Strongest warriors in Mahabharata

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My dear friends, Mahabharata is the greatest epic the human kind has ever witnessed.

All the Demigods have taken avatars in this great epic during the Mahabharata period, including Lord Krishna.

Today, let us the list of the great warriors starting from the strongest warrior in Mahabharata.

First let us know the list of names of “strongest warrior in Mahabharata“, later let us know brief information about them with image.

Note: We should note that few of the Demigods (Devatas) have not fought, but it doesn’t mean that they are not warrior(s).

Even the Demigods (Devatas) who have not fought, their names are also given in this below list.

List of the “strongest warrior in Mahabharata” is as given below (starting from the strongest):

Lord Krishna (Lord Vishnu)

Lord Parashurama (Lord Vishnu)

Sri Rukmini Devi / Sri Satyabhama Devi / Sri Radha Devi


Sri Kali Devi (Bhima wife)



Shan Mahishis (Lord Krishna 6 wives)

Sri Revati Devi (Balarama wife)


Pradyumna (Lord Krishna and Sri Rukmini Devi son)

Sri Chitrangada Devi (Arjuna wife)

Sri Mayavati Devi (Lord Krishna won Pradyumna’s wife)




Shantanu (Bhishma father)

Charudeshna (Lord Krishna and Rukmini Devi son)



Nakula & Sahadeva


Now, let us the brief explanation about the above warriors as given below:

Lord Krishna – He is an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

He is the most powerful among all in the unlimited universes.

Lord Parashurama – He is an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Sri Rukmini Devi / Sri Satyabhama Devi / Sri Radha Devi

All are the avatars of Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.

There is no difference between among these avatars.

But Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi wants to serve Lord Vishnu in different ways.

Thus Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi takes different avatars to serve Lord Vishnu in different ways.

Bhima – He is an avatar of Lord Vayu Deva.

He is same as Hanuman in the Treta Yuga.

Lord Vayu Deva is also called as Sri Mukhya Prana Deva (Main Prana / Vayu Deva).

He again takes the third avatar as Sri Madhwacharya Ji in the Kali Yuga.

Sri Kali Devi – Pronounce this name as श्री काळि देवी / ಶ್ರೀ ಕಾಳಿ ದೇವಿ / śrī kāḷi dēvi.

She is an avatar of Goddess Sri Bharati Devi and consort of Bhima.

Goddess Sri Bharati Devi in her original form is the consort of Sri Mukhya Prana Deva (Sri Vayu Deva).

Ashwathama – He is an avatar of Lord Shiva.

The other avatars of Lord Shiva are:

Sri Shukacharya Ji – He preached Parikshita maharaja the great and divine Sri Bhagavatam.

Durvasa Rishi – He is the brother of Lord Dattatreya (Lord Vishnu) and is the son of Atri Maharishi and Mother Anasuya.

Balarama – He is an avatar of Lord Aadi Shesha Naga.

Balarama in his original form serves Lord Vishnu as the bed.

(You might have witness a huge snake on which Lord Vishnu sleeps.)

(This huge snake is the same as Lord Aadi Shesha Naga, that is, bed of Lord Vishnu.)

Shan Mahishis – Lord Krishna 6 wives, that is, Sri Jambavati Devi, Sri Kalindi Devi, Sri Mitravinda Devi, Sri Nagnajiti Devi, Sri Bhadra Devi and Sri Lakshana (Lakshmana) Devi.

(Apart from Sri Rukmini Devi and Sri Satyabhama Devi.)

(Including Sri Rukmini Devi and Sri Satyabhama Devi, they are known as ‘ashta mahishis or ashta bharyas’, that is, 8 consorts (wives).

In this Sri Jambavati Devi is an avatar of Sri Tulasi Devi.

Sri Revati Devi – She is an avatar of Goddess Sri Varuni Devi.

(Sri Varuni Devi is the wife of Lord Aadi Shesha Naga).

Sri Revati Devi is the wife of Balarama.

Arjuna – He is an avatar of Lord Indra Deva.

Lord Indra Deva was born as Vali during the Ramayana period.

This Vali was a brother of Sugriva (Lord Surya avatar).

Pradyumna – He is an avatar of Lord Kama Deva.

Pradyumna is the eldest son of Lord Krishna and Sri Rukmini Devi.

Sri Chitrangada Devi – She is an avatar of Goddess Sri Sachi Devi and is the consort of Arjuna.

She is the mother of Babruvahana (Lord Indra and Goddess Sri Sachi Devi son Jayanta avatar).

Sri Mayavati Devi – She is an avatar of Goddess Sri Rati Devi.

Sri Mayavati Devi is the wife of Pradyumna.

Dronacharya – He is an avatar of Demigods’ (Devatas’) Guru Sri Brihaspati.

Sri Brihaspati is the main Guru of all the Demigods (Devatas) starting from Lord Indra.

Karna – He is an avatar of Lord Surya.

During the Ramayana period, he was born as Sugriva, that is, brother of Vali (An avatar of Lord Indra).

Yudhishthira – He is an avatar of Lord Yama Deva.

In this same period, Lord Yama Deva takes another avatar of Vidura.

Both Yudhishthira and Vidura are one and the same, but with different bodies, with different services as per the instructions of Lord Vishnu.

Shantanu – Pronounce this name as शंतनु / ಶಂತನು / śantanu and not as शांतनु / ಶಾಂತನು / śāntanu.

He is an avatar of Lord Varuna Deva and is the father of Bhishma.

He is the husband of Goddess Sri Ganga Devi.

Charudeshna – He is the second son of Lord Krishna and Sri Rukmini Devi.

He is an avatar of Lord Ganesha.

Bhishma – He is an avatar of a Vasu (Pronounce it as वसु / ವಸು) called Dyu (द्यु / ದ್ಯು).

His parents are Shantanu (An avatar of Lord Varuna Deva) and Goddess Ganga Devi.

Kripacharya – He is an adopted son of Shantanu along with his sister Kripi.

Nakula & Sahadeva – They are twin brothers.

They are the avatars of twin Ashwini Kumaras.

Their original names in the Ashwini Kumaras forms are called as Nasatya (Nakula) and Dasra (Sahadeva).

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