Who is next Brahma Deva (Is Hanuman the next Brahma Deva)

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Sri Hari has created a group of Devatas / Demigods, who are called as Rujus (रुजु / ರುಜು / ruju) or simply Ruju.

Only this group of Devatas are allowed to be Sri Brahma Devas at the beginning of each Maha Kalpa.

Rujus are at the highest Jeevas. They occupy the echelon immediately after Sri Lakshmi Devi.

The present Sri Brahma Deva and Sri Mukhya Prana Deva / Sri Vayu Deva are also Rujus. 

Rujus do not have any doshas / flaw and nor are they affected by the vikaras / deformity of the three gunas / qualities (sattva, rajasa, tamasa).

Rujus have uncompromised bhakti in Sri Hari / Sri Vishnu.

Only Rujus are qualified to occupy the post of Sri Brahma Deva (and Sri Vayu Deva).

Others can’t occupy them under any circumstances or in any time / Kalpa.

Rujus do not have distortions even when they take birth as an avatar on the earth. 

There are infinite number of Rujus in Satya Loka. Every Ruju, after sadhana for 100 kalpas, gets the post of “kalki” (not to be confused with the avatar of Sri Vishnu by the same name). 

Their relative position within Ruju-gana keeps increasing and eventually they become (after 98 more kalpas) Sri Vayu Deva. Then, they reach the post of Sri Brahma Deva.

The present Sri Chaturmukha Brahmadeva has completed his 50 years in the Satyaloka (according to Brahmaloka calendar).

He has another 50 years of lifespan. Everybody who has taken birth has to die. 

From Brahmadeva to Rudradeva all has to die. All of the Brahmanda (universe) has to be destroyed at some time.

Just like we clean our house every now and then, Sri Hari who doesn’t have death will clean our Brahmanda on each of the Mahakalpa. 

Except Sri Vishnu everything will perish.

But also we should remember that after every Maha Kalpa, a new creation will start, a new Sri Brahma Deva will born, a new Sri Rudra Deva will born.

Everything will be done new. 

Sri Hari is called the antaryaami, means he is present in everybody, he knows everything, he is called Paramaatma, he is the real aatma of everybody and thus he understand anything and everything.

Sri Hari sits inside the new Sri Brahma Deva as antaryaami and creates a new universe, Sri Hari by himself does the protection works, Sri Hari does the maintenance and also Sri Hari sits inside the new Sri Rudra Deva & destroys the universe. 

Sanatana Dharma is existing since unknown age.

Sanatana Dharma is not existing since only 5k or 3k years.

NO, absolutely NO. Sanatana Dharma is existing since unknown age.

Nobody knows the exact time frame of Sanatana Dharma, other then Sri Hari himself. 

Sanatana Dharma is just like a cycle, after every Kalpa a new beginning starts and also similarly at the end of the Kalpa, the universe gets destroyed and again a new creation will start. 

This is similar to any human being. A person dies and as per his / her Karma, a new life starts (punar janma / reincarnation).

This is the greatness of our Great Sanatana Dharma.

After Sri Rama won the battle against Ravana, he reaches Ayodhya with all his supporters including Sri Mukhyapranadeva (Sri Hanuman).

Later to this, Sri Rama gave ashirvadam to Sri Hanuman to become Sri Brahmadeva in the next Mahakalpa. 

Similarly when Sri Bhimadeva (Bhima, the second of the Pandavas) killed the mighty Jarasandha.

After this Sri Krishna gave the ashirvadam to Sri Bhimadeva to become next Sri Brahmadeva (Sri Bhimadeva is the avtaar of Vayudeva, just like Sri Hanuman. 

Means Sri Bhimadeva and Sri Hanuman are the avatars of Sri Mukhyapranadeva, that is Sri Vayudeva).

Similarly the third avatar of Sri Mukhyapranadeva is Sri Madaanandateerthabhagavadpaadaachaarya (Sri Madhvacharya ji).

When Sri Madhwacharya ji completed commentary on Brahmasutra Bhasya (originally written by Sri VedavyAsa Deva – an avatar of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu), Sri Veda Vyasa Ji gave ashirvadam to Sri Madhvacharya ji to become next Sri Brahmadeva.

The different avatars of Sri Vayudeva is explained in Rigveda, Mahabharata, Vayupurana and other granthas that Sri Hanuman, Sri Bhimadeva and Sri Madhvacharya ji are the one and the same and are the avatars of Sri Vayudeva.

