Why Brahma married his daughter Saraswati? (correct meaning and info) | What is the relation between Brahma ji and Saraswati Mata? | Which Hindu God married his daughter

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Just before going to “Why Brahma married his daughter Saraswati? (correct meaning and info) | What is the relation between Brahma ji and Saraswati Mata? | Which Hindu God married his daughter“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Not all people can understand this easily, as in Kali Yuga the main and first thing that comes into a liberal’s mind is copulation (sex). Even though there are many people who think only of coition (sex).

But there are few people even in this Kali Yuga too, who can understand the divine and correct message and information given in this incidence of:

Why Brahma married his daughter Saraswati? (correct meaning and info) | What is the relation between Brahma ji and Saraswati Mata? | Which Hindu God married his daughter“.

Let us know what is that divine and correct unknown incidence about the above as per Hindu Shastras (Hindu Texts).

Dear friends, I urge you to read the below post fully and with highest care. So that you can understand the tattva (divine truth) correctly and fully.

Many of us know that Lord Sri Brahma Deva was born from the nabhi (navel) of Lord Sri Vishnu and thus Lord Brahma is the son of Lord Sri Vishnu. For this reason Lord Vishnu is called as Lord Padmanabha – Here Padmanabha = Padma + Nabha = Lotus flower + navel.

Lord Brahma is born from the navel (nabhi) of Lord Vishnu and thus Lord Vishnu is known as Lord Padmanabha. Please see below image.

The first question which should arise in the divine people’s mind is that, “Lord Vishnu’s son (Lord Brahma) can never ever can make even a small mistake”.

This is because, Lord Brahma is directly the son of Lord Vishnu.

Divine people should always think that, it is completely incorrect among the liberal’s people who think that Lord Brahma made a big blunder – Because he married his own daughter Saraswati Devi.

Let us know few very very important facts about Lord Brahma. I wish the readers to read carefully all these points to understand the tattva (divine truth / divine right meaning).

This is because, if we don’t understand the right meaning, then it’s of no use to be born as humans on this earth. There won’t be any difference between us and the evil beasts if we understand the tattva (divine truth) in the incorrect way.

This post is giving more and more details as per the Hindu Shastras (granthas / texts) and not at all as per own thinking.

To understand, “why Brahma married his daughter Saraswati?“, we need to understand few very very important facts about Lord Brahma.

The list of the facts about Lord Brahma are as given below:

Lord Brahma is Lord Vishnu’s son : First and foremost important fact is Lord Brahma is Lord Vishnu’s son.

Lord Brahma is a Ruju : Lord Brahma belongs to a group of Devatas (Demigods) known as Rujus. There are totally 100 Rujus and the present Lord Brahma is one among those 100 Rujus.

Another prominent Ruju is Lord Vayu. Present Lord Brahma’s one of the name is ‘Virinchi’ and thus Lord Sri Rudra (Shiva) is called as ‘Virinchi Putra’, that is, son of Virinchi.

We all know Lord Vayu takes the avatar as Hanuman in Treta Yuga and same Lord Vayu also takes avatar as Bhima in the Dwarapa Yuga. The third avatar of Lord Vayu is of the Sri Madhwacharya Ji in the Kali Yuga. Lord Vayu takes this third avatar in 1238 A.D.

A Ruju (Lord Brahma) never makes a mistake : As per our Hindu Shastras (divine granthas / texts), a Ruju will never ever make even a single mistake in his whole life.

Ruju (Brahma) body is completely different than our material body : As said above, Lord Brahma is born from the nabhi (navel) of Lord Vishnu and thus Ruju (Brahma) is completely divine body and not at all similar to material body like ours.

Ruju (Brahma) are most intelligent after Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi : As per Hindu Shastras (granthas / divine texts), Rujus (Brahma) are the most intelligent, after Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

Only Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi are more intelligent than a Ruju (E.g., Lord Brahma and Lord Vayu Deva).

All Devatas (Demigods) are completely dependent on Brahma (Ruju) : All the Devatas (Demigods) are completely dependent on Lord Brahma for all the material and spiritual functions of this universe.

(Other than Lord Vishnu and Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi all others are totally dependent on Lord Brahma.)

Brahma can give birth from any part of his body : Lord Brahma is not ordinary human like us. He is not at all dependent on copulation to give birth to his children.

