Demons (Rakshasas, Asuras, Daithyas) Killed by Bhima (Full List) | Was Bheem king of demons? | Whose blood did Bhima drink? | Was Bhima stronger than Duryodhana? | Who killed Jatasura? | Which Rakshasa did Bheema kill in Ekachakra | Who all were killed by Bhima

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Just before going to “Demons (Rakshasas, Asuras, Daithyas) Killed by Bhima (Full List) | Was Bheem king of demons? | Whose blood did Bhima drink? | Was Bhima stronger than Duryodhana? | Who killed Jatasura? | Which Rakshasa did Bheema kill in Ekachakra | Who all were killed by Bhima“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Bhima wives names are : Hidimbi, Draupadi and Valandhara. But, as per Moola Mahabharata Bhima marries another 28 sisters of Lord Sri Krishna. Bhima parents names are : King Pandu and Kunti (With the blessings of Lord Sri Vayu Deva.)

Bhima siblings names are : Karna, Yudhishthira, Arjuna, Nakul and Sahadeva. Bhima children names are : Ghatotkacha (son) by Hidimbi, Sutasoma (son) by Draupadi, Sarvaga (son) by Valandhara and Samyukthana (daughter). Bhima home is : Hastinapura (Hastinavati).

How Bhima is related to Lord Krishna : King Shurasena and Queen Marisha’s children were Vasudeva [Lord Krishna’s father Vasudeva (वसुदेव)], Samudravijaya (son) and Pritha (Also called as Kunti) (daughter).

Thus both Vasudeva (वसुदेव) and Kunti were brother and sister in relation. Consequently, Lord Krishna is a maternal cousin of Bhima.

Bhima avatar of which God : He is an avatar of Lord Sri Vayu Deva. His first avatar is Hanuman (Treya Yuga), second is Bhima (Dwarapa Yuga) and third is Sri Madhwacharya Ji (Kali Yuga). | 

Bhima weapons : Most favorite is gada (mace). But he was expert in almost all the weapons including archery. | Parents of Bhima : King Pandu (father) and Kunti (Pritha) Devi (mother). | 

Bhima brothers : Karna, Yudhishthira, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva. | Bhima wives : Hidimbi, Draupadi and Valandhara. He had also married 27 sisters of Lord Sri Krishna. |

Children of Bhima : Ghatotkacha (through Hidimbi), Sutasoma (through Draupadi), Sarvaga (through Valandhara) and others. | Meaning of Bhima is : Bhima means bhayankara, means one who is fearless, one who is having awesome body, one who is having no fear against anybody.

Also Bhima means very Balavan (Balvan), means very powerful (both physically and mentally). Bhima used to be so terrific that even 1000 elephants were looking as mere ants in front of Bhima.

Bhima is so powerful that he used to easily lift a huge mountain without any hardships. Bhima was having a great body which was not able to be destroyed even by greatest warriors on this earth.

With just one roar, even many many wild animals used to hide in the caves and were not coming out of the caves for weeks together. Bhima was so powerful that he used to pull out the largest of the trees on the earth without any hardships.

List of demons (asuras, rakshasas, people, daithyas) killed and defeated by Bhima (During Mahabharata war and also during other situations) is as given below:

Bakasura : Bakasura, also known as Baka (the glutton), is a demon who appears in the Mahabharata. This rakshasa (demon) lived in a forest called “Gangani” near the town of Garhbeta in today’s Indian state of West Bengal.

Bakasura was the elder brother of another demon named Kirmira. Bakasura used to terrorize the people of Ekachakra Nagar, devouring them at will. The king of this city was helpless.

People had come to an arrangement with this tormentor – they would send him a large amount of food every week, which he would eat, along with the cart driver who delivered it.

Once, in order to save a Brahmin’s life when it was his turn to deliver the food cart, Bhima is finally sent under the command of his mother Kuntidevi to kill Bakasura. The slaying of Bakasura by Bhima is commemorated on Bhimanasena’s Amavasya (New Moon-Day).

