What is Krishna son Pradyumna and Shambrasur story (Srimad Bhagavatam)

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Just before going to “What is Krishna son Pradyumna and Shambrasur (Shambharasura / Shambharasur) story (Srimad Bhagavatam)“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

In Sanskrit Shambrasur is known as “Shambharasura / शंभरासुर / śaṁbharāsura

Lord Sri Krishna married Rukmini Devi. From her Pradyumna was born. Pradyumna was the first son of Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

As per the Srimad Bhagavatam (Sri Vishnu Purana):

Pradyumna was an avatar of Kamadeva (Goddess Sri Rati Devi’s consort), the god of love, previously burnt by Lord Shiva’s third eye.

[Pradyumna is also a name of the Supreme (Sarvottama) Lord Sri Vishnu / Krishna / Rama.]

But Lord Sri Vishnu’s Pradyumna avatar is different and Lord Sri Krishna’s son Pradyumna is separate. This means, both are two different entities and unique.

Lord Sri Vishnu’s Pradyumna is one in 24 Keshava Namas (Divine names of Lord Sri Keshava / Vishnu), praised during all the poojas.

Pradyumna (प्रद्युम्न) (pradyumna) in Sanskrit means, ’notably highly mighty one‘.

According to the Srimad Bhagavatam (Sri Vishnu Purana), Pradyumna marked the rebirth of Kamadeva, the God of Love.

The Mahabharata mentions that Pradyumna is also an avatar of Sanata Kumara (Sanat Kumar).

(First avatar is Sanat Kumara, secondly it was Kamadeva, thirdly as Lord Kartikeya and then later it was Lord Krishna’s son Pradyumna.)

Now, let us move to “What is Krishna son Pradyumna and Shambrasur story (Srimad Bhagavatam)” as given below:

Shambharasura (Shambrasur) a demon (rakshasa) was aware of that, his death will come from the son of Lord Sri Krishna.

So, soon after the birth of Pradyumna (first putra / son of Lord Sri Krishna and Goddess Sri Rukmini Devi), Shambharasura (Shambrasur) kidnapped the baby Pradyumna.

At that time, Pradyumna was only six days oldAfter kidnapping, Shambarasura (Shambrasur) threw the baby into the ocean.

This ocean was full of sharks, crocodiles and many many deadly living beings. But a fish swallowed the baby Pradyumna and thus Pradyumna was safe.

Later few of the fishermen caught hold of that fish and brought to the kitchen of the Shambharasura (Shambrasur).

Baby Pradyumna was found inside a fish, but was alive, smiling and happy.

Shambharasura (Shambrasur) had a very good lady house keeper named Mayavati.

Mayavati saw a baby was inside the stomach of a fish and was shocked & surprised to see a baby inside a fish.

She went directly to Devarishi (Sage) Narada Maharshi, and asked him about the baby. Devarishi (Sage) Narada Maharshi told the whole story of that baby Pradyumna to Mayavati.

Devarishi (Sage) Narada Marishi also informed Mayavati, that to take care of that baby Pradyumna by herself with utmost care.

In the meantime, Mayavati brought the baby Pradyumna to her house. And as he (Pradyumna) started to grow, she taught Pradyumna all the maya (illusions) techniques.

Since Mayavati by herself was a very good in the techniques of maya, she taught this maya (illusions) to Pradyumna too.

Thus Pradyumna learned many maya (illusion) lessons from Mayavati and he himself became very good in the techniques of maya (illusion).

Pradyumna grew up and he started to ask Mayavati about his parentsSince she was unaware of the parents of the Pradyumna she didn’t told anything.

But she told the whole story of the Shambharasura (Shambrasur) kidnapping the baby Pradyumna when he was a six day baby.

Thus Pradyumna decided to fight against with Shambharasura (Shambrasur). The youth Pradyumna then summoned Shambharasura (Shambrasur) to battle.

In the war Pradyumna first attacked Shambharasura (Shambrasur) with a gada (club), and followed with his maya (illusion).

Hundreds of weapons belonging to Guhyakas, Gandharvas, Pisacas, Uragas (celestial serpents), etc. were amassed to combat against Pradyumna.

But all fell before the son of Lord Sri Krishna (Pradyumna). Pradyumna used his sharp-edged sword and beheaded the demon Shambharasura (Shambrasur).

In the war, Pradyumna killed Shambharasura (Shambrasur). After killing Shambharasura (Shambrasur), Pradyumna went to Dwaraka along with Mayavati.

And lived happily thereafter, after knowing from Devarishi (Sage) Narada Maharishi that Lord Sri Krishna and Goddess Sri Rukmini Devi were his parents.

Later Pradyumna married Rukmi’s (Rukmini’s brother) daughter Rukmavati and had a son named Aniruddha.

Pradyumna in Dvaraka (Dvarka) : After Pradyumna killed Shambharasura (Shambrasur), Pradyumna became a close companion of his father Lord Sri Krishna.

Pradyumna was very much dearly liked by the people of Dvaraka (Dvarka) and similarly, Pradyumna also was liking the people of Dvaraka (Dvarka).

Pradyumna was one of the Maharathi (महारथी) (mahārathī) of his time (During Mahabharata / Dvapara Yuga period).

Pradyumna had also possessed the extremely rare ‘Vaishnavastra‘, which was one of the most powerful weapons of the Multiverse.

Pradyumna was one of the very few divine personality to know the inner secret of the ‘Chakravyuha‘.

According to the great epic Mahabharata, Pradyumna trained Abhimanyu and the ‘Upa Pandavas‘ (Sons of Pandavas) in warfare when the Pandavas were in forest exile.

Whereas, Pradyumna did not participate in the Kurukshetra War (Mahabharata War), as he went on to a pilgrimage with his uncle Balarama and the other Yadavas.

Pradyumna was, however, an active participant in the ‘Ashvamedha Yagna‘, which was conducted by the Pandavas.

Pradyumna safe guarded Dvaraka (Dvarka) : Pradyumna defended Dvaraka (Dvarka) against Shalva, the king of the Shalva Kingdom, along with his father Lord Sri Krishna, uncle Balarama and his brothers.

Also, Pradyumna alone repelled the attack of Jarasandha.

(Jarasandha was later killed by the Great and Mighty Bhima as per the instructions given by Lord Sri Krishna).

PS: This may be a small story, but lot of things there in this story to learn. One should not think, that he himself is great or immortal.

If Lord Sri Vishnu (Krishna) has created us and then he would also had planned the end of us.

So, how much ever we may try to avoid our end, but nothing can stop our end to come to us.

Lord Sri Vishnu (Krishna) knows anything and everything that is happening in the Multiverse and he will take the right decision at the right time.

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