Maharishi Kashyapa Information (Family Member Names) Facts, Details (Wives, Children Names) | Who is the father of Sage Kashyapa? | How many children did rishi Kashyap had? | Who was the son of Kashyap?

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Just before going to “Maharishi Kashyapa Information (Family Member Names) Facts, Details (Wives, Children Names) | Who is the father of Sage Kashyapa? | How many children did rishi Kashyap had? | Who was the son of Kashyap?“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Kashyapa (Kashyap) Maharishi’s father name is : Marichi and mother name is Kalā. Marichi is the son of Lord Sri Brahma Deva. Marichi was one among the Brahma Manasa putras (born from mind of Sri Brahma Deva). 

Maharishi Kashyapa (Kashyap) is the one among the greatest Sapta Maharishis. Maharishi Kashyapa (कश्यप) is a highly revered Vedic sage of Hindu Sanatana Dharma. He is well known for his numerous Sanskrit texts and Indian Dharmic granthas (Hindu divine books).

Maharishi Kashyapa is one of the most ancient Maharishi listed in the colophon verse in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. Kashyapa married thirteen of Daksha Prajapati’s daughters.

List of Maharishi Kashyapa’s wives names are as given below:

1. Aditi, 2. Diti, 3. Danu, 4. Arishta, 5. Surasa, 6. Khasa, 7. Surabhi, 8. Vinata, 9. Tamara, 10. Krodhavasha, 11. Ira, 12. Kadru, 13. Muni

All the above said divine ladies gave birth to different ‘jeevas’, that is, living beings. Starting from Devatas (Demigods), Demons, animals, plants, trees, insects, etc. etc. etc. all were given birth by these 13 wives of Maharishi Kashyapa.

Now, let us know the children names of these 13 wives of Maharishi Kashyapa one by one.

List of Maharishi Kashyapa children names are as given below:

1. Aditi : Her sons were the twelve Gods known as the Adityas. Their names are: Vishnu, Shakra, Aryama, Dhata, Vidhata, Tvashta, Pusha, Vivasvana, Savita, Mitravaruna, Amsha, Bhaga.

2. Diti : Her sons were the daityas (demons). They were named as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu, and amongst their descendants were several other powerful Daityas like: 

Bali Chakravarti (Mahabali) and Vanasura (Banasura).

Diti also had a daughter named Simhika (Also called as Holika) who was married to a Danava (demon) named Viprachitti. 

Their offspring’s were terrible demons like Vatapi, Namuchi, Ilvala, Maricha and the Nivatakavachas.

3. Danu : She had hundred sons of and they were came to be known as DanavasThe Danavas were thus cousins to the Daityas and also to the Adityas. In the Danava line were born demons like the Poulamas and Kalakeyas.

4. Arishta : Her sons were the Gandharvas (Singers and dancers of Svarga Loka / Heaven). Here Gandharvas were reborn as Duryodhana’s 98 brothers.

Duryodhana is the form of Kali Yuga’s Kali and Dushasana was the form of Meghanada (Indrajita) of the Ramayana fame (Ravana’s eldest son).

5. Surasa : She gave birth to the snakes (Sarpas).

6. Khasa : Her children were the Yakshas. (Demi-gods who were the companions of Kubera, the god of wealth). And the Rakshasas (demons) were also Khasa’s sons.

7. Surabhi : Her descendants were cows and buffaloesSurabhi is known to exist in five different forms: Nandini, Sunanda, Kamadhenu, Sumana, and Susheela.

Other names are Sabala and Matrika. Kamadhenu is regarded as the divine mother in Hinduism of all cows. Like Kamadhenu’s daughter Nandini, Kamadhenu could grant a wish to any true seeker.

8. Vinata : She had two sons named Aruna and GarudaGaruda became the king of the birds and the mount of Lord Vishnu. Aruna became the charioteer (Sarathi) of Lord Surya Deva.

9. Tamara : She had six daughtersThese six daughters gave birth to owls, eagles, vultures, crows, water-fowl, horses, camels and donkeys.

