Vishwamitra Maharshi information (Story, history, facts, Menaka marriage) | What is the role of Vishwamitra? | What are the interesting facts about Vishwamitra? | Was Vishwamitra powerful? | How did Vishwamitra became Brahmarshi?

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Just before going to “Vishwamitra Maharshi information (Story, history, facts, Menaka marriage) | What is the role of Vishwamitra? | What are the interesting facts about Vishwamitra? | Was Vishwamitra powerful? | How did Vishwamitra became Brahmarshi?“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Maharishi Vishwamitra name in Sanskrit is written as : महर्षि विश्वामित्र (maharṣi viśvāmitra). | Maharishi Vishwamitra original name is : Kaushika (कौशिक) (kauśika). | Maharishi Vishwamitra consort (wife) name is : Menaka.

Maharishi Vishwamitra children names are : Madhuchhanda, Ashtaka, Shunahshepa, Sushruta, Shakuntala and others. | Maharishi Vishwamitra father name is : Gādhi (father).

This great Vishwamitra Maharishi is the one who re-initiated the great ‘Gayatri Mantra‘ to the world. The name “Kaushika” literally means “descended from Kusha“. In Sanskrit Kusha means grass. Vishwamitra precisely means, ‘friend of the universe‘.

Meaning of the name Vishwamitra is : Vishwa + Mitra = Word’s + Best friend. He was very friendly with everyone and thus he was known as Vishwamitra. Brahmarshi Vishvamitra (viśwāmitra) is one of the most highly respected Maharshis of ancient Sanatana Dharma.

Maharshi Vishwamitra was a highly divine being and is also attributed as the author of most of Mandala 3 of the great Rigveda. Bhagavan Lord Sri Vishnu re-enforced the most divine Gayatri Mantra through Maharshi Vishwamitra himself.

Hindu Sanatana Dharma shastras indicate that only 24 great rishis since antiquity have understood the whole meaning of the most divine Gayatri Mantra. Maharshi Vishvamitra is supposed to be the first in the modern era, and Maharshi Yajnavalkya the last.

Information about Maharishi Vasishtha’s Kamadhenu (cow) is as given below:

Maharishi Vasishtha and Maharishi Vishwamitra rivalry story is as given below:

The divine epic Ramayana shows a story about Kamadhenu, here the Maharishi (Sage) is Maharishi (Sage) Vasishtha and the King is Kaushika (later became Vishwamitra). Once, the King Kaushika (Vishwamitra) with his army arrived at the ashrama (hermitage) of Maharishi (Sage) Vasishtha.

Maharishi (Sage) Vasishtha welcomed King Kaushika (Vishwamitra) and offered him and his army a great hospitality along with the food which was produced by Sabala, a Kamadhenu cow. 

The dumbfound King Kaushika (Vishwamitra) asked Maharishi (Sage) Vasishtha to part with Sabala and instead offered thousand of ordinary cows and other materialistic things in return.

However, Maharishi (Sage) refused to part with Sabala (cow), who was necessary for the performance of the sacred rituals and charity by the sage. Ruffled King Kaushika (Vishwamitra) seized the cow Sabala by force, but she returned to her master, fighting the King’s huge army.

Sabala the cow hinted Maharishi (Sage) Vasishtha to order her to destroy the King Kaushika’s (Vishwamitra) army and the sage followed her wish. Continuously Sabala (cow) produced Pahlava warriors, who were slain by King Kaushika’s (Vishwamita) army.

Thus, Sabala (cow) produced warriors of Shaka-Yavana lineage. From Sabala’s (cow) mouth emerged the Kambhojas, from her udder emerged Barvaras, from her hind emerged Yavanas and Shakas.

Similarly from Sabala’s (cow) skin, Haritas, Kiratas and other foreign warriors emerged. Together, the army of Sabala (cow) killed King Kaushika’s (Vishwamitra) army and all his sons.

