List of Epic Ramayana female character names

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Just before going to “List of Epic Ramayana female character names | Female character names of Ramayana“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Meaning of Ramayana : Ramayana = Rama + Ayana = Lord Sri Rama + Representing the story = Representing Lord Sri Rama story is called as Ramayana.

Ramayana happened in the Treya Yuga as per Hindu Puranas and epic Ramayana.

1 Kali Yuga (Present era) = 4,32,000 years. 1 Dwarapa Yuga (Lord Sri Krishna era) = 2 * Kali Yuga = 8,64,000 years.

1 Treta Yuga = 3 * Kali Yuga = 12,96,000 years. 1 Satya Yuga (Krita Yuga) = 4 * Kali Yuga = 17,28,000 years.

Thus a minimum of 8,69,000 (5k years of Kali Yuga + 8,64,000 years of Dwapara Yuga) years has passed since the end of a Treta Yuga.

In this post you will get information about the epic Ramayana female characters (glossary) with the basic information about each of the character.

List of Epic Ramayana female character names are as given below:

Goddess Sri Sita Devi : She is an avatar of Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi. She is the form of Goddess Sri Maya Devi, a form of Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.

Kausalya : She was the prime wife of King Dasharatha and mother of Lord Sri Rama. Her parents names are Sukaushala (father), Amritaprabha (mother). Her sister name is Vershini.

Sumitra : She was the second most important of King Dasharatha and mother of Lakshmana and Shatrughna. Her parents belonged to Kashi (Varanasi).

Kaikeyi : She was the third most important and most loving wife of King Dasharatha. She was the mother of Bharata (Bharat) (भरत).

Kaikeyi father name is Ashvapati and she had a brother called Yudhajit. Kaikeyi was very listening to words of Manthara (She is the avatar of Alakshmi).

Urmila : She is the daughter of King Janaka (Seeradhvaja) (father) and Sunayana (mother). Her husband name is Lakshmana.

Urmila sons names are Angada and Chandraketu. Urmila belonged to a place called Mithila of Videha region in today’s Nepal.

Mandavi : She is the daughter of King Kushadhvaja (father) and Chandrabhaga (mother). Her husband name is Bharata (Bharat) (भरत).

Mandavi sons names are Taksha and Pushkala. Mandavi belonged to a place called Mithila of Videha region in today’s Nepal. Later her father Kushadhvaja shifted to a place called Sāṃkāśya (सांकाश्य).

Shrutakirti : She is the daughter of King Kushadhvaja (father) and Chandrabhaga (mother). Her husband name is Shatrughna.

Shrutakirti sons names are Subanu and Shatrughati. Shrutakirti belonged to a place called Mithila of Videha region in today’s Nepal. Later her father Kushadhvaja shifted to a place called Sāṃkāśya (सांकाश्य).

Shanta : She is the daughter of King Dasharatha and wife of Rishyashringi Rishi. King Romapada didn’t had any children and thus Dasharatha donates Shanta to him.

Thus foster father of Shanta is King Romapada and foster mother name is Vershini.

Manthara : Manthara was also called as Kubja, as she had hunch-backed, ugly and antagonistic appearance.

Manthara was an incarnation of Alakshmi. Alakshmi takes birth during the Samudra Manthan and is also called as Jeshta Lakshmi as she was born as the elder sister of Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.

Nirvani : Nirvani was a Yakshini (Female Yaksha) and she was also a niece of Yaksha King Suketu.

Tataka : Tataka used to be a beautiful woman who was later transformed into a demoness (rakshasi), once she tried to seduce the Maharishi Agastya.

As a demoness, Tataka used to drink the blood of living creatures especially humans and used to kill anything she sees.

With the request of Vishwamitra Maharishi, Lord Sri Rama slayed her by cutting her body into several pieces.

Ahalya Devi : She is the wife of Gautama Maharishi and also the mother of Shatananda Rishi.

Ahalya meaning : Ahalya = A + Halya = Never + pure, never make mistake, etc. Ahalya Devi is someone who is pure and never made any mistake.

Gautama Maharishi curses Ahalya Devi thinking she was in a relationship with Lord Sri Indra Deva.

In Treta Yuga, Lord Sri Rama clears the curse of Ahalya Devi given by Maharishi Gautama.

