Pandavas and Krishna conch shell (Shankh) names

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The Conch Shell in Sanskrit is known (pronounced) as “Shankha” (शंख / ಶಂಖ / śaṅkha). In Hindi it is pronounced as Shankh.

In Mahabharata (also in Ramayana), each and every warrior had his own unique Conch Shell (Shankh).

Similarly, in Mahabharata (also in Ramayana), the role of Shankha (Shankh) was very important.

At that time, each of the popular personality (including Devatas) had a Shankha and also had a separate name for each of their Shankhas.

In that, now let us know the Conch Shell (Shankh) names of the Lord Krishna and five Pandavas.

List of the Conch Shell (Shankh) names of Pandavas and Lord Krishna are as given below:

Panchajanya : The name of Bhagavan Sri Krishna’s Shankha is called ‘Panchajanya’. In Sanskrit it is written as पांचजन्य / ಪಾಂಚಜನ್ಯ / pān̄cajan’ya

Paundra : Bhima’s Shankha is called ‘Paundra’. In Sanskrit it is written as पौण्ड्र / ಪೌಂಡ್ರ / pauṇḍra

Devadatta : Arjuna’s Shankha is called ‘Devadatta’. In Sanskrit it is written as देवदत्त / ದೇವದತ್ತ / dēvadatta

Ananta Vijaya : Yudhisthira’s Shankha is called ‘Ananta Vijaya’. In Sanskrit it is written as अनंत विजय / ಅನಂತ ವಿಜಯ / ananta vijaya

Sughosha : Nakula’s Shankha is called ‘Sughosha’. In Sanskrit it is written as सुघोष / ಸುಘೋಷ / sughōṣa

Manipushpaka : Sahadeva’s Shankha is called as ‘Manipushpaka’. In Sanskrit it is written as मणिपुष्पक / ಮಣಿಪುಷ್ಪಕ / maṇipuṣpaka


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