A – Z Krishna (Vishnu) (Rama) names with meaning

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Dear friends, I have always been wondering, when we have unlimited number of names (words) of Lord Krishna (Vishnu / Rama), then why are we learning A for apple, B for boy, etc.

Thus, I thought of writing this post. This post mainly contains the names of Lord Krishna (Vishnu / Rama) different names starting from A – Z.

Come on my dear friends, let’s learn few of the most divine and auspicious names of Lord Krishna (Vishnu / Rama) starting from A – Z.

Just before going forward, I would like to inform you that, as per Hindu Shastras, there is no difference between Lord Vishnu and his all the avatars.

The list of names of Lord Krishna (Vishnu) (Rama) starting from A – Z with meaning are as given below:

AAadi Deva (आदि देव / ಆದಿ ದೇವ / ādi dēva) – Present (first) since the unknown time frame.

Ananta – (अनंत / ಅನಂತ / ananta) – Will be present until the unknown time frame (infinite).

BBalagopala (बाल गोपाल / ಬಾಲ ಗೋಪಾಲ / bālagōpāla) – Young child who guards all the Gopis and Gopalakas.

Balakrishna – Loving child of all in the places like Vrindavana, Mathura, etc.

CChaturbhuja (चतुर्भुज / ಚತುರ್ಭುಜ / caturbhuja) – Lord Krishna (Vishnu / Rama) has Chaturbhuja, that is, 4 hands one each with Shankha (Conch), Chakra (Disc), Gada (Mace) and Kamala (Lotus).

Chakradhara (चक्राधर / ಚಕ್ರಾಧಾರ / cakrādhāra) – Lord Krishna is the one who holds Chakra (Sudarshana Chakra).

DDwarakapati (द्वारकापति / ದ್ವಾರಕಾಪತಿ / dvārakāpati) – Lord Krishna is the King of Dwarka (Dwaraka).

Devesha (देवेश / ದೇವೇಶ / dēvēśa) – He is the Lord of all the Devatas (Demigods) starting from Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, etc.

EEsha (ईश / ಈಶ / īśa) – He is the ultimate knowledge holder.

Ekaraja (एकराज / ಏಕರಾಜ / ēkarāja) – He is the one and only Raja (King) and all others are his servants.

F – This alphabet is the mispronounced alphabet of the Sanskrit akshara pha (फ / ಫ / pha). In Sanskrit we don’t use this alphabet.

GGovinda (गोविंद / ಗೋವಿಂದ / gōvinda) – He is someone who has control over all the cows (Go) and Indriyas (In) (sense organs).

Giridhara (गिरिधर / ಗಿರಿಧರ / giridhara) – He is the one who is holding the Giri (Mountain – Govardhana).

HHari (हरि / ಹರಿ / hari) – He is the one who cuts down all our egos, superiority complex, pride, etc.

Hrishikesha (Hrushikesha) (हृषिकेश / ಹೃಷಿಕೇಶ / hr̥ṣikēśa) – He is the one who has control over all the sense organs (Indriyas).

IItareya (Aitareya) (ऐतरेय / ಐತರೇಯ / itarēya) – He is the son of Itara Devi (इतरा देवी / ಇತರಾ ದೇವಿ / itarā dēvi) and thus he is known as Itareya (Aitareya).

Indriyanigrahaka (इंद्रियनिग्रहक / ಇಂದ್ರಿಯನಿಗ್ರಹಕ / Indriyanigrahaka) – He is the one who controls all the indriyas (Sense organs).

JJagannatha (जगन्नाथ / ಜಗನ್ನಾಥ / jagannātha) – He is the one and only King of the infinite universes.

Jagadisha (जगदीश / ಜಗದೀಶ / jagadīśa) – He is the one and only Lord of the infinite universes.

KKamalanatha (कमलनाथ / ಕಮಲನಾಥ / kamalanātha) – He is the consort (Lord) of Kamala (Lakshmi Devi).

