Who is Supreme (most powerful) God (Shiva or Vishnu or Brahma or Shakti) (Hinduism) (As per Hindu texts)

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Just before going to “Who is Supreme (most powerful) God (Shiva or Vishnu or Brahma or Shakti) (Hinduism) (As per Hindu texts)“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Disclaimer : The below information is given only to showcase who is the Supreme God of the Multiverses (Unlimited Universes) and not at all to prove or disprove anyone inferior.

Information about why only Linga roopa (form) for Lord Shiva is as given below:

Once Bhrigu Maharishi went to Kailasha (Kailash) to test who is “Sarvottama / Supreme” among Lord Sri Brahma Deva, Lord Sri Vishnu and Lord Sri Maheshwara (Shiva).

When Bhrigu Maharishi came to Lord Shiva, he saw that Lord Shiva did not even noticed him. Lord Shiva was sitting with Goddess Sri Parvati Devi privately.

Lord Shiva completely ignored Bhrigu Maharishi. Because of this Bhrigu Maharishi got angry at Lord Shiva and thus Bhrigu Maharishi cursed Lord Shiva as given below:

Lord Shiva be worshipped only in the form of Linga Roopa“.

That is why throughout the world, Lord Shiva is worshipped in Linga roopa (form) and not with his own form.

Here one must notice that Bhrigu Maharishi is very much inferior (comes lower in hierarchy) to Lord Shiva.

To respect Lord Sri Vishnu’s orders that Lord Shiva ignored Bhrigu Maharishi and accepted the curse from Bhrigu Maharishi.

Source : This we can find in Padma Purana.

Information about Hari Sarvottama (Lord Vishnu is Supreme) exposition by Lord Shiva is as given below:

1.) When Bhrigu Maharishi came to test Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva ignored Bhrigu Maharishi completely and got the curse which enabled Bhrigu Maharishi to declare Lord Shiva is not sarvottama / supreme.

2.)  Earlier Lord Shiva had taken the avatar of Maharishi Durvasa and Maharshi Durvasa established the supremacy of Ekadashi by just testing King Ambarisha (Ambarish).

Here also one must notice that King Ambarisha is very much inferior to Maharishi Durvasa.

Just he pretended to show the devotion of King Ambarisha (Ambarish) and importance of Ekadashi, this drama (pastime) was made. Similar drama was  also made during the Maharishi Bhrigu visit to Lord Shiva.

3) Lord Shiva (Sri Rudra Deva) is called परम वैष्णव (parama vaiṣṇava) (Parama Vaishnava) (Supreme Vaishnava).

That is, when Lord Shiva was born as Shukacharya (Shuka Muni), he did the propaganda (preaching) of Srimad Bhagavatam and ‘Hari sarvottamatva‘ (Supremacy of Lord Sri Vishnu).

4)  Lord Shiva in his Shukacharya (Shuka Muni) avatar, has done the stotra (hymn) of Lord Sri Vishnu’s ‘sankarshana roopa / form‘ which is available in ‘Panchama Skanda‘ of Srimad Bhagavatam.

5) Lord Shiva in his Shukacharya (Shuka Muni) avatar preached ‘Rudra Geeta‘ to ‘Prachetas‘, which is nothing but ‘Hari Sarvottamatva‘ (Supremacy of Lord Sri Vishnu).

6) When Daksha Prajapati (Lord Shiva’s father-in-law) ignored Lord Shiva in the assembly during Yagna, even at that time Lord Shiva was doing the ‘smarana of Lord Sri Vishnu‘ (Meditation of Lord Sri Vishnu).

7) Lord Shiva blesses many asuras (demons) with great boons, which were all defeated by Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) with highest ease.

8) Lord Shiva preached Goddess Sri Uma Devi (Goddess Sri Parvati Devi) that ‘Sri Rama Naama‘ (Lord Sri Rama name) is equal to ‘Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama‘.

Do remember, “Sri Raama Raama Raameti Rame Raame mano Rame, Sahasra Naama tat-tulyam Raama Naama Varaanane“.

9) When Lord Shiva was born as Ashwatthama (Son of Dronacharya), he tried to kill baby Parikshita (Parikshit) before his birth itself, but failed completely, which proves the supremacy of Lord Sri Vishnu (Krishna).

10) When Lord Shiva’s great devotee ‘Ghanta Gosha‘ did the penance to Lord Shiva to give him Moksha, Lord Shiva declared him that:

“he (Lord Shiva) can’t give Moksha / Mukti to anyone and only Lord Sri Vishnu can give the Moksha / Mukti”.

