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Just before going to “Arjuna information (facts) (secrets) (greatness) (devotee of Krishna)“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Meaning of the name ArjunaThere are multiple meanings of the word Arjuna, in that few meanings are silver, a tree name, very bright, superbly shiny, highly alert, etc.

List of Arjuna unknown facts (greatness) are as given below:

Gandiva : Lord Agni Deva gives the Great Gandiva to the Great Arjuna.

Pashupatastra : Lord Shiva gifts the Great Pashupatastra to Arjuna, after Arjuna gratifies Lord Shiva with a long tapasya.

Most favourite student : Arjuna was the most favourite student of Guru Dronacharya after Bhima.

Arjuna defeated Karna : Arjuna defeated Karna, Bhishma, Dronacharya, Duryodhana, Kripacharya, Ashvatthama etc. in the battle of Viraat single handedly.

Bhishma and Karna never defeated Arjuna : Bhishma and Karna were never able to defeat the Great Arjuna in any wars.

Arjuna’s astras : Arjuna had Vaishnavastra, Brahmastra, Brahmashirastra, Pashupatastra etc.

Arjuna best friend of Sri Krishna : He was one of the best friend of Sri Krishna after Bhima.

Arjuna destroyed many beasts : Arjuna easily destroyed many animals, beasts in Khandava forest and also Arjuna with the help of Agnideva and Sri Krishna burnt the whole of the Khandava aranya / forest.

Arjuna’s name Krishna : Another name of Arjuna was Krishna, as Arjuna had the dark complexion like Sri Krishna.

Arjuna the Guru : Arjuna was the Guru of highly talented people like Abhimanyu, Satyaki, Pradhyumna, Aniruddha, etc.

Arjuna’s sons : Arjuna had great warrior sons like Abhimanyu (from Subhadra), Babruvahana (from Chitrangada) and others.

Ashvamedha Yagna : Arjuna single handedly defeated many many kings for the Ashvamedha yagna which was performed by his eldest brother Yudhishthira.

Arjuna defeated Karna in Draupadi svayamvar : Arjuna easily defeated Karna in the Draupadi’s svayamvara.

Arjuna can shoot arrow in dark : Arjuna had learnt to shoot the arrow in the dark also.

Arjuna’s another name Gudakesha : Arjuna had a name called Gudakesha, which means someone who could conquer the senses easily.

Arjuna had saved Duryodhana : Arjuna had ones saved Duryodhana against Gandharvas and had defeated Gandharvas’ leader Chitrasena.

Arjuna respected Bhima than other brothers : Arjuna had great respects for his elder brother Bhima more than the eldest brother Yudhishthira.

Arjuna best archer after Bhima : Arjuna was the best archer of his time after Bhima (many know that Bhima used to fight with only Gadha, but don’t know that Bhima was a much better archer than Arjuna).

Arjuna Shankha name : The shankha / couch of Arjuna was called as Devadatta.

Arjuna learning archery from his Guru Dronacharya

Arjuna avatar of Indra Deva : Arjuna was the svayam avatar of Sri Indra Deva.

Arjuna / Indra Deva in his earlier life had taken avatar as Vali (during Tretayuga period, that is during Sri Rama’s period).

Arjuna and Subhadra : Arjuna married Lord Krishna’s sister Subhadra (above image left side).

Arjuna during the Draupadi svayamvar : Above image (right side).

Arjuna and Urvashi : Once Urvashi proposes to Arjuna to make love with her.

But Arjuna refuses this proposal and thus Urvashi slaps him (See above image) and gives him curse to be born as woman.

And thus Arjuna becomes Bruhannala and teaches dance to Uttara Kumari (See below image) during the exile period.

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