Panchakanya (5 Satis) names, information, mantra, facts, significance, importance | Who are the five virgins of Indian epics (Hinduism)?

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Just before going to “Panchakanya (5 Satis) names, information, mantra, facts, significance, importance | Who are the five virgins of Indian epics (Hinduism)?“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Panchakanya (5 Satis) meaning : In simple words Panchakanya (5 Satis) means five divine virgins, flawless, untainted, pure, spotless, unadulterated, etc. Panchakanya is a Sanskrit name and in Sanskrit that name is written as पञ्चकन्या or पंचकन्या (pan̄cakan’yā).

Panchakanya (5 Satis) is a group of exemplary women according to Hindu Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism). Thes Panchakanya (5 Satis) are also called as Pancha Pativratas (पतिव्रता) (pativratā), that is, five loyal wives.

Names of Panchakanya (5 Satis) (Pativratas) (5 virgins) in Hinduism (Hindu Epics) is as given below:

Ahalya (ahalyā) : She is Maharishi Gautama consort and the mother of Rishi Shatananda. Her father is Lord Sri Brahma Deva.

Sita (sītā) : She is Lord Sri Rama consort and mother of Kusha and Lava. Her foster parents names are King Seeradhwaja (Janaka) (father) and Sunayana (mother).

Tara (tārā) : She is Vali’s consort and mother of Angada. Her father name is Sushena (Lord Sri Varuna avatar).

Mandodari (maṇḍōdari) : She is the wife of Lanka King Ravana. Her first son is Indrajita (Meghanatha). Her parents names are Mayasura (father) and Hema (mother).

Draupadi (draupadī) : She is the consort of Pancha Pandavas, that is, Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva. 

Draupadi parents names are Drupada (father) and Prishati (mother). Also Dhristadyumna (twin-brother), Satyajit (brother), Shikhandi (sister turned brother).

Panchakanya Mantra (Stotram) (Smaranam) is as given below:

अहल्या द्रौपदी सीता तारा मण्डोदरी तथा।
पञ्चकन्याः स्मरेन्नित्यं महापातक नाशनम्॥

ಅಹಲ್ಯಾ ದ್ರೌಪದೀ ಸೀತಾ ತಾರಾ ಮಂಡೋದರೀ ತಥಾ ।
ಪಂಚಕನ್ಯಾಃ ಸ್ಮರೇನ್ನಿತ್ಯಂ ಮಹಾಪಾತಕ ನಾಶನಮ್॥

ahalyā draupadī sītā tārā maṇḍōdarī tathā।
pan̄cakan’yāḥ smarēnnityaṁ mahāpātaka nāśanam॥

Meaning of this above shloka (hymn) : Remembering these five flawless Women, that is, Ahalya, Draupadi, Sita, Tara and Mandodari on regular basis will help us get rid of all our sins.

Now, let us take each of the above mentioned Panchakanya (5 Satis) and let us know in more details about them one-by-one.

Ahalya (अहल्या) : ‘Ahalya’ (Ahalya Devi) in the Hindu Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), is the consort (wife) of the great and divine Maharishi (Sage) Gautama.

[Note : Few people pronounce this name Ahalya as Ahilya, which is completely incorrect. Ahalya (अहल्या) (ahalyā) is the write spelling and correct pronunciation.]

Ahalya name meaning : In Sanskrit ‘Halya’ means deformity, ugliness, unattractive, unpleasant, displeasing, horrible, unlively, etc.

Thus Ahalya means, ‘she is someone who doesn’t has any deformity’, ‘she is exactly opposite of ugly, that is, highly beautiful’,

‘she is fully attractive’, ‘she is completely full of pleasant’, ‘she is absolutely pleasing’, ‘she doesn’t has any horribleness at all’, ‘she is highly lively’, etc.

Ahalya is said to be a gorgeous woman created by Lord Sri Brahma Deva himself. Ahalya was married to a great and divine Maharishi known as Maharishi Gautama.

Earlier, Lord Sri Indra Deva, who was tempted by her beauty and gorgeousness was not even able to approach Ahalya to ask her to be involved in a consummate relationship with him.

Thus, Lord Sri Indra Deva decides wickedly to go in disguise of Maharishi (Sage) Gautama and has the copulation with Ahalya. This angered Maharishi (Sage) Gautama and he turns Ahalya into a stone by cursing her for infidelity.

Later as per the ‘Valmiki Ramayana‘, Lord Sri Rama liberates Ahalya from the curse and makes the union with Maharishi (Sage) Gautama.

[Note : Here we should always remember that Lord Sri Indra Deva is the King of all the Devatas (Demigods) and he is aware of his position and duties.]