The 100 names of Rujus are as given below:

1. Brahma

2. Vayu

3. Latavya

4. Gavya

5. Vaktavya

6. Jnatavya

7. Bhaavya

8. Svargavya

9. Subhavya

10. Sevya

11. Smartavya

12. Kravya

13. Gantavya

14. Sakhya

15. Drashtavya

16. Kavya

17. Mantavya

18. Sankeertitavya

19. Shrotavya

20. Dashakula

21. Jnana

22. Gamya

23. Sadakapi

24. Sahana

25. Subala

26. Sadaarata

27. Svamareta

28. Shyama

29. Kala

30. Kali

31. Kalisamharta

32. Kalasusoochaka

33. Sukaalagna

34. Sukarta

35. Kalakridana

36. Maraka

37. Upadeshta

38. Amarshi

39. Trana

40. Prana

41. Yagavartaka

42. Yajvi

43. Sukarta

44. Yajna

45. Danasusheela

46. Tejasvi

47. Sutapasvi

48. Oja

49. Sharada

50. Dharmavineta

51. Papavinashaka

52. Mitra

53. Sarvajit

54. Sarvagna

55.  Alampata

56. Kapi

57. Praagna

58. Suveera

59. Saarasvata

60. Sulochana

61. Chaarupada

62. Chaarusubaahu

63. Chaarvaanga

64. Santushta

65. Ananda

66. Samtata

67. Pramoda

68. Moda

69. Manu

70. Rantimna

71. Medhavi

72. Suveerya

73. Mahattara

74. Jaya

75. Mahabuddha

76. Katthana

77. Sankeerna

78. Keertana

79. Mahavijnana

80. Vijnana

81. Sandhyaata

82. Shraddha

83. Kharpata

84. Sarshapa

85. Anjana

86. Vaikruta

87.  Shuchi

88. Sampoorna

89. Dharmaja

90. Saddharmagna

91. Mahipati

92. Sadhu

93. Khashana

94. Varchasvi

95. Khandana

96. Adharma

97. Dharma

98. Dasa

99. Suteja

100. Kalki

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  • Unknown

    wrong stories and myths…..vishnu will destroy shiva it seems…vishnu is paramatma and shiva is paramporul…paramatma has moksha but paramporulis eternal…

    • Anonymous

      dear friend. we need to understand our bhAratiya sanAtana / shAstra dharma, before commenting anything. sri hari sitting inside sri mahAlakshmi devi will be destroying anything and everything including sri rudhra deva at every end of mahAkalpa. sri rudhra deva is not paramamoola. he is one of the jeevAtma. nowhere it is mentioned that sri shiva is the paramamoola. the real paramamoola or aadimoola is swayam sri hari / sri krishna / sri rAma. srimann nArayana is the ultimate, supreme, eternal, parmAtma, paramamoola, etc etc etc. sri gurubhyo namaha. om sri krishnAya namaha

    • Anonymous

      also, kindly note that sri hari is the giver of moksha / mukti. sri rudhra deva will get moksha from sri hari. srimann nArayana is the moksha / mukti pradAta. sri rudhra deva is called sri mahAdeva, because he is greatest among all the devatagan / demigods starting from sri indra deva, etc.

    • Aravindh Sharma

      I pray to the supreme brahman to show sympathy on you to enlighten your intellect and mind. Dear friend, Rudra is formless brahman who took form as shiva to protect us from halahala visha which came out while churning the ocean of milk. Shiva is always in an unmanifest form of brahman. Which manifest during mahapralaya as rudra and again will go back to his unmanifest form. Sri mahavishnu is also no different from shiva who preserves and regulates the universe and is immortal physical form of brahman. Both Shiva and Vishnu derived from the same brahman. Both are the same, there's no difference between hari and shiva. Let's hail the brahman which is source or all the sources. Even you and me belong to the same brahman. Though we think that we're jivatma. Eventually this jivatma will realize that it is paramatma. Jai Sree Krishna!

    • Vijay Kumar S Khatokar Bharatiya

      Dear Aravindh Sharma.

      First one should understand that there is only one Sri Parabrahma (as per you, it is Brahman). And this Parabrahma is the only Bhagavan. All others are followers of this Parabrahma.

      But according to you there are so many Parabrahma. One is Brahman, One is Mahavishnu, one is Shiva etc etc etc. With this you are telling that all are formless. If Parabrahma becomes formless, than how can you tell that God exists. In each and every grantha in Bharatiya Sampradaaya it is said that Parabrahma is having sahasraaska, sahaasrapaat etc. If this is true, than what you are telling is just a foolish thing.

      If you tell, there are multiple Brahman, than you don't have even an inch bit of understanding of our great sampradaya. According to Bharatiya shastra, only Lord Vishnu is the ultimate Bhagavan. He is the only God and all others are his followers inclucing Sri Brahmadeva, Sri Rudhradeva. etc.

      Please don't make fun of our sampradaya. It's not just another dharma. Bharatiya Dharma is the ultimate and all others are only corrupted form of our great dharma.

      Sri Krishnaaya namaha

  • Its me

    Is it true that hanuman ji is the incarnation of vayu dev? ……becoz I have listened that hanuman ji is the incarnation of Shri Rudra deva.

  • Prateeikk Prajapati

    Hari Hari. Kindly share the reference of the Rujus phenomenon. Where is it mentioned in shashtras about the Rujus. It’ll be very helpful to know that.

    And if it is Aptavakya,
    Kindly share which Acharyas spoke it in which bhasyas. Dhanyvad.

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