Yudhishthira information (story, facts, secrets, greatness, dharma, virtue) | What is yudhisthira famous for? | What is the character of Yudhisthira? | Which god Yudhisthira was born from? | When was Yudhishthira born?

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Just before going to “Yudhishthira information (story, facts, secrets, greatness, dharma, virtue) | What is Yudhisthira famous for? | What is the character of Yudhisthira? | Which god Yudhisthira was born from? | When was Yudhishthira born?“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Yudhishthira: Meaning of the name Yudhishthira is: Yudhishthira = Yudhi + Sthira. Here Yudhi means, he is a person when doing Yuddha / war, will be Sthira / stable, means, someone who can’t be shaken or someone who is always stable (स्थिर / ಸ್ಥಿರ).

Yudhishthira used to be an absolute firm person in all situations and conditions. He was a person who always decided once to do something, used to do that particular work and also in given stipulated time. His mind was always stable, firm and always convinced about his decisions.

Yudhishthira wives names are : Draupadi and Devika. Devika is a minor character in Mahabharata. She was the daughter of King Govasena of the Sivi kingdom and the second wife of Yudhishthira, whom she married in a self-chosen ceremony. They had a son named Yaudheya.

Yudhishthira parents names are : King Pandu and Kunti Devi. With the blessings of Lord Yama, King Pandu and Kunti Devi becomes the parents of Yudhishthira. Position of Yudhishthira : He was called as Chakravartin (Samrat / Emperor). He was the king of whole world.

Yudhishthira weapon name is : Shakti (A spear). Yudhishthira siblings names are : Karna, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva. Yudhishthira children names are : Prativindhya (son) and Sutanu (daughter) by Draupadi, Yaudheya (son) by Devika. Yudhishthira home is : Hastinapura or Hastinavati (Kuru Dynasty).

How Yudhishthira is related to Lord Krishna : King Shurasena and Queen Marisha’s children were Vasudeva [Lord Krishna’s father Vasudeva (वसुदेव)], Samudravijaya (son) and Pritha (Also called as Kunti) (daughter). Thus both Vasudeva (वसुदेव) and Kunti were brother and sister in relation. Consequently, Lord Krishna is a maternal cousin of Yudhishthira.

Different names of Yudhishthira are as given below with meanings of each name:

Pānduputra (पांडुपुत्र) : He is the son of King Pandu and thus the name Panduputra. Kuntiputra (कुन्तीपुत्र) : He is the son of Kunti and thus the name Kuntiputra. Dharmanandana (धर्मनन्दन) or Dharmaputra (धर्मपुत्र) : He is the son of Lord Dharma (follower of Dharma) or Lord Yama. In Sanskrit Nandana or putra means son.

Dharmarāja (धर्मराज) or Dharmarāya or Dharmaja : Yudhishthira was the son and also the Lord of Dharma. Thus these names. Jyeshthakaunteya (ज्येष्ठकौन्तेय) : Eldest son of Kunti. Bharata-vanshī (भरतवंशी) : He is the descendant of King Bharata (Bharat / भरत). 

Ajātashatru (अजातशत्रु) : He is someone who is born without enemies and also had no enemies later on. Pāndavāgrajah (पाण्डवाग्रजः) : He is the eldest of Pandavas. In Sanskrit Agraja means eldest brother. Kanka (कङ्क) : During the incognito exile (Agyatvas – 13th year of exile) he became famous as Kanka.

Sārvabhauma (सार्वभौम) / Samrāt Chakravarti (सम्राट् चक्रवर्ती) : After the battle of Mahabharata or Kurukshetra, Yudhishthira became the King of the whole world or Emperor of the complete planet Earth. In Sanskrit Sarvabhauma or Samrat Chakravati means King of the whole world (Emperor).

Important and secret points about Yudhishthira are as below:

1. Yudhishthira was the man of virtue and goodness. 2. He never ever used to go against Dharma. 3. His another name is called “Dharmaraya” or “Dharmaraja”, means, one who follows the GREAT SANATANA DHARMA.

4. With this name Yudhishthira had another name called “Ajatashatru (अजातशत्रु / ajātaśatru)”, means, someone who don’t even have a single enemy at all. 5. Yudhishthira was highly learned person and also was a great warrior. He had mastered with the sphere fighting and chariot racing.