10. Krodhavasha : She had fourteen thousand children known as AsurasThese Asuras or demons were also known as Krodhavashas.

As she was very short-tempered, the children born to her had the following features: Violent animals, birds, and fish, all monsters species with sharp teeth.

11. Ila : She gave birth to trees, creepers, shrubs and bushes.

12. Kadru : Her sons were also known as Nagas or snakes. Among the more important of Kadru’s sons were Ananta, Vasuki, Takshaka and Nahusha.

13. Muni : She gave birth to the Apsaras. They were the divine dancers of Svarga Loka / heaven.

Diti’s children (Daityas) and Aditi’s children (adityas) continually fought amongst themselves. On one particular occasion, the gods succeeded in killing many of the demons. 

Thirsting for revenge, Diti began to pray to her husband, Kashyapa that she might give birth to a son who would kill Indra, the king of the gods. Kashyapa found it difficult to refuse his wife outright. All right, he said.

You will have to bear the son in your womb for a hundred years. And throughout this period, you will have to observe various rites of cleanliness. 

If you can successfully do this, your son will indeed kill Indra. But if you do not observe these instructions, your desire will not be satisfied. Diti resolved to do as her husband had bidden her. 

But Indra had got to know about Diti’s resolve and was waiting for an opportuniy to save himself. There was an occasion when, tired after her prayers. Diti went to sleep without first washing her feet.

This was an unclean act and it gave Indra the required opportunity. He adopted a minuscule form and entered Diti’s womb. With his weapon vajra, he sliced up the baby inside the womb into seven parts. 

The baby naturally began to cry at the pain. Indra kept on saying, ma ruda, that is, don’t cry. But the baby, or rather its seven parts, would not listen. 

Indra thereupon sliced up each of the seven parts into seven more sections, so that there were forty-nine sections in all. When these forty-nine sections in all. 

When these forty-nine sections were born, they came to be known as the Maruts, from the words that Indra had addressed them. 

Since Diti had not been able to adhere to the conditions her husband had set, the Maruts did not kill Indra. They instead became Indra’s followers or companions, and were treated as gods.

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      Thank you for your interest. You can visit more posts in my blog to understand the reality of the great Bharatiya Sanatana Dharma. If you have any questions, you can write to me.


  • sheera

    well written article, but there are some which get mixed up, One of the wife vinatha could be made creator of birds, and maker of Garuda and Tamara as creator of animals. and last part of Indra slicing the unborn fetus is in- comprehensive. all in all one can see the honest effort and hard owrk behind the article
    regards – sheera Betnag, artist

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  • Unknown

    Hi, I have read many articles about Kashyapa and his wives but this was the detailed one. Everywhere one of his wives name is different like Ida/Ira/Ila. What is her actual name? Also as Daksha himself is a son of Marisha(daughter of Vruksha's/trees) then that means trees were already present then how come Ira can give birth to trees? Can you give me any link where I can read more about his wife Ira/Ida?

    • Vijay Kumar S Khatokar Bharatiya

      Wife name is Ira.
      There are multiple number of trees and also new trees always take birth. This is similar to Sri Krishna preaching Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna. Sri Krishna / Sri Hari didn't preached Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna for the first time nor Arjuna was the first person to hear the Bhagavad Gita. Sri Hari has already preached the Bhagavad Gita to many including Sri Mahalakshmi Devi, Sri Brahma Deva, Sri Rudra Deva.

    • Anshu

      I hv read somewhere that gita has been preached first to Lord Sun by Vishnu and then Sun preached the same to his son and so on….can u provide the detailed list of guru-shishya parampara list regarding geeta..??

  • Anonymous

    Very detailed information as expected…. Thank you very much…
    Can you tell what happened to abhimanyu and draupadi after their death.. And why they had so much pain in their life.. Was it their karma Or just leela of shri krishna..

  • Anshu

    According to Mahabharat the names are:
    Aditi, Diti, Danu, Kaala, Danau, Simhika, Krodha Pradha , Viswa, Vinata, Kapila, Muni and Kadru

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