Hidimba : He was a close friend of Bakasura and Kirmira. His sibling name is Hidimbi and his abode name is Kamakya forest. While traveling, the Pandavas stopped at the Kamakya forest to rest, while Bhima stood guard.

Hidimba ate human flesh and was eager to eat the Pandavas. He sent Hidimbi to kill the Pandavas and bring them to him. Hidimbi went as instructed by Hidimba, but changed her mind on seeing the mighty and handsome Bhima.

She assumed the form of a beautiful woman and told Bhima about her brother. She proposed to be her husband. Hidimba got angry with his sister and rushed towards her to kill her.

Bhima intervened and challenged Hidimba to fight with him. The sleeping Pandavas awoke to the sound of their fight and offered to help Bhima kill Hidimba, but Bhima asked them to watch the duel as spectators.

Arjuna reminded Bhima that the day was dawning and the demons would become stronger at that time and that Bhima should kill Hidimba as soon as possible. Bhima trampled Hidimba and tore the demon into two pieces.

Kirmira (Kirmeera) : Kirmira was the younger brother of Bakasura and a good friend of another demon called Hidimba. One night during the journey, the exiled Pandavas reached a desolate forest where Kirmira lived.

It was past midnight, so Kirmira had come out. With his prominent teeth and glowing hair, he took on a thunderous appearance. Kirmira interrupted the Pandavas and frightened Draupadi, escorted and supported by five Pandavas.

As the eldest Pandava, Yudhishthira spoke to Kirmira. Thus Kirmira realized that the Pandavas including Bhima were standing before him. The strong Bhima first cut the tree and brought it on the cannibal’s head.

The demon, unfazed by the blow, hurled his fire extinguisher at Bhima. But Bhima turned it towards the demon. They continued to battle, breaking countless trees over each other’s heads.

Then the demon threw a rock at Bhima, to no avail. Then Kirmira and Bhima fought fiercely. Bhima grabbed the demon by the waist and started spinning him around.

At last the exhausted demon fainted. Bhima pinned Kirmira’s waist below his knee and suffocated him with his hands. Bhima obeyed the orders of his elder brother Yudhishthira and thus Kirmira was killed in battle by the great and mighty Bhima.

Dantavakra : In his earlier life was a gate keeper at Vaikuntha, Lord Sri Vishnu’s ultimate abode. Due to the curse of Sanatakumaras he had to take birth on earth. First he took the birth as Hiranyaksha (brother of Hiranyakashipu) and second he took the birth as Kumbhakarna.

Third birth was Dantavakra (Dantavaktra). He was defeated by the mighty and great Bhima. Later, Lord Sri Krishna killed Dantavakra.

According to some versions of the Vishnu Purana and Srimad Bhagavata Purana he was the son of Vriddhasharman and Shrutadeva (or Shrutadevi), who was the sister of Kunti and Vasudeva. He is named “Dantavakra” because his teeth are crooked after his birth.

Jayadratha (Saindhava) : He was the son of King Vriddhakshatra of Sindhu Kingdom (Today’s Pakistan). He was the culprit who had once tried to abduct and molest Draupadi Devi in the forest.

Jayadratha’s wives names are Dushala (Kauravas’ only sister), Mandakini (Gandhara Princess), Kumudvati (Kambhoja Princess). Suratha is the name of his son.

Jayadratha’s home kingdom name was Sindhu. Mighty Bhima had defeated this molester Jayadratha and later he was killed by Arjuna in the Mahabharata war.

Jarasandha : Jarasandha’s parents are Brihadratha (father) and Two princesses of Kashi (mothers). His children are Sahadeva and Jayatsena (sons) and, Asti and Prapti (daughters, wives of Kamsa).

Jarasandha’s main weapon was gada (mace). When Emperor Yudhishthira decided to perform the ‘Ashwamedha Yajna’ (sacrifice), Jarasandha was a major obstacle. As Jarasandha was a powerful warrior, the Pandavas needed to end him.

Thus, Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna traveled to Magadha disguised as Brahmins and met Jarasandha. After the formal meeting, Jarasandha inquired about their intentions. Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna reveal their true identity.