[Lord Sri Indra Deva is not at all a lecherous person. This story is only to teach the common man that, how people should react and not react during few highly sensible situation(s).]

Sita (सिता) : Sita or Goddess Sri Sita Devi is a direct avatar of Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi and there is no difference between these two. Sita or Goddess Sri Sita Devi is the protagonist of the great and divine Hindu epic Ramayana.

Sita is the adopted (foster) daughter of King Seeradhwaja (Janaka) (father) and Queen Sunayana (Sunaiya).

Sita name meaning : In Sanskrit Sita means, someone who was found during furrow. And thus, Sita is is considered to be the daughter of soil (Mother Earth).

Sita or Goddess Sri Sita Devi is described to be the most beautiful woman in the unlimited universes (multiverse) (only after Lord Sri Vishnu / Rama), and was supremely educated in arts, literature, politics, etc.

Sita sisters names are : Urmila, Mandavi and Shrutakirti.

Different names of Sita are as given below :

Maithili (maithilī) – Daughter of the place Mithila) | Vaidehi (vaidēhī) – Daughter of the place Videha | Janaki (jānakī) – Daughter of the King Janaka (Original name Seeradhwaja) | 

Ramaa (ramā) – Loving consort of Lord Sri Rama | Bhumija (bhūmījā) – Found in the Bhumi (soil).

Sita consort (husband) name is Lord Sri Rama, the prince of city Ayodhya and place called Kosala. Sita along with Lord Sri Rama and Lakshmana goes to forest exile for 14 years, during which the demon and Lanka King Ravana abducts her.

[Note : As per Valmiki Ramayana, the original Sita is never abducted, but the ‘pratikriti’ (mirror image / portrait) of Sita is abducted by Demon King Ravana.]

Thus a ferocious war was fought between Lord Sri Rama and the Demon King Ravana. In this war, the Demon King Ravana was killed by Lord Sri Rama and finally Sita was freed from the clutches of the Demon King Ravana.

Sita (mirror image / portrait of Sita) goes through an ‘agni pariksha‘. Sita goes in the fire and comes out unharmed. Thus after the Lanka war and agni pariksha, Sita along with Lord Sri Rama, Lakshmana and others return to Ayodhya and she becomes queen of Ayodhya (Kosala).

After some years, Sita was said to enter into forest exile. Thus Lakshmana takes Sita to Valmiki’s ashrama (hermitage).

[Note : Here we should note that, in the Valmiki ashrama (hermitage), Lord Sri Rama had arranged for all the required things to Sita Devi.]

[Sita Devi never felt the agony of staying in forest (Valmiki ashrama / hermitage). Sita Devi always stays in the ‘vaksha sthala’ of Lord Sri Rama and no one can alienate both Lord Sri Rama and Sita Devi.]

[Sita Devi is also called as ‘रमा’ (Ramaa), as she is the most loving personality of Lord Sri Rama.] 

In the Valmiki ashrama (hermitage) Sita Devi give birth to twins, Kusha (elder) and Lava (younger).

Information about Sita Devi devotion (love) towards Lord Sri Rama is as given below:

Sita Devi always loved her most loving husband Lord Sri Rama and thus she is also called as Ramaa (रमा)Sita Devi never-ever regretted her husband Lord Sri Rama’s decision of forest exile and accompanied him without even a single complaint.

Sita’s chastity similar to her Husband Lord Sri Rama:

After Lord Sri Rama intensively fell in love with his wife Sita Devi, he declared that he will undergo ‘Eka-patni vrata‘. Here, Eka mean one, Patni means consort (wife), and vrat means vow.

Sita Devi fluttered just like a butterfly learning about her husband Lord Sri Rama’s vow and started to adore him in every possible way.

Being a perfect match of Lord Sri Rama, Sita Devi accompanied Lord Sri Rama in forest and helped in all possible ways, from advising on networking to decision making in difficult times through the forest exile. 

Sita Devi’s smartness: Sita Devi is the most smartest (only after Lord Sri Rama) and she understood Lord Sri Rama’s mind very clearly.

Sita Devi left multiple clues during her abduction by Demon King Rava, that could help Lord Sri Rama to pursue his search operation without loosing hope.

Sita Devi valour like a knight: Sita Devi is a woman with great valour in heart, so she wanted the Demon King Ravana to be defeated by her husband Lord Sri Rama’s hands.

Sita Devi also came to know that the Demon King Ravana is a sinner and he is afraid of bad omen (curse) that follows when he nears a divine woman. The bad omen (curse) is due to curse on Demon King Ravana by another divine woman called Vedavati.

