Why Lord Shiva body covered with ash (bhasma) (vibhuti) (Parnada story)

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Just before going to “Why Lord Shiva body covered with ash (bhasma) (vibhuti) (Parnada story)“, let us have some brief information.

Why Lord Shiva body is covered with ash (bhasma) (vibhuti): Goddess Sri Parvati Devi once asked to Lord Shiva, “why do you always smear ashes on your body? What is the reason for that?”

Lord Shiva told Goddess Sri Parvati Devi the following story: There used to be a Brahmana (Brahmin) who was descended from the great Rishi / sage Bhrigu. This Brahmana (Brahmin) began a very difficult tapasya / penance.

The tremendous heat of the summer made no difference to Brahmana. Nor was he disturbed by the downpour of the monsoon. Brahmana was only interested in meditating. When Brahmana felt hungry, he used to ask the bears, the deers, the lions and the jackals to fetch him some fruits.

The wild beasts had lost all fear of him, they served him instead his requirements. Later on, the Brahmana gave up eating fruits also.

Brahmana ate only green leaves. And because leaves are called “parna” (in Sanskrit), the brahmana came to be known as “Parnada” (means someone who eats leaves).

Parnada performed tapasya / penance for many years. One day, Parnada was cutting some grass and his scythe slipped and sliced off his middle finger. Parnada was amazed to find that no blood issued from the severed joint.

Instead, a sap like that which issues from plants came out. Parnada’s vanity knew no bounds. Parnada realized that this was due to the fact that he had been living on green leaves for such a long time. Parnada began to jump with delight.

Lord Shiva decided that Parnada needed to be taught a lesson. Lord Shiva disguised himself as a Brahmana (Brahmin) and arrived before Parnada. “Why are you so happy?” asked disguised Lord Shiva.

“Can’t you see?” replied Parnada. “My tapasya / penance has been so successful that my blood has become like the sap of plants.”

“This sort of vanity destroys the fruits of all tapasya / penance”, said Lord Shiva. “What have you got to be so proud about?”

Lord Shiva continued, “Your blood has only turned into the sap of plants. What happens when you burn plants? They become ashes. I myself have performed so much tapasya / penance that my blood has becomes ashes (bhasma) (vibhuti).”

The disguised Lord Shiva sliced off his middle finger and ashes came out of it. Parnada was really impressed. Parnada realized that there was nothing that he could be proud about; here was a far greater hermit than himself.

Parnada asked the disguised Lord Shiva “who you are” and thus Lord Shiva then displayed his true form to Parnada. Ever since that day, there have always been ashes on Lord Shiva’s body.

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