11)  When Lord Shiva came to Lord Sri Vishnu to have a look of ‘Mohini avatar form‘ (an avatar of Lord Sri Vishnu), Lord Shiva could not control himself on seeing the Mohini avatar form, there also he accepted his defeat.

11) When the demon Bhasmasura tried to test the boon given by Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva ran and ran like a deer (too fast).

Then at the moment Lord Sri Vishnu came in his ‘Mohini avatar form‘ and deceived the demon Bhasmasura and killed him with his own boon, that is, ‘keeping Bhasmasura’s hand on his own head‘.

12) Lord Shiva had blessed a demon name Atula, that is, the demon Atula shall rest in Lord Sri Parashurama.

But, when Lord Sri Rama hit his arrow at the stomach of Lord Sri Parashurama (also an avatar of Lord Sri Vishnu), the demon Atula died instantly.

Information about Shivaratri is as given below:

Shivaratri is on this day that Lord Shiva went to Devaloka (Svarga Loka) in the form of Linga Roopa.

During Samudra Mathan (Amrit Manthan) (Churning of Ocean), ‘Haalaahala Visha‘ (poison) came out of the ocean.

When the entire world was unable to sustain the poison which came out of that, Lord Sri Vayu Deva drunk the ‘haalahala visha‘ (as per Keshi sukta) first.

When Lord Shiva also requested Lord Sri Vayu Deva to give him some ‘Haalaahala visha‘ (poison), Lord Sri Vayu Deva drank the major portion by himself.

Then later, out of the remaining, Lord Sri Vayu Deva rubbed it to see that the effect of poison does not affect Lord Shiva and thus carefully gave him only part of the Haala haala visha to Lord Shiva (as per Keshi sukta).

Lord Shiva drunk the small quantity of ‘Haalaahala visha‘ (Halahala poison) and thus Lord Shiva is called as Lord Neelakantha.

In order to sustain or reduce the power of ‘Haalaahala visha’, Lord Shiva held Lord Sri Chandra Deva on his head and serpent on the neck.

Even after that, Lord Shiva was not able control the effect of the ‘Haalaahala visha’ (poison).

So, throughout the night Lord Shiva did the ‘stotra‘ (meditated) of Lord Sri Vishnu, also did the jagarana (being awakened all the night) and did not take any food.

That is why people are celebrating Jagarana (being awakened all the night) and upavasa (fasting) on this day of Shivaratri.

But, we should always remember that those who are doing jagarana (being awakened all the night) must do the same with ‘hari dhyana upasana‘ (meditation of Lord Sri Vishnu).

Then only Lord Shiva will be pleased. Otherwise if you do jagarana (jagaran) (being awakened all the night) and watching movies, songs in TVs and theatres you will not get any good deeds (punya).

Information about Lord Sri Brahma Deva’s fifth face is as given below:

Lord Shiva made Lord Sri Brahma Deva as ‘Sri Chatur Mukha Brahma Deva‘ (four face Lord Sri Brahma) by removing the fifth face. Every body knows that Sri Brahma Deva means Sri Chatur Mukha Deva.

But Srimad Bhagavatam says Lord Sri Brahma Deva had ‘pancha mukha‘ (five heads) only once in his life time.

Then what happened to the fifth face of Lord Sri Brahma Deva?

Lord Sri Brahma Deva was chanting Vedas from all the five faces. From one of his faces he was chanting the Vedas incorrectly with some ‘apasvara‘ (untunefulness).

We should note that Lord Sri Brahma Deva was doing this as per the wishes and orders of Lord Sri Vishnu.

Lord Shiva was not aware that it is due to the Lord Sri Vishnu’s wishes and orders that Lord Sri Brahma Deva is chanting incorrectly from one of his fifth face.

Lord Shiva got angry and removed one of the faces of Lord Sri Brahma Deva and got ‘Brahma Hatya Dosha‘.

This episode enabled that many think that Lord Shiva is more powerful and higher than Lord Sri Brahma Deva.

Actually Lord Shiva is the son of Lord Sri Brahma Deva and lower than Lord Sri Brahma Deva as per the taaratamya / kakshya / hierarchy of Gods.

This ‘Brahma Hatya dosha‘ was removed when Lord Sri Rama installed Shiva Linga at Rameshwaram.

But people think that Lord Sri Rama installed Shiva Linga in order to be free from his own ‘brahma hatya dosha‘ (that is, killing a brahmana / brahmin called Ravana).

But the reality is, Lord Sri Rama installed the Shiva Linga at Rameshwaram to remove the ‘brahma hatya dosha‘ of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is a ‘parama bhakta‘ (great devotee) of Lord Sri Rama and his name ‘Sri Raama naama‘.

