Why did Rama kill Vali from behind a tree (correct info) (secretly, hiding)? | How Rama killed Vali (Bali) | Was Vali (Bali) evil

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Just before going to “Why did Rama kill Vali from behind a tree (correct info) (secretly, hiding)? | How Rama killed Vali (Bali) | Was Vali (Bali) evil“, let us have a brief some brief information.

This story starts when Bhagavan Lord Sri Rama comes in search of Goddess Sri Sita Devi. Now Bhagavan Lord Sri Rama wants to meet Sugriva.

Bhagavan Lord Sri Rama who has the lotus-eyes, who has the signs of Chakra (Disc – Sudarshana Chakra), Shankha (Conch – Panchajanya Shankha), Gada (Mace – Kaumodaki), Kamala (Divine Lotus) etc. was seen by Hanuman.

Both Bhagavan Lord Sri Rama and Lakshmana climbed on to the shoulders of Hanuman. Having placed Bhagavan Lord Sri Rama and his younger brother Lakshmana on to his shoulders, the best amongst ‘Vanaras’ (divine monkeys), Hanuman, went to Sugriva.

Thus Sugriva immediately got the divine friendship of Bhagavan Lord Sri Rama. (Bhagavan Lord Sri Rama is so great that he always removes the sorrows of those who believe in Him.)

Now, both Bhagavan Lord Sri Rama and Sugriva took the divine oath of helping each other in the divine presence of ‘Agni’ (divine fire).

Bhagavan Lord Sri Rama having listened to Sugriva’s plight, the ‘Sarvottama Bhagavan’ (Supreme among the Gods) made a vow that He will kill Vali and shall give back the Kingdom to Sugriva.

Likewise, the king of the ‘divine Monkeys’ Sugreeva also made a vow that he will search and find Goddess Sri Sita Devi at any cost. After this, Sugriva showed Lord Sri Rama the body of a Rakshasa (Demon) called ‘Dundubhi’, who was been killed by his elder brother Vali.

Seeing the body lying down there, Lord Sri Rama by merely moving the toe of his foot immediately kicked it away easily, a hundred yojanas away. And at the same time, the body pierced the earth and killed numerous Daityas (Demons) who were present in Rasatala (Underworld).

(Note : We should note that, the body, due to the power of Lord Sri Rama’s kick, pierced the earth, entered Rasatala and hit daityas (Demons) and killed them instantly. This is the greatness of our Lord Sri Rama.)

Lord Sri Rama killed all those demons automatically, who had become invincible due to the power received from Lord Shiva’s boons, that is, merely by dashing of a dead body (corpse of demon named Dundubhi).

Sugriva, who was still scared of Vali’s strength, showed seven diamond-like strong ‘Tala / Palmyra (Palm)’ (ताड़ का पेड़) trees which were actually daityas (Demons) in the form of trees and said thus like this: “That powerful Vali is capable of shaking each one of these trees with ease.”

“Vali used to attempt to pluck the leaves of these trees, but he was not capable of it. I will believe that you are capable of killing my mighty brother Vali only if you are able to pierce all seven of these trees, which are spread out, with a single arrow”.

Sugriva continues: “One can win over his enemies if that person is four times stronger than his enemy. Someone can kill his enemies if he is 100 times stronger than his enemy.”

“Therefore O Lord Sri Rama, please pierce these trees whose leaves cannot even be plucked by my mighty brother Vali and clear all my doubts about you”.

Thus Lord Sri Rama told to Sugriva: “These trees are actually demons who could not be pierced by any other being due to the boon by Lord Sri Brahma Deva”.

Having known that they were firmly standing there and were performing tapas / penance to achieve the position of Lord Brahma, Lord Sri Rama with highest ease pierced all of the seven trees with just a single arrow.

Lord Sri Rama who has infinite amount of strength (no one is equal or above this strength), set a sharp arrow on his divine bow and pulled it well with His right hand and released it, thus all of the trees were blown into pieces, with a terrible sound.

