Was Lord Krishna a thief | Was Lord Sri Krishna stealing butter and other things

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Just before going to “Was Lord Krishna a thief | Was Lord Sri Krishna stealing butter and other things“, let us have a brief some brief information.

Lord Sri Krishna is a direct avatar (reincarnation) of Lord Sri Vishnu. There is no difference between Lord Sri Krishna and Lord Sri Vishnu.

Lord Sri Krishna parents names are : Devaki Devi (mother) and Vasudeva (father). Vasudeva is an avatar of Maharishi Kashyapa and Devaki Devi is an avatar of Aditi Devi.

Lord Sri Krishna foster parents names are : Yashoda Devi (mother) and Nanda Maharaj (Nanda Gopa) (father).

My dear friends, now let us come to our question(s).

Was Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna a thief? Especially during his young age, was Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna a thief? Was Lord Sri Krishna stealing butter and other things?

Let us analyze about this : First of all Lord Sri Krishna is svayam Lord Sri Vishnu himself.

All the unlimited universes belongs to him and he is the boss and proprietor of all the unlimited universes.

Lord Sri Krishna is the greatest. He is the Aadi (grand first). There was nobody before to him. There is nobody who will be above him or equal to him. 

Even Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi is the biggest dasi (servant) of Lord Sri Hari (another name of Lord Sri Krishna). For this reason, Lord Sri Vishnu is called as Sri Lakshmi Pati or Sri Srisha.

With all the Devatas (the Demigods) like Lord Brahma Deva, Goddess Sarasvati Devi, Lord Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva),

Goddess Tulasi Devi, Goddess Parvati Devi, Lord Indra Deva, Lord Surya Deva etc. etc. etc. are all only followers of Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) (Krishna) (Rama).

Whatever Lord Sri Krishna wants or wishes, these Devatas will be ready to do this and it will be a privilege for the Devatas to do the works as per the instructions given by Sri Hari / Sri Krishna.

If Sri Hari wishes to create the universe, he orders Sri Brahma Deva to create the universe.

If Sri Hari wishes to maintain this universe, he himself does the same.

If he wishes that whole of this universe needs to be again rebuild, the whole universe will be destroyed by Sri Rudra Deva by the orders of the Sri Hari.

[Even creation and destroying can’t be done by Sri Brahma Deva and Sri Rudra Deva without the help of Sri Hari.]

[They have to completely depend on Sri Hari, means Sri Hari is the antaryami (someone who is inside everybody) and Lord Sri Vishnu does this through these Devatas].

If rain has to be poured, Sri Hari orders Sri Indra Deva to pour rain on the earth.

If light is required on the earth, Sri Hari orders Sri Surya Deva to provide light to the mother earth.

If coolness is required, Sri Hari orders Sri Chandra Deva to provide the same to the beings of the mother earth.

Anything and everything is completely dependent on Sri Hari and his wishes. Nobody can do anything without Sri Hari’s wishes and support.

With this background, let us understand the meaning of the chora / chor (thief) which is one of the names of Sri Krishna.

That is the full and correct name is Navaneeta Chora, this means, someone who steals the butter from the Gopikagan (Gopikas) house.

One more point – Do we know who has given the food items to us. Again it is Sri Hari (another name of Sri Krishna).

Krishna – कृष्ण / ಕೃಷ್ಣ / kr̥ṣṇa – Here, कृष्ण means कृषि / ಕೃಷಿ / kr̥ṣi. Krishna (कृष्ण) is the main cause for doing कृषि (Agriculture) works on earth.

So, if Sri Krishna has given anything and everything to us, then how can Sri Krishna be a thief.

Everything belongs to Sri Krishna. He is the sole owner of these multiverses (unlimited universe).

He is the creator, he is the maintainer, he is the destroyer. He has given everything to us.

Without his help or support nothing happens in this multiverses. Even a smallest leaf has to move means, that has to happen with the wishes of Sri Hari.

Then why do people say Sri Krishna is a thief?

Has he stolen which he is not the owner?

For example, if we need to build a house means, we need all the raw materials to build the house.

1. First of all we need the land, which is not ours.

2. Secondly for the foundation of the house, we need so many materials like mud, cement, steel etc.

Again this is not manufactured by us. Even if there is a company to manufacture all these things means, there should be some raw material.

This raw material can’t be manufactured or produced by anyone. It is available in the nature. Nature got the raw material from Sri Hari.

3. After foundation, the house has to be build. Again, we need mud, cement, bricks, steel etc. Again the same thing. From where we got the raw material. It is from Sri Hari.

4. Finally after the construction of the company the final touches needs to be given. We need paint and other things. Again these raw materials is given by Sri Hari.

5. Later after completing the construction of the house, we need to do the pooja. Again we need so many materials like flowers, water, etc.

This is also given by Sri Hari. On that we need a brahman (pujari) who should know the shastra.

And that brahman should be well versed in the Vedas and it’s pronunciation. Again this is provided by Sri Hari.

6. We need to serve food for the people who have come to the function of the house (Griha Pravesha). Here again we need the food items. Again this is provided by Sri Hari.

Thus we need to think, what is ours?


Everything is given by Sri Krishna. Then why we tell Sri Krishna as thief.

It is his own food items like Navaneeta (makhan / butter) which Sri Krishna gets from the Gopikas’ houses. 

How can Sri Krishna be a thief? 

It is we who are the real thieves. We are doing all the unwanted and useless things on this earth which is completely against the Sanatana Dharma. 

We are fools. We are the greatest fools and thieves. 

Let us come out of this mindset. 

There is nothing which is I, which is mine, which is me, which is ours, etc. etc. etc. Everything belongs to Sri Krishna. 

Anything and everything belongs to Sri Krishna. We should stop worrying.

Let us understand who is Sri Hari. 

Let us be in the right path and in the right path means which Sri Krishna has shown in his different granthas (divine books / scriptures). 

Let us all walk in the path which is as instructed by Sri Krishna. If we do the correct Karma, we will gain the good fruits. 

If we do the Karma which is against the Sanatana Dharma, we will get the same unwanted fruits.

Let us all open our eyes. Let us all open our inner aatma’s eyes. Let us understand the path of Sri Hari. 

Just like a person who doesn’t have a small house, he dreams of building his own house (a better place). 

Similarly let us also try to achieve to get into the next better planets in our next janma (life) at least. 

On this earth, nothing is left to us. We only need to understand Sri Krishna to achieve our goals (not the material, I am talking about divine / spiritual things).

We need to seek the path the Moksha / Mukti. Everything else is a BIG ZERO.

With this let us pray to our Gurus and other Devatas. And finally to Sri Hari and let us seek the way to the Vaikuntha (Moksha / Mukti) with the blessings of the Sri Vasudeva.

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