Thus, Sita Devi determines the Demon King Ravana should be given an appointment with death of Lord by Lord Sri Rama himself.

Sita Devi’s justice at heart: Sita Devi obligates that the city of Lanka must be re-constructed with justice and peace.

Lord Sri Rama’s confidence and fearlessness: After Sita Devi’s chastity was questioned, she invokes the pyre and dares to jump in it. Sita Deva was confident about her love with Lord Sri Rama.

Thus, Sita Devi enter the fire (Agni Pariksha) and comes out successfully…

Sita Devi’s tolerance and sacrifice: Despite her chastity being pure some demonic kind of people started to curse both Lord Sri Rama and Sita Devi. For this reason, Lord Sri Rama decides to send Sita Devi to Valmiki ashrama (hermitage).

Sita Devi a great and good mother: Sita Devi chose to raise her sons by herself in the Valmiki ashrama (hermitage). Both of Sita Devi’s sons Kusha and Lava became strong enough to rule and maintain a kingdom.

Mandodari (मण्डोदरी) : Mandodari is the wife of Demon King Ravana. Here parents are Mayasura (father) and Hema (mother).

Mandodari brothers names are Mayavi and Dundubhi. Her sons names are Meghanatha (Indrajita) (eldest), Atikaya and youngest son name is Akshayakumara.

Mandodari, unlike her husband Demon King Ravana is said to be very caring and Dharmic (righteous). Even in her (Mandodari) childhood, Mandodari was a selflessness and faithful personality.

Mandodari as per the epic Ramayana is said to be a very kindful child, and she was the only daughter of Mayasura and Hema.

Mandodari was special young girl, she would always try to keep the peace between her two brothers Mayavi and Dundubhi, who fought with each-other a lot when they were young. There was an instance in when her two brothers, Mayavi and Dundubhi had been arguing with each other.

After some time, the argument became more serious. Both the brothers started to fight physically and were punching and biting each other. The young Mandodari never like this and she came up with a plan.

Mandodari was able to calmly separate the two brothers from each other, by putting her brothers in different rooms. Mandodari usually was coming in between the two brothers, then held each by their hair and spoke very calmly.

Mandodari was telling to her brothers to separate because they were a disgrace to their family.

Then Mandodari would speak with them separately. She explained to them that they were a single-family and that no one else in the world would protect them like their own family would.

Mandodari used to tell them there are too many bad people and evil deeds going on to be fighting your own brother over something so trivial.

Mandodari, even at a very young age, had the capability to speak eloquently and gently, yet still firmly enough to get her words strongly. Sometimes Mandodari speeches would work, sometimes they wouldn’t.

When Mandodari married to the Demon King Ravana, she had to exercise this skill very often. Mandodari used to try to lead King Ravana to be in the righteousness path, but it was almost hopeless all the time.

Madodari’s greatest challenge was when her husband decided to abduct Sita Devi. Mandodari knew that the Demon King Ravana’s lust was too high to overcome, but she still tried to plead with him to let Sita Devi go after she had been abducted.

Although the Demon King Ravana did not listen, Mandodari did use her power to save Sita Devi’s life. Lanka King Ravana was furious when Sita Devi would not agree to marry him, and he got his sword and was about to behead Sita Devi.

Mandodari, however, grabbed Demon King Ravana’s arm and gently lowered it, convincing him that he was making a foolish mistake. This saved Sita Devi’s life so that she could eventually return safely to Lord Sri Rama.

[Note : We should always remember that, Sita Devi is an avatar of Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi and no one can harm her. The epic Ramayana is trying to teach lessons to common people to be away from harming any woman, especially a divine woman.]

Queen Mandodari was an extremely loyal and faithful wife to her husband Lanka King Ravana, despite his flaws and corrupt actions that she disagreed with. Mandodari tried her best to make a better person out of the Lanka King Ravana, which was extremely admirable and brave.

Mandodari was a beautiful woman and a fascinating lady whose story deserves to be told again and again.

Tara (तारा) : Tara was the consort of the Kishkinda King Vali. Her father name is Sushena (Lord Sri Varuna Deva avatar). Tara son name is Angada.

Tara is one among the five Panchakanya (5 Satis) mentioned in Hindu Texts. Tara was known for her conviction, courage and intelligence. In the Kishkindha Kanda of the epic Ramayana, Tara is portrayed as a brave woman.

And it is said that when Lakshmana was sent to remind Sugriva of his vow to help Lord Sri Rama in their search for Sita Devi, it was Tara who faced him boldly and pacified him.

Tara’s birth and early life : There are multiple stories about the birth of Tara. According to the epic Ramayana, Tara was the daughter of Vanara physician, Sushena.

