What were the Yaksh Prashna (questions) to Yudhisthir

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Mahabharata is the greatest epic the human race has ever seen.

This greatest epic was written by svayam Bhagavan Sri Veda Vyasa Ji (he is an avatar of Bhagavan Vishnu and even lives in Badrikashrama).

In this epic, Bhagavan Sri Veda Vyasa Ji has given us the Great Bhagavad Gita, Sri Vishnu Sahasranama and so many different invaluable lessons to the mankind.

What is not present in Mahabharata, we can’t find that in this universe. Means everything is present in the great epic of Mahabharata.

Mahabharata is the amalgamation of Brahmasutras, Bhagavad Gita, Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, Puranas, Upanishads, etc etc etc and thus Mahabharata is rated higher than the great Vedas. 

For this reason, the great epic Mahabharata is known as ‘Panchama Veda’.

In the Mahabharata there is an episode which deals with a Yaksha Raja (outer planetary person) with Yudhisthira.

Here both this Yaksha Raja and Yudhisthira were the avatars of Yama Deva himself. 

But still Bhagavan Sri Veda Vyasa Ji wants to show the greatness of Yudhisthira, and thus asks questions from himself (Yaksha Raja) and tries to get answers from himself (Yudhisthira).

This is the greatness of this epic Mahabharata.

People who follow the correct Sanatana Dharma will be able to understand this (Mahabharata) very easily. 

Whereas, people who think Mahabharata and other great epics of India as mere imaginary and fake will be shown the path towards ‘moha’ (infatuation).

This is the secret of Sanatana Dharma.

The dialogue between Yaksha Raja and Yudhisthira takes place during the ‘aranyavaasa’ / forest exile of the Pandavas and this period is called as “aranya parva”.

Come on friends, let us now lookout a series of questions put forward by Yaksha Raja and what answers were given by Yudhisthira for those questions:

1. Yaksha: How does one can acquire real greatness and become a famous like celebrity?

Yudhisthira: By performing tapas (penance) to gain correct knowledge and by practicing austerities.

2. Yaksha: What is the human like lakshana / trait in a Brahmin?

Yudhisthira: Marana / Death!

3. Yaksha: What is Yajus in a sacrifice?

Yudhisthira: Manas / Mind

4. Yaksha: What is the most valuable thing for those who sow?

Yudhisthira: Seed

5. Yaksha: Which is faster than the Vayu / wind?

Yudhisthira: Manas / Mind

6. Yaksha: What is that which grows very quickly with speed?

Yudhisthira: Nadi / River

7. Yaksha: What is Amruta (nectar)?

Yudhisthira: Go-Maata’s Kshiram / Mother Cow’s milk

8. Yaksha: What is the remedy against sheeta / cold?

Yudhisthira: Ushna / Warmth

9. Yaksha: Who is that someone who is given by God as a best friend to a male?

Yudhisthira: Patni / Consort / Wife

10. Yaksha: What is the most valuable of all the sampatti / possessions?

Yudhisthira: Jnana / Knowledge

11. Yaksha: What is that one thing which if renounced causes no regret?

Yudhisthira: Krodha / Wrath (anger)

12. Yaksha: For what reason should one must donate to a Raja / King?

Yudhisthira: For getting vimochana / relief from bhaya / fear

13. Yaksha: Who makes the Surya Deva / Sun to rise?

Yudhisthira: Parabrahma Bhagavan Sri Vishnu

14. Yaksha: How does one become buddhiman / intelligent?

Yudhisthira: By serving people who are high in wisdom.

15. Yaksha: What is the Adharma / impious action of a Kshatriya?

Yudhisthira: Doing tyaga / abandoning someone instead of protecting others who take sharanagati / refuge!

16. Yaksha: What is the most valuable for the dampati / couple?

Yudhisthira: Progeny (child/descendant)

17. Yaksha: Who is he, who enjoys all sense (material) objects, he is liked by the world, breaths like a normal human being, but still does not live?

Yudhisthira: One who does not offer nourished food to these five, that is, Gods (Bhagavan & other Devatas), atithi / guests, sevaks / servants, pitrus / ancestors and to self is as good as dead person even though he is still living.

18. Yaksha: What is that one thing, which does not move even after birth?

Yudhisthira: Anda / Egg

19. Yaksha: Who is the best friend for the someone who is sick?

Yudhisthira: A Vaidya / Physician / Doctor

20. Yaksha: What is some thing, which is reborn after its birth?

Yudhisthira: Chandra / Moon (15 days waning and 15 days waxing)

21. Yaksha: What is the highest level of refuge of heaven?

Yudhisthira: Satya / Truth

22. Yaksha: What is the best among of all wealth / gains?

Yudhisthira: Arogya / Health

23. Yaksha: What is that Dhama / duty / virtue which always bears fruit?

Yudhisthira: Rites as prescribed in the three Vedas (Rig Veda, Yajur Veda and Sama Veda).

