List of Chandravanshi Kings (Chandravamsha) (Lunar dynasty) family tree (members) names

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Just before going to know about “List of Chandravanshi Kings (Chandravamsha) (Chandravansh) (Lunar dynasty) family tree“, let us have a brief about Lord Sri Krishna and Pandavas’ families.

Lord Sri Krishna was born in the great family of Chandravamsha (Chandravansh) (Chandravanshi) (Lord Chandra / Moon lineage / Lunar dynasty).

In India, the Chandravamsha (Chandravansh) (Chandravanshi) or Lunar dynasty is famously known as ‘Yaduvansh / Yaduvamsha‘.

[The Sanskrit name for Yaduvansh is यदुवंश ( yaduvamśa)]

This is because King Yadu was one of the great King of the Chandravamsha (Chandravansh) (Chandravanshi) or Lunar dynasty.

Few of the great people belonging to this great Chandravamsha (Chandravansh) (Chandravanshi) (Lunar dynasty) are:

1. Lord Sri Krishna, 2. Vishwamitra, 3. Kuru, 4. Yayati, 5. Yadu, 6. Shantanu, 7. Bhishma, 8. Yudhishthira, 9. Bhima, 10. Arjuna, etc.

In this post, you can find the family lineage of the following:

Chandravanshi (Chandravamsha) (Lunar Dynasty) Kings family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

King Pururava (Pururavas) family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

King Puru family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

King Dushyanta family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

King Bharat (Bharata) family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

King Kuru family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

King Yayati family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

King Shantanu (Santanu) family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

Bhishma (Devavrata) family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

Dhritarashtra family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

Duryodhana family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

Yudhishthira family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

Bhima family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

Arjuna family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

Nakula family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

Sahadeva family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

Parikshit (Parikshita) family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

Janamejaya family tree (members) (lineage) (ancestry) (genealogy) (Dynasty) (descendants)

List of Chandravanshi Kings (Chandravamsha) (Lunar dynasty) family tree (members) names is as given below:

Lord Srimann Narayana (Vishnu) (Hari) (Narayana) : He is the first Supreme Personality of Chandravansh (Lunar Dynasty). His consort name is Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.

Lord Sri Brahma Deva : He is the first son of Lord Sri Vishnu. He is called as ‘jeevottama‘, that is, best among all the living beings. His consort name is Goddess Sri Sarasvati Devi.

Maharishi Atri : He is the son of Lord Sri Brahma Deva. His consort name is Anasuya Devi.

Maharishi Atri and Anasuya Devi sons names are Lord Dattatreya (Vishnu avatar), Chandra (Brahma and Lord Chandra avatars) and Durvasa (Shiva avatar).

[Since Lord Brahma doesn’t has direct avatar, he takes ansh (amsha) avatar (part avatar) in Lord Chandra.]

Lord Chandra : He is the son of Maharishi Atri. He married 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati.

Among that Rohini Devi is the most prominent consort of Lord Chandra, as Lord Krishna takes birth in this nakshatra (Star).

Budha (Planet) : He is the son of Lord Chandra and thus this family is known as Chandravanshi or Chandravamsha or Lunar Dynasty.

Budha is a planet Mercury and not Buddha (Vishnu avatar). Budha consort name is Ila (ईला / īlā).

Pururava (Pururavas) : In Sanskrit his name is pronounced as पुरूरवस् (purūravas).

Pururava (Pururavas) consort name is Urvashi Devi. She is the daughter of Sriman Narayana (Vishnu).

(Sriman Narayana during his avatar of Nara Narayana fame, taps his right thigh and from this tap, a divine apsara is born.)

[In Sanskrit ‘Uru‘ means ‘thigh‘ and ‘Vashi‘ means ‘born from‘. Thus, since she is born from the Uru (thigh), she is known as Urvashi.]

Pururava (Pururavas) and Urvashi Devi children names are: Ayu (Ayus) (Ayussu), Amavasu, Vishvayu or Vanayus, Shrutayu or Dhimat, Shatayu, and Dridhayu.

Ayu (Ayus) (Ayussu) : He is the son of Pururava (Pururavas) and Urvashi Devi. Ayu (Ayus) (Ayussu) consort name is Indumati Devi.

Nahusha : He is the son of Ayu (Ayus) (Ayussu). His consort name is Viraja or Ashokasundari.

Children names are – Yati and Yayati (sons), 100 daughters including Ayati, Samyati, Kriti and Viyati.

Yayati : He is the son of Nahusha and Viraja or Ashokasundari. Yayati consorts names are Devayani, Sharmishtha, Ananta.

