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Nakula: Meaning of Nakula is Strength, unity etc.

Nakula represents sheela – character. Pandu and Madri (second consort of Pandu Maharaja) beget two sons, that is, Nakula and Sahadeva.

Both Nakula and Sahadeva symbolize Character and Modesty.

These two serve as essential complements to Dharma, Strength and Knowledge.

Nakula & Sahadeva in their divine form as Ashwini Kumars

The special characteristics of Nakula are:

1. He was one of the best horse riders of his time and his specialty was that even in rain, he used to raid the horse without any hardships.

2. Nakula was one of the most attractive and handsome man along with his brother Sahadeva.

3. Nakula was one of the bravest swordsman of his time. He was one of the best at fencing.

4. Nakula was very loyal to his brothers, wife and his parents.

5. He was offered to be the king of Madra, but Nakula was very much loyal to his brothers and thus didn’t accepted to be the king of Madra.

6. Like his brother Sahadeva, Nakula was one of the best astrologer of his time. But Nakula was forgetting his predictions immediately after he used to tell the predictions of others.

7. During the Kurukshetra war, Nakula easily defeated many like Dushasana, Shalya, Shakuni, Shakuni’s son Ulooka etc.

8. Apart from horse riding, Nakula was a very good horseman, horse breeder, treating the horses, charioteer and also expert in Ayurveda.

9. Nakula was also a great diplomatic person and had acted as a very good diplomatic person in various matters in Mahabharata.

10. Nakula’s shankha / couch is known as Sughosha.

11. Nakula is also called as Ashvineya, as he was the son of Ashvini Kumaras.

Nakula and Sahadeva in their young age.

Nakula was the twin brother of the Ashvini Kumaras along with his younger brother Sahadeva.

At the time of ‘Yaksha parshna’ incident after Dharmaraya (Yudhisthira) successfully answers all the questions posed by Yaksha Raja, Yudhisthira is asked as to who amongst his four brothers would he want to see alive.

Yudhisthira without a second thought or question says ‘Nakula, the son of Madri should come alive’.

When Yaksha Raja asks the reason for the same, Yudhisthira says that since he is alive and is the elder son of Kunti, one son of Madri should also be alive atleast as he be seen as partisan towards Kunit’s son.

Here Yudhisthira displays the highest standards of ethics because with just one year before the Mahabharata war, any lesser person would have been tempted to have the powerful Bhima or the great archer Arjuna alive, fight and win the war, but the great Pandava Yudhisthira thinks otherwise.

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