What are Hindu Gods and Goddesses weapons names | What are the powerful weapons of Hindu mythology?

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Hindu Gods and Goddesses weapons names | What are the powerful weapons of Hindu mythology? |

What are the powerful weapons of Hindu mythology? | How many weapons are there in Hindu mythology? |

Names of weapons of Hindu Gods | Most powerful weapon in Hindu mythology | And many more…

Hindu Gods and Goddesses always will be having one or more weapons in their hands.

Starting from Bhagavan Sri Vishnu all other Devatas / Demigods also hold various types of weapons in their hands.

These weapons showcase the greatness of the Hinduism.

Hinduism is highly tolerant Dharma, but if someone wants to disturb the integrity of Sanatana Dharma,

then either Bhagavan Sri Vishnu and / or other Devatas(s) will take avatar on this earth

and will completely destroy the ‘adharmis’ and again Dharma is reestablished on this earth.

Same thing has happened in all the avatars of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu and other Devatas.

Now, let us move forward and let us know the various kinds of divine weapons that are been used by Hindu Gods and Goddesses:

List of Hindu Gods and Goddesses weapons names are as given below:

भगवान विष्णु (Lord Vishnu)

सुदर्शन चक्र (Sudarshana Chakra / Disc)

पांचजन्य शंख (Panchajanya Shankha / Conch)

कौमोदकी गदा (Koumodaki Gada / Mace)

शाराज्ञा धनुष (Shaargna Dhanus / Bow)

नंदक कत्ति (Nandaka Katti / Sword)

नारायणास्त्र / Narayanastra

वैष्णवास्त्र / Vaishnavastra

भगवान वराह (Lord Varaha – an avatar of Sri Vishnu)

Lord Varaha Svami used his own tusks as a weapon to kill the Rakshasa Hiranyaksha.

भगवान नरसिम्हा (Lord Narasimha – an avatar of Sri Vishnu)

Bhagavan Narasimha Svami used his own nakha / nails to kill the Rakshasa (demon) Hiranyakashipu.

भगवान वामन (Lord Vamana – an avatar of Sri Vishnu)

Lord Vamana used tantra / tactics and smiling face to defeat Bali Chakravarti.

Lord Vamana pushes Bali Chakravarti to Patala Loka and gets back the Swarka Loka from Bali Chakravarti and gives back to Lord Indra.

भगवान परशुराम (Lord Parashurama – an avatar of Sri Vishnu)

Lord Parashurama used Parashu the axe to kill the adharmic (vile) Kshatriyas on this earth.

भगवान रामा (Lord Rama – an avatar of Sri Vishnu)

Lord Sri Rama used mainly कोदंडा / Kodanda Dhanush / bow as the weapon along with other बान / arrows.

As Sri Rama was directly Bhagavan (God) and he can create any number of arrows to kill or destroy anybody.

Since Lord Rama holds the Kodanda Dhanush, he is also called as Kodanda Pani (Holder of Kodand bow).

भगवान श्री कृष्णा (Lord Krishna – an avatar of Sri Vishnu)

Bhagavan Sri Krishna not only used the following:

सुदर्शन चक्र (Sudarshana Chakra)

पांचजन्य शंख (Panchajanya shankha)

कौमोदकी गदा (Koumodaki gada)

शाराज्ञा धनुष (Shaargna dhanus)

नंदक कत्ति (Nandaka katti / ghadga)

But also used political & military strategies etc. to destroy and kill several of the Rakshasas and enemies on earth.

Note: It should be noted that, Bhagavan Sri Vishnu / Sri Rama / Sri Krishna (or any avatar of Sri Vishnu) can use anything as a weapon to get the job done.

Be it physical or emotional or intellectual or verbal or any Dharmic way.

Whatever Lord Vishnu will always be in Dharmic way and he never opts for any Adharmic way.

What Lord Vishnu does, will become Dharma automatically.

As he is both the material cause (upadanakarana) and the efficient cause (nimittakarana) of everything,

including time – space, there is nothing that cannot serve as his weapon in these unlimited universes.

श्री चतुर मुख ब्रह्मा देवा / Lord Brahma Deva

Sri Chaturmukha Brahma doesn’t uses any astra / weapon physically.

He usually holds the Chatur Vedas (four Vedas), Japamala (Chanting Rosary), Kamandala (Divine pot) and Kamala (Lotus flower) in his hands.

Lord Brahma Deva’s main astras are Brahmastra, Brahmashirshastra, Brahmandastra.

श्री सरस्वती देवी / Goddess Sri Sarasvati Devi

Sri Sarasvati Devi holds the Japamala (Chanting Rosary), Veena and Four Vedas in her hands. 