Children namesYadu (Yadu Dyasty King), Turvashu (Yavana Dynasty), Anudruhu (He is a Mleccha), Druhyu (Twipra Dynasty), Prachinvata and Puru (Puru Dynasty) (Sons), Madhavi (Daughter).

Puru : He is the son of the King Yayati and Queen Sharmishtha. Puru consort name is Kausalya (Not Lord Rama mother).

Práchinvat : He is the son of King Puru.

Pravíra : He is the son of Práchinvat.

Manasyu : He is the son of Pravíra. His mother name is Śūrasenī.

Nileel (Ilina) : He is the 16th son of Manasyu. His consort name is Rathandari (Rathantara).

Dushyanta : He is the son of Nileel (Ilina) and Rathandari (Rathantara). His consort name is Shakuntala.

[Dushyanta in Sanskrit means, the destroyer of all the wicked people. Dushyanta = Dushta + Anta = Wicked people + Destroyer.]

(Shakuntala means = Sha + Ku + Tala = Birds + With + Grown = Someone who is grown with birds is called as Shakuntala in Sanskrit.)

[Shakuntala is the daughter of the great Brahmarishi Vishwamitra and Menaka Devi (apsara).]

[Brahmarishi Vishwamitra is the son of गाधि (Gādhi).]

Bharata : This name is pronounced as भरत. He is the son of King Dushyanta and Shakuntala. King Bharata consort name is Sunanda (She is the daughter of Sarvasena, the King of Kashi).

[Bharata (Bharat) means = Bhara + Ata = All the qualities + With = He is someone with all the qualities.]

(King Bharata (Bharat) was grown up with animals like lions, tigers in a hermitage with her mother Shakuntala.)

Bhumanyu : He is the son of King Bharata and Sunanda. His consort name is Vijaya (She is the daughter of Dasarha).

Suhotra : He is the son of Bhumanyu and Suvarna. His consort name is Suvarna.

Hasti : He is the son of Suhotra and Jayanti. His consort name is Yashodhara (Princess of Trigarta).

(Hasti is the main person who built the great place Hastinapura. Hastinapura is also called as Hastinavati.)

Vikanja (Vikunthana) : He is the son of Hasti and Yashodara. His consort name is Sunanda (Sudeva), the daughter of Dasarha.

Ajameedha (Ajameedh) : He is the son of Vikanja (Vikunthana) and Sunanda (Sudeva). His consorts names are Raikeyi, Gandhari, Visala and Irusha (Riksha) 1st. Ajameedha beget 2400 sons.

Among the 2400 sons, Irusha (Riksha) 1st was the prominent son.

Irusha (Riksha) I (1st) : He is the son of Ajameedha (Ajamedh) (Ajamidha).

Samavarana (Samvarna) : He is the son of Irusha. His consort name is Tapati (Tapti). Tapati (Tapti) is the daughter of Lord Surya and Chhaya Devi.

Kuru : He is the son of Samavarana (Samvarna) and Tapati (Tapti). His consorts names is Shubangi and Vahini.

Jahnu : He is the son of King Kuru.

Suratha : He is the son of Janu.

Viduratha : He is the son of Suratha. His consort name is Amruta (Amrita).

Saryabhauma : He is the son of Viduratha.

Jayasena : He is the son of Jayasena.

Radhika : He is the son of Radhika.

Ayutayu : He is the son of Radhika.

Akrodhana : He is the son of Ayutayu.

Devatithi : He is the son of Akrodhana.

Riksha II (2nd) : He is the son of Devatithi

Dilipa : He is the son of Risha II (2nd)

Pratipa : He is the son of Dilipa. His consort name is Sunanda. Pratipa and Sunanda has three sons namely Devapi, Santanu (Shantanu) and Bahlika (Vahlika).

[Bahlika (Vahlika) is an avatar of Prahlada, the son of Hirankashipu.]

[Bahlika (Vahlika) participated in the battle of Kurukshetra supporting Duryodhana (Kauravas) and was killed the mighty Bhima.]

[His first avatar is Shankukarna (Satya Yuga), second is Prahlada (Satya Yuga), third is Bahlika (Vahlika) (Dwapara Yuga),]

[Fourth is Sri Vyasaraja Tirtha (Kali Yuga) and fifth is Sri Raghavendra Swamy (Kali Yuga) of Mantralaya.]

Santanu (Shantanu) : He is the son of King Pratipa and Sunanda. His two brothers are Devapi and Bahlika (Vahlika).

Santanu (Shantanu) two consorts names are Sri Ganga Devi and Satyavati Devi.

From Sri Ganga Devi, Santanu (Shantanu) begets 8 sons including Devavrata (Bhishma).

From Satyavati Devi, Santanu (Shantanu) begets 2 sons namely Chitrāngada and Vichitravirya.