6. Also Yudhishthira had great knowledge about the political science, psychology, the GREAT SANATANA DHARMA Shastras (Hindu Texts) etc. 7.Yudhishthira was very patient and adaptable. He never wanted the war and also tried to convince his uncle Dhritarashtra and his cousin brother Duryodhana.

8. Yudhishthira forgives the king of Virat, although the king broke his nose. This happened, when Yudhishthira was continuously praising the Bruhannala (Arjuna) and not Virat’s son Uttara Kumara. 

9. Yudhishthira always respected his elders including his paternal uncle Dhritarashtra and aunt Gandhari even after the GREAT war of Kurukshetra (Mahabharata).

10. During Yudhishthira’s last days, when he almost went to Svarga Loka (Heaven), a dog had accompanied him. But since the dog was not allowed inside the Svarga Loka, Yudhishthira said that he won’t get inside the Svarga Loka without the dog.

11. Yudhishthira almost respected each and every orders of Lord Sri Krishna, except in few cases. 12. The shankha / couch of Yudhishthira was called as Ananta Vijaya. 

12. AlsoYudhishthira was an avatar of svayam Lord Sri Yama Deva. Many of us know Lord Sri Yama Deva is one of the most firm Devata / Demigod among all the different Devata / Demigods. Thus Yudhishthira been an avatar Lord of Sri Yama Deva had all the gunas / qualities of Lord Sri Yama Deva.

Now let us know more information about the Yudhishthira and Pandavas:

It was the end time for all the Yadavas (Krishna’s family members) on this earth. All Yadavas fought with each other and got killed. Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna, the Supreme God, after this phase of his life on earth went to aranyam (forest) for peace.

(Note : Please remember this is only a vidambana / pastimes done by Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna. He is known as “ananda”, means, he himself is the root cause of ananda / happiness to the unlimited universes. Because of Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna we are happy on this earth.)

(Because Lord Sri Krishna wishes us to be happy and thus we are happy. And if he doesn’t wishes us to be happy, we can’t be happy. The biggest example is of the Pandavas. Pandavas, never were having lots of wealth. But still they were happy and satisfied throughout their lives.)

(Whereas, Duryodhana had wealth, money, gold, ornaments, fame etc. etc. etc., but Duryodhana and his group were never ever happy in their lives. (Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna wished Pandavas to be happy, as Pandavas were in the path of Dharma.)

(Whereas, for Duryodhana and his group, Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna never wished like that and thus Duryodhana and his group were never happy in their lives. Also, remember that Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna is having ‘aprakruta shareera’ means –

Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna is having a body which is not given by somebody else. He is not not born and there is no end to him. He is called as ‘Adideva’, means he is present since ‘Grand Unknown Age’. Also, he is called as ‘ananta’, means he will be present until the ‘Grand Infinite Age’.)

Let us continue with our main story now: Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna sat alone in the aranyam / forest. A hunter by name Jara (Jara is the avatar of Sri Bhrigu Maharshi) mistakenly thought the toe of the Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna as the deer’s and shot the arrow at the Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna.

It got struck at the middle of the toe of the Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna. Later Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna called the hunter Jara and told him that he was Bhrigu Maharshi (some people say he is Vaali, but it is incorrect) in his previous life.

After the physical body of the Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna Paramatma left this earth, all the five Pandavas along with Draupadi Devi lost there interest in this material life and started moving towards the Himalayas.

With them was also a Swanam (Dog). After walking long-long distance all six started to feel the exhaustion. (Again this is also a Vidambana / pastimes of the Pandavas. Five Pandavas and Sri Draupadi Devi are not ordinary people, but are avatars of different Devatas / Demigods.)

Yudhishthira – was an avatar of Lord Sri Yama Deva. Bhima – was the avatar of Lord Sri Vayu Deva. Draupadi Devi – an the avatar of five Devis (Goddesses), that is Goddess Sri Bharati Devi, Goddess Sri Parvati Devi, Goddess Sri Sachi Devi, Goddess Sri Shyamala Devi and Goddess Sri Usha Devi.

Arjuna – was an avatar of Lord Sri Indra Deva. Nakula and Sahadeva were the avatars of Ashvini Devatas / Demigods – twins. There original names as Ashwini Kumaras are Nasatya and Dasra.

