List of Chandravansh (Chandravamsha) (Lunar dynasty) family tree (members) names

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Just before going to know about “List of Chandravanshi (Chandravamsha) (Chandravansh) (Lunar dynasty) family tree“, let us have a brief about Lord Sri Krishna and Pandavas families.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna was born in the great family of Chandravamsha (Chandravansh) (Chandravanshi) (Lord Chandra / Moon lineage / Lunar dynasty).

In India, the Chandravamsha (Chandravansh) (Chandravanshi) or Lunar dynasty is famously known as ‘Yaduvansh / Yaduvamsha’.

This is because King Yadu was one of the great King of the Chandravamsha (Chandravansh) (Chandravanshi) or Lunar dynasty.

Few of the great people belonging to this great Chandravamsha (Chandravansh) (Chandravanshi) (Lunar dynasty) are: 

1. Lord Sri Krishna,

2. Vishwamitra,

3. Kuru,

4. Yayati,

5. Yadu,

6. Shantanu,

7. Bhishma,

8. Yudhishthira,

9. Bhima,

10. Arjuna, etc.

We all Indians should be highly proud of being born in this greatest country Bharata (India).

We have born in this greatest country as we may have done some ‘punya karma‘ (good deeds) in our earlier lives.

Now, let us see “List of Chandravanshi (Chandravamsha) (Lunar dynasty) family tree (members) names are as given below”:

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