According to various shastras, Lord Shiva is doing pooja as a ‘Parama Vaishnava‘ (great Vaishnava) of Lord Sri Rama (Vishnu) on daily basis.

Lord Shiva preached his wife Goddess Sri Parvati Devi the importance of ‘Sri Raama naama‘ (Lord Sri Rama’s name) and he regularly does the ‘Sri Raama naama japa‘ (Chanting of Lord Sri Rama’s name).

That is why ‘bhakta paradhina‘ (always blesses to his devotees) Lord Sri Rama did the ‘pratistapana‘ (installation) of Shiva Linga at Rameshwaram.

Lord Shiva is called is “Kapali“ as he got ‘brahma hatya dosha‘ with the removal of the fifth head of Lord Sri Brahma Deva, which came in the ‘kapala roopa / form‘. That is why Lord Shiva is called as Kapali.

[Remember the story of Goddess Sri Annapurna Devi giving alms to Lord Shiva. She put the anna (alms) into this kalapa / bowl.]

I have written detailed story of the “Sri Brahama Deva’s fifth face” in this post. For more information, click this below link:

Real story of Brahma Deva’s fifth head

Information about the meaning of Hara Sahasa (Har Sahas) is as given below:

Lord Shiva tried his best to get rid of Brahma hatya dosha. These efforts by Lord Shiva is termed as “Hara sahasa (Har Sahas)”.

The various steps he undertook to get rid of Brahma hatya dosha is as given below:

a) Lord Shiva went in all the dasha dikh (ten directions) and preached that ‘Hari naama smarana’ (chanting Lord Sri Hari / Vishnu names) is the ultimate for every paapa prayaschitta (expiation of sin).

b) When Lord Shiva went to Badari (Badrinath), there he could not get the darshana (divine view) of Srimann Narayana (Badri Narayana).

When Lord Shiva has removed the head of Sri Brahma Deva, how Srihari will be pleased on him?

c) Later Lord Shiva went to Yamuna, but the entire water was dried up. Again Lord Shiva went to plakshma dveepa (a place), but it was invisible for him.

d) Again later, Lord Shiva went to Pushkara (Pushkar), which rejected to remove his brahma hatya dosha, so does the naimisharanya.

e) Lord Shiva then went to Saindhavaranya, and Dharmaranya, there was also not possible.

f)  Here again Lord Shiva went to Kurukshetra, there he was able to see Lord Sri Vishnu.

Lord Shiva did the stotra (meditation of Vishnu) of Lord Sri Vishnu and thus Lord Sri Vishnu with his Lord Sri Keshava roopa (form) was pleased and removed his brahma hatya dosha (killing of a Brahmin).

Now we must have understood, that why people are calling Lord Shiva’s tour as “Hara sahasa”.

Information about Lord Shiva and Lord Sri Vishnu’s Mohini roopa (form) story is as given below:

Lord Shiva after Samudra Manthan (Amrit Manthan), heard that Lord Sri Vishnu took the Mohini roopa (Mohini avatar) to misguide the asuras (demons) and distributed the amrita (amrit) among Devatas (Demigods).

Lord Shiva also heard that the roopa (form) of Lord Sri Vishnu as Mohini was so attracting, that no one in the past had ever seen such a roopa / form.

Lord Shiva wanted to have a darshana (divine view) of such a roopa / form of Mohini again.

Thus, Lord Shiva went to Vaikuntha and requested Lord Sri Vishnu to show the Mohini roopa (form).

Lord Sri Maha Vishnu told him that Lord Shiva could not sustain that attractive Mohini roopa (form). But Lord Shiva demanded and pleaded again and again.

Thus finally Lord Sri Vishnu told Lord Shiva to come the next morning…

Next morning, Lord Shiva was sitting alongside Goddess Sri Parvati Devi. There Lord Shiva saw a very attractive, most beautiful and most charming sundari (beauty) who was playing with a ball.

Lord Sri Vishnu’s Mohini roopa (form) so so so attracted Lord Shiva, he tried to pull her hands leaving aside Goddess Sri Parvati Devi.

Lord Sri Vishnu in his Mohini roopa (form) played with Lord Shiva for some time.

Lord Shiva had forgotten that he had asked Lord Sri Vishnu to give the darshana of his Mohini Roopa (form).

After some time, Mohini Roopa’s (form) Lord Sri Vishnu turned and showed his ‘chatur bhuja roopa‘ (four armed form) with Shankha (Conch), Chakra (Disc), Gada (Mace) and Kamala (Lotus).

