Maharishi Bhrigu information (facts) (details) story | Lord Vishnu taking Lord Balaji (Srinivasa) avatar

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Just before going to “Maharishi Bhrigu information (facts) (details) story | Lord Vishnu taking Lord Balaji (Srinivasa) avatar“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu (Bhrugu) parents names are : Lord Sri Brahma Deva (father). He is one of the ‘Brahma Manasa Putra’ (born from the mind).

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu (Bhrugu) wife names are : Khyati, Kavyamata and Puloma.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu (Bhrugu) children names are : Dhata, Vidhata, Bhargavi (from Khyati), Shukracharya (from Kavyamata), and Chyavana (from Puloma).

Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu was born mainly for the ‘Praja-srusti(सृष्टि) (sr̥ṣṭi) (to increase the population) by Lord Sri Brahma Deva.

Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu was born as a ‘Brahma Manasa Putra‘ (born from the manas / mind of Lord Sri Brahma Deva). Thus, Maharshi Bhrigu is termed as a ‘Prajapati’.

Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu’s one of the wife name is called as ख्याति (Khyaati). She was the daughter of Daksha Prajapati.

Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu is the author of a grantha / scripture called “Bhrigu samhita (sanhita)”. This is an astrological grantha / scripture.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu іѕ supposed tο һаνе cast horoscopes many yugas (since unknown time) back itself and this is still valid even today.

Sakshaat (veritably) Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi incarnated as Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu’s daughter.

Here Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi’s name was known as ‘Goddess Sri Bhargavi Devi’ (Bhrigu’s daughter and thus the name Bhargavi.)

(This is one of the avatar of Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi and not the first birth).

Who married Bhargavi daughter of Bhrigu? : Lord Sri Vishnu married Bhargavi (Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi), daughter of Maharshi Bhrigu.

The great Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu perfected tһе knowledge οf Hindu predictive astrology since unknown time.

The ashrama (hermitage) of Maharishi Bhrigu was in today’s Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

There is a temple of Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu on the banks of Narmada river in Gujarat in the City of Bharuch.

A great saint from today’s Karnataka called Sri Vijayadasa Ji (Sri Vijayadasaru) is an avatar of this great Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu.

Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu had taken an avatar as a hunter in ‘Dvapara Yuga’ called Jara.

This same Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu in his avatar of Jara in ‘Dvapara Yuga’ shoot an arrow at Lord Sri Krishna lotus feet. With this Lord Sri ended his stay on earth.

[We should note that Lord Sri Krishna has no birth or death. Lord Sri Krishna can neither be created nor be destroyed.]

[This is just a vidambana (pastime) of Lord Sri Krishna and nothing else.]

[Only fools think that Lord Sri Krishna got killed by Jara. Whereas Lord Sri Krishna’s bhaktas / devotees accept this is a leela / vidambana / pastime of Lord Sri Krishna.]

Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu (Bhrugu) is a ‘rishi’ (seer) of ‘mukhya prANa prati-paadaka Balittaa sukta‘. This means he followed ‘Mukhyapraana Deva (Vayu Deva) as his Guru‘.

Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu was responsible for bringing Lord Sri Vishnu on earth in Kali Yuga in avatar known as:

Lord Sri Srinivasa (Lord Sri Venkatesha) (Lord Sri Venkateswara) (Lord Sri Balaji) to today’s Tirupati (Tirumala) (Venkatachalam).

Information about birth story of Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu is as given below:

When Lord Sri Brahma Deva was performing a great Yajna (fire sacrifice) on behalf of Lord Sri Varuna Deva, Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu was born from that same sacrificial fire.

Information about Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu in Taittiriya Upanishad is as given below:

The Taittiriya Upanishad has three chapters as given here: ‘The Siksha Valli‘, ‘The Ananda Valli‘ and ‘The Bhrigu Valli‘.

The first chapter ‘The Siksha Valli’ includes twelve Anuvaka (lessons). The second chapter ‘The Ananda Valli’, sometimes called ‘Brahmananda Valli’ includes nine verses.

