that he would fight with Bhimasena. 

A fight between the two with mace started. 

It was conducted outside the city. 

Both displayed their skill in Gadayuddha. 

Their gada were broken into pieces, and then they started fighting with fists. 

The fight continued for fifteen days, Bhima firmly caught Jarasandha’s head, placed the foot on his trunk and broke him in two pieces. 

Bhagavan Sri Krishna gave a hint as to how to break Jarasandha by cutting grass blade and throwing the two pieces in opposite direction. 

Bhima knew this secret. However, Bhagavan Sri Krishna gave the hint to enthuse him Jarasandha’s son Sahadeva made peace with them by offering his sister and the chariot to Bhimasena. 

Bhima received his sister for his brother Sahadeva. Nakula had already married the daughter of Madra King. 

These two wives of Nakula and Sahadeva were originally Ushas that is, wife of Ashvini Kumaras (both Nakula and Sahadeva were the avataras of Ashvini Kumaras). 

This Ushas is different from Usha the wife of Aniruddha. 

With the death of Jarasandha the main hurdle for the Rajasuya yagna of Pandavas was removed. 

Rajasuya yaga

Bhagavan Sri Vedavyasa (he is an avatara of Sri Maha Vishnu, just like Bhagavan Sri Krishna) arrived and instructed Yudhishtira to make all preparations. 

Bhagavan Sri Vedavyasa instructed Bhimasena to undertake digvijaya yatra. 

The benefit of the sacrifice goes to that person who plays the principal role. 

Bhima was eligible for the benefit of Rajasuya yagna that is, the position of Brahma (Remember that Bhimasena is avatara of Sri Vayu Deva / Sri Mukhya Praana Deva. The Sri Brahma is this same Sri Mukhya Praana Deva. Both Sri Hanuman and Sri Bhima are the avatars of Sri Mukhya Praana Deva / Sri Vayu Deva).

Therefore, Bhagavan Sri Vedavyasa asked Bhima to play the principal role by undertaking digvijayayatra. 

Arjuna pleaded that he has the chariot, bow etc necessary requirements for digvijaya yatra and he is also interested in digvijaya yatra. 

However, Bhagavan Sri Vedavyasa said Kichaka; Karna etc will give tributes to Bhima without much grumbling, therefore, he should lead digvijaya yatra. 

Bhagavan Sri Vedavyasa directed Arjuna to go to Saptadvipa, Patala etc regions and bring tributes. 

Bhima went to Virata kingdom and collected tributes from Kichaka. 

Then, Bhima went to Chedi kingdom and collected tributes from Shishupala. 

Kunti’s sister Srutasrava was the mother of Sishupala. She advised him to pay the tributes to Bhima. 

Bhima collected the tributes from Paundraka Vasudeva and Karna too. 

Bhima later went to the city of Banasura and collected the vast wealth from him also. 

Nakula and Sahadeva who were sent to different direction returned and reported the tributes won by them. 

Arjuna defeated the tribal rules like abhira and nishada. He obtained tributes from Bhagadatta. He wandered over nine varshas that is, 

1. Kimpurusha, 

2. Harivarsa, 

3. Ilavrita, 

4. Bhadrashva, 

4. Ketumaala, 

5. Hiranmya, 

6. Ramyaka, 

7. Kuru and 

8. Bharata varsha itself. 

Arjuna brought huge tributes from this area. 

Arjuna also went into seven patalas won the demons and the deities and brought the tribute even from Bali Chakravarti. 

The Rajasuya yagna sacrifice was started. 

Yajnavalkya, Paila and Dhaumya and Susama played the role of Adhvaryu, Hota and Udgata. 

Bhagavan Sri Vedavyasa himself became Brahma. 

Dharmaraja was Yajamana and Draupadi was Yajamana Patni and Brahma, Rudra, Indra etc deities, and Bhishma, Drona etc were the elders present in this Great Yagna. 

The entire family of Dhritarashtra, Balarama and Yadavas were present. 

Sri Rukmini Devi and Sri Satyabhama Devi (both are avatars of Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi) were also specially invited. 

At the sacrificial pendal, the debates on philosophical issues were arranged. Dharmaraja asked Bhishma as to whom the agrapuja should be offered. 

Bhishma suggested that it should be offered to Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Dharma duly offered agrapuja to Sri Krishna. 

This upsets Shishupala. He talked ill of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. 

Bhimasena was enraged by this and proceeded to kill Shishupala. 

Bhishma restrained. He was destined to be killed by Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Therefore, Bhima did not proceed further. 

Shishupala declared to fight against Bhagavan Sri Krishna. 

Shishupala invited the other kings also to join him. 

Sri Krishna pushed the other kings behind and killed Shishupala with his Chakrayudha. 

After the sacrifice was over and all guests returned, Dharmaraja was chatting with Bhagavan Sri Krishna at the beautiful palace built by Maya. 