Vichitravirya : He is the son of Santanu (Shantanu) and Satyavati Devi. Vichitravirya consorts names are Ambalika and Ambika.

Vichitravirya with Ambalika give birth to Pandu, whereas with Ambika, Dhritarashtra is born.

Dhritarashtra : He is the son of Vichitravirya and Ambika. His consort name is Gandhari Devi and also had a relationship with a prostitute lady.

Dhritarashtra and Gandhari Devi had 100 sons and one daughter Dushala.

Prominent among these 100 sons are Duryodhana and Dushasana.

Duryodhana wife name is Bhanumati, a Kalinga Princess and their children are Lakshmana Kumara, Lakshmanaa, Kalaketu and Lakshmi.

Dushasana wife name is Jyotsyana (Charumati), a Trigarta Princess and their son name is Dhrumasena.

[Jyotsyana (Charumati) is a cousin of Duryodhana wife Bhanumati.]

Pandu (King) : He is the son of Vichitravirya and Ambalika. Pandu had two consorts and their names are Kunti Devi and Madri Devi.

King Pandu and Kunti Devi children names are Yudhishthira, Bhima and Arjuna.

[Yudhishthira is an avatar of Lord Dharma (Sri Yama Deva), Mighty Bhima is an avatar of Lord Sri Vayu Deva and Arjuna is an avatar of Lord Sri Indra Deva.]

[During Ramayana period, Lord Sri Yama Deva was born as Jambavan, Lord Sri Vayu Deva was born as Lord Hanuman and Lord Sri Indra Deva was born as Vali.]

Kunti Devi with Niyoga Neeti had a son called Karna with Lord Sri Surya Deva.

[Karna is an avatar of Lord Sri Surya Deva. During Ramayana period, Lord Sri Surya Deva was born as Sugriva.]

King Pandu and Madri Devi children names are Nakula and Sahadeva.

[Both Nakula and Sahadeva are the twin brothers and avatar of Lord Sri Ashvini Kumaras. In their origin form, they are called as Nasatya and Dasra.]

Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahedeva all five married the divine Sri Draupadi Devi.

Yudhishthira and Sri Draupadi Devi had a son named Prativindhya (Shrutavindhya). They also had a daughter named Suthanu.

Bhima and Sri Draupadi Devi had a son named Sutasoma.

Arjuna and Sri Draupadi Devi had a son named Shrutakarma

Nakula and Sri Draupadi Devi had a son named Shatanika.

Sahadeva and Sri Draupadi Devi had a son named Shrutasena.

Yudhishthira also married another woman called Devika and their son name is Yaudheya.

Bhima also married Hidimbi (Hidimba), Valandhara and approximately 21 sisters of Lord Krishna (Lord Krishna father Vasudeva’s daughters from his 13 wives).

Bhima with Hidimbi had a son named Ghatotkacha. Ghatotkacha married Ahilavati and their children names are Anjanaparvan, Meghavarna and Barbarika.

Bhima with Valandhara had a son named Sarvaga. Sarvaga became the King of Kashi after Kurukshetra war.

Arjuna apart from Sri Draupadi Devi also married Ulupi, Chitrangada and Subhadra.

Arjuna begot Iravan as son with Ulupi, Babruvahana with Chitrangada and Abhimanyu with Subhadra.

Bharuvahana wife name is Kimveka, son name is Aarusha and daughter name is Krithika.

Abhimanyu consorts names are Vatsala (Shashirekha) and Uttarā (Uttarā Kumari). Abhimanyu and Uttarā had a son named Parikshita (Parikshit).

Nakula apart from Sri Draupadi Devi also married Karenumati (Renuka) and their son name is Niramitra.

Sahadeva apart from Sri Draupadi Devi also married Vijaya and their son name is Suhotra.

Parikshita (Prikshit) : He is the son of Arjuna and Subhadra Devi. Parikshit consort name is Madravati.

Parikshit sons names are Janamejaya, Shrutasena, Ugrasena and Bhimasena.

[Shuka Muni (Shukacharya Ji), an avatar of Lord Shiva preached the divine Srimad Bhagavatam to Parikshit.]

Janamejaya (Nagayagna) : He is the son of Parikshita (Parikshit) and Madravati and their sons names are Śatáníka and Sankukarna.

Śatáníka : He is the son of Janamejaya (Nagayagna).

Ashwameghadutta : He is the son of Janmejaya (Nagayagna).

(Continue reading from the below given images for more names.)

We all Bharatavanshi (Indians) should be highly proud of being born in this greatest country Bharata (India).

We have born in this greatest country as we may have done some ‘punya karma‘ (good deeds) in our earlier lives.

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