This incident started the great rivalry between Maharishi (Sage) Vasishtha and King Kaushika (Vishwamitra), who renounced his kingdom and became a great Rishi (Sage) to defeat Maharishi (Sage) Vasishtha by gaining similarly powers.

Information about abodes of Kamadhenu is as given below:

Kamadhenu (Surabhi) residence varies depending on different Hindu Shastras (Texts). The Anushasana Parva from Mahabharata tells how Kamadhenu was given the ownership of Goloka, the highly planet for cows located above the three worlds, that is, Svarga Loka, Earth and Netherworld.

The daughter of Daksha Prajapati, that is, Surabhi (cow) went to Mount Kailash and worshipped Lord Sri Brahma for 10,000 years. Pleased by the penance of Surabhi (cow) Lord Sri Brahma Deva conferred Goddess-hood to Surabhi (cow).

And also, adjudged that all people would worship her and her children (cows). Lord Sri Brahma Deva also gave Surabhi (cow) a world called Goloka, while her daughters would reside on earth among humans.

As said in Ramayana, Surabhi (cow) is narrated to live in the city of Lord Sri Varuna Deva (The Ocean God). This place is located below the earth in Patala (Netherworld). Surabhi’s flowing sweet milk is said to form Kshiroda or the Kshira Sagara, (The Cosmic milk ocean).

As per the Udyoga Parva from Mahabharata, this milk is said to be of six flavors and has the essence of all the divine best things of the earth. 

The Udyoga Parva clarifies that Surabhi (cow) inhabits the lowest realm of Patala, known as Rasatala, has for daughters, that is, for the Dikpalis, the guardian cow goddesses of Heaven. Surabhi (cow) in the east, Harshika in the south, Subhadra in the west and Dhenu in the north.

Trishanku swarga (heaven) story (Vishwamitra, Vashishtha challenge) is as given below:

The meaning of Trishanku = Tri + Shanku = Three (3) + sins. Trishanku was someone, who had made 3 big sins. (Let’s know it’s full meaning as given below)

1. Trishanku father, grandfather : Dridashva’s son Trayaruni was a Dharmatma (someone who follows Dharma). Trishanku never acted anything which would be against the Dharma (Sanatana Dharma – Hindu Shastras).

2. Trishanku original name Satyavrata : A putra (son) was born to Trayaruni and that putra (son) was always against all the Dharmas. His name was Satyavrata, who was exactly the opposite to his father Trayaruni in every respect.

3. Satyavrata an Adharmi : Satyavrata was fully an Adharmi (against Dharma). Because of this Maharishi Vashishtha who was the Guru of the Trayaruni’s kingdom, instructed Trayaruni to make bhahishkaaram (banning) of his son Satyavrata.

4. Satravrata lives with Chandalas : After the bhahishkaaram (banning) Satyavrata started to spend time with Chandalas (Outcaste people) outside the kingdom of Trayaruni.

5. Trayaruni leaves nation : Later sometime, Trayaruni made tyaga (sacrificed – left that place)) of his rajyam (nation) and gone to vana (forest) to lead remaining of his jeevanam (life).

6. No King for 12 years : For 12 years there was no raja (king) for this rajyam (nation) and severe baragaalam (drought) and there was nobody who can look after that rajyam (nation).

7. Vishwamitra : Vishwamitra was another Maharishi from the same rajyam (nation).

8. Vishwamitra leaves nation : At this samayam (time) Maharishi Vishwamitra was not present and had left his patni (wife) and saha kutumba (family) in the ashraya (refuge) of the same rajyam (nation).

9. Drought consequences : Because of the baragaala (drought), there was huge kshaamam (femine) in the rajyam (nation). There was no ahaaram (food) to eat to the Vishwamitra kutumbam (family).

10. Vishwamitra wife tries to sell her own son : For this Vishmamitra’s patni (wife) taught of selling of one of his putra (son) in the market for some aahaaram (food).

11. Galava meaning : She tied a rope around the neck (gala in samskruta / Sanskrit) of his putra (son) and brought him to the market to sell him. Since a rope was tied around his gala (neck) his name came to be known as Galava.

