What Hinduism say about afternoon (daytime) sleep

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Once the BAALAKA (child) SRI KRISHNA PARAMAATMA was playing with his sakhas (friends). 

He used to play the games like Raja and Sainika, Sipaahi and Chora (thief), etc. 

While playing one such game, Sri Krishna had to hide himself somewhere. Sri Krishna saw a house who’s main door was opened. 

Thus Sri Krishna entered that house and hide himself inside that house. In that house Sri Krishna saw a young woman, who is the daughter-in-law of that house was sleeping.

Sri Krishna thought a plan to teach that lady a good lesson of not to sleep in the afternoons. Sri Krishna stole all the curds which was kept in that house and ate it. 

And at last he took some curds and wiped to the mouth of the daughter-in-law and went out of the house just like an innocent child.

After sometime the mother-in-law saw her daughter-in-law sleeping with her whole of the mouth with the curds. 

Mother-in-law got very angry and started to shout at her daughter-in-law telling that the young lady has eaten off all the curds which was kept inside her house. 

Thus from that day the daughter-in-law never slept in the afternoon.

PS: This story may look like just another story. But, from this story we should understand that Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma didn’t enter the house in the night, but instead it was in the middle of the afternoon. 

Here Bhagavan teaches us a lesson that nobody should waste time during day time and should use the day time in the useful manner. Instead of wasting the time in sleeping all the humans should use the time in the proper and correct manner. 

Living span of humans is very short, so don’t waste the time in sleeping or talking negative at the back of the others, etc.

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