श्री मुख्या प्राण देवा (श्री वायु देवा) / Sri Mukhyapraana Deva (Lord Sri Vayu Deva)

He will be the Sri Chaturmukha Brahma Deva in the next Kalpa. His different avatars are Sri Hanuman, Sri Bhima and Sri Madhvacharya Ji.

As Sri Vayu Deva, he holds the ankusha (goad), gada / mace in his hands.

His one hand will be like an Abhaya mudra (daunt-lessness), which shows us that he is giving as all the courage to fight against all the impurities.

As Hanuman, his main weapon (not limited to) is gada / mace.

As Bhima, his main weapon (not limited to) is gada / mace.

(It should be remembered that just holding gada / mace doesn’t mean Sri Vayu Deva / Sri Hanuman / Sri Bhima doesn’t know how to use the other weapons.)

(He is the greatest Bhagavan after Sri Hari and Sri Mahalakshmi Devi and he is at the same level as the present Sri Chaturmukha Brahma Deva.)

(He is very much capable of using the other weapons also).

As Sri Madhvacharya Ji, his main weapon is granthas (Divine texts). He is happy in spreading the Sri Hari’s Great Sanatana Dharma to the world.

Sri Vayu Deva carries an astra known as “Vayuvyastra”. 

श्री भारती देवी / Goddess Sri Bharati Devi

Sri Bharati Devi is the consort of Sri Vayu Deva (Sri Mukhyaprana Deva). In the next life she will be born as Sri Sarasvati Devi.

She holds the same things, which the present Sri Sarasvati Devi holds, that is the Japamala, Four Vedas and Veena in her hands.

श्री रूद्र देवा / श्री शिवा  / Lord Rudra Deva / Lord Shiva

Lord Rudra Deva / Lord Shiva main weapons are Trishula, Parashu (axe), Pinaka dhanush, Pashupatastra,

Chandrahasa sword, Khatvanga (looks like a long stick), Ekasha Gada (Mace).

Apart from this Sri Shiva has “Shivastra”, “Maheshvarastra”, “Rudrastra”. 

श्री पार्वती देवी / Sri Parvati Devi


श्री दुर्गा देवी / Sri Durga Devi

To know more information about Sri Durga Devi’s different weapons, you visit my another post with the below link:

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श्री गणेशा / Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha holds the weapons like Parashu (axe), paashaa (noose), ankusha (elephant goad).

Also holds the food item like Modaka.

श्री कार्तिकेय / श्री स्कन्दा / Lord Kartikeya (Lord Skanda)

Sri Kartikeya holds a spear named Shakti, bow and arrow.

श्री इंद्रा देवा / Lord Indra Deva

Sri Indra Deva’s main weapon is Vajrayudha.

This great and strong weapon was made using the backbone of the a great rishi called “Dhadichi”.

He has one astra called as “Indrastra” and also has Vasavi Shakti.

With this he also has “Maghavana”. 

श्री शची देवी / Goddess Sri Shachi Devi

She is the wife of Sri Indra Deva. 

श्री सूर्य देवा / Lord Surya Deva

Sri Surya Deva’s weapon is a wand. His consort name is Sri Saranyu Devi and Chhaya Devi.

Sri Surya Deva has an astra known as “Suryastra”. He also has “Tejaprabhastra”.

श्री वरुण देवा / Lord Varuna Deva

Sri Varuna Deva carries a paasha (A rope) called Varunapaasha.

His consort name Sri Vaaruni Devi, Sri Ganga Devi and all the rivers which go and join the ocean (Indian ocean).

He has one astra known as “Varunastra”. 

श्री मित्र देवा  / Lord Mitra Deva

Sri Mitra Deva is one among the Aditya Devata (Adityas) like the Lord Indra Deva.

Sri Mitra Deva carries a sword and his consort name is (will be updated).

श्री चंद्र देवा / Lord Chandra Deva

Sri Chandra Deva carries a rope called “Chandrapaasha”.

He has 27 consorts and all these consorts are 27 nakshatras. 

श्री काम देवा / मन्मथा / Lord Kama Deva / Manmatha

Sri Kama Deva carries one “Pushpa Dhanush” (sugarcane bow) and one “Pushpa shara” (floral arrow). His consort name is Rati Devi. 

श्री अग्नि देवा / Lord Agni Deva

Sri Agni Deva carries a type of stick. He has an astra known as “Agneyastra”. His consort name is Svaha.

श्री देवर्षि नारदा / Sri Devarshi Narada

Even though Devarshi Narada doesn’t carry any weapon, but his Veena name is called as ‘mahati‘.

More names will be updated regularly, do visit this website after sometime to get the latest information.

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