Narada Maharshi is a Brahma Manasa Putra : The great and divine Narada Maharishi (Devarishi) is a Brahma Manasa Putra (born from mind of Lord Brahma).

Vashishtha Maharishi born from Lord Brahma’s breath (श्वास). Daksha Prajapati was born from the thumb (अङ्गुष्ठ) (अन्गुष्ठ) of Lord Brahma.

The great Bhrigu Maharishi was born from the touch (स्पर्श) of Lord Brahma. Kratu Maharishi was born from Lord Brahma’s hand (हस्त). Pulastya Maharishi was born from the ear (कर्ण) of Lord Brahma. Angira Maharishi was born from the mouth (मुख) of Lord Brahma.

Atri Maharishi (father of Lord Dattatreya – An avatar of Lord Vishnu) was born from the eye (नेत्र) of Lord Brahma. Pulaha Maharishi was born from the navel (नाभि) of Lord Brahma.

For more information about “List of Brahma Manasputras names and their children names“, visit this link: List of Brahma Manasputras names and their children names

Lord Brahma’s sadhana (achievement) : Lord Brahma does the tapasya (penance) for 100 Kalpas for Lord Vishnu.

Only after this superhuman task (e.g., herculean task), Lord Brahma gets the padavi (sinecure) to be Lord Brahma.

[1 Kalpa = 4,320 million years as per Human years (earth). Lord Brahma lives for such 100 Kalpas, that is, 432,000 millions years as per Human years (earth)].

[Lord Brahma is not a name, but in fact it is a padavi (sinecure) (position). After every 100 Kalpas, a new Lord Brahma gets this position of Lord Brahma.]

To get more information about “List of Hindu measurement (units) of time unknown facts“, please click this link: List of Hindu measurement (units) of time unknown facts

Lord Brahma’s original name : The present Lord Brahma’s original name is called as: ‘Shatananda’ (In Sanskrit —> शतानंद / ಶತಾನಂದ / śatānanda).

Here Shatananda (100% divine happiness / bliss) means, he is 100% always in divine happiness / bliss and doesn’t expect any material happiness.

Lord Vayu is next Lord Brahma : Yes, Lord Vayu is also a Ruju and thus the next Lord Brahma will be Lord Vayu.

Hanuman (an avatar of Lord Vayu), after the great war of Lanka, Lord Sri Rama blesses Hanuman to be next Lord Sri Brahma Deva. Bhima (an avatar of Lord Vayu), after he kills the mighty Jarasandha, Lord Sri Krishna blesses Bhima to be next Lord Sri Brahma Deva.

Sri Madhwacharya Ji (an avatar of Lord Vayu), after he completes the commentary on Brahmasutra – Lord Veda Vyasa Ji (Lord Vishnu avatar) blesses Sri Madhwacharya Ji to become next Lord Sri Brahma Deva.

(We should always remember that, Hanuman, Bhima and Sri Madhwacharya Ji are the avatars of Lord Vayu and there is no difference between these three.)

To know more information about “Who is next Lord Brahma“, please click this link: Who is next Lord Brahma

Now, after knowing all the above great and divine facts about Lord Brahma, you please think about “why Brahma married his daughter Saraswati?“.

After knowing the above points, can you think that Lord Brahma do even a small mistake?

If Lord Brahma has done the ghastly mistake of marrying his own daughter Saraswati Devi – Will Lord Vishnu provide the padavi (sinecure) (position) of Lord Brahma to the present Brahma? (Shatananda – see above for this word meaning)

Now, let us come to our main question, “why Brahma married his daughter Saraswati?“:

Answer is here : Yes, Lord Brahma married his own daughter. This is absolutely true, but we should know why (ignore today’s liberal people’s mindset)???.