Kamalanayana (कमलनयन / ಕಮಲನಯನ / kamalanayana) – He is the one who is having eyes as a Lotus flower.

LLokadhyaksha (लोकाध्यक्ष / ಲೋಕಾಧ್ಯಕ್ಷ / lōkādhyakṣa) – He is the leader of the unlimited universes.

Lakshmipati ( लक्ष्मीपति / ಲಕ್ಷ್ಮೀಪತಿ / lakṣmīpati) – He is the consort of Lakshmi Devi.

MManamohana (मनमोहन / ಮನಮೋಹನ / manamōhana) – He is the one who steals the heart of all with highest ease.

Madhusudana (मधुसूदन / ಮಧುಸೂದನ / madhusūdana) – He is the slayer of a demon called Madhu.

NNavaneetachora (नवनीतचोर / ನವನೀತಚೋರ / navanītacōra) – He is the one who steals the butter (navaneeta) from all the houses.

Niranjana (निरंजन / ನಿರಂಜನ / niran̄jana) – He is someone who is devoid of all passions, emotions, etc.

OOmkara (ओम्कार / ಓಂಕಾರ / ōṅkāra) – He is the beginning of anything and everything.

Ojas (ओजस् / ಓಜಸ್ / ōjas) – He is the who is the main provider of vitality.

PPurushottama (पुरुषोत्तम / ಪುರುಷೋತ್ತಮ / puruṣōttama) – He is best among all the personality starting from Lakshmi, Brahma, Shiva, etc.

Patitapavana (पतीतपावन / ಪತೀತಪಾವನ / patītapāvana) – He will clear (pavana) all the sins (patita) of the sinner.

Q – This alphabet is used as क / ಕ / ka in Sanskrit.

RRavilochana (रविलोचन / ರವಿಲೋಚನ / ravilōcana) – He is the one who has Sun as his eye.

Radhapriya (राधाप्रिय / ರಾಧಾಪ್ರಿಯ / rādhāpriya) – He is the one and one who loves Radha (An avatar of Lakshmi Devi) the most.

SSanatana (सनातन / ಸನಾತನ / sanātana) – He is the eternal and no one is equal or above him.

Sarvottama (सर्वोत्तम / ಸರ್ವೋತ್ತಮ / sarvōttama) – He is the best and supreme in the infinite universes.

TTrivikrama (त्रिविक्रम / ತ್ರಿವಿಕ್ರಮ / trivikrama) – He is the conqueror and King of all the three (infinite) worlds.

Tirthapriya (तीर्थप्रिय / ತೀರ್ಥಪ್ರಿಯ / tīrthapriya) – He loves to be part of the pilgrimage places, so that he can bless all his devotees.

UUpendra (उपेंद्र / ಉಪೇಂದ್ರ / upēndra) – He is the younger brother (As Lord Vamana) of Lord Indra.

Urvashijanaka – उर्वशिजनक / ಊರ್ವಶಿಜನಕ / ūrvaśijanaka – He is the father of Urvashi Devi.

VVishwatma (विश्वात्म / ವಿಶ್ವಾತ್ಮ / viśvātma) – He is the soul (atma) of the unlimited universes.

Vishwakarma (विश्वकर्म / ವಿಶ್ವಕರ್ಮ / viśvakarma) – He is the real architecture of the unlimited universes. (Vishwakarma is different and Lord Vishnu as Vishvakarma is different).

W – This alphabet is used as व / ವ / va etc. in Sanskrit.

X – This alphabet is used as a, e etc. in Sanskrit.

YYadavendra (यादवेंद्र / ಯಾದವೇಂದ್ರ / yādavēndra) – He is King (best) among the Yadavas.

Yoginamapati (योगिनामपति / ಯೋಗಿನಾಮಪತಿ / yōgināmapati) – He is the Lord of all the Yogis.

Z – This alphabet is used as j etc. in Sanskrit.

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