And now Lord Shiva got to know that, it is Lord Sri Vishnu himself. Then Lord Shiva did ‘sastanga namaskara‘ to Lord Sri Vishnu and went to his home Kailasha (Kailash).

Source : This can be seen in Sripadaraja’s Devaranama “Vrishabaverida vishadharanaare peLammayya”

Information about Lord Shiva, Bhasmasura and Mohini roopa (form) story is as given below:

In another occasion also, Lord Shiva had the darshana (divine view) of Mohini Roopa (form). Let us now know about that story.

Once Lord Shiva gave a boon to one of the asura (demon) named Bhasmasura, that “on (head) whoever he (Bhasmasura) touches his hand, that person will be burnt down immediately“.

But that asura (demon) in-turn wanted to test this boon on Lord Shiva himself.

So, Bhasmasura tried to test the boon by keeping his hand with boon given by Lord Shiva on Lord Shiva’s head itself.

Lord Shiva did the smarana (meditation / remembered) of Lord Sri Vishnu.

Then immediately Lord Sri Vishnu came in front of that asura (demon) in the Mohini roopa (form).

And with his maya (illusion), Lord Sri Vishnu (Mohini) made that asura (demon) to keep his hand on his own head and he was burnt alive immediately.

Then Lord Shiva repented for having given such a boon to an adharmi (someone who doesn’t follows Dharma) and an asura (demon). Here also Lord Sri Vishnu has saved Lord Shiva.

Information about how Markandeya became chiranjivi is as given below:

Once Maharishi Markandeya did the आराधन (ārādhana) (aaraadhana) of Lord Sri Vishnu and asked Lord Sri Vishnu to show how the “Pralaya” will be?

Lord Sri Vishnu agreed and showed Maharishi Markandeya the Pralaya, wherein he saw the ‘raudra nartana‘ (Tribulation days causes) of the pralaya.

Then Goddess Sri Parvati Devi told Lord Shiva that all the devotees will ask for boon of “Never to die”. But Lord Shiva told that the devotees will not ask such a boon.

To test Maharishi Markandeya both Goddess Sri Parvati Devi and Lord Shiva came in front of Maharishi Markandeya and asked him as to what boon he wanted?

Devotee of Lord Sri Vishnu and Lord Shiva, that is, Maharishi Markandeya told as below:

“भागवत्युच्युतां भक्तिं तत्परेषु तथा त्वयि” | “ಭಗವತ್ಯುಚ್ಯುತಾಂ ಭಕ್ತಿಂ ತತ್ಪರೇಷು ತಥಾ ತ್ವಯಿ” | “bhagavatyucyutāṁ bhaktiṁ tatparēṣu tathā tvayi” |

Meaning of this above shloka is as given here : “Always give me pure devotee in you (Lord Shiva) and in Lord Sri Vishnu”.

Pleased with Maharishi Markandeya’s devotion, Lord Shiva gave him a boon that he will be Charanjivi (Someone who lives for very very long period – but not forever).

Thus, Maharishi Markandeya got the boon of Chiranjivi.

Information about Lord Shiva and Bhima (Vyagreshwara Linga) is as given below:

Once Bhimasena (Bhima) was doing the pooja of Lord Sri Vishnu in Hastinavati (Hastinapura) (Hastinapur).

At this juncture, Goddess Sri Ganga Devi tried to prevent Bhima from doing the pooja, but Bhima pushed her and she went a long distance.

Then Lord Shiva in order to test the Lord Sri Vishnu devotion of Bhimasena (Bhima), came in the form of Tiger (In Sanskrit Tiger means Vyagra) and he was chasing gau-roopi (cow form) Goddess Sri Parvati Devi.

Then Bhima hit him by his Gadha (Mace), the weapon fell down and Lord Shiva was unconscious and was hidden in a Linga there. The same Linga is called as “Vyagreshwara or Vyagreshwara Linga”.

[Note : One should remember that Bhimasena (Bhima) is an avatar of Lord Sri Vayu Deva.]

[Lord Sri Vishnu has already given the blessing to Lord Sri Vayu Deva to become the Lord Sri Brahma Deva in the next Kalpa.]

[Thus Lord Sri Vayu Deva / Hanuman / Bhimasena (Bhima) are one and the same, that is, both Hanuman and Bhima are the avatars of Lord Sri Vayu Deva.]

[Also, Lord Sri Vayu Deva is the bhaavi (future) Lord Sri Brahma Deva in the next Kalpa).