But, why did Lord Brahma married his own daughter. Let us find the answer as given below:

Let us check the below reference from Mahabharata, Khilabhaga, Harivamsha Purana, Canto 1, Chapter 2:

ततः प्रभृति राजेन्द्र प्रजा मैथुन संभवाः | संकल्पात् दर्शनात् स्पर्शात् पूर्वेषां सृष्टिरुच्यते ||

ತತಃ ಪ್ರಭೃತಿ ರಾಜೇಂದ್ರ ಪ್ರಜಾ ಮೈಥುನ ಸಂಭವಾಃ | ಸಂಕಲ್ಪಾತ್‌ ದರ್ಶನಾತ್‌ ಸ್ಪರ್ಶಾತ್‌ ಪೂರ್ವೇಷಾಂ ಸೃಷ್ಟಿರುಚ್ಯತೆ ||

tataḥ prabhr̥ti rājēndra prajā maithuna sambhavāḥ | saṅkalpāt‌ darśanāt‌ sparśāt‌ pūrvēṣāṁ sr̥ṣṭirucyate ||

Meaning of the above shloka : Then the great King Daksha engaged in physical contact to grow his clan. But before this initiative, all the living beings of this material world were created only by intuition, perception and touch.

The above shloka from Mahabharata, Khilabhaga, Harivamsha (Harivamsa / Harivansa) Purana clearly says that – Before Daksha there was no material physical contact between male and female.

That is, there was no material sexual attraction between a male and a female. Just by intuition and / or perception and / or touch, children were taking birth.

Thus, when Lord Brahma created Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi, the epitome of learning – there was no one who had the capability to marry Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi. 

For this reason, Lord Vishnu wished that Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi to be the wife of Lord Brahma. And thus Lord Brahma accepted Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi as his consort.

Now, again you may have the question, how can Lord Brahma marry his own daughter Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi?

Answer is here1. As said above, first reason was Lord Vishnu wished Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi to be wife of Lord Brahma.

2. There was no one else who had the capability to marry Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi and thus Lord Brahma married her.

3. There should be someone the grand first who will give birth to all. This grand first (after Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi) was Lord Brahma, the creator.

Everything has to be created by someone right??? That someone is Lord Brahma, the creator. If he doesn’t creates, then there won’t be anything like living or non-living beings or things on this earth and the universe. Our Hindu Shastras (granthas / texts) says, Lord Brahma is the creator.

From this it is very much clear that, we all are born from Lord Brahma himself, that is, he is father of you, me and every living being of this universe.

If you think that Lord Brahma has married his own daughter Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi means – then all the humans have married their own brothers and sisters right???

Your mother has married to her own brother, your father has married to his own sister, you have married to your own sister, your wife has married to her own brother.

If you have this mindset without knowing the tattva (divine truth), then all the humans on the earth are brothers and sister, right??? Our Hindu Shastras (granthas / texts) very clears says that Lord Brahma has no material ambitions including any sexual attraction. 

Lord Brahma Deva marries Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi as it was the wish of Lord Vishnu – and there was no other capable person who can marry Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi.

Only Lord Brahma is capable of marrying Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi. Lord Brahma married Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi, just because Lord Vishnu wished this.

Neither because of sexual attraction nor for any other material seducing things. Liberals will give their own explanations as per their own mindset. But we should always remember that, we should learn Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) under the guidance of a correct Guru.

If we learn Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) under the person who always thinks of sex, material enjoyment, etc., then we will fall into huge ditch. This is of sure. Thus, find a correct Guru to know the real tattva (divine truth) to know about Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma).

(A correct Guru means, he should have come in correct Guru Parampara. This Paramapara should have started from directly Lord Sri Vishnu himself.)

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    • Kanakaraj Krishnamoorthy

      Thank you for your kind invitation and wishes and information regarding brama the ruju from the inheritance of lord Vishnu .

      • Ankita Fafal

        “Om shree Saraswate namo swahä”
        Thank you so much Vijay Sir for sharing beneficial information actually i’as thinking about saraswati maa and i got the post immediately and right now also I’m listening to maa saraswati songs and please share more information.
        But one question sorry sir if you don’t mind can we trust your posts that it is 100% correct with true knowledge.

  • Ilham Umar

    I’m not criticizing your religion but please spare some time to make some research on Islam, It is a true religion and there’s peace in it

  • Andrew

    If he is the creator of universe ,then how a creator of universe are not worshipped .
    As i learn from the internet some god and goddess curse him that no one will worship him.
    If he is the creator of universe why he can’t solve the problem without marrieng to goddess saraswati as you mention that no one was worthy to marry her except lord brahma.
    If he was the creator of universe why he need to married with someone.
    Sometime you say god is diffrent than all creature,.
    And some time you mention this god is born from novel,mouth etc.
    I request you don’t take it serious it’s just the question.
    Solve my problem

    • Dear Andrew,
      Thanks for your valuable comment and questions.

