Why we should drink Holy water theertham (tirth) | Theertham (tirth) information, importance, significance | What are the benefits of Theertham (tirth)? | What is theertham (tirth) made of? | How do you take Teertham (tirth)? | What is the importance of Tirth (Theertham)? | Theertham (tirth) ingredients, recipe | Why do they give theertham (tirth) in temple

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Just before going to “Why we should drink Holy water theertham (tirth) | Theertham (tirth) information, importance, significance | What are the benefits of Theertham (tirth)? | What is theertham (tirth) made of? | How do you take Teertham (tirth)? | What is the importance of Tirth (Theertham)? | Theertham (tirth) ingredients, recipe | Why do they give theertham (tirth) in temple“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Theertham (tirth) meaning : The Sanskrit word ‘theertham (tirth) (tirtha) (तीर्थं) (tīrthaṁ)’ literally means sacred water or holy water or divine water in English of Lord Sri Vishnu and / or any other Devata (Demigod).

In Hindu Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), theertham (tirth) (tirtha) is referred to as the physical sacred water body associated with a Lord Sri Vishnu, different Devatas, temples etc.

Especially in the Vaishnava temples of Lord Sri Krishna (Vishnu) (Rama) (Narasimha), theertham (tirth) (tirtha) is very important and highly sacred water.

Let us know the real uses and benefits of using this holy and sacred water to Lord Bhagavan Sri Vishnu first and then to all the other Devatas / Demigods.

Theertham (tirth) ingredients are as given here (What is theertham / tirth made of?) : लौंग / cloves, इलायची / cardamom, खाद्य कपूर / edible camphor, water, Tulasi, etc.

When and how does ordinary water becomes sacred and holy water called ‘Theertham / tirth’ :

When ingredients like लौंग / cloves, इलायची / cardamom and खाद्य कपूर / edible camphor is mixed with water and used in the Pooja of Lord Sri Vishnu and then to other Devatas (Demigods) (Deities) for Padyam, Aarghyam and Achamanam, it becomes theertham (tirth) (tirtha).

Then this water is offered for cleaning Lord Sri Vishnu’s legs (This water is called Paadodakam). Here the water becomes paadodakam after Lord Sri Vishnu’s legs are washed with that water.

This water becomes pure, sacred and holy after it touches Lord Sri Vishnu’s legs, hands, mouth and whole body.

Same water is also offered for drinking purpose after neivedyam (sacred food) to the devotees.

The above sacred water, after offering to Lord Sri Vishnu will be collected in a vessel and this becomes sacred and holy water called ‘theertham (tirth) (tirtha)’. This vessel will be usually a silver or copper metal.

When we use the ‘Tulasi’ as an offering to Bhagavan Lord Sri Vishnu, then this ‘tulasi’ leaves are added to the theertham (tirth) (tirtha) and thus when ‘theertham (tirth) (tirtha)’ is taken (drink) by us, it becomes Bhagavan Lord Sri Vishnu’s paadodaka theertham (tirth) (tirtha).

How to receive the theertham (tirth) / sacred water from an Archaka / priest:

From Hiranya Karma Samhita:

“Vastram sathvikunik rutya panau paneemcha vinyaseth | tat theertham prethistabya thribibeth binthu vargitham ||

paramanu samam theertham yavaththu pathitham buvi | thavath varsha sahasrani narake parimajjathi” ||

An ‘angavastra’ or a clean cloth is folded twice and placed on the left palm. Right palm is placed on the cloth and receive the water from the Archaka / priest.

While receiving even if a drop of water spilled to the earth either by archaka or by a devotee he / they will be in hell for thousands of years. (That is why a folded ‘angavastra’ or a clean cloth is used.)

From Brihu Samhita: 

“goharnnakkruti hasthena mashamakna jalam bibedth | thannuna mathikam veetva surabhana samam bavedth”

We should note that, the right palm is like a cow’s ear. The amount of water for consumption should be equal to the quantity of water just to immerse a black gram.

If we take more or less than this quantity, then will be equal to taking sura paana / rakshasas drinks.

How many times do we need to take theertham (holy water) (sacred water) : We need to take theertham (sacred water) (holy water) three times from the priest through Utharini (a sacred spoon).

“prathamam deha sudyartham dvithiyam athma sudthikam | thriteeyam moksha sidhyartham theerth thapra sanalakshanam”

Why we should drink Holy water theertham (tirth) (The meaning of this shloka is): First time we need to take the theertham (tirth) to clean our body, second time to clean our ‘atma’ (soul) and the third time we need to take for moksha / mukti / salvation.