First Draupadi Devi left her material body from this earth, then it was Sahadeva, then it was Nakula, later it was Gandivi (Arjuna) and then later it was the Lord Vaayu Swarupa (Bhima). Thus Dharmaraya (Yudhishthira) lost all his brothers and Draupadi Devi.

By this time Dharmaraya (Yudhishthir) had lost all his interest in life, but he did not lost Dharma. Dharmaraya still kept on walking along with the Svanam (Dog). Then after some time, Lord Sri Indra Deva came in front of Dharmaraya (Yudhishthir) along with his chariot and asked Dharmaraya to come inside the chariot.

Dharmaraja (Yudhishthira) along with his Svanam (dog) started to move inside the chariot. But Lord Sri Indra Deva insisted that no Swanams (dogs) are allowed inside his chariot or inside the Svarga Loka (Heaven).

But, the Dharmishta (follower of Dharma) Yudhishthira told Lord Sri Indra Deva that without this Swanam (dog) he won’t come along with Lord Sri Indra Deva. Later Swanam (dog) took the shape of the Svayam Dharma itself (Lord Sri Yama Deva) and told Yudhishthira that he has not lost his Dharma even at the end of life.

Thus, Yudhishthira went to Svarga Loka (Heaven) and saw Duryodhana and all other Kurus their. He also saw Dushasana, Shakuni and many such kind of people. But Dharmaraya was surprised that he was not able to see his mother Kuni Devi, his wife Draupadi Devi.

Similarly, Yudhishthir was not able to see his beloved younger brothers Nakula & Sahadeva. His very close brother Arjuna. His mighty brother Bhima Deva were also unseen. Also he was not able to see his Pitamaha Bhishma or his Guru Dronacharya or his elder brother Karna.

Dharmaraya (Yudhishthira) was in complete shock and surprised to see only the Kaurava clan and not his closest people. Thus, Yudhishthira asked Lord Sri Indra Deva, why only Duryodhana, the adhama (vile) and his brothers & his close friends & relatives are present and why his own people are missing.

Later, Lord Sri Indra Deva ordered one of the Demi-God and told him to show where all the Yudhishthira’s people are. That Demi-God took Yudhishthira to a place where only blood was flowing, where only bones were spread all over the place, where only hairs were scattered all over.

It was a place where the bad smell was present. Where skulls of all types of living beings were present. Seeing all these, in Yudhishthira’s mind thousands of questions started to flow. He started to think that what type of sins his sinless wife Draupadi Devi had done to be in this type of place.

What type of sins his beloved younger brothers Sahadeva and Nakula had done to be in this type of place. What type of sins his close brother Arjuna has done, what type of sins does his mighty brother Bhima has done.

What type of sins does his pitamaha Bhishma has does and what type of sins does his all close friends, relatives, Gurus and others have done to be in place like this. After thinking all these types of things, Yudhishthira turned on to the Demi-God and started to question him.

Then again that Demi-God changes his Pratiroopam (divine form) into Dharma (Lord Sri Yama Deva) and tells Yudhishthira that: “Oh Great King, Oh Dharmishta (follower of Dharma), Oh Dharmaraya (Yudhishthira), My Son, you have again passed on the test which was conducted by Bhagavan Lord Sri Vishnu”.

After this, Yudhishthira starts to see full of divine light around him. It started to be a blissful place, full of Demi-Gods and related people of Svarga Loka (Heaven). Yudhishthira saw the place where the Svargadhipati Lord Sri Indra Deva lives.

Yudhishthira sees all the Ashta Digpalakas (Eight directional Demigods). Yudhishthira sees all the Saptarishis (Seven Rishis) their. Yudhishthira’s face suddenly started to glow. He sees all his brothers, Draupadi Devi, Bhishma, and all his beloved people including the Kaurava brothers.

Now, Narada Maharshi comes and explains to Yudhishthira that he has passed the test and in fact he is standing in the Swarga Loka itself. Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna always tests his beloved bhaktas (devotees). Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna tests more who like to follow the path of Dharma.

Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna initially holds the hands of all the people, but he never leaves the hands of the people who follow the path of Dharma and Bhakti (Devotion). Similarly Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna leaves the hands of the ADharmis (Not followers of Dharma).