      First of all, Lord Brahma is not God (Bhagavan / Ishwar). Lord Vishnu is the Supreme God (Bhagavan / Ishwar) and all others are called as Devatas (Demigods) starting from Lakshmi, Brahma Deva, Sarasvati, Shiva, Parvati, Indra, Surya, etc.

      Lord Brahma follows the instructions of Lord Vishnu and creates the universe as per the wishes of Lord Vishnu.

      Lord Brahma is definitely worshipped. To understand this, we need to understand the Hindu Texts from a right Guru and definitely not from internet.

      No one can curse Lord Brahma and cause problems to him (except Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi). But for Lord Brahma, to perform the jobs of Lord Vishnu is the ultimate goal.

      As said above, Lord Brahma is not the ultimate & Supreme God. He marries Goddess Sarasvati only as per the orders and wishes of Lord Vishnu. Lord Brahma doesn’t has any lusty desires like ordinary humans.

      I am again repeating, Lord Brahma follows Lord Vishnu orders and instructions through out his life. This is the ultimate goal of Lord Brahma.

      Yes, Lord Brahma is born from the navel of Lord Sri Vishnu.

      Andrew, to understand Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), you have to take the guidance of a correct Guru, especially that Guru must have come in the correct ‘Guru Parampara’ (traditional Guru lineage), who first Guru is directly Lord Vishnu himself. This will take a long long long… time and doesn’t comes in short period.

      Keep in touch.

  • An

    Sir the knowledge I acquired here was of great significance and value. But I like to tell you that your way of writing this page is very bad and you need to improve it. pictures are again repeating the information provided in text and information in text is also repeated.
    Thank you for writing this page and pls continue to enlighten us.

    • Vijay Kumar S Khatokar Bharatiya

      Dear friend,
      Thanks for your concern and valuable words.
      I hope to improve my English in the future.
      Keep in touch!

  • shadow

    Recently i saw a friend of mine posted this marriage thing as a status in his whatsapp.
    In that narration brahma was kinda lustful . And says it’s from some kinda purana. (text)

  • Sveera

    Ram Ram,

    These days I am trying to get more knowledge on Sanatan religion and follow it, I know it should not be considered as a religion. I came across your blog and I have a question. I know Lord Vishnu said to Lord Bramha to marry Lord Saraswati but is there any reason mentioned in the book? Why marriage is the necessity?


    • Hi Sveera,
      Thanks for your questions.
      Marriage is definitely a must for all humans. Marriage is one of the step to move towards Lord Sri Vishnu. It shows us the path to meet Lord Sri Vishnu. We are humans, and not animals. There is a huge difference between humans and animals. We humans have our own boundaries, whereas animals don’t.
      We humans can’t live like animals. We need to follow a list of Dharma as prescribed by Lord Sri Vishnu to get the ultimate knowledge. Marriage is one of them.
      This is a very basic answer for your question.

  • T.Bhanu Rekha

    Jai shree ram
    Namaste, I’m searching for why Brahma was married his own daughter, you have cleared my mind sir.
    And also give me why lord Vishnu married 16,00 wives
    Jai shree ram.

  • Chethan G

    It was Almighty Lord’s wish that Brahma should marry Saraswati it means Saraswati devi is Brahma’s Niyatha patni right..? (eternal wife in all birth of Brahma), like Bharathi Devi is niyatha patni of Vayu Devaru , Parvati Devi Niyatha patni of Lord Shiva!

  • Aravinda

    Thank you so much sir for enlightening us with Nija Tattva. Bhagavat Tattva is something very difficult to understand but liberals and so called Gurus interpret it wrongly and present wrong information. Please continue to share with us immense knowledge from our Shastras. 🙏

    • Aravinda Ji,
      Thanks for your valuable comment.
      We should always try to understand the ‘divine truth’ (Nija Tattva) from right Guru. This Guru must have come in the correct Guru Parampara (Tradition) who’s grand first Guru is directly Lord Sri Vishnu himself.

  • Sanatani🔥

    Great information! But which Purana or granth is all this mentioned in, that “there was no one capable of marrying Goddess Saraswati so Lord Vishnu asked Lord Brahma to marry her.” Like can i get the link for the source? I want to read it myself.

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