Information about Shardula Linga is as given below:

Once near ‘Himavat parvata‘ (a place), near the Gomati River basin, there was a fight between Lord Shiva and Bhimasena (Bhima).

Here also Lord Shiva was defeated by Bhimasena (Bhima) and another Linga named Shardula Linga was created. (Source : Mahabharata)

Information about the Kedara Linga (Kedarnath) is as given below:

Once in Kedara (Kedarnath), in another instance Lord Shiva came in the form of a brahmana (brahmin) and tried to fight with Bhima.

Here too as usual Lord Shiva was defeated and was hidden in another Linga called Kedara Linga (Kedarnath Linga).

After this defeat, Lord Shiva had cursed Bhimasena (Bhima) and all Vaishnavas (devotees of Lord Sri Vishnu), as below:

whichever Vaishnava visiting Kedara Kshetra (Today’s Kedarnath) will loose Jnana (gyan) (knowledge)“.

For this reason, all the Vaishnavas don’t visit Kedara Kshetra (Kedarnath).

(Source : Mahabharata and Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya adhyaya 20, shloka 21-24)

Information about demon Banasura and Lord Shiva is as given below:

The demon Banasura was the son of Bali Chakravarthi (Mahabali) and the grandson of Virochana and great-grandson of Prahlada.

The demon Banasura was a very strong devotee of Lord Shiva. The demon Banasura had 1000 arms.

When Lord Shiva used to do ‘tandava nritya‘ (Tandav dance), Banasura used to play Mridangam (A kind of drum).

(The English word ‘drum‘ is originated from the Sanskrit word damaru / damru and similarly ‘dance‘ originated from the Sanskrit ‘tandava / tandav‘.)

The demon Banasura used to worship Lord Shiva’s Linga with pure devotion and he had seen every thing only in Lord Shiva and was not ready any way to accept others as the superior to Lord Shiva.

Once the demon Banasura went to Kailasha (Kailash) to have the darshana (divine view) of Lord Shiva. But he was denied at the entrance. This made Banasura to do fierce penance.

Lord Shiva appeared in front of the demon Banasura. Banasura asked Lord Shiva that “Lord Shiva shall be always there in his house forever“.

Lord Shiva agreed and stayed in the Banasura’s house as guardian for the place of the Banasura.

After some time, once Banasura pleaded with Lord Shiva that he wanted to fight with a strong man and sought Lord Shiva to fight with him (Banasura).

Lord Shiva is the one who is called as ‘Mano Niyamaka‘ (controller of mind) and knows that shortly Lord Sri Krishna would fought with him (Banasura).

As such, Lord Shiva told Banasura, instead of fighting with him, asked him to wait for some time before Lord Sri Krishna to come and have a fight with him, wherein Banasura would be defeated.

Banasura had a daughter by name उषा (uṣā) (Usha), who was very beautiful.

Once Usha had a dream wherein she saw a very young and handsome boy. Usha asked her friend Chitralekha, to sketch the person who had come in Usha’s dream.

After sketching various pictures, finally Usha said one young boy’s image which she said is the same person whom she saw in her dream.

It was none other than Aniruddha, that is, grandson of Lord Sri Krishna and Goddess Sri Rukmini Devi. And Aniruddha parents are Pradyumna and Rukmavati.

With her (Usha) magical powers, she brought in Aniruddha to her palace. Lord Sri Krishna, learnt that Banasura’s daughter had kidnapped his grandson Aniruddha.

So, Lord Sri Krishna rushed to the palace of Banasura, wherein Lord Shiva was the guardian of that place.

Lord Sri Krishna instructed Lord Shiva to tell Banasura to free Aniruddha.

But, Lord Shiva told that Banasura would leave him, only if Lord Sri Krishna fights with Banasura.

Lord Sri Krishna agreed and fought with Banasura. Lord Sri Krishna removed 998 out of 1000 arms of Banasura.

Now, Banasura realized that the sarvottamatva (Supremacy of Lord Sri Vishnu / Krishna) of Lord Sri Krishna and surrendered to him.

Thus after this war, Usha was married to Aniruddha.

After this incident, Banasura pleaded Lord Shiva that Lord Shiva at his palace to be called as “Bana Linga (Banalinga)”. Lord Shiva agreed to this.

As such, Bana Linga (Banalinga) can be seen on the banks of Narmada river in today’s Madhya Pradesh (MP). This is one of the svayam vyakta Linga (self manifested Linga) of Lord Shiva.

Information about Lord Shiva’s Boon to Amba of Mahabharata is as given below:

Amba who was rejected by Bhishma (Mahabharata) did penance to Lord Sri Brahma Deva for boon to ensure the killing of Bhishma.