If we need Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna and his blessings, we need to be in the path of Dharma and Bhakti (Devotion) and nothing else. Similarly, if we want only enjoyment without the Dharma and Bhakti (Devotional) path, then Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna and his blessings will be away from us.

Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna’s words are absolutely correct: ‘धर्मो रक्षति, रक्षितः’ | ‘ಧರ್ಮೋ ರಕ್ಷತಿ, ರಕ್ಷಿತಃ’ | ‘dharmo rakshati, rakshitaha’ – If we save and be in the path of Dharma, Dharma will definitely save us.

Similarly, if we are not in the path of Dharma, then we will definitely have to taste the fruit of the Adharma.

(Note : Here Yudhishthira saw all the negative things in Swarga Loka as he had done one sin. That sin was, after the Mahabharata (Kurukshetra) war, Yudhishthira had the doubt that because of him and his adharma works all the Kauravas were killed in the battle.)

(Lord Sri Krishna, Bhima, Arjuna, Bhishma and others instructs Yudhishthira that he has not done any sin. But, Yudhishthira doubts at Lord Sri Krishna’s words. Thus Yudhishthira had done the a grave sin of not listening to Lord Sri Krishna’s words. Thus he had to see all these negative things in the Swarga Loka.)

Few more important points about Yudhishthira: At the time of ‘Yaksha Parshna’ (Yaksha’s Questions) incident after Dharmaraya (Yudhishthira) successfully answers all the questions posed by Yaksha Raja, Yudhishthira is asked as to who amongst his four brothers would he want to see alive.

Yudhishthira without a second thought or question says ‘Nakula, the son of Madri should come alive’. When Yaksha Raja asks the reason for the same, Yudhishthira says that since he is alive and is the elder son of Kunti, one son of Madri should also be alive at-least as he be seen as partisan towards Kunti’s son.

Here Yudhishthira displays the highest standards of ethics because with just one year before the Mahabharata war, any lesser person would have been tempted to have the powerful Bhima or the great archer Arjuna alive, fight and win the war, but the great Pandava Yudhishthira thinks otherwise.

Representation of Pandavas and Kauravas in Mahabharata :

Yudhishthira : Yudhisthira represents Dharma. | Bhima : Bhima represents bhakti (devotion), jnana / gyan (knowledge), bala (strength) and 7 other virtues. | Arjuna : Arjuna represents shravana (hearing / listening) and manana (thoughtful remembering). | Nakula : Nakula represents sheela (character). |

Sahadeva : Sahadeva represents vinaya (humility). | Draupadi : Draupadi represents vidya (study / knowledge / Vedas). | Duryodhana : Duryodhana represents ajnana (ignorance). | Dushasana : Dushasana represents mithyajnana (Mythical knowledge). | Shakuni : Shakuni represents nastikya (atheism).

Information about birth days of Yudhishthira and other Pandavas and Kauravas is as given below:

Karna Birth : Karna an avatar of Lord Sri Surya (Sun God) was born on the Magha month of the Bright half (Shukla Paksha) 1st day (Pratipada tithi). It is said that he was older than Yudhisthira by 16 years. During the Mahabharata war, Karna was killed by Arjuna on Margashirsha month, Dark half (Krishna Paksha) on 14th Day (Chaturdashi tithi).

Yudhishthira Birth : Yudhishthira was born on Pajothpatti Samvatsara, Ashwin month, Bright half (Shukla Paksha), 5th day (Panchami Tithi), in Jyeshta nakshatra, in Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) Lagna, at midday Abhijit Muhurta (Mahurat). 127 year, 5 months and 25 days prior to start of Kaliyuga (roughly 3229-8-15 B.C).

Bhima Birth : Bhima was born on Agnirasa Samvatsara, Ashwin month, Dark half (Krishna Paksha), 9th day (Navami Tithi) in Magha Star (Nakshatra), after midday. He was younger than Yudhishthira by 1 year and 19 days. He was an avatar of Lord Sri Vayu Deva.

Arjuna Birth : Arjuna was born on Srimukha Samvatsara, Phalguna month, Full Moon Day (Purnima Tithi) during the day in Uttara Phalguni Star (Nakshatra). Younger than Bhima by 1 year 4 months and 21 days. Arjuna is an avatar of Lord Sri Indra Deva.

