What is Draupadi Swayamvar story (correct and full information) | 12 names of Draupadi

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Why did Draupadi refused to marry Karna? | What happened to Karn in Draupadi swayamvar? |

What was Draupadi age at swayamvar? | Draupadi swayamvar summary | 12 names of Draupadi | Draupadi swayamvar in english |

Draupadi different names are : Krishnaa (Kṛṣṇā), Panchali (Pāñcālī), Yajnaseni (Yajñasenī), Drupadakanya (Drupadakanyā), Sairandhri (Sairandhrī), Parshati (Parṣatī), Nityayuvani (Nityayuvanī), Mahabharati (Mahābhārati), Agnija (Agnijā), Kalyani, Malini (Mālinī), Panchavallabha (Pancavallabhā) and Pandusharmila (Pāṇḍuśarmilā).

(Meaning of these names are given below, at the end / bottom of this post.)

Draupadi is one among the Panchakanya : Other four are Ahalya (ahalyā), Sita (sītā), Tara (tārā) and Mandodari (maṇḍōdari).

Draupadi parents names are : Drupada (father), Prishati (mother).

Draupadi sibling names are : Dhristadyumna (twin-brother), Satyajita (brother), Shikhandi (sister turned brother)

Draupadi spouse names are : Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva.

Draupadi children (sons) names are : Prativindhya from Yudhishthira, Sutasoma from Bhima, Shrutakarma from Arjuna, Shatanika from Nakula and Shrutasena from Sahadeva.

What is “Draupadi Swayamvar story (correct and full information)” is as given below:

Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji asked Pandavas to move further from Ekachakranagara (Ēkacakranagara) (Ekachakranagar).

[Lord (Sage) Sri Vedavyasa Ji is an avatar of Lord Sri Vishnu, similar to Lord Sri Krishna or Lord Sri Rama.]

Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji informed that Draupadi Svayamvara (Swayamvar) has been announced and they (Pandavas) should go there.

Since, Pandavas were moving in the disguise of Brahmanas (Brahmins), the other Brahmanas (Brahmins) also proposed to go to Svayamvara and enjoy a big feast.

When Drupada (King of Panchala) had heard that the Pandavas were burnt down at Varnavata, he was very unhappy. Drupada had a son called Dhristadyumna and a daughter Draupadi.

Drupada (King of Panchal) had obtained these two children by performing Putrakameshti yagna (A sacrifice to obtain children).

Drupada wanted to give his daughter Draupadi to Arjuna by marriage. Though Drupada had heard that Pandavas were burnt down, he was not fully convinced of it.

Drupada hoped that Arjuna (the 3rd Pandava) is alive somewhere and will arrive if Svayamvara of Draupadi is announced. 

Lord Sri Krishna (An avatar of Lord Sri Vishnu) very much knew that Pandavas were not burnt down at all.

But still however, on hearing the news of the burning of their house, Lord Sri Krishna went to Hastinavati (Hastinapura), to offer his condolence to Dhritarashtra.

[This was just a vidambana (a pastime / drama) done by Lord Sri Krishna.]

Lord Sri Krishna had to return to Dvaraka (Dwarka) as the news of the death of Satrajita came to him.

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Lord Sri Krishna returned to Dvaraka (Dwarka).

Later on hearing the announcement of Draupadi svayamvar, Lord Sri Krishna went to the city of Drupada along with other Yadavas.

Sri Krishna at the Draupadi Swayamvara

However, Lord Sri Krishna had told Yadavas that their visit was only to see the svayamvara, but not to participate in it.

In view of this, Lord Sri Krishna himself and Balarama did not participate in svayamvar.

On their way to the city of Drupada (Panchala), Pandavas reached the bank of river Ganga at midnight. 

This disturbed a Gandharva named as ‘Chitraratha’ who was sporting in the water. He attacked Pandavas. Arjuna countered it forcefully. Chitraratha surrendered.

Arjuna taught Chitraratha ‘Agneyastra’ (a weapon using fire). Arjuna accepted ‘Adrishya Vidya’ (knowledge to become invisible) from Chitraratha.

This was not an exchange on equal basis. ‘Agneyastra’ is much superior to ‘adrishya vidya’.

Therefore Agneyastra was given as a gift and adrishya vidya was received as an offering.

Gandharva Chitraratha suggested Arjuna that sage Dhaumyacharya to be taken as a family priest along with them. Pandavas agreed and took him as family priest. 