Then again Amba did penance to Lord Shiva for the boon to born as a Purusha (male human).

But Lord Shiva said he can’t give such a boon as it is not his capacity to give such a boon for a woman to born as a man.

However, Lord Shiva agreed for a boon that Amba shall be born as woman and she would get Purusha shareera (male body) subsequently.

(If you need more information about this story, please read the Epic Mahabharata for more details.)

Information about Lord Shiva defeated by Garuda Raja is as given below:

During ‘Parijata apaharana‘ (getting the Parijata tree), Lord Sri Indra Deva fought against Lord Sri Krishna.

Lord Shiva, who is the Guru of Lord Sri Indra Deva also fought for Lord Sri Indra Deva against Lord Sri Krishna.

At this time Lord Sri Garuda Raja, threw Lord Shiva along with his vehicle Nandi to a far off distance.

Sarasabharati vilasa by Guru Sri Vadiraja Tirtha, Srimad Bhagavatam, Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya adhyaya 20.130).

Information about the difference in shakti (power) of original and avatar form of Lord Shiva is as given below:

(This is taken from Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya adhyaya 28.124)

Droncharya’s son Ashwatthama (avatar form of Lord Shiva) is an avatar of Lord Shiva entered the camp of Pandavas, where Lord Shiva (original form) was standing as security.

A fierce battle went on between Ashwatthama and Lord Shiva took place, wherein Lord Shiva swallowed all the weapons hit by Ashwatthama.

This shows that the power of Lord Shiva in his original form is far superior than an avatar form of Ashwatthama.

But in the case of Lord Sri Vayu Deva, it is not so. Lord Sri Vayu Deva’s power, whether in his original form or in the avatar form remains the same.

Then as per the directions of Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Shiva returned all the weapons swallowed by him earlier back to Ashwatthama and later Lord Shiva disappeared.

Why did Lord Shiva & his family made propaganda that their philosophy is superior:

In Lord Shiva family has Goddess Sri Parvati Devi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya and he himself (Lord Shiva) and all these four stay in Kailasha (Kailash).

Mahabharatha Tatparya Nirnaya Adhyaya 1, Shloka 48 to 60 says as below:

Lord Sri Vishnu has instructed Lord Shiva to create ‘mohaka shastra‘ to deceive the ‘asura svabhava‘ (demonic mentality) people.

Thus with the wishes of Lord Sri Vishnu, Lord Shiva and his family did the propaganda as given below:

Lord Shiva did the propaganda of पाशुपत शास्त्र (pāśupata śāstra) (Pashupata Shastra) (Also called Pashupatagama / pāśupatāgama) | Goddess Sri Parvati Devi did the propaganda of शाक्तीय शास्त्र (śāktīya śāstra) (Shaktiya Shastra)|

Lord Ganesha did the propaganda of गाणपत्य शास्त्र (gāṇapatya śāstra) (Ganapathya Shastra) | Lord Skanda did the propaganda of स्कान्द शास्त्र (skānda śāstra) (Skaanda Shastra) |

Also, all the above, that is, Lord Shiva, Goddess Sri Parvati Devi, Lord Ganesha and Lord Skanda (Kartikeya) all by themselves declared that they are सर्वोत्तम (sarvōttama) (Sarvottama) / Supreme.

Here the entire family of Lord Shiva have separate philosophy against their name. All differ in their philosophy completely.

Wherein each say that they are सर्वोत्तम (sarvōttama) (Sarvottama) / Supreme against each other.

We should always remember that, this is only as per the wishes and orders of Lord Sri Vishnu to deceive ‘Adharmic kind of people‘.

One must note that all the four are Lord Sri Vishnu bhaktas / devotees, that is, Lord Shiva, Goddess Sri Parvati Devi, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya.

Lord Sri Vishnu also gave a boon to Lord Shiva as given below:

During Krita (Satya) Yuga, Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga, Lord Sri Vishnu will born as a human being and serve Lord Shiva.

This is only for the ‘loka reetya‘, that is, to ensure that the asuras svabhava (demonic minded) people who are following Dharmic path, must fall in to Adharmic path.

[Note 1 : This is just like, whenever an elder / head of a family wishes and orders his children or other family members to act something which would make their enemies, as if they themselves in the family are fighting with each other.]

[But the wish of the head of the family is to show the incorrect path to his and his family members’ enemies.]

[That’s all and nothing else. This is only to show Dharmic path (good Karma) to Dharmic people (Sajjanas / good people) and Adharmic path (bad Karma) to Adharmic people (Durjanas / bad people).]