Vali’s duel with Lord Sri Rama : When Lord Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Sita Devi went to the forest exile for fourteen years, Sita Devi was kidnapped by the Demon King Ravana.

While Lord Sri Rama and Lakshmana were wandering in the forest in search of Sita Devi, they both met Hanuman (Vanara), who took them to meet Sugriva who was in exile. Lord Sri Rama formed an alliance with Sugriva promising to defeat Sugriva’s brother Vali and helping him to regain his kingdom.

Sugriva in return promised Lord Sri Rama to help him in his search for Sita Devi. Following Lord Sri Rama’s plan, Sugriva challenged his brother Vali in a duel, but Lord Sri Rama was unable to distinguish between the two brothers.

And thus, Sugriva lost the duel. Then Sugriva on Lord Sri Rama’s advice wore a flower garland and then challenged Vali again to a duel in which Lord Sri Rama hiding behind a tree, killed Vali.

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Tara’s advice to Vali : When Sugriva returned to challenge Vali immediately after his defeat, Tara was suspicious about his immediate return wearing a flower garland and cautioned Vali.

Tara had also heard about the friendship between Sugriva and Lord Sri Rama and urged Vali to live peacefully with his brother Sugriva by befriending him and making him Crown Prince.

Vali recognized the wisdom of her words in facing Sugriva once again, but said that he was a warrior and hence could not refuse a challenge.

Death of Vali : Ignoring Tara’s advice, Vali rushed to meet the challenge. During the combat, Lord Sri Rama shot an arrow from behind a tree and wounded Vali fatally.

Hearing the news, Tara rushed to see her husband Vali and reproached Sugriva and Lord Sri Rama, while lamenting on her husband Vali’s death.

It is said that Vali had also seized Sugriva’s wife Ruma and thus Tara realized that Vali’s death was a punishment for exiling Sugriva and seizing his wife Ruma. Lord Sri Rama is said to have consoled Tara with words of solace and requested her to accept the preordained destiny.

Before dying, Vali requested Lord Sri Rama, to ensure that Tara was taken care of and acknowledged her wisdom by asking Sugriva to heed her advice. Lord Sri Rama assured Vali of taking care of Angada and is said to have preached to Tara the truth of life and death, soul and other concepts.

Tara’s enlightenment : In Valmiki Ramayana is said that, as Tara was devoted to Lord Sri Rama in a previous birth, Tara is said to have gained enlightenment and wisdom from Lord Sri Rama. Tara then helped Angada and Sugriva in performing the last rites of Vali.

Tara’s diplomacy : After Sugriva had become King of Kishkinda, he became involved in material pleasures and forgot his promise to Lord Sri Rama. Lord Sri Rama then sent Lakshmana to remind Sugriva of his promise.

Lakshmana entered Kishkinda with great fury and Sugriva realizing his mistake was apprehensive of facing him.

However, the wise and bold Tara extolled the glories of Lord Sri Rama and pacified Lakshmana by informing him that monkey envoys had been sent in all directions and the results were being awaited.

It was only due to Tara’s tact and diplomacy with Lakshmana that a crisis was averted and Lakshmana’s fury was abated.

Draupadi (द्रौपदी) : Draupadi Devi, there are no words to explain the greatness of Sri Draupadi Devi. Draupadi is the daughter of King Drupada (father) and Prishati (mother).

Draupadi’s siblings are Dhristadyumna (twin-brother), Satyajit (brother), Shikhandi (sister turned brother).

Draupadi married to five Pandavas namely : Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva.

Draupadi children names : Prativindhya by Yudhishthira, Sutasoma by Bhima, Shrutakarma by Arjuna, Shatanika by Nakula, Shrutasena by Sahadeva.

Draupadi different names are as given below:

Krishna (kṛṣṇā) : Someone who has a dark complexion. It is the original and birth name of Draupadi. | Yajnaseni (yajñasenī) : She is the ‘daughter of Yajnasena’ or ‘one born from a Yajña (sacrificial fire). Yajnasena is another name of Drupada. This means,’he is someone whose army is sacrificial’.