Nakula and Sahadeva Birth : Both Nakula and Sahadeva were born on Bhava Samvatsara, Phalguna month, New Moon day (Amavasya Tithi), Midday, in Ashwini Star (Nakshatra). Both Nakula and Sahadeva were younger than Arjuna by 1 year, 0 month, and 15 days. They were the avatars of Ashwini brother Nasatya and Dasra.

Lord Sri Krishna Birth : He is unborn. But as a pastime he takes the avatar (not birth) on Shrimukha Samvatsara, Shravana month, Dark half (Krishna Paksha), 8th day (Ashtami Tithi), just after midnight in Taurus Lagna (Vrishabha Rashi). He is avatar of Lord Sri Vishnu. There is no difference between Lord Vishnu and Krishna avatar.

Duryodhana Birth : Just one day after the mighty Bhima’s birth Duryodhana was born. From that day onwards everyday the rest of the 99 Kauravas (boys) and their only sister were born. Similarly, Hidimba, Bakasura and Kichaka were born in the same period between Magha and Swati Stars (Nakshatras).

Duryodhana’s Death : He lost the battle against the mighty Bhima on Margashirsha month, New Moon Day (Amavasya Tithi) / Pausha Bright half (Shukla Paksha) in the evening. He died the next morning on the Bright half (Shukla Paksha), 1st Day (Pratipada Tithi).

Yudhishthira became Yuvaraja (Crowned Prince) : Yudhishthira became Crowned Prince (Yuvaraja) of Hastinapura (Hastinavati) on Shubhakrit Samvatsara, Ashwayuja month, Bright half (Shukla Paksha), 10th day (Dashami Tithi) when he was 31 years, 0 month and 5 days old.

Yudhishthira became King of Hastinapura : Yudhishthira was crowned as the King of Hastinapura (Hastinavati) on Shubhakrit Samvatsara, Pausha month, Full Moon Day (Purnima). Yudhishthira was 91 year, 3 months and 10 days old when he became the King (Samrat / Chakravartin / Emperor) of the whole world.

Yudhishthira ruled for the whole world for 36 years, 2 months and 15 days. From Shubhakrit Samvatsara, Pushya month, Full Moon Day (Purnima Tithi) to Bahudhanya Samvatsara, Pushya month, Full Moon Day (Purnima Tithi). It was 36 years, 2 months and 15 days.

It was Pramadi Samvatsara, Bright half (Shukla Paksha), 1st Day (Pratipada Tithi) Lord Shri Krishna finished his avatar on this earth, that is, on B.C 3102-2-20 at 2-27-30 P.M. Originally Kali Yuga started when Duryodhana died.

Seven days later, on Bright half (Shukla Paksha), 7th Day (Saptami Titihi), whole of the Dwarka city was submerged in the Ocean. Saptarishis (Seven Sages) were in Magha Star (Nakshatra). Yudhishthira Shaka started from his coronation day, that is, Lord Sri Krishna finished his Avatar in Yudhishthira Shaka. Total there were 36 years, 2 months and 15 days in Yudhishthira Shaka.

Pandavas started for their Final journey after Yudhishthira Shaka on Pramadi Samvatsara, Ashwayuja month, Bright half (Shukla Paksha), 12th Day (Dwadashi Tithi). At that time, Yudhishthira was aged 128 years, 0 month and 6 days. Parikshit was 36 years old at that time, and he (Parikshit) was coronated on the same day at Hastinapur (Hastinavati).

King Parikshit ruled the whole world for 60 years. After he got the curse from Sage Shringi (son of Sage Shamika), King Parikshit coronated his 25 year old son Janamejaya, and died after hearing the Srimad Bhagavatam under Sage Shuka Muni (Shukacharya – son of Lord Sri Vedavyasa).

King Parikshit is believed to be an avatar (reincarnation) of Satya (Krita) Yuga, the personified first Yuga as per Hindu Sanatana Dharma. Shakuni the maternal uncle of Duryodhana is an avatar of Dvapara Yuga (In Sanskrit Dvapara means uncertainty, doubt). Duryadhana is an avatar of Kali Yuga’s Kali.

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