For pooja (worship), which metals are good & which are bad?” | Which metal is good (auspicious) for puja | Which metal good for God idols?

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Just before going to “For pooja (worship), which metals are good & which are bad?” | Which metal is good (auspicious) for puja | Which metal good for God idols?“, let us have some brief information.

Pooja / पूजा is a way of worshipping the divine ritual performed by Hindus to offer spiritual and devotional prayer to either or both Bhagavan Lord Sri Vishnu and other Devatas / Demigods.

Pooja is done to eulogize Bhagavan Lord Sri Vishnu and other Devatas / Demigods for a short or long term for materialistic or spiritual benefits.

The word “pooja” is a Sanskrit word, and this means reverence, honor, homage, adoration, worship, etc. Puja, the loving offering of light, flowers, and water and / or food to the divine, is the essential ritual of all the Hindus.

For all the devotees, the divine is visible in the form image, stone deity, wooden idol etc and the divinity (Bhagavan / God) sees the devotees or worshipper. The interaction between human and deity, between human and guru, is called darshanam or it means divine way of seeing Bhagavan.

Now, let us move towards knowing “For pooja / worship, which metals are good and which are bad?”:

Below shown metals are in the descending order which can be used during pooja / worship time, that is, starting from a better metal:

List of metals used for pooja are as given below:

1. Gold | 2. Silver | 3. Copper | 4. Bronze | 5. Brass | 6. Mud (Mud is not metal, but mud pots and utensils can be used for worshiping Bhagavan).

Iron metal utensils may be used for cooking purpose. Iron and other metals shouldn’t be used for the worship / pooja of Bhagavan. Even metals like steel and other containers may be used for just cooking purposes and not for the pooja purposes.

Steel should not be used to keep the food items as the naivedya (divine food) for the Bhagavan. And for cooking purpose if you use brass, bronze utensils is the best way to get rid of the steel and other metals.

And also we will get the best healthy food out of these brass, bronze metals. This means, the best way to stay healthy is to use only brass, bronze metals for cooking and serving purpose.

Kindly note that copper vessels should be used only to drink water and not for cooking or eating (plates etc.) purposes. Copper is prohibited for cooking and eating (plates etc.) purposes. But copper can be used for pooja and water drinking purposes.

The following metals should never be used during the worship / pooja of Bhagavan or Devatas – 1. Iron | 2. Stainless steel | 3. Aluminium | 4. Plastic | 5. Others |

In the above list, plastic is the most apavitram, that is, most defile type of utensils and this should not be used at all. If we even touch plastic, then one should bathe again and later worship / do pooja of Bhagavan.

The rest is not apavitra / defile, even though these metals (iron, stainless steel and aluminum) shouldn’t be used during the pooja time.

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