12. Satavrata rescues Vishwamitra family : At this samayam (time), Satyavrata came to the rescue of the Vishwamitra’s kutumbam (family).

13. Satyavrata blames Maharishi Vashishtha : Satyavrata blamed Maharishi Vashistha for all these happenings and also blamed him for his own bhahishkaaram (banning) also.

14. Satyavrata steal a cow from Maharishi Vashishtha : Meanwhile Satyvrata steal a cow from the Maharishi Vashistha’s Goshalam (a place cows are looked after) and made the aaharam (food) of it and served it to the Maharishi Vishwamitra’s kutumbam (family) and also Satyavrata too ate the same aaharam (food).

15. Satyavrata serves cow meat to Vishwamitra family : Satyavrata did not even care that it was the Gomata’s (Mother Cow’s) meat that he has served to Vishwamitra’s kutumba (family) and also had the same aaharam (food) to himself.

On knowing this, Maharishi Vashistha got too much of krodam (rage) and gave shrapam (curse) to Satyavrata by tellling that: you have committed three paapas (sins), that is:

First you have brought down the mahanata (greatness) of your father & your kutumbam (family), Secondly you have stolen a Gomata (mother cow) from a rishi’s gruham (house / ashrama), and,

Thirdly you had aharam (food) of the same Gomata (Mother cow) which is completely against the Dharmam (Sanatana Dharma). Henceforth you will be known as Trishanku (Tri means three and Shanku means sin).

After sometime on the return of the Maharishi Vishwamitra, he (Maharishi Vishwamitra) was very happy to learn that Trishanku had helped his kutumbam (family) from the kshamam (drought) and saved the lives of his kutumba (family).

On this, Maharishi Vishwamitra asked Trishanku to ask a varam (boon), since Trishanku has saved the lives of his kutumbam (family). For this Trishanku asked Maharishi Vishwamitra to give him the varam (boon) that:

“I (Satyavrata / Trishanku) should be able to go to the Swargam (Divine Heaven) in my bhoutika deham (material / physical body) and should be able to return back on this Bhoomi (Earth).”

For this Maharishi Vishwamitra told “Tatastu” (as per your wish). After this Trishanku became the raja (King) of the rajyam (nation) of his father and the Maharishi Vishwamitra became the Raja Guru for the same rajyam (nation).

After sometime, Trishanku requested Maharishi Vishwamitra that he is willing to go the Swargam (Divine heaven) now. For this Maharishi Vishwamitra made all the arrangements like to complete some anushttaanams (rituals) and told Trishanku to get ready to go to the Swargam (Divine Heaven).

Ashtadigpalakas (that is Indra and other 7 demi-gods – Lord Indra Deva, Lord Varuna Deva, Lord Kubera, Lord Yama Deva, Lord Agni Deva, Lord Nirutti, Lord Ishana and Lord Vayu Deva) came to know about Trishanku coming to the Swargam (Divine Heaven) with the bhoutika deham (material body).

Indra and other Devatas (Demigods) made up there minds that with the bhoutika deham (material body), they will never allow Trishanku to enter the Swargam (Divine Heaven). Thus Indra Deva with his shakti (power) made Trishanku to fall from the Aakaasham (sky) to back to the Bhoomi (Earth).

This made Maharishi Vishwamitra to get ugra-krodam (high rage) and made Trishanku to not to fall back on to the Bhoomi (Earth), until he reaches the Swargam (Divine Heaven). 

Thus, Trishanku was neither able to go to the Swargam (Divine Heaven) nor he was able to come back to the Bhoolokam (Earth).

Therefore, with the ugra-krodam (high rage), Maharishi Vishwamitra started to build a new Swargam (Heaven) with his tapa-shakti (power of tapas / penance) in the aakaasham (sky) itself and also with the new Indra to become the king of that Swargam (Heaven).

