List of Mountains names in India as per Hindu Puranas

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A Rishi / sage named Sutaji narrated the tale of Bhagavan Sri Varaha Swamy (an avatar of Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu) to the other Rishis / sages, which he had heard from Bhagavan Sri Veda Vyasa Ji (an avatar of Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu):

Once, while Maharshi Narada was wandering about, he reached Meru parvata / mountain, where he saw the abode of Sri Brahma Deva. 

Maharshi Narada also saw a giant sized entity, just next to Sri Brahma Deva’s abode. That person possessed chaturbhuja / four arms and his face resembled a boar. 

That person held a shankha / conch and a chakra in his two hands.

The remaining of his two hands were in the postures of giving blessings. 

Maharshi Narada was very surprised to see that divine person being surrounded by Rishis / Sages like Vashishtha, Atri, Markandeya and Bhrigu. 

After paying his eulogy to him, Maharshi Narada stood in a corner. 

In the meantime, Mother Prithvi (earth) arrived there with her two companions, that is, Ila and Pingala. 

Mother Prithvi (earth) was curious to know about the identities of various mountains, which Bhagavan Sri Varaha Swamy had established on her. 

Bhagavan Sri Varaha Swamy told Mother Prithvi about the prominent mountains as below:

1. Sumeru

2. Himavana

3. Mandarachala

4. Vindhyachala

5. Pariyatraka

6. Mahendra

7. Malaya

8. Sinhachala 

9. Gandhamadana

All are situated to the north of Himalaya.

The mountain ranges situated to the south of Himalaya are: 

1. Arunachala

2. Hasti

3. Gridhachala

4. Ghatikachala

All Rishi / Sages believe that Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu had his abode in:

1. Satyayuga at Anjanadri

2. Tretayuga at Narayanagiri 

3. Dvaparyuga at Sinhachala

4. Kaliyuga at Sri Venketachala

(All these names are different names of the present in Tirupati in different Yugas) 

Lord Varaha and Mother Prithvi flew away towards Venkatachala giri (montain) mounted on Sri Garuda Raja.


On their way, Mother Prithvi requested Bhagavan Sri Varaha Svami to reveal the sacred mantra, chanting of which makes him pleased.

Lord Varaha said:

The secret mantra that pleases me to no limits is: 

‘OM Namo Sri Varahaaya Dharanyu Uddharanaaya svaaha.’ 

This mantra is capable of liberating a man and also brings all sort of worldly accomplishments to him. 

In the first Krita yuga, a Manu named Dharma had realized me by continuously chanting this mantra. 

Even Indra regained the control of heaven by chanting this great mantra. 

Ananta Shesha, the Lord of all sarpas / serpents, chanted Varaha mantra and as a result became capable of holding the earth on it’s hood.

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