24. Yaksha: For what, one must donate to nrutyakaraki / mimes and dancers?

Yudhisthira: For worldly fame

25. Yaksha: For what reason one must donate to servants?

Yudhisthira: To give them normal life and support their family

26. Yaksha: Who keeps company and travels alongside with Surya / Sun?

Yudhisthira: Devatas / Demigods travel alongside with Surya / Sun

27. Yaksha: How does one become a jnani / wise / knowledgeable person (Srotriya)?

Yudhisthira: By understanding the Vedas in the correct way (for example, unlike Ravana who had understood everything incorrectly)

28. Yaksha: What is the Adharma / impious action of a Brahmin?

Yudhisthira: Denigrating / false speaking

29. Yaksha: What is that sacrifice, which does not transgress?

Yudhisthira: Without ‘Rik’ a Yagna / sacrifice cannot be done

30. Yaksha: Who causes the Suryasta / Sun to set?

Yudhisthira: Dharma causes the Suryasta / Sun to set

31. Yaksha: What is that dharma a Brahmin should follow?

Yudhisthira: Wisely practicing the tapas / penance

32. Yaksha: What provides divinity to Kshatriya?

Yudhisthira: His Astras and Shastras (like bow, arrows, swords etc)

33. Yaksha: What is the most valuable for the cultivator of the soil?

Yudhisthira: Varsha / Rain

34. Yaksha: What is taller than sky?

Yudhisthira: Pita / Father

35. Yaksha: What is heavier than earth?

Yudhisthira: Maata / Mother

36. Yaksha: Who is the mitra / best friend for someone who is away (travelling) from home?

Yudhisthira: A co-traveler is the best friend

37. Yaksha: What is the eternal dharma

Yudhisthira: Yagna / Homa / sacrifice

38. Yaksha: What is the very first and main support of a mankind?

Yudhisthira: Megha / Varsha – Clouds / Rain

39. Yaksha: What is that one thing, if controlled never can cause regret?

Yudhisthira: Manas / Mind

40. Yaksha: What is that one thing, which if renounced makes one happy?

Yudhisthira: Lobha / Greed

41. Yaksha: Where does the Surya / Sun gets establishes by itself?

Yudhisthira: Surya / Sun is established in the Satya / Truth.

42. Yaksha: By what does one obtain helping companion?

Yudhisthira: From his own dhairya / courage and jnana / intelligence.

43. Yaksha: What quality establishes the daivi bhakthi / divinity in a Brahmin?

Yudhisthira: Correct study of Vedas

44. Yaksha: What type of dharma makes a Kshatriya pious?

Yudhisthira: By performing Yagnas / sacrificial rites

45. Yaksha: What is the human like trait in a Kshatriya?

Yudhisthira: Bhaya / fear

46. Yaksha: What is ‘sama’ in a Yagna / sacrifice?

Yudhisthira: ‘Praana’ is ‘sama’ in a Yagna / sacrifice.

47. Yaksha: What does a Yagna / sacrifice invoke?

Yudhisthira: It is the ‘Rik’ which the Yagna / sacrifice invokes.

48. Yaksha: What is the sampat / wealth for a stable prosperous living?

Yudhisthira: Having Go-maata at home and looking after her properly

49. Yaksha: What is more abundant than grass?

Yudhisthira: Thoughts/Worries

50. Yaksha: What is that one living being, which does not close its eyes while sleeping?

Yudhisthira: Matsya / Fish

51. Yaksha: What is that one thing which does not have a heart?

Yudhisthira: Rock

52. Yaksha: Who is the best friend for a householder at home?

Yudhisthira: Patni / wife

53. Yaksha: Who is the best friend of a person who is about to die?

Yudhisthira: Daana / charity done with nishkaama (without expectations)

54. Yaksha: Who is the guest of all creatures?

Yudhisthira: Agni / fire

55. Yaksha: What is the entire universe composed of?

Yudhisthira: Vaayu / air

56. Yaksha: What is that one thing, which travels alone?

Yudhisthira: Surya / Sun

57. Yaksha: Which is the largest ground?

Yudhisthira: Bhumi / Earth

58. Yaksha: What is the highest refuge of virtue?

Yudhisthira: Daya / generosity / kindness

59. Yaksha: What is the highest refuge of fame?

Yudhisthira: Daana / charity

60. Yaksha: What is the highest refuge of happiness?

Yudhisthira: Good conduct (behavior)

61. Yaksha: What is the aatma / soul of Man?

Yudhisthira: Putra / son

62. Yaksha: Which is the chief refuge of a man?

Yudhisthira: Daana / charity

63. Yaksha: What is the best laudable thing in the bhumi / world?

Yudhisthira: Naipunyata / skill

64. Yaksha: What is the best among all kinds of happiness?

Yudhisthira: Santrupti / Satisfaction / contentment

65. Yaksha: What is the highest Dharma / duty in the world?

Yudhisthira: Refraining from injuries

66. Yaksha: Who are that someone, with whom a maitri / alliance can’t be broken down?

Yudhisthira: Maitri / alliance with noble human

67. Yaksha: What is that one thing, which if renounced maketh one affable?

Yudhisthira: Garva / pride  

68. Yaksha: What is that which if renounced makes one wealthy?

Yudhisthira: Laalasa / desire

69. Yaksha: For what virtue one must donate to Brahmins?

Yudhisthira: For Dharmika / religious merits

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