How Lord Shiva killed (destroyed) Tripurasur (full & correct information) | Shiva and Tripurasur story

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Just before going to “How Lord Shiva killed (destroyed) Tripurasur (full & correct information) | Shiva and Tripurasur story“, let us have some brief information.

Tripurasa parents names are : Father name is Tarakasura and mother name is Shambuki.

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Tripurasura meaning : Here Tripurasura means, three demons, that is, Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha and Kamalakshya, who were sons of Tarakasura.

(This demon, Tarakasura was killed by Kartikeya / Skanda – son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Sri Parvati Devi).

Boons for Tripurasura : After the killing of Tarakasura by Skanda (Kartikeya), these three sons did a severe penance to Lord Sri Brahma Deva and asked for the amaratva (immortality).

For this, Lord Sri Brahma Deva refused saying it can’t be given by him.

Then these three demons planned and sought another boon seeking three different cities made of Gold, silver and iron respectively, and that three cities align ‘only once in thousand years‘.

And these forts built in different worlds shall align once in every 1000 years.

This combined fort will be called Tripura (Three places / forts). And if anyone can then destroy, Tripura with only a single arrow that shall be the death for all three of them.

Lord Sri Brahma Deva granted this rare boon and Maya (rakshasas’ / demons’ engineer) built three forts for these three demons.

The golden fort in Swarga Loka (Heaven), the silver fort in the akasha (sky) and the iron fort on earth.

1. For the Golden City Tarakshya was the king. | 2. For the Silver City Kamalakshya was the king and, | 3. For the Iron City Vidyunmaali was the king.

Maya’s satvika chintana bodhana (Divinely very well thought teachings)

The three brothers were the kings of three cities created by Maya (rakshasa shilpi – architect among the rakshasas / demons).

Maya built these cities with the power bestowed by Lord Sri Brahma Deva as a special power.

Maya (Also called as Mayasura) is the demon architect and it is his duty to build whatever the demons ask for. Maya is also a satvika jeevi (Divine being).

Along with the three cities, Maya also built Lord Sri Rudra Deva’s (Lord Shiva’s) temple in the Golden city of Tarakakshya.

Mayasura (Maya) was giving many saatvika upadeshas (preaching) to the three brothers and his subordinates.

[The upadesha prabhava (influence of preaching) which Maya gave was there for these subordinates even during the Buddha avatar].

Maya understood that Kali (Kali Yuga’s Kali) and Alakshmi (Kali’s wife) had entered the forts, but he could not save the rakshasas / demons.

Hari (not Bhagavan, but a rakshasa / demons with the name Hari), the son of Tarakakshya did penance for Lord Sri Brahma Deva and sought the construction of ‘Mrita sanjeevani canal’ (Getting back to life), which Lord Sri Brahma Deva granted.

Those who were killed were immersed in the Mrita sanjeevani canal and they used to get back life with enhanced powers.

Lrod Sri Indra Deva, Lord Sri Surya Deva and other Devatas attacked Tripurasuras (the three asuras), and no one could win them as all those who die would be brought back by immersing them in the Mrita sanjeevani river.

Later, all the Devatas (Demigods) went to Lord Sri Brahma Deva, whereas Lord Sri Brahma Deva sent them all to meet Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva).

Lord Sri Brahma Deva also went with the other Devatas (Demigods) to meet Lord Shiva and told him to kill all the Tripurasuras.

Here, by seeing some of the Puranas, one may think that Lord Sri Brahma Deva is obeying to Lord Sri Rudra Deva Lord Shiva) as he also went to meet Lord Shiva and pleaded for killing of the asuras.

[But one must always remember that Lord Sri Brahma Deva did it for ‘asura jana mohanaarta’ (to show the illusionary path to demonic people) and he was praying to the Lord Sri Vishnu who is present as antaryaami inside Lord Sri Rudra Deva.]

Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva) told all the Devatas (Demigods) to give their half of the powers to him so as to enable him to kill the asuras (demons), which they did as per the request.

The Devatas (Demigods) arranged for a beautiful Chariot, built by Vishwakarma (Deva Shilpi / Deva’s engineer / architect), wherein Lord Sri Brahma Deva himself stood as Sri Rudra Deva’s sarathi / charioteer.

[Again we need to remember that Lord Sri Brahma Deva is the father of Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva) and is at the higher position than Lord Sri Rudra Deva.]

[For example in Mahabharata Lord Sri Krishna becomes the sarathi / charioteer of Arjuna. This doesn’t mean that Arjuna is greater than Lord Sri Krishna).

One arrow was built with the power and presence of Lord Sri Vishnu, Soma (moon Devata / Demigod) and Agni (fire Devata / Demigod) in the arrow.

Lord Sri Vishnu was at the edge of the arrow. Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva) told Devatas (Demigods) that his charioteer shall be supreme than him.

As such, Lord Sri Brahma Deva agreed to become sarathi / charioteer for the chariot.

Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva) waited for the occasion, that is, when all the three of their lokas come in the same line.

Immediately Lord Shiva entered the battlefield, the three forts were about to merge into a single line, (this was the condition) and would last for just a second, which will happen once in thousand years.

At this exact time, Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva) used the most destructive weapon controlled by him, the Pashupatastra and killed the Tripurasura (three demons) and Tripura (their three cities).

Why Lord Shiva is called as Tripurari or Tripurantaka : Thus, Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva) killed all these three demons with the help of Lord Sri Brahma Deva and Lord Sri Vishnu.

Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva) proved the boon given by Lord Sri Brahma Deva by killing the three asuras (demons) in a single arrow.

Thus, Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva) got the name “Tripurari” or “Tripuraantaka” (someone who killed the three asuras / demons and three cities).

Form of Lord Shiva to kill and destroy Tripurasura and Tripura : The roopa (form) which Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva) took for samhaara (killing) of Tripurasura is called as “Aghora”.

The story of killing of Tripurasura  is called as “Rudra Vijaya” (Victory of Lord Sri Rudra Deva / Lord Shiva).

Those who read this story, listen this story will get “vijaya” (victory) and would be blessed by Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva).

Further, it is also good to hear the ‘Tripurasura samhara’ (killing of Tripurasura) story during ‘Shraddha kaala’ as it earns ‘sarva yagna phala’ (Fruits of the yagna).  (This story is taken from Matsya Purana).

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