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The descent of Narmada: Explaining the reason why Narmada had to descend down to earth, Sutaji narrated a tale to the assembled sages:

Once, Rishi / Sage Markandeya was taking rest at the bank of river Narmada where Yudhisthira accompanied by Draupadi Devi arrived there.

Yudhishthira curiously asked Rishi / Sage Markandeya about the reason he had chosen the bank of Narmada as his resting place when there were so many other holy places of greater significance.

Rishi / Sage Markandeya recounted a tale, which said how some Rishis / sages had requested king Pururava to bring down river Narmada to the earth, so that the whole world becomes liberated from its sins.

Describing the holiness of Narmada, Rishis / Sages had told Pururava:

The holy Narmada is capable of liberating the whole world from its sin. So, you should find means, so that Narmada descends down to earth.

Later on, Pururava did an austere tapas / penance to please Lord Shiva. When Lord Shiva appeared before him, Pururava expressed his wish.

Lord Shiva instructed Narmada to descend down to earth, but she told him that she needed a base for that to happen.

Lord Shiva then instructed Parayanka, that is, the son of Vindhyachala mountain to hold Narmada while she descended down to earth.

Parayanka agreed to do that and this was how Narmada came down on earth.

Initially, the whole world was flooded with the waters of Narmada, but at the request of the Devatas / Deities she minimized her size.

Narmada blessed Pururava and instructed him to perform the rituals of tarpana in the name of his ancestors, so that they became liberated from their sins.

Pururava complied and thus by performing tarpana, liberated all his ancestors.

Having finished his tale, Rishi / Sage Markandeya told Yudhishthira that one who takes a holy dip in Narmada attains virtues similar to that of performing Ashwamedha yagya.

Narmada marries Purukutsu

Rishi / Sage Markandeya says: O Yudhishthira! King Purutkutsu was Samudra (Ocean) in his previous birth and had been cursed by Brahma.

The descent of Narmada on earth made the Devatas / Deities extremely delighted and they requested Narmada to give them the privilege of experiencing her divine touch.

But, Narmada refused to give them that privilege on the pretext that she was still unmarried and it would not be proper for her to do so.

All the Devatas / Deities then requested her to become the consort of Purukutsu to which she agreed.

This way, Narmada married Purutkusu.

After getting married, Purukutsu requested her to liberate his ancestors, so that they could attain to heaven.

Narmada readily obliged, and this way Purutkutsu contributed in his ancestors’ departure to higher planets.

The flow of the river Narmada

Manu receives a boon from Narmada

Rishi / Sage Markandeya says: Manu ruled over Ayodhya during Swayambhuva manvantara.

One day, while he was going to sleep, he heard a peculiar sound, as if numerous small bells were ringing.

He was perplexed and could not ascertain the cause of that sound, so he asked Maharshi Vashishtha about this.

Maharshi Vashishtha made a revelation by which Manu was startled. Maharshi Vashishtha told him: There is a holy place called Tripuri situated at the bank of river Narmada.

The sound that you heard last night emanated from the small bells attached to number of aircraft kept on the roofs of the residences of such people who are virtuous.

O king! Only Narmada is capable of giving salvation to lowly of sinners.

Manu was highly impressed and decided to go to Tripuri along with his whole clan.

All of them took holy dips in the Narmada and became liberated from all their sins.

Manu performed a grand yagya at the bank of Narmada to which all the Rishi / Sages and hermits were invited.

Narmada became pleased by his devotion and expressed her willingness to fulfill any wish that Manu desired.

Manu requested her help in bringing down Ganga and other holy rivers to earth.

Narmada blessed him and said:

In the first half of Treta Yuga, one of your descendants named Bhagiratha will accomplish this great feat of bringing down holy Ganga to earth.

In the second half of the same era, other holy rivers like Kalindi, Saraswati, Sarayu, and Mahabhaga will also manifest themselves.

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