Krishna challenged Jarasandha to a duel and gave him the freedom to choose any one among three (Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna). Jarasandha chose Bhima for a duel. Both Bhima and Jarasandha were accomplished wrestlers.

The duel continued for several days and neither was ready to give up. After a long battle, Jarasandha was exhausted. When tired, Lord Krishna hints to Bhima that pressing too hard can kill a person.

Bhima understood Krishna’s hint, lifted Jarasandha in the air and pressed his knee into Jarasandha’s spine, killing him instantly.

Jarasandha’s son Sahadeva (not Pandavas’ Sahadeva) was placed on the throne of Magadha and he agreed to become a vassal of the Pandavas.

Ashwatthama : He was defeated by Bhima in the great war of Mahabharata or Kurukshetra. Ashwatthama’s parents are Dronacharya (father) and Kripi (mother), and other important relatives were Kripacharya (maternal uncle) and Maharishi Bharadwaja (grandfather).

When all the Hindu scriptures are destroyed by the ungodly people in the Kali Yuga, Ashwatthama becomes the next Vedavyasa and rewrites all the Hindu texts.

Bhima has defeated Ashwatthama multiple times in both Mahabharata war and also during other situations. After the war of Kurukshetra, Ashwatthama was ordered by Lord Krishna to leave to Himalayas with immediate effect. Even today Ashwatthama can be found in Himalayas.

Jatasura : He had the boon of Goddess Sri Parvati Devi of invincibility. According to the Mahabharata, Jatasura appeared to the Pandavas in the guise of a Brahmin.

Jatasura’s main aim was to gain Yudhishthira’s trust in order to seize their (Pandavas) weapons and slander his common-law wife Draupadi. One day, when Bhima was away, Jatasura assumed the form of a monster.

Jatasura seized the weapons and abducted Yudhishthira, Sahadeva, Nakula and Draupadi. Sahadeva managed to escape from Jatasura’s grasp and rushed to seek Bhima’s help. Noticing Jatasura’s lack of intelligence, Yudhishthira baffled his captive with a barrage of moral accusations.

Bhima arrived at the scene and prepared to fight the demon all alone himself, discouraging the help of Nakula and Sahadeva. Bhima and demon fought with giant trees, huge rocks with their arms. At last Bhima was able to give a fatal blow to his opponent’s neck.

When Jatasura fainted, Bhima picked him up and slammed him to the ground, severing his limbs. Bhima struck him with his elbow and beheaded the demon. After killing Jatasura, Bhima presented himself before Yudhishthira, earning his admiration.

Paundraka Vasudeva : He was the half brother of Lord Sri Krishna and his parents names ar Vasudēva (father) and Sutana (mother). The king of Kashi and The king of Pundra. He was a false Vāsudēva Krishna.

Paundraka Vasudeva’s weapons were False Sudarshana Chakra (discus), false Kaumodaki Gada (mace), false Panchajanya Shankha (conch) of Lord Sri Vishnu. He used to call himself as Vasudeva Krishna. He was one of the foolish person on that earth.

The mighty Bhima once defeated this Paundraka Vasudeva. But, When Paundraka Vasudeva sent a message to Dwaraka that he was God, the Supreme and the real God Lord Sri Krishna declared war against him.

Paundraka’s chariot is also made of Garuda’s flag like Krishna’s. After giving Paundraka many warnings to stop making false claims impersonating as ‘Vasudeva’, Lord Sri Krishna killed Paundraka by beheading him with the Sudarshana Chakra.

Sudakshina, the son of the king of Kashi, with the help of some corrupt priests, created a demon using black magic to destroy Dwaraka. However, Lord Sri Krishna’s Sudarshana Chakra ignited a fire around Kashi. The whole kingdom of Kashi was burnt down and Sudakshina and all his priests were killed.

Rukmi : Rukmi family members were Bhishmaka (father) and Rukmini (sister), Pradyumna (son-in-law), Rukmavati (daughter), Aniruddha (grandson), Rochana (granddaughter).