Shabari : Shabari is an elderly ascetic who was highly devoted to Lord Sri Rama. Her Guru was Matanga Rishi.

As Shabari’s Guru Matanga Rishi had instructed her to worship Lord Sri Rama, she waited for him for several years.

Finally Shabari met Lord Sri Rama along with Lakshmana after the abduction of Goddess Sri Sita Devi by demon King Ravana.

Shabari helped Lord Sri Rama to find the great Vanaras (Monkeys) Sugriva and Hanuman.

Tara : Tara was the daughter of physician Sushena (An avatar of Lord Sri Varuna Deva).

Tara was the wife of the King of Kishkindha Vali, and the mother of Angada. She is regarded as one of the pancha-kanyas.

Rumā : She is the wife of Sugriva, an avatar of Lord Sri Surya Deva.

Anjana : Anjana was an apsara named Punjikastala in her earlier life and was born on earth as a Vanara (Monkey) princess.

Anjana husband name is Kesari, a Vanara (Monkey) chief and he was the son of Brihaspati (Planet Jupiter).

Anjana was the mother of the divine Lord Sri Hanuman. Since Anjana is the mother of Hanuman, he is also called as Anjaneya.

Ilavida : Ilavida was the wife of Vishrava Rishi and her parents names are Trnabindu or Bharadwaja (father) and Alambusa (mother).

Ilavida son name is Kubera, the King of Yakshas. Ilavida brother name is Garga.

Kaikasi : Kaikasi or Kaikeshi or Keshani or Pushpothkatha was the wife of Vishrava Rishi, and mother of Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Vibhishana and Shurpanakha.

Kaikasi was a daughter of a Rakshasa (Demon) King Sumali (father) and Ketumati (mother). Kaikasi was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

Mandodari : Mandodari was the chief consort of the demon King Ravana. The epic describes her as beautiful, pious, and Dharmic (righteous).

Mandodari was the daughter of Mayasura (father) and an apsara named Hema (mother).

Mandodari had two sons: Meghanath (Indrajit) and Akshayakumara. Mandodari had two siblings namely Mayavi (brother) and Dundubhi (brother).

Mandodari always insisted on freeing Goddess Sri Sita Deva, as she was aware of Lord Sri Rama and Goddess Sri Sita Devi avatar purpose.

Dhanyamalini : Dhanyamalini was the second wife of the demon King Ravana.

One of the information tells that she is the daughter of Mayasura (father) and and sister of Mandodari.

Dhanyamalini is the mother of the Atikaya, Atikaya, Narantaka, Devantaka and Trishira.

Sarama : Sarama was the wife of Vibhishana. She had three children namely Trijata (daughter), Taranisena (son) and Neela (son).

Sarama and Trijata both were friendly with Goddess Sri Sita Devi when she was abducted by the demon King Ravana.

Later Vibhishana became the King and Sarama became the Queen of Lanka after the death of the demon King Ravana.

Shurpanakha : Here Shurpanakha means, someone who has sharp nails. Shurpanakha was the daughter of Vishrava Rishi (father) and Kaikasi (mother)

Shurpanakha was the younger sister of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Vibhishana. Her husband name was Vidyutjiva.

Lakshmana cut off Shurpanaksha nose and left ear and sent her back to Lanka. This happened in today’s Nasik in Maharashtra and thus the name Nasik (In Sanskrit nose means nasika).

Hema : Hema used to be an apsara in Lord Sri Indra Deva‘s abode (Svarga Loka).

When Mayasura visited Svarga Loka, he saw Hema and married her. They had 2 sons and their names are Mayavi and Dundubhi, and daughters Mandodari and Dhanyamalini.

Hema as she was an apsara and thus can’t stay on earth for long time and she later left all of the above and returned to Svarga Loka.

Ganga (Goddess) : Goddess Sri Ganga Devi is a divine being and the daughter of Himavan (father) and Mainavati (mother).

Goddess Sri Ganga Devi siblings are Goddess Sri Parvati Devi and Mainaka (A mountain of the ocean) Goddess Sri Ganga Devi son name is Devavrata (Bhishma).

Goddess Sri Ganga is not an earth being and she belonged to Svarga Loka and thus she was given back to the Devatas (Demigods).

Later, with the intense tapas (penance) of the King Bhagiratha, she came down to earth as Bhagirathi.

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