List of Sanskrit words related to sex with meaning

Blessings of Sri Kama Deva (Manmatha) and Sri Rati Devi to you, without whom no one can exist on this earth.

Sanskrit is the most broad and wide bhasha (divine language) on earth. Without Sanskrit, no other language of the world can exist.

From East to West and from North to South of the globe, all use Sanskrit bhasha (divine language) itself, but with different pronunciation. Only pronunciation difference exists and not the words.

Sanskrit is the most holiest and open minded bhasha (divine language) on earth and it’s the language of puranic Vedas including Kamasutra.

Sanskrit is the bhasha (divine language) which is spoken in the upper planets like Svarga Loka, Brahma Loka, Vaikuntha Loka too.

Now, let us know a long “List of Sanskrit words related to sex”:

त्वां कामयामि (tvām kāmayāmi) : This means, “I love you”.

सम्भोग (sambhōga) : This is the unique word used in Sanskrit. Here Sambhoga = Sam + Bhoga = Together + Enjoyment. Both husband and wife together enjoying the sexual union is called as Sambhoga.

मैथुन (Maithuna) : This too is an unique word used in Sanskrit. Here Maithuna means meeting between two bodies (Husband and wife) for sexual intercourse.

लैङ्गिक (laiṅgika) : laiṅgika means, which initiates the sexual drive or something which has relationship with sex.

मदनाशय (madanāśaya) : Here Madanashaya = Madana + Ashaya = Sexual + Wanting (drive). This means, wanting the sexual drive. He / She is expecting (wanting) to have sexual union with his / her partner.

काम (kāma) : Kaama means, having excitement about sexual intercourse. This can happen only with the divine blessings of Sri Kama Deva (Manmatha).

रति (rati) : Sri Rati Devi is the consort of Sri Kama Deva (Manmatha). She is the one who initiates the sexual appeal. Rati means sexual pleasure (provider of sexual desire).

मद (mada) : This word is used when one’s desire to have sex has increased enormously (exponentially).

भोग (bhōga) : To have material enjoyment, that is, especially the sexual enjoyment.

शिश्न (śiśna) : The male sexual organ (Penis).

योनि (yōni) : The female sexual organ (Vagina).

वृषण (vr̥ṣaṇa) : The male testis.

शुक्राणु (śukrāṇu) : The male sperm.

अंडाणु (aṇḍāṇu) : The female eggs (Ovules).

चुम्बन (cumbana) : Kiss

प्रेम (prēma) : Love

कामसूत्र (kāmasūtra) : Grantha (Treatise) on sexual love.

स्तन (stana) : Woman breast

स्तनतट (stanataṭa) : Breast cleavage

स्तनकोटि (stanakōṭi) : Nipple of the breast

चुचि (cuci) : Nipple of the breast

वीर्याणु (vīryāṇu) : Male sperm

शिश्नोनति (śisnōnati) : Erection of the male penis.

हर्ष (harṣa) : Erection of the male penis. (In Sanskrit harṣa also means to be cheerful).

जघन (jaghana) : Buttock

द्विलिंग (dviliṅga) : Bisexual

कामोत्तेजन (kāmōttējana) : Orgasm

हस्तमैथुन (hastamaithuna) : Masturbation

स्वयं कामप्रेरित (svayaṁ kāmaprērita) : Autosexual (Having sex with themselves).

अविधिकाम (avidhikāma) : Abrosexual (Someone who is abrosexual has a fluid sexual orientation. They experience different sexual orientations over time).

विकृतकाम (vikr̥takāma) : Allosexual (People who regularly experience sexual attraction, regardless of their sexual orientation).

गुद काम (guda kāma) : Anal Sex (sexual activity involving penetration of the anus).

अकामोत्तेजन (akāma uttējana) : Anorgasmia (persistent inability to achieve orgasm despite responding to sexual stimulation).

स्वकामि महिला (svakāmi mahiḷā) : Lesbian

स्वकामि पुरुष (svakāmi puruṣa) : Gay

सर्वलिंग कामि (sarvaliṅga kāmi) : Omnisexual (People who identify as omnisexual are attracted to those of all gender identities and sexual orientations).

बहुलिंग कामि (bahuliṅga kāmi) : Polysexual (The prefix “poly” means many, and polysexual individuals are attracted to people of multiple genders).

कामयति (kāmayati) : Desire to have sexual union.

पौरुष (pauruṣa) : Virile (A strong sex drive).

ऋतु (r̥tu) : Menstrual discharge

रजस्वल (rajasvala) : Woman monthly period (menstrual cycle).

जीवरक्त (jīvarakta) : Menstrual blood

द्विलिंग कामि (dviliṅga kāmi) : Ambisexual (Someone who has sex with both the sexes).

लिंगरहित (liṅgarahita) : Asexual (Not involving sex; not having sexual organs).

अर्धकामि (ardhakāmi) : Demisexual (Demisexual people only feel sexually attracted to someone when they have an emotional bond with the person. They can be gay, straight, bisexual, or pansexual, and may have any gender identity. The prefix “demi” means half — which can refer to being halfway between sexual and asexual).

यंत्रकामि (yantrakāmi) : Digisexual (A digisexual is someone who sees immersive technologies such as sex robots and virtual reality pornography as integral to their sexual experience, and who feels no need to search for physical intimacy with human partners).

भिन्नलिंग कामि (bhinnaliṅga kāmi) : Heterosexual (Sexually attracted to a person of the opposite sex).

सलिंगकामि (saliṅgakāmi) : Homosexual (sexually attracted to people of the same sex).

सार्वत्रिक कामि (sārvatrika kāmi) : Pansexuality (Pansexuality is the attraction to people regardless of their gender. Pansexual people are sexually attracted to people of every gender identity. People of any gender identity can and do identify as pansexual).

क्रिडालु कामि (krīḍālu kāmi) : Playersexual (Someone who is attracted to the player character, especially without regard to gender, race, etc.).

बुद्धिमान् कामि (Bud’dhimān kāmi) : Sapiosexual (Someone who is finding intelligent people sexually attractive or arousing. It’s relatively new term).

अवैध संबंध (avaidha sambandha) : Intimate relationship.

अनूढागमन (anudāgamana) : Fornication (Going after an unmarried woman).

प्रसूति (prasūti) : Procreation time.

ऋतुजुष् (r̥tujuṣ) : Woman enjoying intercourse at the time fit for procreation.

कामुक आलिंगन (kāmuka āliṅgana) : Carnal embrace (Embracing someone with the intend of intimacy).

कामिन् (kāmin) : Erotic / erotic person.

काम प्रचोदक संपर्क (kāmapracōdaka samparka) : Erotic contact (Sexually intended connection).

मुख मैथुन (mukha maithuna) : Oral sex.

कन्यात्व (kān’yātva) : Female virginity.

ब्रह्मचर्य (brahmacarya) : Male unmarried state.

कौमारव्रत (kaumāratva) : Male virginity.

इन्द्रियनिग्रह (indriyanigraha) : Controlling the senses, including sexual appeals.

अश्लीलता चित्र (aślīlatā citra) : Pornography images.

वेश्या (vēśyā) : Prostitute (female)

वेश्यावृत्ति (vēśyāvr̥tti) : Prostitution work.

लम्पट (lampaṭa) : Male lecherous person.

कामुक (kāmuka) : A horny (lustful) male.

कामुकी (kāmukī) : A horny (lustful) female.

लोल (lōla) : A lustful man.

रसिक (rasika) : A sex desiring man.

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