But the real Indra Deva with all his Demigods came down to meet Maharishi Vishwamitra immediately and requested him and asked him how a jeevita deham (physical body) can enter the Swargam (Divine Heaven) with his bhoutika deham (material body).

They all prayed him not to do such an act, which will be against the Prakruti (nature), which will be against the Dharmam (Sanatana Dharma). After a lot of convincing, somehow Maharishi Vishwamitra got convinced that he shouldn’t be allowing Trishanku to go to the real Swargam (Divine Heaven),

and a Maharishi should never be going against the prakriti (nature) and was also in the dilemma that – he should be able to fulfill the ichham (wish) of Trishanku & also his own varam (boon) shouldn’t be wasted just like that.

Thus Maharishi Vishwamitra made Trishanku to float in the aakasham (sky) upside down and that swargam he called as ‘Trishanku swargam’ and the Indra or Raja of that Trishanku swargam will never be able to superseded over the real Indra Deva.

Even today in Bharata desham (India), if some one is in two minds or if a person is not able to make a right decision with two or more things, then that person is called as Trishanku. Thus nobody should be in two minds ever.

If somebody will be in two minds, then he has to float to do either of the two things and will never be able to take a correct decision.

Few information about Maharshi Vishvamitra is as given below:

1. The great Maharshi Vishwamitra was born as a Kshatriya to Gadhiraja and obtained the status of a Brahmana after doing tapas for thousands of years. 2. The great Maharshi Vishvamitra had the distinction of becoming the Guru for svayam Bhagavan Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu in Ayodhya.

3. The great Maharshi Vishvamitra is known for his very hard, steady and tremendous tapasya (penance). He became a Brahmana (Brahmin), Maharshi and also Brahmana by doing really long long long tapas for thousands of years.

4. The great Maharshi Vishvamitra is termed as “vishvamitra” because he was very friendly with almost most of the people (vishvamitra = vishva + mitra = world + friend = friend with almost everyone).

5. The great Maharshi Vishvamitra took Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu and Lakshmana to Siddashrama. There Vishwamitra thought all his vidyas (knowledge) to both of them and requested Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu to kill Tataki, Maricha, Subahu.

6. The great Maharshi Vishvamitra even though once had got seduced by the Deva Kanya Sri Menaka and begotten a daughter Shakuntala.

But later once again another Deva Kanya Sri Urvashi who was much more beautiful and attractive than Sri Menaka tried to seduce ‘The great Maharshi Vishvamitra’, but was completely failed.

[This happened as per the likings of Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu, as a great king had to be born in the future, that is, Bharata Chakravarti. If a great king has to be born means, then the parents should also be great.]

[Thus both the greats Maharshi Vishvamitra and Sri Menaka gave birth Shakuntala. And this beautiful Shakuntala gave birth to the Great Bharata Chakravarti, who became the ‘eka maatra samrat’ (single king of the world) of the whole world].

7. Maharshi Vishwamitra was the one who took Bhagavan Sri Rama, so that he can clear the curse of Ahalya Devi, the consort of Maharshi Gautama. Earlier she had become statue due to the curse of Maharishi Gautama.

Maharishi Vishwamitra Stotram (Stuti) is as given below:

विश्वामित्र नमस्तुभ्यं ज्वलन्मुख महाबल ।
प्रत्यक्षीकृतगायत्र तपोरूपेण संस्थित: ।

ವಿಶ್ವಾಮಿತ್ರ ನಮಸ್ತುಭ್ಯಂ ಜ್ವಲನ್ಮುಖ ಮಹಾಬಲ | 
ಪ್ರತ್ಯಕ್ಷೀಕೃತಗಾಯತ್ರ ತಪೋರೂಪೇಣ ಸಂಸ್ಥಿತ: |

viśvāmitra namastubhyaṁ jvalanmukha mahābala |
pratyakṣīkr̥tagāyatra tapōrūpēṇa sansthita: |

This is the greatness of our ‘The great Maharshi Vishvamitra’.

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