The mighty and powerful Bhima once defeated Rukmi. The king Rukmi was killed by Balarama for insulting his Yadava heritage and also for cheating in a game of dice.

Krodavasha : According to the story of the epic Mahabharata, Bhima was once going on a pilgrimage to Gandhamadana forest and on this occasion Bhima wanted to pluck some beautiful and fragrant flowers as desired by Draupadi.

A Brahmin sage warns Bhima not to go there because he (the Brahmin) cannot climb the mountain to pluck flowers due to his old age. Meanwhile, when Draupadi sends Bhima to fetch flowers, a fragrant filled flower from the inaccessible mountain is carried by the wind and falls on Draupadi.

Bhima, on the other hand, carries his mace and blows the conch shell as he walks through the dense forest to scare the wild animals on his way to the mountain lake. As he walks through the forest, a strong wind (Vayu representing Bhima’s father) carries to him the sweet smell of the flowers.

Bhima’s path scares the demons and spirits guarding the lake. Then Bhima collects flowers from the lake. Then the demon Krodavasha enters the lake with an unsheathed sword and threatens Bhima.

Bhima then attacks the rakshasa Krodhavasha with his mace and breaks his sword and kills him instantly. Lord Kubera appears on the scene and tells Bhima to take as many flowers as he and his wife Draupadi want to have.

Manimantha and other demons : After some time on Mount Gandhamadana, Draupadi found a five-colored flower from Lord Kubera’s lotus forest and requested Bhima to bring it. 

Draupadi wanted to kill all the demons of the Gandhamadana mountain and thus requested Bhima to bring more flowers from the primeval forest. When Bhima arrived there with this mace, many demons who were blessed by Lord Shiva with invincibility tried to prevent Bhima’s entry. 

Their leader, Manimantha, attacked with an army of over 300 Mahapadma demons. Bhima killed them all with highest ease.

Lord Kubera was enraged as Bhima attacked his “Kubera Vana” (Gandhamadana) twice and he himself along with his army went to fight against Bhima with ‘Asuravesha’ (Not intented, but done with prejudice and negative thoughts). But soon after seeing Bhima, Lord Kubera lost his Asuravesha and repented.

Shishupala : His parents were Damaghosha (father), Srutashrava (mother). His children names are Dhrishtaketu, Karenumati (wife of Nakula), Mahipala, Suketu, Sarabha.

Shishupala’s siblings are Dashagriva, Ramya, Bali, Kushadhysha (brothers), Suprabha (sister), Krishna (maternal cousin), Dantavakra (maternal cousin). Shishipala was defeated by the mighty Bhima, while he was killed by Lord Sri Krishna.

When Yudhishthira undertook the Rajasuya Yajna (A Sacrifice), he sent Bhima to seek the allegiance of Shishupala, now the king, after his father’s death. Shishupala accepted Yudhishthira’s lordship without protest and wished to attend the final ceremony at Indraprastha.

At that ceremony, the Pandavasand all the other elders decided that Lord Sri Krishna would be the special guest of honor for the Yajna ceremony. Enraged by this, Shishupala started taunting Lord Sri Krishna as a mere cowherd and not worthy of respect as a king.

Shishipala also started insulting Bhishma, calling his vow of lifelong celibacy an act of cowardice. Bhishma got angry and threatened Shishupala, but Lord Sri Krishna pacified him. By this act, he committed his 100th sin and was forgiven by Lord Sri Krishna.

Shishupala committed his 101st sin when he insulted Lord Sri Krishna again. Lord Sri Krishna then unleashed his Sudarshana Chakra (disc) on Shishupala, killing him on the spot.

Shishupala was not a single entity, in fact two beings lived within Shishupala. One was Hiranyakashipu and the other was Jaya (doorkeeper of Lord Sri Vishnu). After Shishupala’s death, Hiranyakashipu was sent to Naraka (Hell), while Jaya was sent to Vaikuntha.

