How Lord Krishna killed Kalayavana (Muchukunda story) | What was the boon to Kalyavan? | How did Kalayavana died?

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Just before going to “How Lord Krishna killed Kalayavana (Muchukunda story) | What was the boon to Kalyavan? | How did Kalayavana died?“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

A Brahmin named Gargya (Not Garga Rishi) was insulted and also made disgraced by the Yadava Vanshi (Vamsha) (Lineage) people.

On this the Brahmin Gargya was wanting to take the revenge against the Yadavas. Gargya Brahmin was also wanting to punish the Yadava Vanshi (Vamsha) (Lineage) people.

Gargya Brahmin went to the dakshina samudra teeram (near ocean towards south) and started to do tapasya (penanse) of Lord Shiva.

Continuously he did tapasya (penance) for twelve years. During this period Brahmin Gargya had only iron dust as food.

Finally at the end of the twelve years, Lord Shiva came in front of the Gargya Brahmin and asked him what he is desiring.

Gargya Brahmin requested to Lord Shiva that “he should get a son who will be able to punish the Yadavas.

“And also the death of his son (Kalayavana) should come from the tejas (brilliance) of which will be produced from the body of the tejasvi purusha (very bright man) who would have slept for many-many years continuously.”

For this Lord Shiva, who is called as karuna sagara (as kind as the ocean) said tatastu (as you wish).

Gargya Brahmin forgotten that if he is intelligent, then Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) is “maha-maha chatura” (Highest intelligent). A son was born and the son of Gargya Brahmin was highly black (dark) in colour.

The King of ‘Yavana Kingdom’ was not having any child, so Gargya Brahmin gave his own son to Yavana King as donation on the condition that –

He (Gargya’s son) should be the King of the Yavana lineage and later should be able to punish the Yadavas.

Thus Gargya Brahmin’s son became the King of the Yavana Kingdom and came to be known as Kalayavana (Kalayavan).

Once Kalayavana (Kalayavan) met the Devarishi Narada Muni and asked him, “who are presently the shakti shali (very powerful) Kings on this earth“.

On this Devarishi Narada Muni replied, “at presently only Yadavas are the most shakti shali (very powerful) Kings on the whole of the earth“.

Thus Kalayavana with his sahasra-sahasra sainikas (thousands of soldiers) planned to attack the Great Mathura Kingdom, where the raja was Ugrasena.

[Mathura brief story : Earlier Mathura was known as Madhuvana (मधुवन) (Madhuvan) (madhuvana).]

[In this place of Madhuvana, five year old Dhruva (Dhruv) did the tapasya (penance) for Lord Sri Vishnu with the mantra:

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” (ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय) (ōṁ namō bhagavatē vāsudēvāya).]

Coming back to our story now : Lord Sri Krishna came to know about the plan of the Kalayavana.

Thus Lord Sri Krishna (Lord Sri Vasudeva) planned in such a way that both the Yadavas and also his citizens shouldn’t be harmed at all.

Lord Sri Krishna was knowing that Kalayavana was very shakti shali (very powerful) and will be able to destroy the Mathura and the Mathura citizens in no time.

Thus in the mean time, many of his soldiers may also get killed, since Kalayavana had got blessing from the Lord Shiva.

And soon after if Jarasandha also attacks Mathura, then more of harm would happen to Mathura and Mathura citizens.

So, Lord Sri Krishna created a place (a dveepa – an island) on the ocean and transported each and every living and non living beings of the Mathura to the land on the ocean.

And thus this place was known as the Dwarakapuri (Dwaraka) (Dwarka) (Dwarakanagaram – Door towards meeting Sri Krishna).

Later alone Lord Sri Krishna appeared in front of the Kalayavana.

Soon after seeing the Lord Sri Krishna, Kalayavana started to follow Lord Sri Krishna.

Lord Sri Krishna never stopped and was running and running continuously…

Even Kalayavana in the desire to catch hold of the Lord Sri Krishna was running behind the Lord Sri Krishna.

At last as per his pre-plan, Lord Sri Krishna entered into a cave, where a King called ‘Muchukunda‘ was sleeping since ‘Treta Yuga‘.

King Muchukunda had fought a war against the rakshasas (demons), in which King Muchukunda was in the side of the Devatas (Demigods) (with Lord Sri Indra Deva).

This war was eventually won by Devatas (Demigods) (Lord Sri Indra Deva).

