List of demons killed by Lord Krishna

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Sri Krishna is called as ‘sarvadamana’, means he can destroy all as per his will and no one can stop him.

Sri Krishna is also called as ‘karunasagara’, means he will definitely save all his bhaktadis / devotees. Only thing we need to do, is to be a devotee of him and should completely surrender and depend on him.

Sri Krishna always saves his devotees and similarly destroys who are against Dharma. Same thing he did in this avatar of Sri Krishna.

Sri Krishna is the most loved avatar in the Kali Yuga.

List of demons killed by Lord Krishna is as given below:

Putana – She had poison in her body – She is same as TaaTaka, who gets killed by Sri Rama in Tretayuga. Putana = Puta + Na = Pure + Not = She is considered as an impure demoness.

Shakatasura – The cart demon. Here Shakatasura = Shakata + Asura = Cart + Demon.

Trinavarta – The tornado demon / rakshasa. The English word tornado is taken from this Sanskrit word Trinavarta. As per Srimad Bhagavatam (Vishnu Purana), it was Lord Krishna who took the demon Trinavarta to skies and not vice-versa.

Vatsasura – He comes in the form of a calf.

Bakasura – The monstrous bird. This Bakasura is different from the Bakasura killed by Sri Bhima.

Aghasura – The huge snake demon. Aghasura = Agha + Asura = Huge snake + demon. The Hindi word Ajgar (Python) is derived from the Sanskrit word Aghasura (Aghasur).

Arishtasura – The bull demon.

Dhenukasura – The demon / rakshasa who comes in the form of a donkey. The English word ‘donkey’ is taken from the Sanskrit word ‘Dhenuka / Dhenuk’. Dhenukasura = Dhenuka + Asura = Donkey + Demon.

Kaliya – Although not a demon, but this huge snake was indeed causing huge problems to the locals and thus this sarpa (serpent) was shown his way by Sri Krishna to other far away place.

Forest fire – The whole forest fire was extinguished by Sri Krishna.

Pralambasura – This asura (demon) was killed by Sri Balarama, but we should always remember that Sri Krishna is the ‘sarvottama’ / supreme. Sri Krishna being the antaryami (Inside of everyone and enerything) of Sri Balarama kills this asura through Sri Balarama.


Keshi asura – This is the horse demon. Sri Krishna got the name Sri Keshava after killing this demon. Sri Hari is also known as Sri Keshava since he has long and golden hairs.

Vyomasura – The bat type of asura (demon).

Kuvalayapeeda – The elephant demon, killed by Sri Krishna, when Sri Krishna enters the Mathura.

Kamsa – The maama (maternal uncle) of Sri Krishna.

Kalayavana – He was killed through Muchukunda Maharaja (King) through the agni (fire) which emanates from the eyes of the same Maharaja.

Bhaumasura (Narakasura) – He was the same who had captured 16,100 ladies. He was killed by Sri Krishna and for this reason we celebrate the Deepavali day called as Naraka chaturdashi.

In the earlier life, all these 16,100 were the children of Lord Agni Deva and had an divine ambition to marry to Lord Vishnu. And thus, Lord Vishnu has granted this boon of marrying all these 16,100 divine ladies. In total, Lord Krishna marries 16,108 divine Devis.

Banasura – He had 1000 hands. All his hands were cut off by Sri Krishna except the last two hands. He was not killed by Sri Krishna as he had come in the family of the Great Sri Prahalada Maharaja and Sri Bali Maharaja.

Earlier, Lord Vishnu had promised to Sri Prahlada Maharaja that he will not kill any of his family members.

Paundraka – Although he was not a demon, but his mind was unclean. He had started to believe himself as Sri Krishna and thus was shown his way by real Sri Krishna. He was one of the most stupid person on earth.

King of Kashi –                  

Dvivida the Gorilla – He was killed through Sri Balarama.

Jarasandha – He was killed through Sri Bhima.

Shishupala – His neck was cutoff through Sri Sudarshana Chakra by Sri Krishna. He was same as Hiranyakashipu and Ravana in the earlier lives.

Shalva – Although not a demon, he was killed.

Dantavakra – He was the same as Hiranyaksha and Kumbhakarna in his earlier lives.


Romaharshana – Killed through Sri Balarama.

Balvala – Killed through Sri Balarama.

Chanoora – The bodyguard of Kamsa.

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