King Parikshit Maharaj (information, facts) | Takshak snake, Sage Shamik, Shringi story | Parikshit name meaning and his birth name

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Just before moving towards to know about “King Parikshit Maharaj story (information, facts) | Takshak snake, Sage Shamik, Shringi story | Parikshit name meaning and his birth name“, let us know few basic and important information.

Meaning of the name Parikshit is as given here : A. The name (word) Parikshit (Parikshita) is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘परीक्षा / ಪರೀಕ್ಷಾ / parīkṣā’.

Here Parikshit (Parikshita / “परीक्षित / ಪರೀಕ್ಷಿತ / parīkṣita”) means, someone who is to be examined or tested or carefully inspected or tried with utmost care etc.

B. Parikshit = Pari + Ikshit = All over + watching. Parikshit was watching Lord Sri Krishna from inside the womb of his mother Uttarakumari and thus he is called as Parikshit.

Birth name of Parikshit is Vishnurata (विष्णुरात) (viṣṇurāta) : It’s meaning is, Vishnurata = Vishnu + Rata = Lord Sri Vishnu + Rakshita = Parikshit was saved by Lord Sri Vishnu (Krishna) during his birth and thus the name Vishnurata.

Because of King Parikshit we are able to get the great and divine Srimad Bhagavatam (Sri Vishnu Purana).

This divine Srimad Bhagavatam was written by Lord Sri Veda Vyasa Ji (He is an avatar of Lord Sri Vishnu).

Now, let us know in detail about the King parikshit unknown facts and followed by “King Parikshit Maharaj story (unknown facts) | Takshak snake, Sage Shamik, Shringi story“.

List of King Parikshit Maharaj story (unknown facts) are as given below:

Sajjana : Parikshita Maharaja was a great ‘Sajjana‘. He was someone who was following the Sanatana Dharma in the right manner.

Father : Parikshita (Parikshit) Maharaja’s father was Abhimanyu.

Grand Father : Parikshita Maharaja’s grand father was the great archer and one among the Pandavas called Arjuna.

Mother : Parikshita Maharaja’s mother was Uttara Kumari (Or just Uttara).

Uttara Kumari (Uttara) was the daughter of Virata (father), Sudheshna (mother), Shveta (half brother) and Shankha (elder brothers), Birthplace is Virata Nagari. 

Grand Mother : Parikshita Maharaja’s grand mother was Subhadra.

Parents of Subhadra are Vasudeva (father) and Rohini (mother), Siblings – Balarama and Lord Krishna, Consort – Arjuna, Children – Abhimanyu, Dynasty – Yaduvamsha or Chandravamsha.

Ashwatthama tried to kill Parikshita : Parikshita Maharaja was the same baby whose life was in danger, because Ashwatthama tried to kill this baby when was in womb of Uttara Kumari (Uttara).

Sri Krishna saved Parikshita : After Ashwatthama attacked this baby with the ‘Bhramashirastra‘,

Lord Sri Krishna was the one who saved the life of Parikshita Maharaja. This took place at the end of the Mahabharata war.

King Parikshita had forgotten Kshatriya Dharma : Yes, Parikshita Maharaja had forgotten Kshatriya Dharma.

But this happened only for few seconds and nothing else.

This is completely opposite of the Kali Yuga’s so called politicians, who have almost forgotten the Sanatana Dharma.

Aware of the consequences : As said above, Parikshita Maharaja was a great ‘Sajjana‘ and was aware of all the consequences.

Accepted the curse wholeheartedly : Parikshita Maharaja wholeheartedly accepted the curse of the Sage Shringi (son of Sage Shamika).

Srimad Bhagavatam : Because of Parikshita Maharaja, we are able to get the Great ‘Srimad Bhagavatam (Sri Vishnu Purana)‘.

Because of the curse, Sri Shukacharya Ji (An avatar of Lord Shiva) came to meet Parikshita Maharaja and started preaching the Great ‘Srimad Bhagavatam (Sri Vishnu Purana)‘.

