How and why to teach Dharma (Hinduism) to children

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It was a time of rainy days. It was the time of heavy rains. Rivers like Ganga, Sindhu, Saraswati, Yamuna, Godavari, Narmada, Krishnaveni, Bheemarati, Phalgu, Sarayu, Netravati, Kaveri etc. rivers were flowing heavily.

All these rivers were full and were moving at the highest speed towards the ocean.

All the rivers were getting gathered in the ocean. The great ocean was welcoming all the rivers inside it by telling all the rivers ‘amayantu amayantu’ (In Sanskrit it is called as welcome welcome to all).

This is the sanskriti (Dharma / Hinduism) of Hinduism and Hindus. We always welcome all our guest with open hands.

This is what is teached to us by our elders and also by our Sanskriti (Dharma / Hinduism).

(There are two types of guest in Hinduism, that is, one is abhyagatas and another one is called as atithis.)

(There is a difference between ‘abhyagatas and atithi’ – Here abhyagatas are those kind of guest who already have informed us or given prior notice us about their arrival that they will be coming to our house.)

(Whereas, ‘atithis’ are those kind of guest who don’t give us prior notice, but they will come to our house without informing us in advance.)

Here important point to be noted is that, for ocean Lord Varuna Deva is the ‘Abhimani Devata’ (controlling Demigod), that is, Lord Varuna will control the ocean as per Hindu Shastras (divine books).

It is our Dharma (duty) to welcome both abhyagatas and / or atithis as per Hindu shastras (Dharma / Hinduism).

Similarly, ocean (Lord Varuna) is welcoming all the rivers inside it.

As per Hinduism (Dharma / Hindu Shastras), we have a divine sanskriti (work or duty) that, whenever we are going to meet elders or pregnant lady or children or Guru, we can’t go with empty hands.

Likewise, all the rivers who are the divine consorts of Lord Varuna were not coming empty handed.

All the rivers who were coming towards the ocean (Lord Varuna) were coming with huge branches of trees.

Thus the ocean (Lord Varuna) asks all the rivers a question, “I can see that you all are coming along with huge branches of trees, it is absolutely fine. Here I have question for you”.

“The question is, here you all are coming with huge branches of trees and also you are coming with huge trees itself, didn’t you found any grass while coming to meet me”.

“Why didn’t you brought those grass along with you and why have your brought only these trees and it’s branches?”

“This has become a huge question mark for me, please let me know the correct answer for this, oh my dear divine wives?”

(We should note that, all the rivers are the consorts of Lord Varuna Deva).

For this question of Lord Varuna, all the rivers gave the answer like this as below:

“Oh our dear husband, while we were coming to meet you, our flow speed was very high. During this process, all the trees were in the standstill position without giving any space to us.”

“While we were coming, they were not giving space to us and were also not leaning in front of us”.

“They were standing in the standstill position as against our heavy flow (flood)”.

(We should always remember that, we should never ever should stand in front of the heavy flow of rivers.)

(This is very much clearly said in our shastras and also our elders have been repeating this since ages.)

“Even though our flow was very heavy, all the trees were in the standstill position without giving the way”.

“Whenever we are doing a good and divine work, at that time, if others standstill in the middle, we have to wash away all of them”.

“Where as, all the grass were bowing their heads down, and were giving us the space to flow easily. Thus we were not disturbing them”.

This story is very much clearly showing us that, when someone who is elder to us or someone who is more educated than us or someone who is divine to us if he / she comes in front of us, we should always give space to such kind of person first.

This is very clearly said in our Hindu Shastras.

This shows us that, whenever we are respecting our elders or Gurus or divine people, we will also get more and more divine and good things in our life.

The above story is very clearly saying that, the small grass who are giving space to rivers, will live longer and also will live with respect for much longer time than the huge trees and it’s branches.

This is a very clear lesson for the today’s society people who don’t give respect to elders, Gurus, divine people etc.

Another story of respecting elders or Gurus or divine people:

During the Mahabharata war, when both Arjuna and Karna were fighting, the elder Karna shot an arrow called ‘sarpastra’ (An arrow with the power of snake) towards his younger brother Arjuna.

But during this time, Arjuna didn’t lean down. Whereas the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna made Arjuna to lean down by making the chariot to sag into the soil.

Thus, this made the ‘sarpastra’ (An arrow with the power of snake) went above the head of Arjuna instead of beheading Arjuna’s head.

The main reason for this is, we should always lean down in front of elders. Here Karna was elder to Arjuna and thus, it was Arjuna’s duty to lean down in front of Karna.