While the third chapter ‘The Bhrigu Valli’ consists of ten verses. In this third chapter of ‘The Bhrigu Valli,, divine experience obtained by Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu is narrated.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu was taught by Lord Sri Varuna Deva about Lord Sri Vishnu Realization.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu realized the Annamayadi forms in succession and reached the respective forms.

Those eight forms of Lord Sri Vishnu realized by Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu is as given below:

1. Anna (food), 2. Prana (life, 3. Chakshush (Seeing), 4. Srotra ( Hearing) 5. Manas (mind) 6. Vignana (Jnana Swarupa) (knowledge), 7. Ananda (bliss), and 8. Vak (speech).

Information about the story of Lord Sri Vishnu taking Lord Sri Srinivasa (Lord Sri Venkatesha) (Lord Sri Venkateswara) (Lord Sri Balaji) avatar is as given below:

Once after the avatar of Lord Sri Krishna all the Devatas (Demigods) wanted to prove that Lord Sri Vishnu was the sarvottama / supreme God.

As usual, few had had doubts about Lord Sri Vishnu’s sarvottamatva / supremacy.

Thus, all other Maharishis, Rishis and Devatas (Demigods) requested Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu to find out who is sarvottama Bhagavan / supreme God. After this Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu went to Kailasha (Kailash) first.

In Kailasha (Kailash) Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu saw ‘parvati sameta rudra‘ (Lord Shiva along with Goddess Sri Parvati Devi).

Here both Lord Shiva and Goddess Sri Parvati Devi were pretending as if they have not seen the Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu at all.

Who cursed Shiva : Thus, Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu cursed Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva) not to have his idol (deity) worshipped on earth.

That is reason even today Lord Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva) is worshipped in the form of ‘Linga Roopa’ (Linga form) only and in his ‘Moola Roopa’ (Original form).

After this, Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu went to Lord Sri Brahma Deva’s loka / world called Satya Loka (Brahma Loka).

Here Lord Sri Brahma Deva also acted as if he didn’t noticed Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu at all.

Who cursed Brahma : Here again, Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu got angry and cursed Lord Sri Brahma Deva that he will never be worshipped on earth.

Later, Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu went to Lord Sri Vishnu’s dhaama (abode) called Vaikuntha.

Here, Lord Sri Vishnu was being served by svayam (directly) Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi in Vaikuntha.

Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu went near Lord Sri Vishnu and kicked him with his foot on his ‘vaksha-sthala’ (chest part).

After Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu hit at Lord Sri Vishnu’s ‘vaksha-sthala’ (chest part), Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu’s ‘paada pooja‘ (worship of foot) was done by svayam Lord Sri Vishnu himself.

And thus Lord Sri Vishnu as he is called as ‘bhakta paradheena‘ (always blesses his devotees) served to the entire satisfaction of Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu.

But, this angered Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi as she always stays in the ‘vaksha-sthala’ (chest part) of Lord Sri Vishnu where the Maharshi kicked.

Thus, Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi went to Karaveerapura (Karvirpur) (today’s Kolhapur).

[In the Sri Venkateshwara Mahatma, it is very clearly mentioned that Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi informs Lord Sri Vishnu that she is going to Karaveerapura (Karvirpur) before leaving Vaikuntha.]

[So there is no question of searching Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi on earth by Lord Sri Vishnu / Lord Sri Srinivasa.]

[But it is only a vidambana / pastime / leela of Lord Sri Vishnu to show mohana (illusion path) to the ill-minded people.]

Later, Lord Sri Vishnu (Lord Sri Srinivasa) comes to Bhuloka (earth) and finally reached today’s Tirupati (Venkatachalam).

This is how Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu was responsible for bringing Lord Sri Vishnu (Lord Sri Srinivasa) to Bhuloka (earth) again in the avatar of:

Lord Sri Srinivasa (Lord Sri Venkatesha) (Lord Sri Venkateswara) (Lord Sri Balaji).

It is after this incident that Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu decided to compose the most famous text about astrology called “Bhrigu-Samhita” (Bhrigu-Sanhita), with the blessings of Goddess Sri Saraswati Devi.