That divine single arrow pierced all the seven trees, it then pierced the seven worlds of the Netherlands’ region including mountains and earth itself.

Also, it burnt away an Asuras’ group called ‘Kumudi’ who were protected in the Netherlands’ regions due to the protection of Lord Sri Brahma’s blessings.

Lord Sri Vishnu (Lord Sri Rama) who has unlimited and greatest strength, all the activities in this world, which includes Vayu (divine air), Prakriti (divine nature), Lord Shiva, Lord Garuda, Lord Indra Deva and others, happens due to His desire itself.

These activities are not at all surprising for Lord Sri Rama. At the same time, it is not something that is feasible to anyone else including Lord Sri Brahma Deva, Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Shiva) etc.

Thus, after noticing the greatest strength of the Supreme Lord Sri Rama (Vishnu), the King of the Monkeys (Sugriva) left for his elder brother’s place, with Lord Sri Rama in front.

Listening to Sugriva’s (An avatar of Lord Sri Surya Deva) roar, the mighty Vali (An avatar of Lord Sri Indra Deva) came out of his cave and ran towards him, ignoring the various objections put forth by his wife Tara.

Thus, fight between the two Great Divine Monkeys started. Having been badly hit by the punches of Vali, and being unable to bear them, Sugriva left the battle and ran away. Lord Sri Rama is the greatest one and he is the one who knows all activities of all worlds.

But still, Lord Sri Rama did not kill Vali at this time. This is only because to show the Dharma path to the world. 

Thus Lord Sri Rama tells Sugriva: “I was unable to distinguish between the two of you. If Vali desires brotherly affection, then I need not kill your brother who has not committed any crime.”

“Misunderstanding and tiffs between brothers is not something that stays for long.” Lord Sri Rama continues: “Even if there is long standing anger, it gets resolved very trivially and easily.”

(Note : We should note that, the tiff between brothers typically gets resolved during the time of death. If it leads to the death of one of them, then there is regret as well.)

Lord Sri Rama therefore wanted to teach the world a lesson that whenever there is a misunderstanding or tiff between brothers, they themselves and / or relatives should never hurriedly decide on one’s favor and kill the other.

So, Lord Sri Rama did not kill Vali at the initial time itself. Lord Sri Rama also did not kill Vali at that initial time to ensure that the son of Surya, that is, Sugriva, did not suffer any great sorrow for having gotten his older brother killed.

Lord Sri Rama is an avatar of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu Himself. He is the one who influences the minds of all. He is above even Lord Shiva (He is the controller of the manas / mind).

Then how come there be ignorance for Lord Sri Rama as per the TV shows and movies? TV shows and movies shows that Lord Sri Rama was ignorant of not finding out who is Sugriva, and who is Vali? Is it so?

This is completely out of chapter of both ‘Moola Ramayana’ and ‘Valmiki Ramayana’. There is nothing such type of instance taking place in both ‘Moola Ramayana’ and ‘Valmiki Ramayana’.

Thus, after Sugriva returned from the battle field and insisted that Vali has to be killed, Lord Sri Rama released a diamond-like arrow at Vali.

Just to show to the world who is real Sugriva and real Vali, under the orders of Lord Sri Rama, the son of Lord Sri Vayu, Hanuman differentiated the son of Surya (Sugriva) by a garland.

The best amongst Raghus (Raghu Vamsha / Vansh Shreshtta), Lord Sri Rama, released an arrow at Vali, that is, the son of Indra, Vali, was greatly pained and fell down like a huge mountain.

Lord Sri Rama starts thinking (This is a vidambana / to teach to the world): “This Vali is my devotee. If he sees me, he will definitely fall at my feet without a second taught. Thus it is not appropriate to kill someone who has taken refuge on to me.”

“On the other hand, the son of Surya, that is, Sugriva, has requested for his killing in order to obtain his kingdom. It is one’s duty to fulfill the request of one who has taken refuge first. It is also inappropriate to kill someone who has taken refuge.”

“Therefore I shall kill him without being spotted by him” – With such thoughts, Lord Sri Rama killed Vali without being seen by him.

