Lord Rama easy quiz

He is the Purushottama. He is the greatest of all!

Lord Rama’s greatest is innumerable. He is the greatest of all. He is svayam Bhagavan. There is no one who is equal to him of greater to him.

Today let us all know few very important points about Lord Rama and his Epic Ramayana.

Come on dear friends, let’s start:

1. Whose incarnation or avatar is Lord Rama?
Bhagavan Sri Rama is an avatar of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu.

2. Who wanted to send Lord Rama on Exile?
Lord Rama’s step mother Kaikeyi along with her maid Manthara.

3. Who is the mother of Lord Rama?
Lord Rama’s mother is Kausalya.

4. Who is the guru of Lord Rama?
Lord Rama’s Guru was Maharshi Vashishtha followed by Maharshi Vishwamitra.

5. Who is the father-in-law of Lord Rama?
Lord Rama’s father-in-law is Janaka Maharaja. His original name is Seeradhwaja.

6. Who is the father of Lord Rama?
Lord Rama’s father is Dasharatha Maharaja. His original name is Nemi.

7. Who is the author of the Great Epic Ramayana?
Ramayana was written by Rishi Valmiki. Earlier Devarshi Narada narrated this Ramayana to Rishi Valmiki. The original Ramayana is known as ‘Moola Ramayana’, this is written by Bhagavan Sri Vishnu.

8. Who came in the guise of a golden deer to the Ashrama of Rama?
The demon Mareecha came disguising himself as a golden deer as per the instructions given by Ravana.

9. Which yagna did King Dasharatha perform to beget children?
‘Putrakameshti’ yagna was done by Dasharatha to beget children.

10. Which Vamsha or lineage did Lord Rama belong to?
Lord Rama belong to the Great Surya Vamsha.

11. Which brother of Ravana joined Lord Rama?
Vibhishana, the youngest of all Ravana brothers joined Lord Rama.

12. Where did Lord Rama meet Mata Sita Devi first?
Lord Rama met Mata Sita Devi at Videha in Mithila.

13. What was the name of the forest where Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Goddess Sita stayed during exile?
Panchavati at Dandakaranya.

14. What was the name of a bow that was used by Lord Rama in Mata Sita swayamvar?
It was a Shiva Dhanush called Pinaka.

15. What is the name of the bird which tried to stop Ravana who was Kidnapping Mata Sita Devi.
Jatayu – His brother name was Sampati. They both were the children of Aruna, the chatioteer of Lord Surya Deva.

16. Ravana was a devotee of which God?
Lord Shiva.

17. Lakshmana is the incarnation of which Demigod?
Sri Aadi Shesha Naaga.

18. In which part of Lanka did Hanuman first met Mata Sita?
Ashoka Vatika.

19. In what disguise did Hanuman first met Lord Rama?
In a Brahmana vesha (disguise).

20. For how many years did Lord Rama went on exile?
14 years.

21. Mata Sita Devi is an avatar of which Goddess?
Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.

22. Who all go to forest exile along with Lord Rama?
Mata Sita Devi and Lakshmana.

23. What is the name of the city where Lord Rama was born?
Ayodhyapuri or simply Ayodhya. Ayodhya means unconquerable.

24. Who is the mother of Lakshmana and Shatrugna?
Sumitra Devi.

25. Who is the mother of Bharata in Ramayana?
Kaikeyi Devi.

26. Whose nose was chopped by Lakshmana?
Surpanakha nose. Her original name is Meenakshi. Surpanakha because, she had very sharp nails. Surpa = Very sharp, nakha = nails.

27. At the very beginning of Ramayana, who took Rama and Lakshmana to kill demons?
Maharshi Vishwamitra – To kill demons like Subahu, Tataka etc.

28. Who are the parents of Mata Sita Devi?
Janaka Maharaja (Original name Seeradhwaja) and mother name is Sunayana (Sunaina).

29. What is the name of Ravana’s wife?
Mandodari- She is one of the great pativrata strees.

30. What are the name of Mata Sita Devi’s sister and cousin sisters?
Mata Sita Devi had one sister called Urmila. Similarly she had two cousin sisters called Mandavi and Shrutikirti.

31. What is the name of Lakshmana’s wife?
Urmila Devi.

32. What is the name of Bharata’s wife?
Mandavi Devi.

33. What is the name of Shatrugna’s wife?
Shrutikirti Devi.

34. What are the names Dasharatha’s three wives?
Kausalya Devi, Sumitra Devi and Kaikeyi Devi.

35. Who is the Kaikeyi’s maid who planned for Lord Rama’s exile?


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