Mahabharati (mahābhārati) : The divine consort of the great descendants of Bharata (Bharat) (ancestor of Pandavas). | Panchali (pāñcālī) : She is someone who has come from a place called Panchala. |

Drupadakanya (drupadakanyā) : She is the daughter of the King Drupada. | Agnija (agnijā) : She is the daughter of the Lord Sri Agni Devi (The Fire God). She took birth from agni (fire). |

Parshati (parṣatī) : She is the granddaughter of Prishata, or ‘daughter of Prishati’. Both Parshati and Prishati have been originated from Prishata, that is, King Drupada’s father (Draupadi’s grandfather). |

Pandusharmila (pāṇḍuśarmilā) : She is the daughter-in-law of the King Pandu (father of five Pandavas). | Sairandhri (sairandhrī) : She is an expert in maid reading. This pseudonym was assumed by Draupadi during Pandavas ‘agyatvas’ (Virata Parva) (Incognito exile). |

Kalyani (kalyāṇī) : Someone who brings auspicious fortune. The first of the Pandavas, that is, Yudhishthira used to address Draupadi with this name. | Panchavallabha or Panchavallabha (pan̄cavallabhā or pan̄cavallabhē) : She is beloved of the five Pandavas. |

Malini (mālinī) : One who wears the garlands with divine fragrance. | Nityayuvani (nityayuvanī) : She is someone who always remain young forever and never gets old. These are the very few great and divine names of the great and divine Draupadi Devi.

Draupadi lifestyle : Draupadi Devi was a brave, bold and strong woman. She could be just as aggressive as passionate and caring, depending on the situation and the person and the words used against / with her.

From outside it may look Draupadi’s life was full of hardships. But it was also full of wonderful rewards as well with the blessings of Lord Sri Krishna.

Draupadi Devi was the most gorgeous and beautiful woman on planet after Goddess Sri Rukmini Devi and Goddess Sri Satyabhama Devi. There was no denying that she was a true beauty from her skin, eyes, and hair were all gorgeous.

However, there was a strong confidence behind that beauty too. Thanks to her strength of confidence, she was able to face various challenges not only in her childhood, but also after marriage.

Draupadi was the daughter of King Drupada (Panchala King). He was a very loving, trustworthy father who wanted the best for his daughter Draupadi. Draupadi also had high expectations for herself as well, as she was one of the best at that time.

When Draupadi was young, Draupadi experienced something awful that would stay with her and help her persevere in her adulthood. One day, when Draupadi was around nine years old, the King Drupada took her on a hunting trip.

Draupadi was very excited at this trip. She packed her best gear and planned out the whole trip. After the long journey, Draupadi and the King Drupada finally arrived at their destination. The first day and night went wonderfully, everything went smoothly and according to plan.

But, at dusk on the second day of hunting, a group of four boys started bothering Draupadi. These four boys made fun of Draupadi Devi, because she was a girl on a hunting trip.

Those boys could not take her seriously. But Draupadi stood her ground and did not allow the boys to talk ill about her. Draupadi snapped and said something insulting to the boys, who became extremely angry at ther.

The four boys decided to abduct Draupadi to teach her a lesson. But, Draupadi knew she was no match physically against the four boys, so she let them take her.

(Note : This is only a vidambana / pastime of Draupadi Devi, as she is capable of handling almost any situation.)

However, the whole time she was planning her escape in her head. Draupadi waited until the boys were not paying attention at her and ran from their grasp. It was dark, and with a head start Draupadi was able to get away and hide from those four boys.

Although this time would have terrified her and traumatized her, but Draupadi used this experience to make herself more stronger and that strength carried into her adult life also. Draupadi was the consort of the five Pancha Pandavas, which was the rarest scenario.

Though it was exceptional sitation when Draupadi first came to know that she would have five husbands, Draupadi accepted her situation and came to terms with it.

(Note : Again, please remember that, these are the vidambana / pastime of Draupadi Devi, as she is not a normal woman like others.)

Game of dice and Draupadi Devi : Yudhishthira, the fist of the Pandavas, played a game of dice, betting everything he owned.

Slowly but surely, Yudhishthira lost all the bets. Later, Draupadi was also kept on stake during the dice game and soon Yudhishthira lost this game too and became the slave of Duryodhana. After this victory, Duryodhana orders his brother Dushasana to take off Draupadi’s clothes.

Draupadi Devi started to chant the divine names of Lord Sri Krishna, like: Sri Keshavaya Namah, Sri Vasudevaya Namah, etc. With this, Draupadi’s clothes (sari) amazingly became endless, never revealing her naked body.

Although Draupadi never ends up being naked in front of everyone, this event would be extremely terrifying for anyone. Draupadi Devi handles this situation in the best way she can by chanting Lord Sri Krishna names, and thus she escapes in a decent condition.

Draupadi’s bravery and high ability to handle scary situations started in her childhood and carried over after marriage too. Draupadi has always been bold, brave woman, ever since she was a little girl.

Draupadi can be aggressive when need be, but she never loses her sense of compassion. Draupadi was an extremely admirable woman.

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