Ravana family (tree) members (wives, children) names (lineage)

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Just before going to “Ravana family (tree) members (wives, children) names (lineage)“, let us have some brief information.

Ravana name meaning : In Sanskrit Ravana means causing to cry, act of screaming, yelling, roaring (unwanted ostentation), unsteady, etc.

Ravana is exactly opposite of his half-brother ‘Vaishravana’ (Vaish + Ravana) (another name of Lord Kubera).

Ravana is actually a divine gatekeeper at Vaikuntha. Ravana’s original name in Vaikuntha is Jaya.

Along with him another divine gatekeeper called Vijaya is also guarding the Vaikuntha gate.

Vijaya was reborn as Kumbhakarna and as the younger brother of Ravana during the Treta Yuga (Ramayana) period.

Similarly, earlier Jaya (Ravana) was born as Hiranyakashipu (Hiranyakashyap) and Vijaya (Kumbhakarna) was born as Hiranyaksha during the Satya Yuga (Krita Yuga).

Hiranyakashipu (Hiranyakashyap) was slayed down by Lord Sri Narasimha and Hiranyaksha was slayed down by Lord Sri Varaha Swamy.

Both Lord Sri Narasimha and Lord Sri Varaha Swamy are avatars of Lord Sri Vishnu (Narayana).

Likewise, Jaya (Ravana) was again reborn as Shishupala and Kumbhakarna (Vijaya) was reborn as Dantavakra during the Dwapara (Mahabharata) period.

Both Shishupala (Shishupal) and Dantavakra were slayed down by Lord Sri Krishna.

List of Ravana family (tree) members (wives, children) names (lineage) are as given below:

Ravana grand parents (paternal) were Maharishi Pulastya and Manini (or Havirbhu).

[Both Maharishi Pulastya and Manini (or Havirbhu) were the great devotees of Lord Sri Vishnu.]

Ravana’s great grandfather was svayam Lord Sri Brahma Deva. This means, Ravana was nothing but a child Lord Sri Vishnu, as Lord Sri Brahma Deva is the son of Lord Sri Vishnu (Narayana).

Pulastya children names were Rishi Vishrava, Agastya (not the rishi Agastya, but a demon / rakshasa) and Kinnarasa.

[Rishi Vishrava, Agastya and Kinnarasa all great devotees of Lord Sri Vishnu.]

Ravana mother’s parents (maternal) were Sumali and Ketumati.

Sumali and Ketumati children were Prahasta , Akampana , Vikata , Kalakamukha , Dhumraksa , Danda, Suparava, Samhrada , Prakvata , Bhalasakarna , Veka, Puspotkata, Kaikesi and Kumbhinadi.

Malyavana was the elder brother of Sumali. His father name was Sukesha.

[Sukesha had great and beautiful hairs and thus the name Sukesha. In Sanskrit Sukesha means someone who is having beautiful hairs.]

[Sukesha was also a great devotee of Lord Sri Vishnu. But his children and all others who took birth later were Adharmis / enemies of Lord Sri Vishnu.]

Malyavana was also the maternal grandfather of Ravana. Thus, Malyavana had dual relationship with Ravana. Malyavana’s wife name was Sundari. 

Malyavana and Sundari had eight sons namely: Vajra Mushti, Viroopaksha, Durmukha, Suptaghna, Yagyakopa, Matha and Unmatha; and one daughter named Analaa.

Ravana’s parents were Rishi Vishrava and Kaikesi. Ravana had a half brother known as Kubera (also called Vaishravana) (a Yaksha Raja / King).

[Note : As said above, Rishi Vishrava was a great devotee of Lord Sri Vishnu. But Kaikesi was enemy of Lord Sri Vishnu.]

Kubera’s parents were Vishrava and Ilavida. Kubera’s wife name is Bhadra. Kubera and Bhadra’s children are Nalakuvara, Manibhadra and Gandhamadana.

[Kubera and his family members are great devotees of Lord Sri Vishnu.]

Ravana’s sister name was Shurpanakha. Shurpanakha’s original name was Meenakshi and her husband name was Vidyutjihva. Their son name was Shambhari.

Ravana had two wives namely Mandodari and Dhanyamaalini. Both of these ladies were sisters.

Mandodari and Dhanyamaalini’s parents were Mayasura and Hema.

[Mayasura was an engineer / architect of Rakshasas (Demons), just like Vishvakarma who was the engineer / architect of Devatas / Demigods.]

Ravana and Mandodari’s children were Meghanatha (Indrajita) and Akshayakumara.

[Meghanath (Indrajit) was reborn as Dushasana (Duryodhana brother) during the Mahabharata (Dvapara Yuga) period.]

Ravana and Dhanyamalini’s children were Narantaka, Devantaka, Trishira and Atikaya.

Meghanatha’s (Indrajita) wife was Sulochana.

Akshayakumara’s wife was (Will update once information is available)

Narantaka’s wife was (Will update once information is available)

Devantaka’s wife was (Will update once information is available)

Trishira’s wife was (Will update once information is available)

Atikaaya’s wife was (Will update once information is available)

Prahasta was one of the major Chief Commanders in the Ravana’s army and he also the brother of Kaikesi.

Kumbhakarana had two wives namely Vajrajvala and Karkati.

Kumbha and Nikumbha were the children from Vajrajvala and from Karkati, Kumbhakarana had one son named Bheemasura.

Vibhishana’s wife name was Sarama and they had a daughter named Trijata.

(Trijata was the same who helped Sri Sita Devi at Lanka and also Trijata gets rebirth as Lord Sri Krishna’s sister Sri Subhadra Devi during the Mahabharata period).

Few cousin brothers of Ravana were Khara, Dushana, Ahiravana, Kumbhini (Older sister of Ravana). 

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