(Note : Lord Sri Rama is the influence behind all the strength in all unlimited universes. His body is verily the complete, is infinite and has best strength and energy inside him.)

(What could the mere monkey Vali have done to him even if He came in front and shot him? Don’t forget that it was Lord Sri Rama with highest ease broke Lord Shiva’s bow called ‘Shiva Dhanush’.)

Continuing with the story, after Vali fell down, Lord Sri Rama went near him and asked him in a friendly tone “If you wish I will bring you back to life”. Vali told Lord Sri Rama: “O Purushottama (Best among all)! Who doesn’t desire death in the hands of you?”

Keeping Vali’s son Angada in front, Sugriva completed all the rituals of Vali. Later Sugriva became the leader of all the divine monkeys.

Now, let us go to our main point: Why Rama killed Vali secretly behind a tree?

Lord Sri Rama was told by his friend Sugriva who was frightened by Vali’s strength, who pointed to the 7 Palmyra trees stronger than ‘Vajrayudha’ (Lord Sri Indra’s main weapon) which were the rakshasas (demons) actually.

Further, Vali was not only able to shake each one of those trees, but also was not able to cut their leaves though Vali tried and had multiple fractures on his body. 

Thus, Sugriva told Lord Sri Rama as, should you sever by one arrow all these Palmyra trees standing slantingly, then you are capable of killing Vali. And then finally completing all the formalities, Lord Sri Rama shoots an arrow towards Vali.

While Vali was laying unconscious, Lord Sri Rama went near to him, and told Vali gently, “If you desire to live longer, I shall revive you”. Vali would easily be seen that he recovered from the injury due to the arrow after Lord Sri Rama touched him.

So from this conduct, it cannot at all be said, that Lord Sri Rama killed Vali, but it was Vali himself opted to die and he is alone responsible for his own death.

All injured persons do not wish to die, whereas Vali did not want any cure for his injury given by Lord Sri Rama and always wished to die in the presence of Paramatma Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu.

Lord Sri Rama had absolutely no intention to kill Vali, but wanted to teach him lesson and hit him gently by an arrow to correct him from the wrong path he had taken. Easily we can conclude from the fact, the arrow made Vali only unconscious and nothing else. But did not kill him.

The power and capacity of Lord Sri Rama and the arrow had been described already while the rakshasas (demons) were killed by one stroke and many thousands were killed by that same hit and arrow.

Now the questions is, as to what was the mistake committed by Vali for which Lord Sri Rama wanted to remind him, by a gentle touch of just like a Guru (divine teacher), in the interest and welfare of the student and for his benefit gives a small slap, when the student does mistake(s).

Why did Rama kill Vali from behind a tree : Answer is here – The grave mistake committed by Vali, was that he did not respect Hanuman who is an avatar of Lord Sri Vayu Deva and is called as Jagatguru (divine teacher of the world).

The Truth that Lord Sri Vayu Deva (Hanuman) is Jagatguru can be found in many Hindu Scriptures. When the mighty Vali kicked at the chest of his own brother Sugriva and banished him, and Hanuman explained that it was improper at Vali’s part, Vali never cared about it.

When Hanuman accompanied Sugriva out of the country, then also Vali kept silent and did not realized his mistake. We should also note that, Vali had done few other mistakes also. But they were not very grave and they can be excused.

But, the disrespect to Jagatguru (Hanuman / Lord Sri Vayu Deva), will land Vali in eternal hell and this is based on several Vedic scriptures in Hinduism. Now, Vali out of his haughtiness and ignorance had forgotten this fundamental principles and duties.

By nature, he is a great atma / soul and he is an avatar of Lord Indra himself. So, Lord Sri Rama’s servants, devotees etc., who are basically by nature are good, but sometimes commit mistakes.

Thus Lord Sri Rama is more than happy to correct all of them. For this reason, Lord Sri Rama corrected by just leaving an arrow at Vali. When that arrow hit him and when Vali saw that it was Lord Sri Rama’s arrow, Vali thoroughly was changed.

