How Yadavas (clan) came to an end (Mausala Parva) | End of Yadavas | How Lord Krishna left earth

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Just before going to the main story of “How Yadavas (clan) came to an end (Mausala Parva) | End of Yadavas | How Lord Krishna left earth“, let us know something which took place after the war of Mahabharata.

Many of us know that, Gandhari Devi had cursed Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna after the great war of Mahabharata like this:

“…ask Devaki, your mother. She will know my pain. She has seen her six sons been killed in front of her and I have seen 100 of mine. And only she will be able to tell you why I am cursing you…”

This curse was indeed accepted by Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna. 

But, we should always remember that Lord Sri Krishna is svayam Bhagavan (God) and no curse can cause any harm to him.

In fact, Sri Krishna accepted this curse as Gandhari Devi was a great devotee of himself (Sri Krishna).

Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna never ever declines what his devotees wish.

But we should also know that, after this curse given by Gandhari Devi, she lost all her ‘good karma‘ / good deeds which she had received earlier in her life.

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Now let us come to the main story as given below:

How Yadavas (clan) came to an end (Mausala Parva) | End of Yadavas | How Lord Krishna left earth

There was a place of pilgrimage known as Pindaraka.

Some Yadava youths once met the sages Kanva, Vishvamitra, Narada Maharishi and other divine Rishis there.

The Yadava youths dressed Samba (he is the son of Sri Krishna and Jambavati Devi) up as a woman and brought him in front of the sages.

“Sages,” they asked, “tell us whether this woman will have a son or a daughter.”

The sages understood the game played by these youths and were angered at the insult.

“This person will give birth to a club,” they said. “And that club will destroy your clan.”

In due course a club came out of Samba’s body.

But learning of the curse, King Ugrasena pulverized the club and had the dust scattered in the ocean.

But the dust got changed into sharp reeds that grew on the shores of the ocean.

A small part of the club could not be crushed.

This was thrown into the ocean and a fish swallowed this piece.

When the fish was caught, this piece of the club came out of the fish’s stomach and a hunter named Jara acquired the piece.

There was a place of pilgrimage known as Prabhasa (Prabhas) (Today’s Somnath at Gujarat) and eventually the Yadavas went there.

Only one Yadava named Uddhava (cousin brother of Sri Krishna) went off to do tapasya / penance on Mount Gandhamadana.

(Uddhava was almost looking like Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna, as he was a cousin brother of Sri Krishna.)

In Prabhasa (Today’s Somnath at Gujarat), the Yadavas began to drink and soon lost all control of their senses.

They started to fight and picked up the reeds that were growing on the shores as weapons.

Sri Krishna did try to restrain them, but the Yadavas were in no mood to listen.

Soon, Sri Krishna and Daruka (sarathi / charioteer) were the only Yadavas who were left alive.

Sri Krishna and Daruka were wandering around and found Balarama seated under the tree.

A huge snake came out of Balarama’s mouth and disappeared into the sea.

This meant that Balarama had left this earth.

(We should remember that Balarama is an avatar of Adishesha Naga, that is, the bed of Bhagavan Lord Sri Vishnu in Vaikuntha.)

Sri Krishna told Daruka, “Go and tell King Ugrasena all these. Soon I too will leave this earth. And soon the sea will swallow up the city of Dvaraka.”

“Go and tell the Yadavas who are left in Dvaraka that they should wait for Arjuna’s arrival and that they should leave the city with Arjuna.”

Sri Krishna continued: “And go and tell Arjuna to protect my people as best as he can. Vajra is to be made the king the Yadavas.”

Daruka paid his respects to Sri Krishna and left the place.

Sri Krishna sat down to self meditate. The hunter named Jara arrived there.

(Jara was an avatar of Maharishi Bhrigu.)

(We should remember the story of Maharishi Bhrigu once kicking Bhagavan Lord Sri Vishnu on his ‘vakshasthala‘ / chest part.)

(Because of this great sin, Maharishi Bhrigu had reborn as Jara in the Dvapara Yuga.)

