Killing of Jarasandha (by Bhima) (Jarasandha information) | Why Bhima killed Jarasandha | Why Krishna never killed Jarasandh? | Why (was) Krishna afraid of Jarasandha?

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Just before going to “Killing of Jarasandha (by Bhima) (Jarasandha information) | Why Bhima killed Jarasandha | Why Krishna never killed Jarasandh? | Why (was) Krishna afraid of Jarasandha?“, let us have some brief information.

Few of the common questions asked regarding this subject are as given below:

Why did Krishna kill Jarasandha? | Why did Krishna not fight Jarasandha? | When did Bheem kill Jarasandha? | Was Jarasandh cruel? | Father of Jarasandha | 

Why krishna ran away from Jarasandha | Son of Jarasandha | Jarasandha and Krishna relation | Jarasandha story | Jarasandha vs Karna |

Jarasandha meaning | Jarasandha daughter | When was Jarasandha killed? | Why Krishna never killed Jarasandh? | Was Jarasandh cruel? | Why (was) Krishna afraid of Jarasandha? |

Let’s find answers to all of these and many more in this post.


Jarasandha parents names are : Brihadratha (father), Two princesses of Kashi (two mothers).

Jarasandha children names are : Sahadeva and Jayatsena (sons) | Asti and Prapti (daughters, wives of Kamsa)

Jarasandha kingdom name is : Magadha | Jarasandha weapon name is : Gada (mace) | Jarasandha dynasty name is : Brihadratha dynasty |

Jarasandha name meaning is : The word Jarasandha is the combination of two Sanskrit words, that is, Jara (जरा) and Sandha (सन्ध).

Here ‘Jara’ is the name of a demoness and ‘Sandha’ meaning joining. Thus the total meaning of Jarasandha is “someone who is joined by Jara”.

Jarasandha birth information is as given below:

Jarasandha’s father i.e. King Brihadratha married the twin daughters of the King of Kashi.

Brihadratha loved his two wives equally, but unfortunately they had no sons. A sage named Chandakaushika visited the kingdom of King Brihadratha and gave fruits to the king as a boon.

King Brihadratha divided the fruit equally between his two wives and gave it to them for consumption. Soon, both wives became pregnant and gave birth to two halves of a human body.

But, both did not breathe and hence King Brihadratha and his wives accepted that the babies born were dead.

These two lifeless parts were so horrible to look at and thus the King Brihadratha ordered both parts to be thrown into the forest immediately.

Jara, an asuri (demoness), found these two pieces in the forest and picked up one with her right hand, one with her left hand, holding each piece in her two palms.

When the demoness Jara brought both her palms together, the two parts instantly joined, becoming a living baby. The baby was crying loudly, which startled Jara.

Not having the heart to eat a live infant, Jara took the baby to the King Brihadratha and explained everything that had happened. The father was overjoyed to see his son alive and healthy.

Information about fight between Karna and Jarasandha is as given below:

In the Shanti Parva of the great epic Mahabharata, Jarasandha fought with Karna after the Swayamvara of Chitrangada’s daughter Bhanumati.

Karna defeated Jarasandha after a tough fight. To please Karna, Jarasandha gifted Karna to rule the land of Malini (Mālini).

Information about killing of Jarasandha (by Bhima) is as given below:

Lord Sri Krishna told Yudhishthira that Bhimasena (Bhima) is the most appropriate person to lead the Rajasuya Yagna. 

“Jarasandha will oppose this yagna. He has to be first killed. Bhima should be departed to kill him” said Lord Sri Krishna. Bhima readily agrees to proceed in the matter.

Lord Sri Krishna proposed that he himself accompanied by Bhima and Arjuna will go to kill Jarasandha. 

Jarasandha will consider Arjuna as inferior to him, he is afraid of me (Lord Sri Krishna), therefore he will choose to fight with Bhima only and will be killed by him (Bhima).

Reason for Krishna not killing Jarasandha is as given below:

Lord Sri Krishna further told Yudhishtira that, he himself did not kill Jarasandha when he attacked Mathura only to provide an opportunity to a Vishnu-Bhakta (devotee) (in this case to Bhima) to fight against a Shiva-Bhakta (devotee) (in this case Jarasandha) and reveal the superiority of Vishnu-Bhakta (devotee).

This removed the fear in the mind of Yudhishthira. Lord Sri Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna left for Magadha country.

A group of five hills that is, 

1. Vaihara | 2. Varaha | 3. Vrishabha | 4. Rishi and | 5. Chaityaka surrounded Girivraja. 

Jarasandha used to be worship one of these hills i.e. Chaityaka, since it looked like Shiva-Linga to him.

This was destroyed by Lord Sri Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna. Then, they entered into the city of Jarasandha through the path made by breaking the prakara wall.

This new way was made, since one is not expected to enter into enemy’s city through the main gate.

They (Lord Sri Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna) broke the drums, that is, the sound of which represented the glory of Jarasandha.

They snatched the flowers, sandal paste etc. from the shops in the city and entered into Jarasandha palace by making a breakaway for them.

They (Lord Sri Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna) had dressed like Brahmanas (Brahmins). They refused the hospitality offered by Jarasandha.

Jarasandha asked them as to who they were? Why they broke Shiva-Linga, broke the drum and snatched the flower etc.?

These acts do not befit the Brahmanas (Brahmins). On this Lord Sri Krishna replied:

“We are not Brahmanas (Brahmins). We are your enemies. You have undertaken a Bhairava-Yagna and propose to kill innocent kings and animals. We have come to punish you”.

Jarasandha said “I cannot stop my Bhairava-yagna. You have to fight with me”. Jarasandha proposed that he would fight with Bhimasena (Bhima).

A fight between the two with gada (mace) started. It was conducted outside the city.

Both displayed their skill in Gada-Yuddha (Mace fighting). Their gada (mace) were broken into pieces, and then they started fighting with fists.

The fight continued for fifteen days, Bhima firmly caught Jarasandha’s head, placed the foot on his trunk and broke him in two pieces.

Lord Sri Krishna gave a hint as to how to break Jarasandha by cutting grass blade and throwing the two pieces in opposite direction.

Bhima knew this secret. However, Lord Sri Krishna gave the hint to enthuse him Jarasandha’s son Sahadeva made peace with them by offering his sister and the chariot to Bhimasena (Bhima).

Bhima received his sister for his brother Sahadeva. Nakula had already married the daughter of Madra King.

These two wives of Nakula and Sahadeva were originally Ushas, that is, wife of Ashvini Kumaras (both Nakula and Sahadeva were the avatars of Ashvini Kumaras).

This Ushas is different from Usha the wife of Aniruddha. With the death of Jarasandha the main hurdle for the Rajasuya yagna of Pandavas was removed.

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