This text had helped unlimited Brahmanas (Brahmins) to earn their living even today.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu collected a huge quantity of birth charts, wrote their predictions for full life and compiled them together and this same text came to be known as ‘Bhrigu-Samhita‘.

Bhrigu-Samhita was destroyed in ‘Banaras University’, but few pages of the book are still available in today’s Hoshiarpur city in Punjab.

Bhrigu-Samhita was the very important and first book of its kind in the field of astrology.

Information about Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu in the Daksha Prajapati Yajna is as given below:

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu was one of the Prajapatis as he was the ‘Brahma Manasa Putra’ of Lord Sri Brahma Deva.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu was well-versed in all the Vedas, Shastra (Hindu Texts) and also he was a great Mantra gyata (aware of many mantras) of all times.

Among the Maharishi or Brahmarishi or Rishi or Devarishi, after Devarishi Narada Muni, it is our Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu has the highest value.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu had three consorts namely Khyati, Kavyamata and Puloma.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu’s son Shukra (Venus) (later was called as Shukracharya) was the Guru of all the Rakshasas (Demons).

Once, Daksha Prajapati arranged to do a Yagna (Yagya) and he had invited all the Devatas (Demigods) and others to this sacrifice.

But, Daksha Prajapati had not invited Lord Shiva for the Yagya that he had organized.

Goddess Sri Sati Devi was the consort of Lord Shiva and also she was the daughter of Daksha Prajapati.

Goddess Sri Sati Devi went for the Yagya without invitation by her father Daksha Prajapati.

There she saw her husband Lord Shiva being insulted and in anger she fell into the Yajna Kunda (sacrificial place) and sacrificed her life.

Then, Virabhadra, a member of Lord Shiva’s group destroyed the whole Yagya as per the instructions of Lord Shiva.

Maharshi (Sage) Bhrigu was also present there. Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu pleaded Lord Shiva for protection and Lord Shiva assured him for his safety.

Information about Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu during the war between Devatas (Demigods) and Rakshasas (Demons) is as given below:

During the war between Devatas (Demigods) and Rakshasas (Demons), Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu had fought from the side of the Devatas (Demigods).

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu had the knowledge of Sanjeevani Vidya (the act of restoring a dead man back to life) also.

When Lord Sri Vishnu did not protect Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu’s Yagya from the Rakshasas (Demons), angry Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu cursed him to take rebirths ten times.

Lord Sri Vishnu’s famous ‘Dashavatar‘ (ten incarnations) are the result of this curse itself.

[Note : We should always remember that, no one can curse Lord Sri Vishnu. This is just a vidambana (pastime) of Lord Sri Vishnu to teach lessons to ordinary people.]

[As per Srimad Bhagavatam, only fools think that someone can curse Lord Sri Vishnu or his avatars.]

[If Lord Sri Vishnu had not taken the different avatars, then how come we may had come to know about the greatness of Lord Sri Vishnu or his any of the avatar(s).]

Information about Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu tried to stop the Kurukshetra (Mahabharata) war is as given below:

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu had the powers to travel in space like Rishi Durvasa Muni, Devarishi Narada Muni, etc. and he used to visit all the planets of the universe.

Before the Battle of Kurukshetra, Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu tried to stop the battle (Mahabharata war).

Few times he instructed Maharishi (Sage) Bharadvaja about astronomical evolution, and he is the author of the great ‘Bhrigu-Samhita’, the great astrological calculation.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu explained how air, fire, water and earth are generated from ether.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu described how the air in the stomach works and regulates the intestines.

As a great philosopher, Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu logically established the eternity of the living entity in the epic of Mahabharata.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu was also a great anthropologist, and the theory of evolution was long ago explained by him.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu was a scientific profounder of the four divisions and orders of human society known as the ‘varṇāśrama’ institution.

Maharishi (Sage) Bhrigu converted the Kshatriya King Vītahavya into a Brahmana (Brahmin).

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