At Drupada’s city (Panchal) a grand ‘Svayamvara pendalam’ (huge tent type) was put up.

Duryodhana, Karna, Shishupala, Jarasandha, etc. and many other large number of kings desirous of seeking the hand of Draupadi Devi were present in this Great Svayamvar.

Pandavas were sitting among Brahmanas. Dhristadyumna announced the terms to win the hand of Draupadi Devi.

A fish was tied to the branch of a tree. Its reflection was to be seen in the water kept below.

The participants in Svayamvara were required to hit the fish looking down its reflection in the water. 

Dhristadyumna gave a bowl and five arrows. First Shishupala tried and failed completely.

(Shishupala is an avatar of Jaya, a gate keeper at the Vaikuntha, an abode of Lord Sri Vishnu.)

Then, Jarasandha, Shalya tried and failed completely. 

In the case of Karna a ticklish point is raised. According to Indian serials and movies of Mahabharata Draupadi remarked that “Naham Variyam Sutam” I do not like to marry a suta / charioteer.

On the other hand when Arjuna asks Dhristadyumna whether a Brahmana (Brahmin) can participate in the svayamvara contest, Dhristadyumna replies that:

“Brahmano Vatha Rajanyo Vaishyo va shudra aeva va?”

Meaning of the above shloka : Whoever may be, he may be one among Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra, if he can wield the bow and hit the mark, I shall give my sister to him.

This is the correct shloka from the Mahabharata.

(Don’t believe TV serials and movies. They only care about money and they don’t want to follow the Dharma given in Hindu texts.)

From this it is very clear that Karna lost the chance by his incapability and not on the ground of his caste. The Indian serials and movies version seems to be interpolation.

Finally Arjuna succeeds in hitting the mark and qualifies himself to seek the hand of Draupadi Devi.

After the event the usual fight among claimants takes place and Arjuna defeats them all very easily.

When Pandavas return home and inform Kunti Devi (the mother of Pandavas) about their gain, another ticklish situation arises.

Without knowing the nature of the gain, Kunti tells her sons that “you five share it”. How could five brothers share one single wife?

This problem was solved by Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji who arrived at that time.

Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji informs Drupada (the king of Panchal), that the Pandavas are really the avatars of:

Lord Sri Yama Deva (Yudhisthira), Lord Sri Vayu Deva (Bhima), Lord Sri Indra Deva (Arjuna) and the two Sri Ashvini Kumaras (Nakula and Sahadeva). 

The wives of these are present in the body of Draupadi Devi (as an amalgamation of five great Devis / Goddesses).

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Therefore, the marriage with Draupadi is really the marriage with their respective wives and not with a single woman.

With the grace of Lord (Sage) Sri Vedavyasa Ji, Drupada saw their wives in the person of Draupadi and prostrated at the feet of Lord (Sage) Sri Vedavyasa Ji.

[We should remember that Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji is an avatar of Lord Sri Vishnu and he still present physically on this earth with the same avatar in the Great Badrikashrama / present day Badrinath.]

Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji with the five Pandavas

(The stories shown in the Indian TV serials and movies are purely man made and man thought to increase the TRP of their sops.)

[Please don’t give any importance to such sops and start learning the original Mahabharata which was written by svayam Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji.]

The marriage was organized in a splendid manner way by Drupada, the king of the Panchala.

Vidura (Prime Minister of the Hastinapur) informed Dhritarashtra about this marriage and advised him to bring Pandavas back to Hastinavati (synonym of Hastinapura).

Bhishma and Drona also advised Dhritarashtra in the same way. Dhritarashtra invited the Pandavas to Hastinavati.

Pavadavas stayed in Dhritarashtra’s palace for few days and then moved to Kunti’s residence later one.

Pancha Patitva (purity) of Draupadi Devi

The way in which the Pandavas dealt with Draupadi is very divine and highly interesting to know.

In the person of Draupadi Devi five women viz Goddess Sri Bharati Devi (Lord Sri Vayu Deva’s consort), Goddess Sri Parvati Devi (Lord Shiva’s consort),

Goddess Sri Sachi Devi (Lord Sri Indra Deva’s consort), Goddess Sri Shyamala Devi (Lord Sri Yama Deva’s consort) and Goddess Sri Usha Devi (the two Ashvini Kumaras’ consort) were present. 

