Uses (benefits) of chanting (reading) Vishnu Sahasranama | How to get rid of all the diseases (hardships) (Hinduism)

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Just before going to “Uses (benefits) of chanting (reading) Vishnu Sahasranama | How to get rid of all the diseases (hardships) (Hinduism)“, let us have some brief information.

Usually people pronounce ‘Sri Vishnu Sahasranama’ as ‘Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam’ or ‘Sri Vishnu Sahasranam’, etc.

Read this short story of which will excite everyone. The Mantra given by Sri Bhishmacharya Ji (Bhishma Pitamaha) is as given below:

According to our Hindu Shastras (Texts), in this Kali Yuga, a man’s life span on this earth is one hundred and twenty years (Let us consider our age on this earth as 100 years).

In these hundred years, there are 36,000 days and 36,000 nights. According to our Hindu Shastras (Texts), the human body has 72 thousand nerves in his / her body.

Of these total nerves, 36,000 are on the left side of our body and 36,000 are on our right side of our body.

If blood flows in these nerves in the right manner throughout our life span, then no human will get any disease in any form.

In the Brihatisahasra (part of our Great Vedas), there are 1000 mantras. In these 1000 mantras, there are 72,000 aksharas (alphabets) (36,000 + 36,000 = 72,000).

The summary essence of these 1000 mantras, Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji has given as in the form of 1000 names of Lord Sri Vishnu as the Great Sri Vishnu Sahasranama.

Chanting and reading the Great Sri Vishnu Sahasranama is like chanting the 72,000 letters of the Brahatisahasra (part of our Great Vedas). 

This will activate the full blood circulation in our body for all the 72,000 (36,000 + 36,000) nerves.

Hence the Great Sri Vishnu Sahasranama is one of the greatest healers for the human body. 

However, it is very important to understand the meaning of the Great Sri Vishnu Sahasranama and to recite with our full interest and Great Bhakti (devotion) to activate this process.

The Vedas have at least three meanings, the Mahabharata verses have at least 10 meanings, and each name of Great Sri Vishnu Sahasranama has at least a hundred meanings.

It is for this reason, that our Great ancestors (Rishis and Maharishis) considered the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and the Sri Vishnu Sahasranama as the most valuable scriptures on this earth.

Dharmaraja (Yudhishthira) asks Sri Bhishmacharya Ji (Bhishma Pitamaha), who was lying on the Sharapanjaram / Shayya (the bed of arrows) as given below:

“Who is the real Bhagavan (God) of the unlimited universes (multiverse)?”

“On doing whose stuti (chanting the names) will we get benefitted?”

“On singing whose glory will we get benefitted?”

“On doing whose archana (a type of pooja) will we get benefitted?”

“Among all the Dharmas, which is the most important Dharma?”

“On praying who can free us from the cycle of all sins and death?“

To all these questions, Sri Bhishmacharya Ji (Bhishma Pitamaha) says, “Sri Vishnu Sahasranama” is the only cure and most beneficial mantra in these unlimited universes.

Sri Bhishmacharya Ji (Bhishma Pitamaha) says to Yudhisthira as given below:

“Duryodhana made you (Pancha Pandavas) to stay in the wax palace to kill you by setting that palace on fire at night.”

“But, Vidura’s foresight saved you from the cage of death. I was the most happy person to know, that you all were unharmed.”

“Whether it was pleasure or sorrow, I was always getting calmed if I was sharing all my thoughts with my Mother Sri Ganga Devi.”

Sri Bhishmacharya Ji (Bhishma Pitamaha) continues as given below:

“One morning, I grabbed a crutch (similar to a बैसाखी / baisaki) in my hand and walked towards my mother’s lap, but even that time I was only worried about you Five Pandavas.”

“I was thinking about your hardships that you had suffered throughout the life, but at that time one Chameleon got struck with my crutch and was suffering from the pain”.

“As I was involved in deep thinking, I was disturbed. For this reason, without thinking twice I thrown away that Chameleon using my crutch.”

“It (Chameleon) fell on a thorny bush and started to shout”, 

“Oh Great man, kindly stop. You are throwing me away as if you have no relationship with me. What you are doing is it right, please tell me?” 

“After hearing this I (Sri Bhishmacharya Ji) said,”

“it is you who got stuck in my crutch, there’s nothing wrong I have done”.

For this it (Chemeleon) replied:

“Oh yes Great man, I myself got struck with your crutch. But, you even didn’t cared my plight.”

“Even on hearing my painful sound, you thrown away me on the thorny bush. What you have done is it right?”

“For this reason, you will also have to undergo the same pain which I am going through right now.”

“You will also be lying down on the arrows of bed similar to me when your last time comes closer.”

“Saying so, the Chameleon cursed me”.

“By that time, even I was also aware of my grave mistake. Asking apologies, I tried to run fast towards Chameleon.”

“But by the time I reached towards that Chameleon, it had already had taken it’s last breath by loosing all it’s blood through immense bleeding.”

For Sri Bhishmacharya Ji (Bhishma Pitamaha), the power of the ‘Sri Vishnu Sahasranama‘ was self-known. He was aware of the Great Sri Vishnu Sahasranama in full.

With this Great Power, Sri Bhishmacharya Ji (Bhishma Pitamaha) had kept the death and all the diseases away by chanting the Great Sri Vishnu Sahasranama.

At the same time, Lord Sri Krishna by knowing the Great Bhakti (devotion) of Sri Bhishmacharya Ji (Pitamaha),

had come to meet him and also gave the Great Chance of getting the Darshanam (divine view) and Sparshanam (feel of touching) of svayam Lord Sri Krishna.

Sri Bhishmacharya Ji (Bhishma Pitamaha) says as given below:

न वासुवेदा भक्तानां अशुभं विद्यते क्वचित | ನ ವಾಸುವೇದ ಭಕ್ತಾನಾಂ ಅಶುಭಂ ವಿದ್ಯತೇ ಕ್ವಚಿತ್ | na vāsuvēda bhaktānāṁ aśubhaṁ vidyatē kvacit |

Meaning of this above shloka (hymn) : Anybody who chants (reads) the Great Sri Vishnu Sahasranama everyday with Great Bhakti (devotion),

will never get any type of even the small hardships, diseases, etc. through out his / her life span.

Not only that, anybody who chants (reads) the Great Sri Vishnu Sahasranama everyday with Great Bhakti (devotion), there will not be a single ominous thing throughout his / her lifespan.

Those people have no fear of early death, death, old age, or any disease or whatsoever.

“Moreover, with sincere devotion, diligent recitation is done of the Great Sri Vishnu Sahasranama everyday with Great Bhakti (devotion), Lord Sri Krishna will give us the final Mukti / moksha itself”.

What more we need. Mukti / Moksha means freedom of the bondage of these material things and getting directly to ‘Lord Sri Vishnu’s most Supreme Abode Vaikuntha‘.

Material benefits of Chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasranama : We will get all the ‘satvika sampat’, that is, divine wealth.

Here wealth means including money, education, health, prosperity, success, security, well-being, comfort, etc.

Spiritual benefits of Chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasranama : We will get a permanent place in Lord Sri Vishnu’s Supreme Abode of Vaikuntha through Moksha (Mukti) (Liberation).

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