Kali Nigraha : Because of King Parikshit, Kali (Kali Yuga’s Kali) was not able to show his full power (suppression / Nigraha) on earth until King Parikshit Maharaj left this earth.

This is greatness of King Parikshit.

Now, let us know “King Parikshit, Takshak snake, Sage Shamik, Shringi story:

Once, Sutaji narrated the tale of king Parikshit (Parikshita) to all the assembled sages—

Parikshita ruled over Hastinapura. One day Parikshita went into a forest on a hunting spree.

He saw a deer and managed to injure it with his arrow.

But the injured deer disappeared from his sight. Parikshita chased the injured deer in the direction it had disappeared.

Parikshita reached a place where sage Shamika was engrossed in his meditation (tapas / penance).

Parikshita enquired sage Shamika if he had seen that injured deer.

But, sage Shamika being in deep meditation did not respond to Parikshita query.

This made Parikshita extremely angry and he wrapped a dead snake around Shamika’s neck as a punishment for not having answered his question.

But, it made no difference to Sage Shamika and he continued with his meditation.

Parikshita went back fuming in anger. Shringi was the son of Sage Shamika.

When Shringi saw a dead snake coiling around his father’s neck, he cursed like this:

‘Whoever has tried to insult my father will not live to see the seventh day because a takshaka naga would bite him to death.’

When sage Shamika learnt about his son’s curse, he reproached his son and sent a disciple named ‘Dauramukha‘ to inform Parikshita, so that he (Parikshita) could take some preventive measures.

Dauramukha went and narrated the whole incident to king Parikshita.

Parikshita was more than happy by knowing this and he started living on a canopy that had been constructed in the middle of river Ganges on his instructions.

After this svayam the avatar of Lord Shiva, that is, Sri Shukacharya Ji came to meet Parikshita Maharaja and started to tell the story of the Great Bhagavata Purana (Sri Vishnu Purana) to Parikshita.

Sri Shukacharya Ji is the son of Bhagavan Sri Veda Vyasa Ji (he is an avatar of Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu.)

In just 7 days, Sri Shukacharya Ji explained the whole Bhagavata Purana to Parikshita Maharaja.

Also, within that stipulated 7 days, Parikshita Maharaja was able to understand the whole Bhagavata which was explained by Sri Shukacharya Ji.

That is the greatness of both Sri Shukacharya Ji and the Parikshita Maharaja.

Meanwhile, a poor brahmin named Kashyapa came to know about the curse that poor Parikshita had received. He knew how to cure a person bitten by snake.

So he thought that it was an excellent opportunity for him to receive monetary awards from the king.

So, he proceeded towards the place where Parikshita was staying. On his way, Kashyapa met a brahmin who in reality was takshaka in disguise.

Takshaka was on his way to kill Parikshita. He asked Kashyapa about the reason he was going to meet Parikshita.

Kashyapa revealed to Takshaka that he could neutralize the influence of poison in any person bitten by a snake.

Takshaka wanted to examine the authenticity of Kashyapa’s statement, so he inserted his poisonous fangs into the trunk of a huge tree.

A man was sitting on the branches of that tree. The tree, as well as the man was charred to death within no time.

Kashyapa, indeed brought the tree and that man back to life.

Takshaka was stunned by this unbelievable act. He asked Kashyapa how much he expected as reward from the king.

Kashyapa revealed the amount, which he expected from Parikshita in lieu of giving him a fresh lease of life.

Takshaka gave lot of wealth to him as a bribe and Kashyapa went back home satisfied.

Takshaka then summoned all his companions and instructed them to go to the place where Parikshita lived, disguising themselves as hermits.

All the serpents went to meet Parikshita impersonating as hermits and offered fruits to him.

According to his plan, Takshaka had hidden himself within a plum fruit.

Takshaka bit Parikshita as soon as he got a chance. Parikshita died instantly.

Janamejaya (son of Parikshita) was crowned as the next king.

Meanwhile, people started criticizing the treacherous conduct of Kashyapa, which had resulted in the death of king Parikshita.

He decided to make a pilgrimage to Venkatachaleshwara (Venkatachalam) (today’s Tirupati), so that he became liberated from his sin.

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