These were the wives of Lord Sri Yama Deva (Yudhishthira), Lord Sri Vayu Deva (Bhima), Lord Sri Indra Deva (Arjuna) and Sri Ashvini Kumaras (the two twins Nakula and Sahadeva) who were now born as five Pandavas.

When Dharmaraja / Yudhisthira was in contact with Sri Draupadi Devi, Goddess Sri Shyamala Devi used to be actively present and others used to be in dormant state.

Similarly when Bhimasena (Bhima) was in contact with Goddess Sri Draupadi Devi, Goddess Sri Bharati Devi used to be actively present and others used to be in a dormant state.

Likewise when Arjuna was in contact with Sri Draupadi Devi, Goddess Sri Sachi Devi used to be actively present and others used to in a dormant state.

Also finally when Nakula and Sahadeva were in was in contact with Sri Draupadi Devi, Goddess Sri Usha Devi used to be actively present and others used to in a dormant state.

This avoided the overlapping of the contacts of these couples.

The physical personalities of the wives were one, but their actual presence was relative to their husbands.

The whole set up seems to be beyond human logic and human understanding (especially of the Kali Yuga people, for whom money and sex is more important than the Dharma).

Lord Sri Krishna along with five Pandavas, Sri Draupadi Devi and Kunti Devi

That is why it is called ‘atimanusha shakti’ (beyond the imagination of the ordinary humans) and would never be understood by people without the blessings of Lord Sri Krishna, an avatar of Lord Sri Vishnu.

The people who always talk against the Goddess Sri Draupadi Devi without knowing the real meaning, will always go the narakas (hells) and will have to serve there for really, really long periods.

Duryodhana had married Bhanumati, the daughter of the king of Kashi even before Draupadi Svayamwar.

Duryodhana is the real Kali of Kali Yuga and Bhanumati is the wife of Kali and her name is Alakshmi (wife of Kali of Kaliyuga).

Alakshmi was born at the time of Samudra mathana (Amrit Manthan) before the avatar of Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.

(Please remember that this is only an avatar and not her first birth. Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi doesn’t has birth like ordinary humans.)

Alakshmi is a representative of all the inauspiciousness. The differences between Duryodhana and Pandavas were growing.

Therefore, Dhritarashtra thought of settling Pandavas in a different place giving a portion of Kingdom to them with a new capital city.

Thus Indraprastha was built. Dharmaraja (Yudhishthira) was duly coronated. Bhima was coronated as Yuvaraja (Prince).

Draupadi different names with meaning is as given below:

Krishnaa (Kṛṣṇā) : Someone with a dark complexion is called as Krishna. It is the birth name of Draupadi Devi. Even Arjuna is known as Krishna, because of his dark skin color.

Panchali (Pāñcālī) : She is the daughter of the place called Panchal (Panchala) and thus the name Panchali.

Yajnaseni (Yajñasenī) : Drupada’s another name is Yagnasena. Since she was the daughter of Yagnasena, she is called as Yagnaseni.

Drupadakanya (Drupadakanyā) : She is the daughter of the King Drupada and thus the name Drupakakanya.

Sairandhri (Sairandhrī) : During the incognito exile, she worked as a maid-servant (female artisan) in the Kingdom of Matsya (King Virata) and thus the name Sairandhri.

Parshati (Parṣatī) : King Drupada’s father name was Prashata and since she was born in his family, she is known as Parshati.

Nityayuvani (Nityayuvanī) : With the blessings of God, she was always young as 16 years old through out her lifespan and thus the name.

Mahabharati (Mahābhārati) : She was the daughter-in-law in the great (Maha) lineage of the King Bharata (Bharat) and thus the name.

Agnija (Agnijā) : Draupadi Devi was born from the agni kunda (fire) and thus she is known as Agnija. No Adharmi was able to touch her.

Kalyani (Kalyanī) : In Sanskrit Kalyana means fortune. She was the one who brought all the fortunes to the Pandavas and thus the name Kalyani. Yudhishthira used to call her with this name.

Malini (Mālinī) : She always had the fragrance of beautiful flowers from her body and also she was wearing flower garland and thus the name.

Panchavallabha (Pancavallabhā) : She was very loving wife of all the five Pandavas. Here Pancha means five and Vallabha means very loving.

Pandusharmila (Pāṇḍuśarmilā) : She was the daughter-in-law of the King Pandu and thus the name Pandusharmila.

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