Keechaka and his 105 brothers : King Virata’s brother-in-law Keechaka saw Draupadi and was attracted by her beauty. Keechaka asked his sister Sudeshna to send Draupadi to him. Initially Sudeshna refused.

Later Sudeshna fearfully asked Draupadi to go to Keechaka’s house after repeated request by Keechaka. Keechaka tried to pull Draupadi. Draupadi escapes, Keechaka chases and tries to kick her. At that time Lord Sri Vishnu sent Heti, a demon who came in an invisible form.

Lord Sri Vayu entered inside this demon and pushed Keechaka on the ground. Bhima instructed Draupadi to tell Keechaka that she would meet him in the dance hall tonight when no body was there. Keechaka came eagerly waiting for Draupadi in the dance hall.

Bhima came there and killed him and mixed his body, head, hands and feet into a lump of meat. Keechaka’s other brothers came in more than 100 numbers looking for Keechaka and were horrified to see him as a ball of meat.

All the sub (Upa) Keechakas attacked Draupadi, dragged her away in a cart, Bhima chased them and killed all 105 Keechaka’s brothers instantly. Bhima after killing the Upa Keechakaas (Keechaka’s brothers), told that his name is Jayesha, a Gandharva.

Jeemoota (Jimuta) : Once upon a time a wrestler named Jeemoota (Jimuta), who was blessed (had recieved a boon) by Lord Shiva, came to the Virata kingdom during the Pandavas’ incognito exile (Agyatvas) and challenged the wrestlers of the city.

No wrestler of the Virata kingdom had the guts and to accept the challenge of Jeemoota. At that time Keechaka too was not there as he had left for Digvijaya (Going forth to conquer the world).

Yudhishthira suggested King Virata to try with the cook Vallala, as Vallala (Ballala / Bhima) was always fighting with lions, tigers etc. in his spare time. Vallala (Bhima) readily agreed, fought Jeemoota and killed him, making King Virata proud.

Banasura : Lord (Sage) Sri Vedavyasa instructed Bhima to go towards the east, indicating that he would conquer the seven islands. Arjuna was instructed to go north, while Nakula and Sahadeva went east and south for Digvijaya (going forth to conquer the world).

Bhimasena conquered all the kings, reached the city of Virata and defeated Keechaka and accepted their homage. Similarly Shisupala also paid tribute. Bhima stayed at Shishupala’s house for 30 days and took the hospitality from Shishupala.

Shishupala was Bhima’s cousin (Shishupala’s mother Shrutasrava was sister of Kunti and wife of King Damaghosa of Chedi). Bhima then continued his journey and defeated Paundraka Vasudeva, Karna, after which he went to the city of Banasura, one of the famous Lord Shiva devotees.

Lord Shiva instructed Banasura to surrender and give valuables to Bhima. Bhima brought a whole lot of tributes like jewels and other valuables and a vast amount of wealth and offered them before Vaasishta Krishna (Sri Vedavyasa) and Yadava Krishna, the dual form of Lord Sri Vishnu.

Lord (Sage) Sri Vedavyasa said to Bhima, “You have conquered everyone. Only if you defeat them all will your yaga be complete. In the past, the present Brahma did this. After him only you do so and deserve the rank of “Brahma Padavi”.

Since Bhima is an avatar of Lord Sri Vayu Deva, Bhima (Lord Sri Vayu Deva) will became the next Brahma Deva in the next Kalpa. Later, Lord Sri Krishna had also defeated Banasura.

But, Lord Sri Krishna spares the life of Banasura as Lord Sri Krishna had promised to Prahlada that he (Krishna) won’t kill anyone who belongs to the lineage of Prahlada. Banasura’s father is Mahabali. Mahabali’s father is Virochana. Virochana’s father is Prahlada.

Suvajra : Once the king of Kalinga, Suvajra, arranged for his daughter’s Swayamvara. Duryodhana kidnapped Suvajra’s daughter. Thus, Suvajra arrested Duryodhana and his brothers with the help of Jarasandha, while Karna escaped.