But Arjuna doesn’t do this. For this reason, Lord Krishna made Arjuna to lean in front of Karna.

This helped Arjuna to save his life as against the arrow (sarpastra) of Karna.

Lord Krishna is Supreme and Ultimate. He knows anything and everything. Whatever he has said in Bhagavad Gita is the ultimate truth.

There is no truth beyond Lord Sri Krishna’s truth. Bhagavad Gita is Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna is Bhagavad Gita.

This is because, the words which are present inside the divine Srimad Bhagavad Gita is of Lord Krishna’s words.

Thus, we should always follow the words of the most Supreme and most Eldest, that is, of Lord Sri Krishna.

If we are leaning in front of Lord Sri Krishna means, we will always gain.

Whereas people like Kamsa, Jarasandha, Duryodhana, Shakuni etc. never leaned in front of Lord Krishna.

We all know what happened to them all. All were brutally slayed down by either Lord Krishna himself or his devotees like Bhima, Arjuna, Yudhishthira, Nakula, Sahadeva etc.

Even the elders have their own duties. When we are instructing our children to do namaste to Lord Krishna, other Demigods, elders, Gurus etc.

First, we the elders should do the namaste to Lord Krishna, other Demigods, elders, Gurus etc. We need to show to our children to do namaste.

If we elders are not doing the namaste and are always in the hurry. Then how come we can expect our children to do the namaste to Lord Krishna, other Demigods, elders, Gurus etc.

First, we the elders should and must do our duties properly. Then our children will see us and will definitely learn from us.

If they are not learning, then it is our duty to show the correct path to them. That too as early as possible.

We elders should teach our younger generation about Hindu Shastras (Dharma / Hinduism) as early as possible.

If the time lost, then they will never learn about Hindu Shastras (Dharma / Hinduism).

Here Hindu Shastras means the duties which we all should and must follow for the happy and prosperous life.

We all know in today’s life software is part of all our lives. Without software almost nothing works.

For e.g., mobile, TV, computer, laptops, etc., all have the software in it. Without software no other hardware will work.

We need to install all the required software into the hardware. Here hardware means we (I, my children, family, relatives, friends, etc. overall the whole world).

Software means our thinking (mind). We need to install only the required software into our hardware (our body).

And later, we need to follow the instructions as per our Hindu Shastras (Dharma / Hinduism).

And then later, we need to install all those required software (Dharma / Hinduism) in to our children minds, and make them work.

If they want to follow Hindu Shastras (Dharma / Hinduism) means, first we as elders need to follow the Hindu Shastras (Dharma / Hinduism).

Just by seeing us, they will definitely and 100% they will follow our footsteps.

This is very simple to understand. If we are learning Hindu Shastras (Dharma / Hinduism), it will definitely help us and we will surely lead a happy and prosperous life.

If we only want money, power, dignity, passion, status, etc. and if we forget our children, then don’t expect them to follow you and give you and others respect in the future.

I am not telling you not to earn money. But, in the same time, we need to follow our Hindu Dharma / Hinduism and also need to install those things into the minds of our children.

In our Hindu Shastras, it is very clearly said : “धर्मी रक्षाति रक्षित: | ಧರ್ಮೋ ರಕ್ಷತಿ ರಕ್ಷಿತಃ | dharmō rakṣati rakṣitaḥ (Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha)“.

Meaning : If someone is protecting the Dharma means, then that same Dharma will protect us also. If we are not bothering about Dharma, then Dharma will also never bothers about us.

Moral : First the so called elders must and should follow the Dharma and Hindu Shastras (Hinduism). Then we need to teach the same to our children also.

Greatest examples are Pandavas and Kauravas:

Pancha Pandavas parents Pandu Maharaja, Kunti Devi and Madri Devi always followed Dharma (Hindu Shastras and Hinduism) and they all teached the same to their children.

Initially Pancha Pandavas, that is, Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva had to face few problems, but later they all were happy and prosperous with the blessings of Lord Sri Krishna.

On the other hand, Dhritarashtra never installed (implemented) the required software (Dharma Shastras) into the minds of his children like Duryodhana, Dushasana, etc.

We all know what happened to all those 100 Kauravas.

It is left to you either to install Dharma (Hindu Shastras / Hinduism) software into your children minds or something else.

But, one thing is reality my dear friends. If you don’t install the wanted and required software into the minds of your children,

then there are unlimited people who are waiting to install the unwanted and unrequired things into your child’s mind.

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