Varahasamhita says:

“theertham pipati yomarthyah sarvapapaih pramuchyate | chaturvitham phalam prabya mamaloke mahiyate”

Benefits and uses of taking theertham (tirth) (meaning of above shloka) : This great theertham / sacred water is a remedy for all types of sins.

Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha (The four Purusharthas) we will get and this is assured. These people who take theertham (tirth) can live along with Bhagavan Lord Sri Vishnu himself.

More information about ‘theertham’  / Sacred and Holy Water is as given below:

Theertham (tirth) / holy water in the Sanatana Dharma : This theertham (tirth) or holy water contains many medicinal properties also. Each Devata / Demigod with the blessings of Bhagavan Lord Sri Vishnu will have different types of theertham (tirth).

Theertham (tirth) / holy water is treated very sacred throughout India and by all Hindus worldwide.

Cultural beliefs of holy water theertham (tirth): First the simple water is generally used to bath Lord Sri Vishnu and to other Devatas / Demigods.

Later, same simple water becomes theertham (sacred water) and it is taken (drunk) by all. This acts as a remedy for all types of sins and thus Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are protected.

How do you take Teertham (tirth) : Theertham or tirth or holy water or sacred water has to be received from an archaka / priest for three times.

Hindu Shastras (Texts) states that theertham or sacred water should not be dropped while giving or taking on the land / earth.

Even if a single drop of theertham is dropped on earth it is considered as great sin for both giver and taker of theertham.

“prathamam deha sudyartham dvithiyam aatma sudthikam | tritiyam moksha sidyartham theerth thapra sanalakshanam”

Just by sipping this theertham / sacred water for 3 times, it will clean our body, soul and for also gives the final moksha / salvation.

People also have great believe, that if we drink the theertham / holy water it will fight against all diseases and will save us from all sins throughout our lives.

How to prepare Theertham (tirth) : Theertham / sacred water / holy water should be prepared in a copper or silver or Brass vessel.

Theertham (tirth) in Vaishnava temples : In temples of Bhagavan Lord Sri Vishnu, ‘tulasi theertham’ (that is, holy water mixed with sacred Basil Leaves) will be given to all the devotees.

Theertham (tirth) in Shaiva temples : In temples related to Lord Shiva, theertham (that is, hold water mixed with bilva leaves) is given to all the devotees.

Theertham (tirth) in other temples : And temples related to other Devatas / Demigods, water mixed with Cardamom, Cloves, edible camphor will be given as Theertham to devotees.

In most of the temples in Sanatana Dharma (Hindu temples), we will prepare Panchamrita (Made of five substance: Milk, Yoghurt, Honey, Sugar and Ghee in equal amounts) and will be given as theertham on special occasions.

How we need to take Theertham (tirth) : Our right palm should be bent and should resemble like a cow’s ear (In Sanskrit the shape of the hand is called as ‘anjali’).

Index finger should be bent and should be touching the thumb. Left palm with a piece of cloth should be under the right palm for support. Thus, Theertham should be taken 3 times.

Before sipping theertham or tirth or sacred water you should take the right palm with theertham near to both eyes and sip in sitting posture.

Why theertham (tirth) or sacred water is given in copper vessel: Our ancestors used to drink water from copper vessel, since this metal has the ability to kill multiple bacterias and viruses present in the water.

Even today, people are following our ancestors’ valuable method of keeping water in the copper vessel overnight and consuming the same early in the morning.

Theertham (tirth) or sacred water’s few scientific reasons: If we store water in metals like copper, brass or silver, it will decrease the heat in body and helps the body to absorb essential salts and nutrients.

Copper is highly vital nutrient for our body, which is used in the production of blood along with Iron.

Medicinal benefits of theertham (tirth) or sacred water : The ‘tulasi’ / holy basil leaves used in theertham or sacred water act as a tonic which fights against:

fever, cold, cough, sore throat, respiratory disorders, kidney stones, heart disorders, stress, mouth infections, insect bites, headaches, skin & tooth disorders etc.

Theertham also acts as nerve tonic to sharpen the memory.

The bilva Leaves in theertham or sacred water can cure many health problems such as stomach ulcers, controls diabetes and cholesterol levels.

Also bilva leaves’ theertham or sacred water acts as anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, relives constipation, and relives diarrhoea and dysentery.

The holy water mixed with cardamom, cloves, edible camphor helps in digestion, detoxifies the body, controls cold, flu, cancer and blood pressure.

Similarly, it acts as anti-inflammatory, relives tooth pains & respiratory infections, enhance sexual health, cures nervous disorders, fights against epilepsy.

The Panchamrita mixture (see details above) nourishes the body, increases strength and potency.

It also boosts physical stamina, intelligence, grasping power, creative abilities, improves skin color, increase the quality of sperm count or ovum etc.

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