Vali remembered the mistakes he had committed earlier, especially his grave mistake of disrespect to the Great Hanuman. That is main reason, he courted death out of volition before Lord Sri Rama to wash off the sins.

Nobody can tell that Lord Sri Rama killed Vali under these facts and circumstances. Can Vali survive even fraction of a second, if Lord Sri Rama had hit him to be killed? Will Lord Sri Rama go near him and speak gently with consoling words after the hit?

Will Lord Sri Rama offer to him to make him alive? No right? Then the most important question to be analyzed will be, Why Lord Sri Rama stood behind the trees and hit arrow at Vali?

Lord Sri Rama could have come in directly and could have scolded Vali and corrected even by hitting an arrow or other weapon in person. 

When one calmly and patiently analyses these points, many basic realities and also the most merciful nature of Lord Sri Rama towards His devotees will definitely flow out. Lord Sri Rama’s action is an explanation of several Hindu Vedic texts.

When Lord Sri Rama took avatar as the son of the King Dasharatha, it does not mean, that He is an ordinary human being and was a son of Dasharatha in reality? No…

Lord Sri Rama will remain as Bhagavan (God). He is svayam (directly) Bhagavan Lord Sri Vishnu and not an ordinary human being like me and you. Lord Sri Rama = Lord Sri Vishnu – The Supreme God.

Before going into the full answer, the explanations that are available for Lord Sri Rama, remaining behind the trees and hitting Vali, can be seen as:

a. Few say that Lord Sri Rama being a Kshatriya and a Prince and hunting of animals is his right and privilege.  Thus he has all the right to kill someone. We should remember that Vali is not an ordinary monkey. But instead he is an avatar of Lord Indra Deva.

b. Some say that the mighty Vali had a boon that any one who come in-front of him to wage war, then his half power will go to Vali. Thus, Lord Sri Rama was afraid to do so.

But the correct answer is that: Vali is a great devotee of Bhagavan Lord Sri Rama, and if Lord Sri Rama goes in the front of Vali, then he will prostrate in front of Lord Sri Rama. Once Vali prostrates, he becomes ineligible to be punished.

Lord Sri Rama has given word to Sugriva, that he will kill his brother Vali and will make Sugriva king of all the monkeys. Considering all these points, Lord Sri Rama hit Vali, from behind a tree.

All these were done by Lord Sri Rama as Vali had done few grave mistakes as mentioned above. Another main reason was that, Vali had forcefully sent his own brother away from his Kingdom (Kishkinda).

Lord Sri Rama wanted to teach Vali a lesson (not only for him, but to the world – to me and to you) and correct him. This is the main reason.

First and foremost one should do upasana (worship) of a Guru. And the greatest Guru is Lord Sri Vayu Deva (Hanuman, Bhima and Sri Madhwacharya Ji) and then one should do upasana of Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu / Rama / Krishna).

Without a correct Vaishnava Guru, even Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) will not be with us. Otherwise Moksha (divine liberation) can’t be attained. Sri Rama by this has saved us from the hell and protected all his bhaktas / devotees by giving such a huge lesson to all of us.

We should always remember that only if Vayu (Air) is present in us means life will be present within us. This means svayam Bhagavan Lord Sri Rama (Vishnu / Krishna) will be present in us only if we have Vayu (divine air) inside our body.

Without Vayu we can’t live at all. We can live without food, water etc. for some time. But definitely without Vayu (air) no one can live. Thus Lord Sri Vayu Deva, that is, Hanuman, Bhima and Sri Madhwacharya Ji are highly important.

Note : Hanuman, Bhima and Sri Madhwacharya Ji are all avatars of Lord Sri Vayu Deva. Hanuman took avatar in Treta Yuga and served Lord Sri Rama, Bhima took avatar in Dvapara Yuga and served Lord Sri Krishna and Sri Madhwacharya Ji took avatar in Kali Yuga and still today serving Lord (Sage) Sri Vedavyasa Ji.

Hope this has answered your question regarding “Why Rama killed Vali secretly behind a tree?”

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