List of Lord Krishna wives (Sons / children) names

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Before knowing the names of all the Bhagavan Sri Krishna’s wives and children, let us first know why did Bhagavan Sri Krishna married 16,108 wives?

The first 8 wives are called ‘ashta bharya’ (eight divine wives).

In these 8 wives first two, that is, Sri Rukmini Devi and Sri Satyabhama Devi are avatars of Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.

Here both Sri Rukmini Devi and Sri Satyabhama Devi are one and the same, but in two bodies.

Sri Rukmini Devi is the normal avatar of Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi, whereas,

Sri Satyabhama Devi is the ‘avesha’ avatar of Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi. But both are one and the same.

But here, we should always remember that both are one and the same.

Then we may think, why two avatars was required?

This is because, to teach lessons to the common people, Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi had taken two avatars as per the instructions of Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

The other 6 wives had also done great tapas in their lives and thus they had got the great divine chance to marry Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

In that, 3rd most important wife of Bhagavan Sri Krishna is Sri Jambavati Devi.

Sri Jambavati Devi is an avatar of Sri Tulasi Devi.

Other most important wives names, that is, 4rd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th wives’ names are given below.

Here we need to have one very important clarification.

What is that?

Why did Bhagavan Sri Krishna married other 16,100 women (Kumaris) (divine girls)?

For this, let us take few examples:

When we go Tirupati, most of the people will definitely have one or more wishes.

These people will go to Tirupati because they want to fulfill, their wishes.

Few may want to have child, few may want to have house, few may want to study more, few may want to buy car, few want to improve their health, etc. etc. etc.

There is no limit to the common man’s wishes.

Thus each and everyone will go to Tirupati to fulfill his / her wish(es).

Similarly all these 16,100 had done great tapas in their earlier lives.

All these Kumaris (divine girls) wish was to marry Bhagavan Sri Vishnu.

All these Kumaris had done great tapas for 1,000s of years.

Thus to fulfill the wish of these Kumaris, Bhagavan Sri Vishnu took birth as Bhagavan Sri Krishna and thus fulfilled these Kumaris wishes.

This is the real story as per Mahabharata and Srimad Bhagavata Purana (Sri Vishnu Purana).

Now let us all know the names and other details of the wives of Bhagavan Sri Krishna:

List of Lord Krishna wives names are as given below:

1. Sri Rukmini Devi,

2. Sri Satyabhama Devi,

3. Sri Jambavati Devi,

4. Sri Nagnajiti Devi (Sri Neela Devi),

5. Sri Kaalindi Devi,

6. Sri Mitravinda Devi,

7. Sri Bhadhra Devi,

8. Sri Lakshana Devi (Sri Lakshmana Devi) and

16,100 (in earlier life they were the children of Sri Agni Deva – they are same ladies which Sri Krishna saves from the clutches of the demon Narakasura) more wives.

Thus making a total of 16,108 wives.

First 8 wives are called Ashtabharya or Pattadarani of Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramatma.

Here Ashtabharya = Ashta + Bharya = 8 + Divine wives.

Each of these 16,108 wives had 10 male children and one female child.

Thus making a total children of 16,108 * 10 = 1,61,080 (male) and 16,108 * 1 = 16,108 (female).

List of Lord Krishna sons names are as given below:

Sri Rukmini Devi: Pradhumnya, Charudeshna, Sudeshna, Charudeha (means which has a strong and fit body),

Sucharu, Charugupta, Bhadracharu, Vicharu and Charu.

Sri Satyabhama Devi: Bhanu, Subhanu, Svarabhanu, Prabhanu, Bhanumana,

Chandrabhanu, Brihadhbhanu, Atibhanu, Sribhanu and Pratibhanu.

Sri Jambavati Devi: Samba (the main person because of whom the Yadava kula got destroyed),

Sumitra, Purujita, Satajita, Sahasrajita, Vijaya, Chitraketu, Vaasumana, Dravida, and Kratu.

Sri Nagnajiti Devi: Veera, Chandra, Ashvasena, Chitraguva, Vegavaana, Vrisha, Ama, Shanku, Vaasu and Kunti.

Sri Kalindi Devi: Shruta, Kaavi, Vrusha, Veera, Subhahu, Bhadra, Shanthi, Darsha, Purnamaasa, and Somaka.

Sri Mitravinda Devi: Vrika, Harsha, Anila, Gridhra, Vardhana, Unnada, Mamaamsa, Pavana, Vaahi and Kshudhhi.

Sri Bhadra Devi: Sangramajita, Brihatsena, Sura, Praharana, Arijita, Jaya, Subhadhra, Vama, Ayura, and Satyaka.

Sri Lakshana Devi: Praghosha, Gaatravana, Simha, Balaa, Prabala, Urdhaga, Mahashakthi, Saaha, Ojha, and Aparajita.

Along with these sons, all the other wives had 11 children each (10 male children and 1 female child).

Only Bhagavan Sri Krishna (Vishnu) can have these many wives and children.

Because Bhagavan Sri Krishna (Vishnu) had given his promise to each of the above wives in their earlier lives’ like this:

In the Dvapara Yuga, he will be born as Bhagavan Sri Krishna and will marry all of them and will keep all the wives happy and cheerful throughout the whole life.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna kept his promise and all his wives were always happy, were beautiful through out their lives as they had married to the Svayam (directly) Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

Through out the life, these wives until there passing through the cycle of the Mrithyuloka, all were looking young as 16 years.

This was because, as all of them were having the kripakattaksha (divine blessings) of Paramatma Bhagavan Sri Krishna (Vishnu).

They never fought with each other, there was never a single misunderstanding among these wives.

In today’s world this is not at all possible, as we are only mere humans.

Beyond this, nobody should think of marrying more than once in the life term.

We should not think that Bhagavan Sri Krishna has married so many times, why shouldn’t we have more than one spouse or affairs.

No, this is completely restricted according to our Shastras (Divine Hindu books).

Also we should remember that marriage is done only once in the life and no remarriage should be done or no divorce should happen.

Whatever the situation, we have to fight and solve the problem.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna got married with so many wives, because he is the ultimate enjoyer, he is the ultimate of anything and everything.

He has killed so many rakshanas, can we even think of that, No right.

He has drunk the milk of rakshasi Putana, can we imagine drinking the milk of a rakshasi (demoness), No right.

He has killed Kamsa, can we do that, No right.

He has danced on the big 1000 headed serpent called Kalinga (Kaliya) Sarpa, can we do that, No right.

He has saved millions of life in Mathura, Vrindavana, Dwaraka, etc., can we do that, No right.

He has saved the Maana (honour) of the patirvata Draupadi Devi, can we do that, No right.

He has done so many millions and billions of such Kaaryas (works), can we do that, No right.

Similarly we shouldn’t be thinking of having more than one spouse or an extra affairs or divorcing.

He has never left any of his wives.

He is the Supreme, we are mere Humans. Let him be the Bhagavan and let us be humans that’s all.

Let us always keep on chanting Bhagavan Sri Krishna (Vishnu) name(s), that’s the only thing we can do.

OM NAMO NARAYANAYA (or any of Sri Hari’s names) is the only path to us.

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