Lord Hanuman easy quiz

Lord Hanuman, just name is enough to describe the greatest devotee of Bhagavan Sri Rama.

After Sita Devi, it is Hanuman who is most lovable and favorite to Bhagavan Sri Rama.

There are unlimited number of important points are there to learn about Hanuman, among those, let us know few of them as below.

Let us make this quiz fun and knowledge gaining:

1. Who is Hanuman?
He is the greatest devotee of Bhagavan Sri Rama after Sita Devi.

2. What is the meaning of the name ‘Hanuman’?
Hanuman = Hanu + man. Here Hanu means someone who is having the strongest jaws (after Bhagavan Vishnu and Mahalakshmi Devi), and man (Sanskrit) means man (English).

3. Who are the parents of Hanuman?
Kesari and Anjana Devi.

4. Whose avatar is Hanuman?
Vayu Deva.

5. Is Hanuman Lord Shiva avatar?
No, Hanuman is an avatar of Vayu Deva.

6. Hanuman is an important character in which Great Hindu epic?
Ramayana, he is also seen in Mahabharata, Bhagavatar Purana.

7. Who is the greatest devotee of Bhagavan Rama after Sita Devi?

8. Which Devata (Demigod) strikes Hanuman with thunderbolt (Vajrayudha)?
Lord Indra Deva.

9. Did Hanuman tried to eat Surya Deva when he was a baby?
No, Hanuman went near Surya Deva to punish Rahu and not to eat Surya Deva. This is a myth story created very recently.

10. In which disguised form Hanuman meets Bhagavan Rama for the first time?
As a knowledgeable Brahmin.

11. Hanuman was the minister of whom?
Sugriva (he is an avatar of Lord Surya Deva).

12. Which mountain rose up from the sea to provide a resting place to Hanuman while leaping to Lanka?

13. Which demon serpent tried to block the way of Hanuman during his leap to Lanka??

14. Where did Hanuman first meet Sita?
Ashoka Vatika.

15. What did Hanuman Give to Sita to convince her that he was a messenger of Bhagavan Rama?
Finger ring.

16. To which arrow did Hanuman willingly surrender and allowed to be captured by Meghanath?
Brahmastra shot by Meghanath (Indrajeet).

17. Who was there in the support of Hanuman in the court of Ravana after he was captured?
Vibhishan, the youngest brother of Ravana.

18. For destroying Ashoka Vatika and killing demons, what was the punishment given by Ravana to Hanuman?
To put Hanuman’s tail on fire.

19. What jewel was given by Sita Devi to Hanuman, so that he can show it to Bhagavan Rama?
Chudamani, the jewel which is worn by Sita Devi in her hairs.

20. In the Mahabharata war on whose chariot’s flag did Hanuman appears?
Arjuna, the great archer.

21. Which mountain did Hanuman lift and bring to Lanka to save the lives of Lakshman and other Vanaras?
Dronagiri, in which Sanjeevini plants were grown.

22. Who reminded Hanuman that he can easily leap over the great Sagara (Ocean)?

23. What is the meaning of the Hanuman’s name Maruti?
Maruti means, he is the one who is one among the Marutas (divine people of a group called Rujus who live in Satya loka).

24. In Dwarapua Yuga, Vayu Deva took avatar as whom?
Bhima, he is same as Hanuman. Both are the avatars of Vayu Deva.

25. In Kali Yuga, Vayu Deva took avatar as whom?
Sri Madhwacharya Ji – Hanuman, Bhima and Sri Madhwacharya Ji are same and are the avatars of Vayu Deva.

26. Who killed Akshay Kumar, the son of Ravana?
Hanuman killed Akshay Kumar.

27. What is the main weapon used by Hanuman in Ramayana?
Gada or Mace, but Hanuman is highly capable of using all the weapons. He is the greatest after Bhagavan Vishnu and Mahalakshmi Devi.

28. Who is next Kalpa’s Sri Brahma Deva
The great Hanuman is the next Kalpa’s Sri Brahma Deva.


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