Thus after a long-long war, King Muchukunda had requested to the Devatas (Demigods) (Lord Sri Indra Deva) that he needs a very long rest.

Thus the Devatas (Demigods) had shown this cave to King Muchukunda to take rest and to sleep as per the wishes of King Muchukunda.

Also King Muchukunda had requested to Devatas (Demigods), that whoever disturbs his sleep would be burnt into ashes as soon as King Muchukunda opens his eyes.

Soon after, Lord Sri Krishna entered the cave, even Kalayavana also entered the cave.

On entering the cave, Kalayavana was not able to see anything as it was very dark inside that cave.

Kalayavana saw somebody was sleeping on a rock. Thinking it should be Lord Sri Krishna doing the drama, Kalayavana kicked the sleeping King Muchukunda.

With great pain King Muchukunda opened his eyes and the tejas (brilliance / brightness) of his eyes was so strong, that made Kalayavana to turn into ashes immediately in no time.

Then, Lord Sri Krishna came in front of the King Muchukunda. Seeing Lord Sri Krishna, King raja Muchukunda was divinely amazed.

King Muchukunda asked Lord Sri Krishna, that: “who are you? Are you the svayam Lord Sri Surya Deva or the Lord Sri Chandra Deva. Or you the King of the Devatas (Demigods), svayam Lord Sri Indra Deva”.

Then Lord Sri Krishna showed his ‘divya roopam‘ (divine form) of the ‘Lord Srimann Narayana (Vishnu)‘ with his chaturbhuja (four hands):

That is, each hand with the gadam (mace), kamalam (lotus flower), sudarshana chakram (disc) and shankam (conch).

After seeing the divya roopam (divine form) of the Lord Srimann Narayana (Vishnu), King Muchukunda was highly delighted.

And Muchukunda prayed for the Lord Srimann Narayana (Vishnu) (Krishna) and three times circled around (pradakshinam) (circumambulation) the Lord Srimann Narayana and came out of the cave.

Soon after King Muchukunda came out of the cave, he saw that the people had become much shorter in height and also they were looking much weaker as compared to ‘Tetra Yuga‘ people.

In ‘Treta yuga’, people were more stronger and fitter with much better height and physique.

So, King Muchukunda thought that Kali Yuga must have been very nearer, that’s why people are like this.

After coming outside the cave, King Muchukunda went directly to the mountain called ‘Gandamadana parvata‘.

PS: It should be noted from this story that people were much stronger in the Satya or Krita yuga.

Later in the Treta Yuga, people were little less stronger and in the Dvapara Yuga, people become more less stronger.

And in this Kali Yuga people will be much much less stronger compared to earlier Yugas, because of the prabhavam (influence) of the Kali Yuga’s Kali.

Information about the background story of King Muchukunda is as given below:

King Muchukunda was belonging to Suryavanshi Dynasty (Solar Dynasty), where Kings like Ikshvaku, Manu, Raghu, Mandhata, Lord Sri Rama, etc. have ruled this earth since unknown age.

King Muchukunda, during his time had helped a lot to the Devatas (Demigods) in their war against Asuras (Demons).

Thus, as a result of which Devatas (Demigods) wanted to give him King Muchukunda a boon.

For this, King Muchukunda asked Moksha (Liberation) as a boon to Devatas (Demigods), but the Devatas (Demigods) expressed their inability on this matter.

Only Lord Sriman Narayana (Vishnu / Hari / Rama / Krishna) is capable and empowered to give Moksha (Liberation) to anyone as per his own independent wish and will.

For this, King Muchukunda asked for a boon of deep and undisturbed sleep for a very very long time which was accorded on him by Devatas (Demigods).

Beside this, King Muchukunda was also blessed that whoever disturbs him in his sleep will get reduced into ashes from his one glance (through eyes).

In Dwapara Yuga, King Muchukunda’s deep sleep was disturbed by Kalayavana and his (King Muchukunda) one glance reduced Kalayavana into mere ashes.

In the process, King Muchukunda had the darshanam (divine vision) of Lord Sri Krishna, an avatar of Lord Sri Vishnu, the Supreme Personality.

Lord Sri Krishna blessed King Muchukunda with Moksha (liberation) in his next birth.

And also Lord Sri Krishna advised King Muchukunda to take up penance and accordingly he went to ‘Badarikashrama (Badrinatha) (Badrinath)‘ for performing penance.

We can find this story of King Muchukunda and Kalayavana in Srimad Bhagavatam in the 10th chapter (Dashama Skanda).

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