[Note 2 : In today’s world if the nuclear power goes in the hands of the terrorist it would disaster to the world.]

[The nuclear power should be well protected by the Government and should never go into the hands of terrorists or ill-minded people.]

Information about fighting of Hari–Hara (Vishnu and Shiva) is as given below [Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya (adhyaya 4.45, 4.46)]:

शार्ङ्ग (śārjña) (Shaargjna) is the weapon Lord Sri Maha Vishnu (Hari) and पिनाक (pināka) (Pinaka) is the weapon of Lord Shiva (Hara).

(śārjña in simple way is known as Sharangi, which is not the correct way of pronouncing it, but it has become the practice.)

Once all Devatas (Demigods) went to Lord Sri Vishnu-Lord Shiva in order to decide the ‘Tattva Nirnaya‘ (divine truth’s decision) and asked them to fight each other, so that who is supreme will be determined.

They both agreed and started fighting.

As Lord Sri Vishnu is the preraka (initiator) for all and everything, he stayed in Hara (Lord Shiva) as antaryami, who stood like a shila (still rock) and could not fight at all with Lord Sri Vishnu.

Lord Shiva could not even move, not even open his eyes, and could not even breath.

(This story is also found in Valmiki Ramayana – This happens when Lord Parashurama, an avatar of Lord Vishnu comes to meet Lord Sri Rama, an another avatar of Lord Sri Vishnu.)

Information about Lord Shiva prays to Lord Sri Rama for samapti (end) of his Lord Sri Rama avatar is as given below:

As Lord Shiva is the grandson of Lord Sri Vishnu, all the Devatas (Demigods) prayed Lord Shiva to plead with Lord Sri Rama to leave bhuloka (earth).

Lord Shiva pleaded that the ‘avatar karya‘ (avatar works) in ‘dushta shikshana and shishta rakshana‘ (To punish the evil and to save the Dharmic people) has been completed and it is the right time to come back to Vaikuntha, an ultimate abode of Lord Sri Rama (Vishnu).

Prabhu Lord Sri Rama Chandra agreed and returned back to Vaikuntha after this situation.

Information about Lord Shiva told Ghantakarna that Lord Sri Vishnu only can give Moksha (liberation) is as given below:

Once Lord Sri Krishna had been to Badarikashrama (Today’s Badrinath) along with his consort Goddess Sri Rukmini Devi.

At this time Ghantakarna and Karna (not the Kunti son Karna, but a pishacha named Karna) named two devils (as a pishacha form) were doing the worship of Lord Shiva with the intention of getting moksha (liberation).

Ghantakarna and Karna were against Lord Sri Vishnu’s name, that any body who does the chanting of Lord Sri Vishnu name, must not be heard by any body.

Ghantakarna and Karna used to bell the Ghanthas (bells) loudly to ensure that Lord Sri Vishnu name does not reach to their ears.

Lord Shiva came and told Ghantakarna and Karna as below:

मुक्ति प्रदता सर्वेषां विष्णुरेव न संशय: | ಮುಕ್ತಿ ಪ್ರದಾತಾ ಸರ್ವೇಷಾಂ ವಿಷ್ಣುರೇವ ನ ಸಂಶಯ: | mukti pradātā sarvēṣāṁ viṣṇurēva na sanśaya: |

Meaning of the above shloka is as given here : Only Lord Sri Vishnu can give Moksha and no one else can do so.

As a remembrance of them, even today there is one temple of Ghantakarna in front of Badari (Badri) Narayana Temple at Badrinath.

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  • Leveillee

    Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about this topic for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve came upon so far.

  • Zamarron

    Hello there, I found your blog by way of Google while searching for a comparable topic, your web site got here up, it appears to be like good. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  • Keoghan

    Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research about this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more clear from this post. I’m very glad to see such great information being shared freely out there.

  • Anirban Biswas

    Lord Vayu drank halahal. You have just told us a complete different story as the whole world knows.

    • Anirban Ji,
      TV serials and movies are completely inauthentic medias to know about Sanatana Dharma. For them only money matters. You need to learn Hindu Texts from correct Guru to know about the right information as given in the Hindu Texts.

  • Aditya Maity

    1. Lord Shiva defeated and subdued Lord Narasimha in the Sharabha Avatar pastime (part bird part lion incarnation of Lord Shiva) (source :- Shiva Purana and Linga Purana) therefore Lord Shiva >> Lord Vishnu in strength.