Jara had earlier fashioned an arrow-head out of the piece of the club (same club – see above).

Seeing Sri Krishna’s feet, he thought that it was part of a deer and let loose an arrow.

When Jara came up to see what has happened, he found that his arrow had pierced the body of Sri Krishna.

Jara begged for forgiveness and Sri Krishna assured him that Jara would go to higher planets.

In fact, a chariot immediately arrive to take Jara to higher planet.

Thus, Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna left this earth.

Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna was over a hundred and six years old at that time ( 106.6 years).

Arjuna found the bodies of Sri Krishna, Balarama and other important Yadavas and performed their last rites and shraddha ceremonies.

Sri Krishna’s eight major wives also left this earth on Sri Krishna’s funeral pyre.

Revati Devi did the same on Balarama’s body.

Urgasena, Rohini, Devaki and Vasudeva also entered the fire.

The others left Dvaraka with Arjuna.

As soon as Sri Krishna left the earth, the Parijata tree and the assembly hall named Sudharma returned to Svarga Loka.

(This Parijata tree was gifted by Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna to his beloved consort Goddess Sri Satyabhama Devi earlier.)

The Kali Yuga had began.

The city of Dvaraka was swallowed up by the sea, with the exception of Sri Krishna’s own dwelling.

PS: We always remember that, Sri Krishna is ‘svayam‘ Bhagavan and he doesn’t has birth and death.

When Sri Krishna came down to earth, he was not born through the ‘garbha’ / womb of Devaki Devi.

Instead Sri Krishna directly came down in his ‘chatur bhuja’ form and took a small baby’s form and just sat beside Devaki Devi.

Similarly, at the time of living this earth, Sri Krishna acted as if he had been attacked by an arrow of a hunter named Jara and passed away because of this arrow had hit him.

But the truth is, as Bhagavan, Lord Sri Krishna ends his time on the earth as per his own wishes and not because of an arrow hit by a hunter.

Only less intelligent and foolish people think that, Sri Krishna died because of an arrow was hit to him.

This is called the ‘maya‘ (Illusion) of Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna.

Only the people who has learned about the ‘Sanatana Dharma’ shastra under a proper Vaishnava Guru could understand this, otherwise definitely can’t.

Nobody can understand the ‘maya‘ (Illusion) of Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna.

Only one who can understand Sri Krishna is, that is, Sri Krishna himself.

Now, again going back to the Gandhari Devi’s curse:

Many of us know that Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna and other Devatas came down to earth to cleanup this earth.

To clean up this earth from the ‘adharmis‘ (people who doesn’t follow Dharma) works (that is, to decrease the ‘bhubhaara‘).

[Bhubhara (Bhubhar) – This means to reduce the burden of the earth from the adharmis (ill people and demons.]

Gandhari Devi’s 100 sons were completely ‘adharmis‘.

In that, Duryodhana was the worst among all the Kaurava sons, followed by his brother Dushasana and all other brothers.

Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna had gone to Hastinapura to mediate from the side of Pandavas before the Mahabharata war.

Sri Krishna very clearly instructed Dhritarashtra, Duryodhana and others to give at least five villages to Pancha Pandavas.

But Dhritarashtra didn’t opened his mouth at all.

Whereas, Duryodhana said that, he won’t give even a place where even a small pin’s tip end can be placed.

This was the mindset of the Dhritarashtra, Duryodhana and other Kauravas.

All the Kauravas by themselves had invited their end.

After knowing all these, how can Gandhari Devi’s curse can cause any problems to Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna.

Sri Krishna is svayam Bhagavan (Ishwar / Brahman). He knows anything and everything.

Sri Krishna wanted to end the ‘adharma’ people.

And off course, he cleaned up mother earth from these ‘adharma’ people.

As far about the end of all the Yadavas, yes, anyone who takes birth on this earth, has to die one of the other day.

Same thing happened to Yadavas also. Nothing special about it.

People who know the real meaning of this ‘tattva‘ / truth will understand the inside story Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagavatam etc.

But people who thing themselves as liberals, highly intelligent, they will never ever be able to understand the real meaning of Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagavatam etc.

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