Duryodhana arrived at the hall. The walls of this hall were so transparent that the persons sitting on the other side were visible and presence of the wall itself was not felt. 

Consequently Duryodhana hit at the wall when he proceeded. The floor that was studded with blue gems was so soft and clean that Duryodhana felt there was water and he rolled his clothes to avoid the water. 

In another part of hall where there was actual water, he failed notice it and fell into the water. 

At this confusion of Duryodhana, Bhima, Draupadi and all others laughed. 

Duryodhana felt deeply humiliated. Duryodhana and Shakuni returned to Hastinavati with a burning heart and to take revenge vengeance against Pandavas, particulary against Bhima and Draupadi. 

The dice play

Shakuni suggested that they should invite Dharmaraja for a dice-play and rob all his wealth and kingdom. 

Dhritarashtra first hesitated to agree. However, when Duryodhana pressurized him, he sent Vidura to invite Dharmaraja for the dice-play. 

When Vidura came to invite Dharmaraja for dice-play Bhagavan Sri Krishna was not at Indraprastha. He had left for Dvaraka on receiving the information that Salva proposes to attack Dvaraka. 

Dharmaraja agreed to go to Hastinavati for playing the dice in spite of the opposition by his brothers and Draupadi. 

Vidura also cautioned him against the dangers of the dice play. 

Pandavas went to dice-play hall with Bhishma, Drona, Kripacharya etc elders. 

Dhritarashtra arrived with Vidura. 

Kauravas arrived with Shakuni and Karna. 

Bhishma, Drona, Kripacharya etc elders did not like the idea of dice play. However they kept quite. 

Dharmaraja proposed his entire wealth as a bet for the play and lost it. 

Then, he went on proposing Nakula, Sahadeva, Arjuna, and Bhima as bet and lost all of them. 

Finally he proposed Draupadi and himself also as bet and lost. 

Duryodhana sent his charioteer Pratikaamin to bring Draupadi to the dice play hall. 

Draupadi told him that it is not proper for her to come to the hall where elders are present. Pratikaamin returned. 

Duryodhana sent Dussasana to bring Draupadi. Dussasana forcibly dragged her to the hall. 

Draupadi asked the question whether Yudhishtira lost her before he himself became a slave. No body answered this question. 

Bhishma said, since Dharmaraja himself has accepted the fact he lost Draupadi, we are helpless in the matter. 

Draupadi told Bhishma and other elders that dice-play is a deceitful programme. It is adharma. Therefore, victory in this is no victory. Consequently Dharmaraja himself is not defeated. Therefore, how can I be treated as a slave? You elders are not condemning it as adharma. 

Draupadi continues, you are not giving your ruling on what is dharma and what is adharma. Therefore, this assembly is not an assembly of Wiseman at all. 

Bhishma, Drona, Kripacharya etc elders kept quite even after this exhortation, since, Kali (Kaliyuga’s Kali) had entered into them. 

However, Vidura declared that Draupadi has not become a slave. The adharma has taken over the entire assembly. 

Bhima said the hands of Dharmaraja should be burnt. Arjuna appealed to Bhima not to do so.

Duryodhana asks Dussasana to take away the cloths of Pandavas. They removed the same and were clad with deer skin. 

Dussasana started to drag the saree of Draupadi. She appealed to Bhagavan Sri Krishna to save her honor. The saree went on extending. A series of sarees appeared one after the other. 

Dussasana was exhausted and collapsed. 

Bhima looked at an iron rod to hit Duryodhana. There were cries of foxes. This was very inauspicious. 

Dhritarashtra asked Vidura as to how to ward it off. 

Vidura said you first release Draupadi. 

Dhritarashtra offered three boons to Draupadi. She asked him to release Pandavas and their property. She did not ask anything for herself. 

Strictly speaking she had not asked for any boons. The relatives of a dice player have a right to ask for the return of the lost property. She had exercised that right. 

Even if it is taken as boon she was within her limits. 

A Kshatriya should not ask for more than three boons. She had asked for only two boons. She did not ask anything or herself as she was strictly following Bhagavata dharma. 

Dhritarashtra released Pandavas and returned the kingdom. 

Duryodhana was very angry. Shakuni suggested that Pandavas be invited for the dice play again. 

Dhritarashtra invited again. This time the bet proposed by the Kauravas was different. 

If Pandavas were defeated they were required to live in the forest for twelve years and live in-cognito for one year. 

During this last year, if one of them was found, then, they were required to live in the forest for twelve years again. 

Dharmaraja was defeated again and Pandavas had to go to the forest. They went out of Hastinapur through the main gate Vardhamana. 

Vidura asked Kunti to stay with him. The people of Hastinapur followed Pandavas up to the banyan tree on the bank of river Ganga. Then Pandavas proceeded to Kamyakavana.

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