    2. Lord Vishnu went for thousand of years below to find the end of jyotirlingam of Lord Shiva but in vain. Later Lord Vishnu accepted defeat and the supremacy of Lord Shiva

    3. Lord Shiva killed the Kurma avatar (Kurma Samhara Moorti), Varaha avatar (Varaha Samhara Moorti), and the Matsya avatar (Matsya Samhara Moorti) as per Arunachala Khanda, Maheshwar Khanda of Skanda Purana. Therefore Lord Vishnu is literally nothing in front of Lord Shiva in strength and valour

    Shloka :

    “In the ocean at the end of the Kalpa you were the boatman who dragged Hari in the forms of Fish, Tortoise, Boar and Man-lion after binding him with the king of serpents for cords.”

    4. You told about Mohini avatar. Well it glorifies Lord Shiva at last since he conquered the Maya of Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva got momentarily fascinated hardly matters. Even Jalandhar a demon created by Lord Shiva enchanted the mind of Lord Shiva. But in the end he was killed by none other than Lord Shiva. Brahma too got fascinated and aroused on seeing the beauty of his own creation Devi Saraswati. But does that make Devi Saraswati greater than Lord Brahma (one of the Trinity) ?

    5. Lord Virabhadra (the destructive form of Lord Shiva) defeated and conquered Lord Vishnu who was assisted by all the gods in the battle of Daksha Yajna as per many Puranas

    6. Dadhichi Rishi vanquished the power and sipped all the energy of Lord Vishnu (Linga Purana and Skanda Purana)

    7. Nandi paralysed the arm of Vyasa (considered to be one of the 24 forms of Vishnu as per Vishnu Purana) in the city of Varanasi

    8. Lord Shiva defeated Arjuna (one of the 24 Vishnu forms) in Mahabharata. Your claim Bhima defeating Lord Shiva was just a pastime of Lord Shiva (Kedarwshwara Leela). Even Lord Krishna ran away from Kalyavan. Does that make Kalyavan > Lord Krishna ?

    9. Lord Shiva defeated Lord Vishnu in a battle in the patal loka (Vishabha Avatar pastime of Lord Shiva)

    10. Lord Shiva killed demons who even defeated Lord Vishnu in battle, such as Andhaka and Jalandhar

    11. Lord Shiva rescued Lord Vishnu and the devatas from the stomach of Vighasa, one of the asura commanders of Andhaka

    12. Lord Vishnu fainted like a common man on seeing the skull of a medicant in the hand of an moon created ascetic (skull of Brahma on the hand of Lord Shiva in the guise of an ascetic). Skanda Purana. Maheshwar Khanda.

    (I am not providing links further, if you read these instances you would know)

    13. Radha Krishna vimohana Leela (the bewilderment of Radha and Lord Krishna) by Lord Shiva comes in a chapter in the annihilation of Sankhachuda by Lord Shiva. Thus Lord Shiva can even bewilder the mind of Lord Krishna.

    14. Vishnu Vrinda vimohana Leela (the bewilderment of Lord Vishnu and Vrindadevi) by Lord Shiva comes in the annihilation of Jalandhar by Lord Shiva

    15. Lord Vishnu received the chakra from Lord Shiva (who created it from his left toe to kill Jalandhar) mentioned in many puranas

    16. Lord Shiva rescued Vasuki from Garuda and his master Lord Vishnu in a battle in patal loka

    17. Lord Shiva killed asuric personalities who were loyal and devoted to Lord Vishnu such as Daksha maharaj, Sankhachuda (rebirth of Sudama), and Jalandhar

    18. Bhrigu muni is NO ONE to judge the greatness of Lord Shiva. The same Bhrigu who was humiliated like a common man and his beard was plucked off by Maniman, one of the attendants of Lord Shiva in Daksha Yajna

    19. Bhasmasura story is FAKE AND A LATER ADDED INTERPOLATION appearing only in Bhagavata Purana. Not in a second Vaishnava Purana. Not in Varaha Puran, Vishnu Purana, or any other reliable text. Bhasmasura doesn’t have a proper genealogy. A fake character inserted just for meaninglessly insulting Lord Shiva.

    And please read Shaivaite shastras. Lord Vishnu says multiple times that only Lord Shiva can bestow five types of moskha including kaivalya moksha.

    Overall, Lord Shiva is much greater Lord Vishnu.

    And if any shloka appears in Vaishnava shastras that Vayu drank the poison , it was surely inserted during the era of Madhavacharya who introduced and practised the Vayu cult as an amalgamation of Vaishnavism. ALL SHASTRAS SPEAK THAT LORD SHIVA ALONE DRANK THE POISON THE RESCUED THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.


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