Also, Suvajra tried to attack the Pandavas and was easily defeated by the Pandavas. Then, Yudhishthira (Dharmaraja) told Bhima to get Duryodhana released. So Bhima defeated and killed Suvajra. Thus, both Jarasandha and Duryodhana were freed.

Purochana, his sister, and her children : Duryodhana built a house of wax covered with gold and other jewels and sent the Pandavas to Varanavata (Varnavat) through his minister Purochana.

Purochana deceived the Pandavas by saying that he wanted to leave Duryodhana and become a minister with the Pandavas. Purochana also said that he had built a beautiful house for the Pandavas.

Yudhishthira became suspicious of Purochana and warned Bhimasena. In the meantime, Vidura arranged to dig a secret canal (suranga marga) from Varanavata.

Both Bhima and Purochana stayed in the same Lakshagriha, both aiming to kill each other. After some time, Purochana’s sister and her five children arrived there. Bhima kept his mother and brothers in a tunnel (secret hole passage).

Purochana’s sister wanted to prepare food there and mix it with poison and distribute it to the Pandavas. But, Bhima ate the entire food without her knowledge. Still Bhima was as healthy as ever.

Purochana thought that the Pandavas had eaten poison and slept and would not wakeup. Purochana got drunk and Bhima took the opportunity, set fire to the wax house and Purochana, his sister and her children were all burnt alive.

Bhima carried five people on his shoulders and covered a distance of 24 yojanas in a single night. The Kauravas assumed that the Pandavas and Kunti were dead, but in reality, Purochana, his sister and her sons were dead.

Kotikashya : Once when the Pandavas were in forest and had gone for hunting. Jayadratha arrived near the hermitage of the Pandavas with Kotikashya and his full army. At that time only Draupadi was in the ashram.

Seeing Draupadi, Jayadratha was attracted towards her, and approached her and asked her to come or else he would kidnap her. When Jayadratha insisted repeatedly, she mounted Jayadratha’s chariot.

As soon as she got into the chariot, many natural disasters appeared along the way. The Pandavas learned of this, and immediately chased and defeated Jayadratha and Kotikashya.

Bhima killed Kotikashya by removing his head and he also killed Jayadratha’s charioteer. Pandavas chased Jayadratha and wanted to kill him. At that time Yudhishthira came and told him that Jayadratha was Dushala’s husband (Dushala was Duryodhana’s sister) and not to kill him.

Bhima beats Jayadratha and pushes him to fall at Draupadi’s feet and asks him to say that he is Draupadi’s servant. Jayadratha said so out of fear of death. Then they killed the Jayadratha chariot’s horses and thus Jayadratha had to walk on his own.

In Mahabharata war and in other situations : During the Mahabharata or Kurukshetra war and also during the other situations, the mighty and great Bhima has killed millions and crores of demons as per the great epic of Mahabharata.

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  • fetive

    Now coming to the topic of demons, Rakshasas, Asuras, and Daityas – Bhima was not only a fearless warrior, but he was also a slayer of all these evil creatures. In fact, he was considered to be the one to fear among the demons.
    Bhima was a force to be reckoned with and his strength and power knew no bounds. He was able to defeat and kill each and every demon that came in his path.
    Some notable demons killed by him include Jatasura, Hidimba, Bakasura, Kirmira, and Vaka. He even killed powerful rakshasas like Alambusha, Hidimbabha, and Kirmibal.
    Bhima was truly a king of demons in the sense that he was able to rule over them with his strength and fearlessness. His bravery and valor were unmatched and he was truly an embodiment of goodness and righteousness.
    I also find it fascinating that Bhima was able to gain power by drinking the blood of demons, which adds to his intimidating image and shows his dominance over them.
    But when it comes to comparing Bhima’s strength with his brother Duryodhana, it is believed that Bhima was indeed stronger. His physical prowess, combined with his determination and courage, made him a force to be reckoned with.
    In conclusion, Bhima’s strength and power were not limited to just humans, but he was also able to vanquish demons and bring peace to the world. He will always be remembered as a great warrior and king of demons. Thank you for this informative article. Har Har Mahadev!

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